Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kris Jenner

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • James and Kris Jenner take turns asking each other very personal questions about the Kardashian family and James's career, which they must answer or eat a disgusting food, like bull's penis.
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Comments • 7 323

  • Jazzy Mango
    Jazzy Mango 3 hours ago

    We need Ariana Grande on this man

  • Mikayla Cluff
    Mikayla Cluff 9 hours ago

    James always gets the cow tongue...😂

  • joie
    joie Day ago

    All her favorite foods.

  • spacemiilk
    spacemiilk Day ago

    "eat your egg"

  • Safia Fares
    Safia Fares Day ago

    Do it with Tom Holland please, it would be amazing

  • Ina Villarica
    Ina Villarica Day ago

    we need chrissy teigen and miley cyrus!!

  • Anya Christanto
    Anya Christanto 2 days ago +1

    we need shawn mendes and tom holland playing this game

  • sister shook
    sister shook 2 days ago +2

    *oH LoRDie*


  • sister shook
    sister shook 2 days ago +1

    james is probably used to like half of these foods lol

  • Andreas
    Andreas 2 days ago

    I think hes starting to like that cow tongue

  • ocean luv
    ocean luv 2 days ago +1

    Cardi B please!!

  • Amelia Davenport
    Amelia Davenport 3 days ago +8

    "Okay eat your egg"
    "I answered the question!"
    "Oh ok"

  • Monica
    Monica 3 days ago +2

    i don't know why everytime i watch this videos i think "mmmm, what would this taste like????"

  • Isabella Lawrence
    Isabella Lawrence 3 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: I think that some of the Kardashians are actually genuine people

    • Isabella Lawrence
      Isabella Lawrence 3 days ago

      BTS Is lifeu that is exactly why I commented that.... f off

    • BTS Is lifeu
      BTS Is lifeu 3 days ago

      Isabella Lawrence That really is a unpopular opinion

  • breda lavery
    breda lavery 3 days ago

    My not answering if she's engaged she answered If she's engaged

  • Emma
    Emma 4 days ago

    Awe she said those are my babies

  • Francisca Torres Nero Correia

    Little Mix please

  • choilovereaper
    choilovereaper 6 days ago

    I swear Kris treats her daughters way better than they treat her XD

  • Michelle N
    Michelle N 6 days ago +1


  • Matthew Whitney
    Matthew Whitney 7 days ago +1

    KK just earned my deepest respect for choosing a sardine smoothy over hurting her children's feelings.

  • Winston
    Winston 8 days ago

    I don't like the kardashians that much , but man I love love love kris' personality she's actually the best

  • Danny Whitmore
    Danny Whitmore 8 days ago

    No one:
    Kris: "oh...lordie"

  • Isabel Fletcher
    Isabel Fletcher 8 days ago

    there is something so satisfying about seeing a Kardashian eat something so disgusting

  • Someone Someone
    Someone Someone 8 days ago

    D egg Is not 1000 year old maby a 100

  • ana we OOP
    ana we OOP 9 days ago

    thank u next

  • Änxietÿ
    Änxietÿ 9 days ago

    And he took a big bite from the cow tounge

  • 60s 70s
    60s 70s 9 days ago

    Now Courtney and Kylie are left..

  • La_urene
    La_urene 10 days ago +1

    Many Chinese people love thousand year old eggs. And it’s not 1000 years old, it’s just buried in the ground for a few months or something.

  • Arinator for life
    Arinator for life 10 days ago +4

    Ariana Grande should play this game👌😂😭

  • Brain Barage
    Brain Barage 10 days ago

    2:37 “okay, eat your egg” 💀💀💀 oml

  • desyree becerra
    desyree becerra 10 days ago +1

    i still think the deep fried butter is the grossest

    THE ANTAGONIST 10 days ago

    Low key: she's my favorite Jenner

  • Kai Flamia
    Kai Flamia 10 days ago +1

    That fried butter looks like something I would find at the Texas State Fair lmao

  • Emmae_456
    Emmae_456 10 days ago

    They have so much will power to keep stuff secret

  • MokaRBLX Yanaa
    MokaRBLX Yanaa 11 days ago

    Isn’t “keeping up with the Kardashian’s” fake

  • Lala Lulu
    Lala Lulu 11 days ago

    Pls do it with demi lovato and ariana grande

  • Jake Neuman
    Jake Neuman 11 days ago

    Ever noticed how the band gets the name of the game wrong

  • Skiral
    Skiral 12 days ago +1

    I’m sure James enjoys this food...

  • Skiral
    Skiral 12 days ago +1

    The butter isn’t that disgusting though....

  • Kimberly K
    Kimberly K 12 days ago

    Ok eat ur egg

  • d
    d 13 days ago

    I mean kanye question was on purpose. If u are the one who is making all the questions and u know y he didn't came. Y will u put such question up.
    Duhh to tell the whole story of he not coming

  • Candice Campbell
    Candice Campbell 13 days ago

    James loves cows tongue

  • Neek Boderick
    Neek Boderick 13 days ago

    Do a carpool karaoke with Sophia Grace

  • Esteban Carballo
    Esteban Carballo 13 days ago

    She is beatiful, shame is a witch, and I mean literally a witch

  • Parishey Asif
    Parishey Asif 14 days ago +2

    James should've asked "What are the Kardashian's really famous for?"

  • kingMxtty_
    kingMxtty_ 14 days ago +1

    Why haven't you done a carpool karaoke with kanye west yet?
    Because he's a dickhead

  • Myriam Valdez
    Myriam Valdez 14 days ago +1

    **Me bing a Mexican**
    Them: **eating cows tongue**
    Me: **not affected by it**
    🇲🇽 👅 🐄 😂

  • vicc sarai
    vicc sarai 15 days ago

    The cow tongue looks worse every time

  • Ethan Clift
    Ethan Clift 15 days ago

    Fyi: the 1000 year old egg is only 100 days old. It's an egg fermented and put into the ground for 100 days. Found mostly in Asia

  • Frida Cuello Cervantes

    If ur Mexican and know about the crickets u should what I am talking about 😉 (only Mexican know)

  • Brandon Flores
    Brandon Flores 16 days ago

    These kind of suck they can eat as small an amount as they like and they can spit it out if they want

  • It's Jojo Siwa
    It's Jojo Siwa 16 days ago

    Can u plz do it with Cardi b or Ariana Grande

  • Denisse Arzola
    Denisse Arzola 16 days ago

    Harry Styles spill your guts or fill your guts ,Please

  • Gacha Luna
    Gacha Luna 16 days ago +1

    Do Billie Ellish

  • Unicorn Lovers
    Unicorn Lovers 16 days ago

    Oh lordie 😂😂😂😂

  • emma
    emma 16 days ago

    thousand-year old egg is actually really good so

  • Georgia & Gus Obendorf
    Georgia & Gus Obendorf 16 days ago +1

    Kris sounded like a mother saying "now eat your egg, son"

  • Mariana Hilário
    Mariana Hilário 17 days ago

    Essas comidas devem ser fake né credo

  • Love rainbows Puppys
    Love rainbows Puppys 17 days ago +1

    How the hell do you get deep fried butter????

  • Albert Yang
    Albert Yang 17 days ago +1

    I eat thousand year eggs all the time, have 4 in the frig right now. Eat for tongue all the time as well. Had crickets before, and bird saliva. Italy is just Asian dishes

  • Shrutika Srivastava
    Shrutika Srivastava 18 days ago +1

    Every time I see this section I feel bad for the cow.

  • BelleTheBookie __
    BelleTheBookie __ 18 days ago

    James has always loved the cow tongue.

  • S Sarah
    S Sarah 18 days ago

    The crickets taste very delicious actually. I bought it once and i love it

  • Selena Martinez
    Selena Martinez 18 days ago +1


  • avocado _
    avocado _ 18 days ago +1

    Kris Jenner is the only mother who curse more than Emma chamberlain...

  • Txpical Carly
    Txpical Carly 19 days ago +5

    Plot-twist: James enjoys eating this “food”. This show is just a reason for him to eat that.

  • Jaina Linton
    Jaina Linton 19 days ago

    Tom Holland plzzzz!!!!!😭😭

  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores 20 days ago

    I can't fucking stand how guests don't swallow what they bite. It defeats the purpose and they cannot pick what they want.. Wtf?

  • Melinda Mares
    Melinda Mares 20 days ago

    Everybody has probably ate cow tounge before especially us mexican

  • Zainab Khalid
    Zainab Khalid 20 days ago +1

    I don't know the kardashians but is she their mother

  • A.R.M.Y 4U
    A.R.M.Y 4U 20 days ago +3

    For all my A.R.M.Y out here, just imagine Jimin was on the show and they asked him about the “NEVERMIND” tattoo

  • Jemimah Ngu
    Jemimah Ngu 20 days ago


  • Keira Jade
    Keira Jade 21 day ago

    James is like Winnie the poo a lovable teddy bear 🤣

  • Charlee Byrd
    Charlee Byrd 22 days ago


  • runan
    runan 22 days ago

    is the 1000 year old thing not century egg or smth

  • Kat Karalis
    Kat Karalis 22 days ago

    I honestly think the show should be called spill or fill your guts

  • Sarah sim
    Sarah sim 22 days ago

    It’s called a century egg and it tastes amazing in porridge and its mostly in chinese dishes

  • Lway Alshami
    Lway Alshami 23 days ago +1

    If you want to get rid of disgusting food , then you have to invite james cordan

  • Lway Alshami
    Lway Alshami 23 days ago

    If you want to get rid of disgusting food , then you have to invite james cordan

  • Fiona Lynne
    Fiona Lynne 24 days ago +1

    Mama Kris for the WIN

  • Emilie M
    Emilie M 24 days ago +2

    In france eating cow tongue is actually pretty normal I mean I've had it plenty of times and it's actually pretty good unless you cook it in the wrong way but I promise you it's actually pretty good with some sauce and some sides it's really good
    Im sorry about how many times i said pretty and good😬

  • Marko_B
    Marko_B 25 days ago +1

    James: *answers the question*
    Kris: ok eat your egg ☝️

  • Arianna Marie
    Arianna Marie 25 days ago

    How I talk to my crush 3:50

  • Funny Factory
    Funny Factory 25 days ago

    I love how they blur out her middle finger as if we didn’t know what she was doing ! 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Old mate Gazza #
    Old mate Gazza # 25 days ago

    Every spill ur guts with Kardashian's or Jenners cuss without a doubt

  • AH.
    AH. 25 days ago +1

    I’ve watched all the episodes and I can confirm that James LOVES the cow tongue

  • lucien x
    lucien x 25 days ago


  • daphne loren
    daphne loren 25 days ago +1

    when people usually eat it means the answer is yes

  • Tymber Huebner
    Tymber Huebner 26 days ago

    I swear, he eats the cow tongue every time😂😷

  • Brayden Zetterman
    Brayden Zetterman 26 days ago

    Deep fried butter doesn’t even sound that bad lol

  • yessica Gonzalez
    yessica Gonzalez 26 days ago

    Ariana grande for sure

  • LaW
    LaW 27 days ago

    Unlucky for the fella who is engaged to her. I'd honestly kill myselg

  • LaW
    LaW 27 days ago

    Never heard of Kris she seems like someone I never want to associate ever

  • Fluffy Penguin
    Fluffy Penguin 27 days ago

    Cardi B needs to be here

  • Genesis Irias
    Genesis Irias 27 days ago +1

    In a lot of these James actually eats the cow tongue 🐮 👅

  • .Creativ
    .Creativ 27 days ago

    imaging kris jenner would be a milf in pornhub puhhh

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar 27 days ago +2

    I want harry styles
    Miley cyrus 🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Emma Pigen
    Emma Pigen 28 days ago

    James always give the Kardashians the sardine smoothie

  • etshatshalazeni 89
    etshatshalazeni 89 29 days ago

    Beef tongue is delicious 👅😋. I don't know why would anyone not like it, lol.

  • Ih8 Toogr8
    Ih8 Toogr8 29 days ago

    How dare you sink this low, James Gordon...(Ron Swanson reference)😐