I bought a C10 with a LOCKED UP ENGINE - can I get it to RUN AND DRIVE?

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
  • Will it Run and Drive again? This old C10 Chevy pickup was being sold as parts only, which is why I originally bought it. It sat behind a mechanics shop with unknown issues for 12 years. But a guy's just GOT to try get the small block unlocked.
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  • acyberguy

    I am on hospice and wanted to say thank you for the hours of entertainment I get from watching. Great stuff!

  • Slick_Daddy97

    Watching this man is like catching up on time I missed with my own father. Keep it up feller. I'll hit the like to bring the value up 17 cents for ya❤

  • Moparpoor
    Moparpoor  +111

    Love the episode, can’t believe how well it runs. Enjoy the little guy hanging out helping, like how he brings s as snake by to show you.

  • mike tubiak

    Derek you are awesome! I’m a visually impaired mechanic. Stopped driving in 2015 due to going blind but just because I can’t safely drive doesn’t mean I can’t work on cars still! I love your channel! You are very genuine and your humor rocks! So next time you work on a revival imagine trying to do that with extreme tunnel vision. Definitely a big bucket list item before I go blind is to do a revival like you do with my friends and try to drive the car back home. Would be amazing. Keep it up!!! Don’t ever change!!!

  • Donovan Mcclurg

    Thank you for continuing this content!

  • Mark MacDonald

    Love to see old rigs rescued from the bone yard, especially an old classic Chevy truck. Nice old truck for a high school kid to learn on. Great job getting it going again.

  • Dan Schneider

    Couple of observations.......

  • Bryan Devries

    The Petina on that truck is great, just needs to be shot with low gloss clear, and mechanically sorted. The fact that you got that truck unlocked is awesome!

  • Tim Gorsulowsky

    Derek, I love old cars too! and enjoy all of your family humor while teaching the master of the trade.... It's awesome how you do not use foul language like the others who provide these repair shows. You do an outstanding job...

  • Philip Collins

    It's really cool how you teach your boy about all what you do and take him with you. I wish me Dad was like you 🥺

  • Kevin McLeod

    Never a dull moment ! Your entertaining ! The content is fun to enjoy . Love your channel . Derek ya get me laughing always . 🤣 keep up the great work !

  • T Moore
    T Moore  +5

    Man I love watching your videos! Specially the heavy Chevy ones😉 keep the awesome content coming VGG!!!

  • Taylor Robinson

    My favorite moment was when he turned around to his son without missing a beat, and told him to put the dust pan in the good pile before watching him run off with it. This guy’s comedic timing is impeccable

  • Eric Shreve

    While I’m not mechanically inclined and not good at working on things like this, I do enjoy the channel and always learn something new.

  • joebobcedar

    I truly enjoy listening to your videos. I'm ab older blind guy that worked in cars and things for about 40 years and I can see in my mind all that you are doing. Thank you for taking me back to the old days. I really miss it.

  • 1snoopy011

    Great job, it is always great to get another classic back running. Your patience and underlying expertise is always amazing. Keep em coming!

  • Gone Ballistic

    I love this channel because so much of my life has been behind the wheel of absolute crapbox vehicles. I'm glad it's not just me.

  • Matthew Pettit

    I want to say a personal thank you. Your videos have made me get back out and work on ne n my fathers 01 trans am. We started by doing bolt ons then unfortunately he went blind and he hasn't been in the best of spirits lately especially with everything else going on. You have brought back together a father and son wrenching on a good ol muscle car. Again THANK YOU.

  • Tool Time with Tierney

    Love your content, love the longer content, your enthusiasm for your family, the wonderful country we live in and your entertaining, informative presentations. I'd like to send you a first aid kit for your travels (paramedic here).

  • Eddy D. Mesa

    You are amazing! I have a 62 Bel-Air with a 283 that has been sitting for about 10 years. You make me feel I might have a chance to get her running. I love your style and I love watching all your videos to the end.