• Published on May 31, 2019
  • The new roam items, Courage Mask, Awe Mask, Shadow Mask, Iron Mask and Wooden Mask looks good with their stun, stealth and buff effects.
    But before you start buying roaming items, there are a few things you need to know.
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  • Charles Enrick Cajan

    I always use that in Solo Rank, sad to say they not listening to my command on what to farm, when and where. Useless

  • ProEnderman33
    ProEnderman33 7 days ago

    Awe mask works the best on hanzo! I’m using it on him right now and everyone hates it

  • Shumaki Zonon
    Shumaki Zonon 8 days ago

    Roaming items will make late game heroes viable in professional scene.
    But in a rank solo queue scenario, this would be a double edge sword and I suggest to avoid buying a mask most of the time.
    Not unless you are baby sitting a pro acquaintance of yours.

  • Jovito Crodua
    Jovito Crodua 8 days ago

    Angela user here. I’m using roam item.

  • Jam Marcaida
    Jam Marcaida 9 days ago

    aldous and harley if posible

  • crimson clover
    crimson clover 10 days ago

    Im done reading the comment section and it was so boring. Imma go watch porn now

  • Desiderio Luna
    Desiderio Luna 11 days ago +1

    When I use Kaja or Mino or Khufra, I buy the mask AFTER i get to lvl 2. If you are against a good team, it pays to have your sustain and "jump" skill
    Also, I follow the mid-jungle-mid rotation, with my core going to imp jungle after the blue buff while I go clear the mid. Then I follow to the crab coin. That way I get some exp early on

  • Cyborgthekiller _YT
    Cyborgthekiller _YT 11 days ago

    Its like the roaming items r for solo laners

  • Leander Studer
    Leander Studer 11 days ago

    I estes to be very successful when roaming between different lanes. Buy speedboots and invisible roam and walk from lane to lane to heal people

  • G F S C
    G F S C 12 days ago

    layla tank roam item

  • Oel DaGreat
    Oel DaGreat 12 days ago

    Tanks and supports are most likely gonna use those roaming items

  • Putu Ordi
    Putu Ordi 13 days ago


  • Momo Jjang
    Momo Jjang 13 days ago +1

    Lol,I thought you will say how many gold/exp we'll get in five minutes or 10 minutes. Or what time we'll reach lvl 4 if we buy roam item in lvl 1

  • Ruzenor Lyyneheym
    Ruzenor Lyyneheym 13 days ago

    2 ways to use roaming
    1. To boost your main early game assassin and secure key positions
    2. To catch up in farm when you are getting rekt in solo lane

  • Hakuni -kun
    Hakuni -kun 13 days ago

    Natalia + awe mask = op

  • Devon Campbell
    Devon Campbell 14 days ago

    Would roaming items be good when I use dyroth? I usually jungle then go bottom lane but he’s a fighter and it seems like these items would be better for tank or support

  • Irisviel Einzbern
    Irisviel Einzbern 14 days ago

    Really awful design. Instead of increasing last hit reward, so that support or tank would just leave last hitting minions to the carry and this way get him fed quicker they add some peices of junk which usually do a whole team more harm than good. Only useful as a late game purchase for teamfights.

  • Neil Fernandez
    Neil Fernandez 14 days ago


  • ynecoshy
    ynecoshy 14 days ago

    How about minsithar's passive? Can u pls made an experiment about it?

    • ynecoshy
      ynecoshy 14 days ago

      And if i had the chance? Gilded king Pls.. haha

  • maxx casapao
    maxx casapao 15 days ago

    I actually use roaming items for my rafaela and helping guinivere...

  • Smarter Than you
    Smarter Than you 16 days ago


  • Rhemarvelous
    Rhemarvelous 16 days ago


  • TheLastOneTM Gaming
    TheLastOneTM Gaming 16 days ago


  • Vox
    Vox 16 days ago

    How about in chou??

  • Angel Dela Rosa
    Angel Dela Rosa 16 days ago

    When I use Gatot, I buy courage mask.

  • Aya Fujisawa
    Aya Fujisawa 16 days ago

    Try Franco with a *SHADOW MASK*

  • Android Leeno
    Android Leeno 16 days ago

    I wish they include the option to turn it on or off.

  • Gunung Merapiapi
    Gunung Merapiapi 16 days ago

    3.35 you're funny 😂😂
    Your channel is very informative, and you even put subtitles.
    I'm following you

  • KrizToL PH
    KrizToL PH 17 days ago


  • Churapee 23
    Churapee 23 17 days ago

    I played a game where LANCELOT bought the roaming items. RIP

  • Gerv The 9erv
    Gerv The 9erv 17 days ago

    I miss wizard bootsc

  • Chris Llido
    Chris Llido 17 days ago +1

    can you do a new guide for supports? it's hard for me to play them without wizard boots I just end up left behind in gold and so less contribution in team fight

  • Jayson Lovendino
    Jayson Lovendino 17 days ago

    This item is good on a one vs one fight

  • Jayson Tan chee sim
    Jayson Tan chee sim 17 days ago +5

    Solo Tank player never use these item, coz if ur damange dealer is sucks.. U r all ended 🤣

    • Mono Chan
      Mono Chan 17 days ago

      True to that, i did that one time. And boom gg. Haha

    • Dante Guns
      Dante Guns 17 days ago

      Yeah this shit is not for solo players🤣

  • Tiwi Tiwi
    Tiwi Tiwi 17 days ago

    natalia is very suitable with the awe mask

  • Play like HIM !!!
    Play like HIM !!! 17 days ago

    If u r goin solo mm buy encourage quitely sit alone in bot lane nd farm , its like a permanent crab gold on u while u will also get all hp nd gold since u r solo.
    Ask the tank to leave u alone nd rather partipate with assaasins in ganks

    • Play like HIM !!!
      Play like HIM !!! 17 days ago

      @Little Lamb agreed , this strategy has been hardly rewarding on mms except claude (thanks to mirror nd purify to save my fragile ass)
      But believe me , if u past the 8 min mark without much casualties , there will be no way for enemy to win .
      Using encourage with blazing duet is nyt mare

    • Little Lamb
      Little Lamb 17 days ago +1

      Problem is if enemy sees you're alone most likely early enemy gank will aim you

  • dark zxt3rue
    dark zxt3rue 17 days ago

    I haven't played for like 5 months and this is the things I saw

  • Angelico Noreen Fyro
    Angelico Noreen Fyro 17 days ago

    zilong userr here and i am using roaming item awe mask for my 5th item.

  • Aiomee Dones
    Aiomee Dones 17 days ago +4

    for tank and support only i think, roaming items are useless to offlaners cuz they need farm their core items fast to join team fights

  • G G
    G G 18 days ago

    i use roam items at late game

  • Kikato Gaming
    Kikato Gaming 18 days ago

    Use lottars 😂

  • Chelle Bricio
    Chelle Bricio 18 days ago

    im a kaja user.. im using shadow mask ..

  • Michael Orbon
    Michael Orbon 18 days ago +1

    4:30 Tanks will benefit from these? No, we won't. The cores will, and later they will trashtalk us for being weak and level gap and they'll claim they are the only one carrying the game coz they are strong. It is sad for us Tank Mains.

    • Mono Chan
      Mono Chan 17 days ago

      I feel you bro. Tank main here.

    • Aiomee Dones
      Aiomee Dones 17 days ago

      these items will be useful to tanks cuz they usually has the least gold earned so theg will get 15 gold and exp every 4s and buff their assist gold n exp too

  • Christian Agaceta
    Christian Agaceta 18 days ago +1

    this youtuber gives a very nice and clear explanation. i hope you use voice in the future vids for us not to have to read your texts.

  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69 18 days ago +15

    I buy the roam item for tanks in the early game to boost whoever is with me then sell it if the dude is fed enough

  • Exekiel daddyyow12
    Exekiel daddyyow12 18 days ago

    Harley what do you think ? But more on tank suite

  • RedBox 159
    RedBox 159 18 days ago +1

    How about aldous??

  • Kayyz
    Kayyz 18 days ago

    I wonder if this works on kimmy basic attk #kimmymain

  • Marck P.
    Marck P. 18 days ago

    I used this roam item when im using grock tank with my partner gusion. I can sacrifice resource for my partner and i can play solo awhile with other lane.

  • bobo kaba?
    bobo kaba? 18 days ago

    poor roam item user, like a fcking support

  • HellHex
    HellHex 18 days ago +1

    Hoho you should try helcurt with awe mask

    • Loct
      Loct 18 days ago

      HellHex its not a bad idea but awe mask is a very hard item to use, the effect itself disappears and goes in cd if you didnt attack again after 1.5 seconds

  • RG995890 RG995890
    RG995890 RG995890 18 days ago +7

    This item will be super good for afk main like my random teammates

  • Da Red
    Da Red 18 days ago

    Do you think Claude is more effective with roaming item?

    • Play like HIM !!!
      Play like HIM !!! 17 days ago

      Owing to tht stun i guess attack build will be more used than crit build for easier nd faster stun

  • Clarence Chia
    Clarence Chia 18 days ago

    I got a team of 4 roam user, what an idiot

  • Amiel Gonzales Quinit
    Amiel Gonzales Quinit 18 days ago

    hi elgin, need help.
    I'm a tank user, i just want to ask if it's ok to buys this item as first or second?

    • Adrián Flores
      Adrián Flores 18 days ago

      I'm not Elgin, but i guess that is ok buy the wooden mask for first item.
      That will trigger the passive and your adc (Or any other carrier) will farm faster.
      Isn't necessary buy all the item for first, you can prioritize other like the boots.

  • BlueStacksHD YT
    BlueStacksHD YT 18 days ago

    What happens if both hero uses the roaming item?

  • Assailant205 Attacker4
    Assailant205 Attacker4 18 days ago +4

    i use the roaming item, and am a tank user, and base on my experience it will boost your teamates level faster and gold, but for me i had a hard time getting items for my self since am always with my partner the only time i got alot of gold was in a gank by killing hereos aside from that if they dont engage in a gank then basically you will have a delay in your own item builds and i had to split up with them for me to earn gold and the level i was litterally lvl 8 and my teammates was around 11 to 12 and i havent even build my items yet i only got movement items and roaming plus one part of the item that am building and late game it is really hard to tank damage because you are below their level and not at full item yet in the end i was like just helping them escape and mostly die everytime and mostly ending up feeding not good at all, as a tank i think its very hard to have roaming because you need to be with your team mates and help them farm sacrifacing your own level and item, and for me the only useful roaming item i think is the invisibility( but its just like lesley skill you dont really become invisible they can still see you) because it increase movement speed helps your teamates to escape if they are about to get killed, the other two for the stun its hard to use you need to hit them 5times for you to stun them and the movement speed increase and magic,physical increae is not thwt great there is another item alreayd available that doesnt have a drawback that can do the same thing, and finally in my opinion its more like a burden for tank users if your a tank using roaming you need to always move around dont stick with one partner rotate frquently so that you can earn gold and exp if you dont you will have delays in both level and item, they need to improve it, its not easy to use.

    • Abc
      Abc 17 days ago

      Assailant205 Attacker4 “the item that increases mov.speed,phy defense,magic defense is already available in shop”i am pretty sure u r talking about courage bulwark which is already REMOVED in this update

  • Nokto Wangnaolim
    Nokto Wangnaolim 18 days ago

    Natalia will be because even she can split push

  • SkyReaper
    SkyReaper 18 days ago

    Invisible Kaja is OP

  • Jostin Peen
    Jostin Peen 18 days ago


    ANASTACIA DOMINGO 18 days ago

    Welp i guess thats why we loss bcz all of us i mean all of us 5 has roaming item

  • Luna White Wolf
    Luna White Wolf 18 days ago

    Some Support hero can use Roaming Items

  • AssasinLegendz YT
    AssasinLegendz YT 18 days ago +1

    release the final battle of hayabusa and hanzo pls

  • Sabin Gurung
    Sabin Gurung 18 days ago +8

    Buy courage mask for fanny right after level 6. It's op.😀

  • lazyPawdy
    lazyPawdy 19 days ago

    In short. Dont but it. Lol it's mostly bad for early game.

  • OverrUnderr
    OverrUnderr 19 days ago +1

    I think tanks could use these items a lot more effective. It could let their carry level up and farm faster.

    • OverrUnderr
      OverrUnderr 17 days ago

      yeah just figured that out, guess these items would shape the meta a little bit.

    • Nice to meet you Patrick
      Nice to meet you Patrick 17 days ago +1

      The tanks ult is very essential so if you don't get it early enough the tank won't be able to set. Plus leveling up is also needed to increase HP,MANA,Armor,and magic res.

  • Haritz Harriezam
    Haritz Harriezam 19 days ago

    natalia with awe mask:im back...

  • Irwing• Ace Kun
    Irwing• Ace Kun 19 days ago

    I did a test with a marksman, purxhase the stun roam, imstunned them before they got close, but i dont think it should be used cuz mostly inkilled them before they srun or basically was 1 hp when triguered.
    As he said should be use tsnk offtank, and support as well.

  • Napoleon Maisnam
    Napoleon Maisnam 19 days ago +14

    I don't like this new Roaming. it's very complicated.

    • trever2244 Nels
      trever2244 Nels 5 days ago +1

      It's simple. I main Mino and use that red roam one. My friends who main Lesley and genivere are getting savages like every 6 or 7 games.

    • Damon ryan Abesamis
      Damon ryan Abesamis 16 days ago +1

      me too

    • Adian Peterson
      Adian Peterson 17 days ago +7

      It is simple. You become a support to your teammates. You help them farm and level faster while you have a steady income. Generally I would say only the tank should use as 2 players would make things more complicated if you decide to solo queue.

  • •нιяσ•
    •нιяσ• 19 days ago

    *Can aldous used this when lvl 4? Since hes damage rely on stacks, we can tell our ass or mm to aldous and let aldous take care of the last hitting*