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  • Tri Tran
    Tri Tran 11 hours ago

    Such an awsome video. Learn hips of things, not just about food.

  • Sebastian Perreault
    Sebastian Perreault 13 hours ago +1

    Anyone have the song name for the music that started at 8:44 thanks!

  • kimmbooo
    kimmbooo 16 hours ago


  • avslick1818
    avslick1818 16 hours ago

    Loved the video. Love the passion, professionalism, and diligence of the chef/owner.
    I just wonder how they turn a profit only serving 16 customers a day. What do they have to charge to make it profitable in NYC?

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    This is Sushi Noz in located in New York, cost is $300 a person.

  • Awakened sky
    Awakened sky 20 hours ago

    Sushi Master? Really????
    Why nobody calls a bagel 🥯 maker a “ Bagel Master? Or a Lentil Master?
    This Sushi food is over glorified & it’s a propaganda to make people think 🤔 of it as a cool food. I’ve never liked Sushi. It’s like making an academy out of nothing with unnecessary procedures, styles & culture. SMH 🤦‍♂️

  • John Hoo
    John Hoo 21 hour ago

    P.S. >> The subtitles missed a bit of nuance. He didn't say he's been "making sushi for 20 years". He said he's been "learning how to make sushi for 20 years".

  • England
    England 22 hours ago

    what a pretentious cunt...they way he applied the salt .....he is no more a sushi master than i am

  • wdawdwge
    wdawdwge 22 hours ago

    The next season of Shokugeki No Souma is looking great!

  • Malle Beer
    Malle Beer 23 hours ago +4

    I feel like this is what we miss in the western culture. This kind of passion, attention and love for the art. We really need to look at other cultures and learn from it.

  • Ester Finez
    Ester Finez 23 hours ago

    *waiting for sashimi*

  • Virasman
    Virasman Day ago

    I respect his passion. Owning a restaurant takes a long part of your day.
    Rest days are holy days.

  • DrinkOrDie
    DrinkOrDie Day ago

    goest 8:30 am leaves 1am, he has 7 hrs of sleep max, man that means 0 free time for himself not to mention loved ones :/

  • Queen Qwerty
    Queen Qwerty Day ago

    Man i just wanna go there and tell him he's amazing

  • Ahmed Saleh_Asomali

    Would be alright for me if I had to do this for 8 hours per day. Anything more than this would make the job boring. Believe me I used work 56 hours a week and I hated it.

  • Anikate Sharma
    Anikate Sharma Day ago

    The fact that they cuts down many fishes it just......It just hurts my soul

  • roasting & reacting

    saitama's job is nice

  • Akshay Suradkar
    Akshay Suradkar Day ago

    He's doing this from 20 years ....he looks like 9 year old...wtf

    CAN PRO Day ago

    good tast

  • Clark Isidro
    Clark Isidro Day ago

    I Just noticed that the Music at the end is Like the Music I heard from a Video Game!

  • Arvind Srinivasan
    Arvind Srinivasan Day ago +1

    *He needed more fish so his fish buyer he called*
    *the amount of fish the buyer brought made him appalled*
    *He was so surprised, his hair fell and out and he went bald*
    Thank you, Thank you. Wait why are you pointing at the door. Oh. I get it. Um, well... sorry for wasting your time.

  • 子 孔
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  • Deku Midoriya
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  • Yimu Xiao
    Yimu Xiao Day ago

  • Yunus Emre
    Yunus Emre Day ago

    So orders fish at 1.30 am, gets it delivered in the morning, serves very little customers, has at least 7 workers (most seen in the screen at the same time), workplace is as big as a normal restaurant's. How expensive is this place again?

  • aung aung
    aung aung Day ago

    0:06 is it make-up cosmetic brush?

  • Green SShirt
    Green SShirt Day ago

    massive respects to this man, that's some amazing energy

    I'm kinda worried about his sleep tho

  • RahmanNoodles ッ
    RahmanNoodles ッ Day ago +4

    this feels so epic for some reason...

  • Mateusz Puzio
    Mateusz Puzio Day ago +1

    Dude's like one punch man, but with sushi

  • MagLee Ventures
    MagLee Ventures Day ago

    Has he been doing this since birth? LOL cause he looks like 20 years old now and he's been doing in for 20 years! Either way, WE'D love to eat at that restaurant! But, we'll stick to our sushi buffets for now until we can afford it hahaha

  • niemand weet
    niemand weet Day ago

    That was beautiful 🤧💜

  • Philip Dressler
    Philip Dressler Day ago

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    Philip Dressler Day ago

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    Philip Dressler Day ago

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    Philip Dressler Day ago

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    Philip Dressler Day ago

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  • Philip Dressler
    Philip Dressler Day ago

    Good luck to food and baseball

  • Philip Dressler
    Philip Dressler Day ago

    I want to manage baseball

  • Tjeerd Hoeijmakers

    a real wen ting zen master

  • Philip Dressler
    Philip Dressler Day ago

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  • Philip Dressler
    Philip Dressler Day ago

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    Philip Dressler Day ago

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    Philip Dressler Day ago

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  • Philip Dressler
    Philip Dressler Day ago

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  • Bill Gregory
    Bill Gregory 2 days ago

    All I can say is...wow. Dedicated, hard-working man...

  • Uday Satish
    Uday Satish 2 days ago

    To do that over and over again with the same amount of excitement and commitment...😮

  • Paiiin In The Butt
    Paiiin In The Butt 2 days ago

    Really enjoyed this video. Love the raw passion he has for everything he does. Good job

  • Cynthia Meirah Voormeij

    Indeed: sushi/ Japanese food is heaven on earth. Next to truffels.

  • Leo Tan HD
    Leo Tan HD 2 days ago

    hows your day? nah..I cut some fish nothing special...

  • Jers N
    Jers N 2 days ago +4

    In the philippines, I spent most of that time commuting. :(

  • boiniq
    boiniq 2 days ago

    it is just sad :(

  • Charlie Chan
    Charlie Chan 2 days ago

    Funny how no one talks about him not using gloves

  • Weseeyou uuu
    Weseeyou uuu 2 days ago


  • Rozar Natrim
    Rozar Natrim 2 days ago

    One of my favorite videos of all time.

  • Megha Thakkar
    Megha Thakkar 2 days ago

    this was not supposed to make me cry!

  • dʒeɪms
    dʒeɪms 2 days ago

    learn english already you live in america

  • A Lemon
    A Lemon 2 days ago

    Wow so inspirational..beautiful

  • Emily Madeley
    Emily Madeley 2 days ago

    $300 person ???
    Nawh yall crazy!!!!

  • Fateema Stuff
    Fateema Stuff 2 days ago

    Omg I craved rn!!

  • Natiønal
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  • riccardo
    riccardo 2 days ago

    everything is amazing and all, but JESUS CHRIST THESE PORTIONS ARE TOO SMALL!

  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 days ago

    You happy TheXvid i watched it fak.

  • Big Wave Dave
    Big Wave Dave 2 days ago

    Up Next : Sushi Master reacts to Grocery store sushi😂

  • Big Wave Dave
    Big Wave Dave 2 days ago

    Sorry, How much work must be done before the customer comes in again?

  • IsaMN
    IsaMN 2 days ago

    Great man..

  • Donn Garcia
    Donn Garcia 2 days ago

    the best music to finish a video.. i love debussy

  • Michael Cerrone
    Michael Cerrone 2 days ago

    true beauty in motion

  • Kenshin6321
    Kenshin6321 2 days ago

    He's been making Sushi for more than 20 years and he doesn't even look 20 years old.

  • kostas merianos
    kostas merianos 2 days ago

    I think that earth must have more so amazing people my dream is to become a chef one day.

  • Hi Free Subs Here
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  • WhatTheHirsch
    WhatTheHirsch 3 days ago

    I like the passion I do not like the imbalance. There is no space for a familiy or a friendship.

  • Miaa Carina
    Miaa Carina 3 days ago

    Wow. He is so young.

  • M L
    M L 3 days ago

    Learn English language if you are a true master

  • BabunKing
    BabunKing 3 days ago +1

    He sais 90% A LOT .

  • Jhon Leslie Jarina
    Jhon Leslie Jarina 3 days ago

    I thought that it was a normal interview; it was not.

  • mincraft gamer
    mincraft gamer 3 days ago

    Ooff 9pm to 2am
    God bless that hard working man

  • rumahhafidzah bekasi
    rumahhafidzah bekasi 3 days ago +1

    7:03 *please read the subtitle*
    How it feels to chew 5 gum
    Stimulate your senses

  • Junica Sison
    Junica Sison 3 days ago


  • Jelly
    Jelly 3 days ago

    This is so satisfying to watch

  • Érik Satie
    Érik Satie 3 days ago


    CAN PRO 3 days ago

    OMG ! So yummy

  • BJ JR
    BJ JR 3 days ago +1

    _Previously on Avatar..._

  • David Kim
    David Kim 3 days ago

    All this for about 16 people a day?

  • Nippo Hippo
    Nippo Hippo 3 days ago

    This made me herpy!

  • chubbyasspanda
    chubbyasspanda 3 days ago +1

    I didn’t like sushi before but after seeing this video I want sushi 😩

  • Gacha Fuzz
    Gacha Fuzz 3 days ago

    Im too scared to even wash a knife. *crys to sleep*

  • Speak and Be Heard
    Speak and Be Heard 3 days ago

    I for sure cried. Such love and respect in detail. What an experience!

  • xXfmlgXx
    xXfmlgXx 3 days ago

    8:40 Filthy Frank fans, anyone?

  • Sunkman
    Sunkman 3 days ago

    He trained so hard to become a sushi chef that his hair fell off

  • Marie BCFHS
    Marie BCFHS 4 days ago

    Gosh I love Japan

  • Rojan msdn
    Rojan msdn 4 days ago

    cant say nothing but respect

  • Ces Bma
    Ces Bma 4 days ago

    Food for a king???....No sushi for shure but :

  • Wanna Bee
    Wanna Bee 4 days ago

    Amazing, respect from Italy

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo 4 days ago

    Other than just being a hero because his powers are boring, he decided to become a Sushi Master instead.

  • thebadness
    thebadness 4 days ago

    Where'd this dude learn english. when he was writing his menu, almost everything on the white board was written in english.

  • ・ 9年前
    ・ 9年前 4 days ago +1


  • Plasma
    Plasma 4 days ago

    One punch man deleted footage

  • yoonzah
    yoonzah 4 days ago