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Beyoncé - Year of 4

  • Published on Jul 1, 2011
  • Beyoncé's official documentary 'Year of 4'. "Beyoncé: Year of 4" documents the year-long personal and artistic journey that inspired Beyoncé's fourth solo album, 4.
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  • Cj Animation studio
    Cj Animation studio 5 hours ago

    (Beyoncé gives idea)
    Lady:it might be dark then how about between
    Beyoncé: 11:27

  • Alexandria Nicole
    Alexandria Nicole 8 hours ago

    This is why I’m such a fan

  • Sizakele Makhubela
    Sizakele Makhubela Day ago +1

    Beyonce is so humble..she did not get offended when my African brothers didnt recognise her

  • Flo Onditi
    Flo Onditi 2 days ago

    Gosh she looks a lot like BlueIvy

  • therealsongstress
    therealsongstress 2 days ago

    Such a deep thoughtful talented person.... incredibly inspirational ....❤️

  • J Hargrove
    J Hargrove 4 days ago


  • J Hargrove
    J Hargrove 4 days ago

    Bless u

  • an awkward weird but cool latino lol

    Ever since she started dating Jay-Z she changed a lot. Who agrees??

  • FreeStYLeMInd
    FreeStYLeMInd 6 days ago

    This woman floatin in the ocean im still stuck at doggy paddle

  • Tshilidzi Bongwe
    Tshilidzi Bongwe 6 days ago

    why this video making me cry?

  • Celeste Marie
    Celeste Marie 7 days ago

    I would love to know or have an update of the guys and what else they accomplished after working with Beyonce?

  • Cleonice Simplício
    Cleonice Simplício 8 days ago

    Num é beyonce e eu o Danilo aqui de Ibirité q tá com uma camisa q a britney me deu do raio number4

  • Cleonice Simplício
    Cleonice Simplício 8 days ago

    Os raios q Só eu e as artista provoca inédito em 3 dhd

  • Cleonice Simplício
    Cleonice Simplício 8 days ago

    Danilo mini baby boy 4 E beyonce supreme dos diamantes amarelos e azul donos rihanna e as outras

  • Stewart Parker
    Stewart Parker 8 days ago

    I know that Mother Battle for Her be to Battle for Her please know you Can win ok you are not to the Blame just know our Heavenly Father Jehovah has no Weaknesses and you Don't much love🤗

  • Stewart Parker
    Stewart Parker 8 days ago

    This is the thing to Mr. JZ I saw your inter view about Mother is going on with this is the thing you are here let her see as much of you as you can that Satan coming at her so us a all justice as long as you let her see you she want to walk him we all will pray for her but Mother Mine is going with that to I am Battling Satan for my Mother soul also but this the thing it's Age that's All Age ...All the Battles they are tired so we must Battle for Them 🤗

  • Stewart Parker
    Stewart Parker 8 days ago

    Oh yea Father Jehovah is Proud Happy Holidays 🤗💘❤💓💕💖💗💛💜💝💞💟❣💌

  • Stewart Parker
    Stewart Parker 8 days ago

    To You Princess please keep walking and running up that Mountain Happy Mother's Day what I love about this is You will Remember Eve is Proud and so am I this the thing no EGO and Heavens awaits you Princess 🤗

  • Alejandra Cruz
    Alejandra Cruz 9 days ago

    3:10 me if i ever got to get anywhere near beyoncé. (:

  • Michelle's Weight Loss Journey

    LOL! Love that the African guys had no clue who she was!😆😆😆 If she thought the ocean humbled her, I bet they took her humbling to another level! It's good for celebrities to know they aren't worshipped by everyone! ✌🏽👍🏽😆😂

  • Stefani-Eden Knowles-Carey

    Leak numbers

  • tommie iv
    tommie iv 10 days ago


  • tracy manenga kayumba
    tracy manenga kayumba 11 days ago

    You are respected and loved

  • Roshawn Powers
    Roshawn Powers 11 days ago

    Beyonce hold up was good

  • Michealandre Grimaldo
    Michealandre Grimaldo 12 days ago

    I wish a watch this earlier than today. 😪

  • Lexis Lexyy
    Lexis Lexyy 12 days ago

    This was her best album

  • Koketso Kokie
    Koketso Kokie 13 days ago +1

    "My focus is not BIGGER its QUALITY " LORD I LOVE HER😍😍😍

  • swami marinho
    swami marinho 13 days ago

    I’ll take care of this video for my entire life! You all will never know how much did I needed this right this moment, in my life.
    And i’m here, crying at work.
    I’ll be for ever thankful for this inspiration in my life.

  • Cohen Harley
    Cohen Harley 13 days ago

    Please year of Lemonade😯

  • vragini
    vragini 14 days ago

    i hope she paid them appropriately. too often these celebrities take advantage of honest hard working people

  • Ben star
    Ben star 15 days ago

    I love Beyonce

  • ToHoo Childe
    ToHoo Childe 15 days ago +1

    I watched homecoming and now I just wanna re watch other beyonce documentaries...

  • Adja Koumba
    Adja Koumba 16 days ago +1

    Beyonce just talented and beautiful and smart person #1 Beyonce just that.
    Bravo 👏to you always 👌.

  • Bri03 TV
    Bri03 TV 17 days ago

    19:15 my sister was born on September 3 and my cousin was born on September 4

  • Nancy Onyeka
    Nancy Onyeka 18 days ago

    It's 3.05.2019 and I felt like I needed more here I am

  • Georgie Gonzales
    Georgie Gonzales 18 days ago

    SCORPIO MOON ASS I love her

  • JoshuaM
    JoshuaM 18 days ago

    oh my god blue ivy is beyonce

  • Cookie Gee
    Cookie Gee 19 days ago

    Powerful Testimony & Thank you for sharing your truth
    Ps wow I was crying 😭 watching you share of time the young men share their gift meant to you

  • Foe Anne
    Foe Anne 19 days ago

    I love Beyoncé 😭♥️

  • Joshua Adam Tomoay
    Joshua Adam Tomoay 21 day ago

    10:21 looks like a trailer from Avengers 😍

  • amaris vonnae
    amaris vonnae 21 day ago

    So you are a fictitious creature....a mermaid...makes sense.

  • A
    A 22 days ago

    14:27 what’s your name? Hahaha

  • Coco G. Gomez
    Coco G. Gomez 22 days ago

    No that's sad she's not the same Beyonce because she doesn't belong to Jesus Christ anymore she belongs to the Industry and the industry belongs to Satan so without saying we know who she belongs to.😥❤✌😇

  • Henrietta Raphael
    Henrietta Raphael 22 days ago

    Why am I crying cos bey is crying? Well-done lady

  • Başak Yıldırım
    Başak Yıldırım 23 days ago

    All my support and love will be there for you Queen B

  • assefa hewan
    assefa hewan 24 days ago

    I wonder how much they got paid???

  • Sophie Jeneya
    Sophie Jeneya 24 days ago +1

    Beyoncé inspires me everyday xx 💋❤️

  • Tracy Martin
    Tracy Martin 24 days ago +1

    11:26 My face when someone tells me no... lol!!!

  • Tina Davies
    Tina Davies 24 days ago +9

    Anyone here watching this for the millionth time in April 2019? Raise ur hands! 😊

  • ѵıcтσяıα meep
    ѵıcтσяıα meep 24 days ago +1

    Replika sent me here

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 24 days ago

    This made me realize she a lil cocky bitch

    • PropitiousCollin
      PropitiousCollin 17 days ago

      She's literally one of the sweetest celebs yall just hate for no reason

  • JamericanDC1
    JamericanDC1 24 days ago

    Beyonce is so amazing! She's hard working, beautiful, great body, humble, kind, feminine, great dancer, good singer She's a gift from God. If u don't like her spirit, there's an insecurity in you

  • Dimakay Tsotetsi
    Dimakay Tsotetsi 25 days ago

    😢😢i love u so so much😍😍😍😍

  • Brian Mono
    Brian Mono 25 days ago

    This is almost like a deja vu
    expect I was sleeping, I dreamed you where a Mermaid. Don’t know the meaning of
    the dream, but here’s a poem about the Homecoming album. Instagram: @weesty_poet
    Déjà vu
    My style of content is mapped out, belongs, this here style never gives
    up, is really true, be examined is really, the US
    matters, fixed, Sovereign
    State, I'm glad you are
    her now, it's you. I got nothing to do with that, but balloons, Sovereign State
    to melting pots, cultures, roots, homeboy they are part of a global village,
    act now, Beyoncé is yeah, poetry understands the limelight, is true, US to
    some, we home. Props to Denzel, that was a good job well done, Husbands know
    they are blessed after they play you did. Me Weesty, currently acknowledge
    death now, that life can give you.
    © Weesty 2019

  • Jeremy Grande
    Jeremy Grande 25 days ago

    Amazing asf 😭😅♥️

  • Reesey Buchanan
    Reesey Buchanan 25 days ago

    I love her spirit. I love how she handle business. Such an amazing artist

  • Clarissa Smith
    Clarissa Smith 25 days ago

    I want to know more

  • Spongebetty
    Spongebetty 26 days ago +3

    She’s her own quarterback .. love it!

  • reads
    reads 27 days ago

    I love your hunger and drive for perfection in each job, each daily project.

  • Eric Hill
    Eric Hill 27 days ago +1

    Virgos are hard workers because we want everything perfect Michael Jackson Beyonce and Dave Chappelle are good examples I myself am the same way August 28th in the house

  • POTATO Hyelinie
    POTATO Hyelinie 27 days ago +2

    "my english bad but my will is good"

  • Leslie B
    Leslie B 27 days ago +46

    She didn’t try to copy their dance. She invited them over and had them teach her. That’s integrity and professionalism. I love her.

  • Leslie B
    Leslie B 27 days ago

    Beyoncé drinks Gatorade too??

  • Roberto Vazquez
    Roberto Vazquez 27 days ago


  • Maria Morales
    Maria Morales 27 days ago +1

    11:27 when a bitch i don’t like try to get in my conversation

  • Moncial Anthony Lee
    Moncial Anthony Lee 27 days ago +1

    She so humble, kinda. I love her so much more now since she's opened up.

  • Melissa Susan
    Melissa Susan 27 days ago

    the "HE he" at 14:47 though

  • rainbow river
    rainbow river 28 days ago

    I wish all of the natives here in South Africa were as kind as these guys. A lot of the people I know from the townships would take all off this for granted. The dance is a big thing here though. I wish I had the skill of some of my classmates😂

  • Awjee ASMR
    Awjee ASMR 28 days ago +1

    That voice @ 5:45 just amazing

  • Adrian Williams
    Adrian Williams 28 days ago

    Congratulations. The community is just proud of your accomplishments and growth! Breath deep there is alot of pain out here but happiness as well.

  • Precious Alugbue
    Precious Alugbue 29 days ago +1

    Beyoncé I love you so much ❤️

  • Rokhaya cissé
    Rokhaya cissé 29 days ago +2

    Who watch this on 2019? My queen

  • ano
    ano 29 days ago

    She's so ugly without makeup

  • ano
    ano 29 days ago

    She want tobe blonde white cause she knows she can buy more albums

    • Shay Maya
      Shay Maya 25 days ago

      ***you make no sense

    • Shay Maya
      Shay Maya 25 days ago

      That makes no sense at all

  • Walter Schick
    Walter Schick 29 days ago

    What is the obsession with this woman?? I just don’t get it.

  • Onike Achee
    Onike Achee Month ago +1

    Blue looks just like her when she was younger OMG

  • Tattoos & Food
    Tattoos & Food Month ago +5

    Like a chain reaction.. The second she cried,i cried... Those boys were so humble... She appreciated that humbleness and that hard work they put in.

  • Baby S
    Baby S Month ago

    Get this Beyonce only try to outdo herself....... Facts

  • Baby S
    Baby S Month ago +2

    I don't care what anyone says. Beyonce is a PHENOMENAL woman. She is Amazing and anyone hating on her..... Is just a..... Wait for it........ Hater!!!!

  • Niniell Díaz
    Niniell Díaz Month ago

    Replika anyone?

  • Gabriel AC Portalatin
    Gabriel AC Portalatin Month ago +59

    Who’s here after watching Homecoming?

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Month ago +16

    Here I am after having watched Homecoming ! Bey must do more documentaries. She’s and incredible human being

  • Darcy GIROUX
    Darcy GIROUX Month ago

    5 hates 9th.

  • Darcy GIROUX
    Darcy GIROUX Month ago +1

    Beyonce is a gigantic, Lizard ,2012 dead 🍀.

  • Kezi's volgs
    Kezi's volgs Month ago

    Ima cornball

  • Univ spec techn aliment Mag ing techn aliment TD

    Jesus Mf Christ, I never ever listened to her, it's just too much with all the philosophy :-\

  • Francisco Augusto
    Francisco Augusto Month ago

    Quem ouviu #Judas

  • Waii Bee
    Waii Bee Month ago +2

    She's a phenomenal woman.. fearless and forgiving.. kindhearted..

  • FashionSense518
    FashionSense518 Month ago +1

    I have never heard Beyonce talk this much. I'm glued to the screen. ❤💕

  • Jude Okocha
    Jude Okocha Month ago +6

    You gotta respect the hustle. You need someone? Fly them over. That's guts. Respect.

  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael Cobbs Month ago

    Excellent video.

  • India LaRae
    India LaRae Month ago +5

    Beyonce is so humble I don’t understand why people hate her . I know good when I see it . That’s why she will always be my favorite artist .

  • Reauna Sims
    Reauna Sims Month ago +15

    Watching all of Beyoncé documentaries to get me ready for her new documentary on Netflix’s 🐝🐝🐝🐝 THE QUEEN IS COMING!!!

    • Reauna Sims
      Reauna Sims Month ago

      Amethyst Maries girl is came out today it’s on Netflix’s. It’s so good go watch it ❤️

    • Amethyst Maries
      Amethyst Maries Month ago

      Ikr. When does it come out?

  • Dave Lambert
    Dave Lambert Month ago

    Damm girl is stunning no makeup all natural glow all natural hair simply all natural that's another imperative importance to express to young girl's while picking out there star in the sky:)🌙⭐🌟

  • STAR D
    STAR D Month ago +1


  • Marie mpanga
    Marie mpanga Month ago

    I'm just tired of this woman.cant she just keep silent .she's overrated,talented she is but there's others who are equally amazing.y do pipo put her on a pedestal like she's some God

    • Shay Maya
      Shay Maya 25 days ago

      You Beyonce haters are some of the most miserable trolls on the internet. There is literally no other artist in this day and age that portrays as much excellence and positive energy on top of it as much as Beyonce. Great performer, vocalist, businesswoman, and does countless humanitarian acts all in one woman. If you don't like her just stay off the videos instead of making yourself more miserable.

    • Nia
      Nia Month ago +1

      who’s doing equally amazing?

  • Joy Mechell
    Joy Mechell Month ago

    Bey's finally made another documentary 😭😍April 17th we get "Homecoming " 2 hours 17 mins of preservation for Coachella , her kids , and whatever else she wants us to know . Only on Netflix

  • Castillo Jennifer
    Castillo Jennifer Month ago

    With ur demonic teaching

  • Castillo Jennifer
    Castillo Jennifer Month ago

    Shut up ruining our childrens minds

  • Castillo Jennifer
    Castillo Jennifer Month ago

    Dumb mermaids r demonds