Ricky Gervais uses Golden Globes monologue to roast all-things Hollywood

  • Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais joked about Jeffrey Epstein, Felicity Huffman and more at the 2020 Golden Globes on Jan. 5. Read more: wapo.st/2QvjCgZ. Subscribe to The Washington Post on TheXvid: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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Comments • 80

  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 2 days ago

    Freedom of speech baby....best ever Ricky G.

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith 2 days ago

    Gervais is getting closer to the Satanic God Illuminati. Shame he doesn't know it

  • AstroLance
    AstroLance 2 days ago

    Not a roast.. Its the truth.

  • TrizzyBeatz
    TrizzyBeatz 4 days ago

    We’re all gonna die soon 0:24

  • Thormod Skald
    Thormod Skald 5 days ago

    Do we really need the Washington Post explaining all the jokes to us as the video plays?
    It shows what they think of the average person

  • Frank Fischer
    Frank Fischer 6 days ago

    And now? We have corona..

  • Floxxoror
    Floxxoror 6 days ago

    Nur Tom Hanks fühlte sich angesprochen. Der wahrscheinlich am wenigsten gemeinte Typ im Raum.

  • Christopher S.
    Christopher S. 7 days ago

    Tom Hanks, trying his best not to smile. "Please, oh please... Don't make me laugh!" HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • onions
    onions 7 days ago


  • Akshaansh jain
    Akshaansh jain 8 days ago

    Yeah Well Al Jazeera is funded by the same people who fund Hamas.

  • Valerio M
    Valerio M 9 days ago


    SL PRODUCTIONS 10 days ago +4

    We’re all going to die soon - he knew corona was coming

  • Selin Şevik
    Selin Şevik 10 days ago +1

    There is not even a single joke about Tom Hanks but he still looks very annoyed lol

  • andi_* 1150
    andi_* 1150 11 days ago +1

    was the laughter real? or did you just back it up with laughter so you could tell us it was jokes?

  • Gort Newton
    Gort Newton 11 days ago +1

    H'wood: They make too much money. Get adored by fans. Have a lifestyle of wealth that is out of proportion to their contribution. Become arrogant. And then get opinionated thinking they now have a right to spray their opinions on us. I don't like your anti-Christian attitude. I don't like to see constant murders, bomb explosions, stabbings, shootings, degrading sexual displays. I don't watch your morally degrading movies anymore. Goodbye H'wood.

  • Gort Newton
    Gort Newton 11 days ago +1

    H'wood: They make too much money. Get adored by fans. Have a lifestyle of wealth that is out of proportion to their contribution. Become arrogant. And then get opinionated thinking they now have a right to spray their opinions on us. I don't like your anti-Christian attitude. I don't like to see constant murders, bomb explosions, stabbings, shootings, degrading sexual displays. I don't watch your morally degrading movies anymore. Goodbye H'wood.

  • Nick thompson
    Nick thompson 13 days ago +1

    Man is a legend

  • Kat B
    Kat B 13 days ago +1


  • ihavetheNANERS
    ihavetheNANERS 14 days ago +2

    You ever think about how Tom Hanks "got sick" because he got arrested for pedophilia two days ago?

  • Darrick Meadows
    Darrick Meadows 14 days ago +1

    Be great if at the end of it he walked out to the edge of the stage and pisses all over front row then it would have been a real Golden Globes

  • III7
    III7 15 days ago +2

    He’s so rude and stupid

  • captain Slappahoe
    captain Slappahoe 16 days ago +1

    Shut up I don't care lol

  • Vince Stagbaugh
    Vince Stagbaugh 16 days ago +1

    Ricky let 'em have it.
    Yay, Ricky.

  • Hannibal Disa
    Hannibal Disa 16 days ago +2

    Amazing Gervais. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Heath Motley D.C.
    Heath Motley D.C. 17 days ago +1

    Calling it the Hollywood pedo's. Love it.

  • Rational Atheist
    Rational Atheist 19 days ago +1

    Tom hanks really enjoyed the show

  • Vitals
    Vitals 20 days ago +1

    It was a roast it was facts

    • III7
      III7 15 days ago

      What facts he said?

  • Hichem Gaceb
    Hichem Gaceb 21 day ago +1

    Brutal, savage, rekt.

  • kurt10 k
    kurt10 k 21 day ago +1

    Washington Post heavily contributes to the retardation from the left....

  • chrischralph2222
    chrischralph2222 21 day ago +1

    I agreed with everything he said about Hollywood. Except when he talked about God. Few in Hollywood are genuinely religious. except for tom Hanks perhaps. HOLLYWOOD IS GOING TO HELL!!!

  • 123tominator007
    123tominator007 21 day ago +3

    ChuckPalomo says
    ...by exposing the system he himself is a part of he is actually validating it, becoming a vent for people's frustrations without actually changing anything.

  • Jennifer Grove
    Jennifer Grove 22 days ago +5

    Tom Hanks needs to get over himself.

  • pingufromindia
    pingufromindia 23 days ago +1

    I hope George Clooney got the memo

  • Orkadian
    Orkadian 24 days ago +1

    What a legend! These 'better than thou' types need a wake up!

  • George Samaras
    George Samaras 25 days ago +5

    Next: Ricky Gervais slips in his bathroom.

  • Maddie Jones
    Maddie Jones 27 days ago +1

    Tom Hanks was NOT impressed

  • Marijanci A
    Marijanci A 28 days ago +1

    This is gold 🙈😆

  • Jacqueline Larsen
    Jacqueline Larsen 29 days ago +2

    Trump 2020

  • Aubhi Sebastian Home
    Aubhi Sebastian Home 29 days ago +1

    " you can't handle the truth!"

  • Sociath Abaddon
    Sociath Abaddon Month ago

    tom hanks looks like a dissapointed dad.

  • Vishnu Narayan
    Vishnu Narayan Month ago

    Tom Hanks plays an academic in his movies but he is such a leftist licker in real life. A total dumbfuck..loved his reaction when he and his kind are getting striped naked. Damm these people are fake

  • Gilles Roger
    Gilles Roger Month ago

    Pedo-llywood 😷💉.

  • christian pegoraro
    christian pegoraro Month ago

    LOVE IT...

  • Angel Rodriguex
    Angel Rodriguex Month ago

    I don’t know I thought when he said “ we are all going to
    Die soon anyway with no sequel “ that he was talking about coronavirus ¿ idk idc whatever they do or whatever happens is not in my hands at all so yeeeet.....

  • johnnymcblaze
    johnnymcblaze Month ago

    "We're all gonna die soon" the most important bit, glossed over by everyone.

  • M 9
    M 9 Month ago +13

    “Shut up. I know he’s your friend, but I don’t care.” Damn 💀😂

  • Matthew Sherwen
    Matthew Sherwen Month ago

    Best speech I've Hurd In such a long time

  • Z 65
    Z 65 Month ago +2

    Say it like it is Ricky! They all look terrified in they're little bubbles.

  • Memento Maxolga
    Memento Maxolga Month ago +1

    Bravo, Ricky, bravo for this staight up roasting of hypocrats ! They all were shocked ,didnt know what to do and pretended they were laughing.

  • surojeet chatterjee

    Full support for the speech from India. Ppls should speak on their working field not on other fields using their public figure. Fame is not a criteria of education & knowledge. 😂😛 same applies to Bollywood stars as well.

  • Samina Fazlani
    Samina Fazlani Month ago

    Brishit humor

  • Pedro Rivera
    Pedro Rivera Month ago

    Yes. Finally a man with balls👍💪

  • António Pinto
    António Pinto Month ago

    Legendary level.

  • Eric Nelson
    Eric Nelson Month ago +1

    He's reading from a monitor and what he said was written by hollywood .If it was written by gervais and his actual words they wouldn't allow that obviously ,wake up.

  • Leonardo Ramírez Guardado

    So akward so true.

  • Stephen Buffery
    Stephen Buffery Month ago

    Hanks look says it all

  • Lars Hansson
    Lars Hansson Month ago

    What an enormously good speech.

  • Tony K
    Tony K Month ago

    ten im to natrel kokotom, a ten ubohy Tom Hanks, kokot, I use to like Tom Hanks after this he is my biggest enemy

  • Littletime
    Littletime Month ago

    Tells celebs not to pontificate just after pontificating about child labour

  • Nelda Baer
    Nelda Baer Month ago

    This is once that I wanted to actually hear the f word!!

  • Cherise Davidson
    Cherise Davidson Month ago

    The GOAT 🐐😂😂😂

  • Long John Silver
    Long John Silver Month ago +1

    The UK has the biggest and greatest number of Anglophiles in the world...first in and the last to leave...The English Redcoats have landed....😀

  • Larry Sutton
    Larry Sutton Month ago

    Its a healthy sign, people are stoping getting their information about news & politics from celeberties, & get it from legitimate news sources & education. It seems to me people are getting better at critical & objective thinking.

  • marvinc999
    marvinc999 Month ago

    How many of the audience members have even HEARD of ISIS, I wonder ?

  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith Month ago

    that was the best...….loved the look on all the hypocrite's faces

  • Updated8SecondsAgo
    Updated8SecondsAgo Month ago +9

    Ricky needs to be protected at all costs, he’s a treasure

  • magicvibes79
    magicvibes79 Month ago

    Check out Isaac Kappy exposing Hollywood's pedos 4 months before they trow him off a bridge.....isn't that so Mr. Hanks.....

  • magicvibes79
    magicvibes79 Month ago

    Booooom hahaha what a freaking cool punch in their faces....

  • Paul Vargas
    Paul Vargas Month ago

    I love this...we need more of it

  • Thisis Fun
    Thisis Fun Month ago +1

    LOL, the Washington Post trying to spin Gervais' speech as he's telling it. You SJWs in the media are relentless.

    JOHNNY REB Month ago

    About time somebody put those self - important morons in their place! How somebody that lives in the middle of a Mini Sodom and Gormorah can stand up on a stage and preach to the rest of the country is unbelievable!!! Once upon a time that is exactly what celebs did they got up accepted their award, Thanked God, their family, and their agent but that was quite awhile ago! Before most of them got self absorbed with themselves!

  • Classical Music11
    Classical Music11 Month ago

    The best thing I've seen in ages. So refreshing to see something like this nowadays.

  • Super Kyle
    Super Kyle Month ago

    0:37 My God I can't believe you said that........oh yes I'll have one of those crab cakes

  • Guy Guy
    Guy Guy Month ago

    Lol best part of the whole boredom show.

  • Dragonblaze
    Dragonblaze Month ago

    Love this guy to bits man, spitting the truth.

  • Cato
    Cato Month ago

    Well done (!), Washington Post. You cut the sensitive (!) parts...

  • Jesse Galvan
    Jesse Galvan Month ago

    Yeah I didn’t see the awards because I thought the actors were gonna do their stupid political speeches. Maybe I will watch it next year if they grow up.Maybe

  • nitin pradhan
    nitin pradhan Month ago +1

    truest and humane thing ever said

  • nitin pradhan
    nitin pradhan Month ago +1


  • Neel
    Neel Month ago

    Gervais didn't criticize the HFP for lacking diversity, he was mocking those who claim that everything is offensive and lacks diversity.