I Played Fortnite with the Most EXPENSIVE Keyboard...

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • I Played Fortnite with the Most EXPENSIVE Keyboard...
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    Guys I hope you enjoyed this video in which I Played Fortnite with the Most EXPENSIVE Keyboard...
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  • Yung Chip
    Yung Chip  Month ago +744

    Be gone self promoters

    we only rockin with those legit comments on god 😤😤😤

  • austin targett
    austin targett 2 hours ago

    yung-chip tatoo ???

  • Amy Melham
    Amy Melham 7 hours ago +1

    Do more keyboard cams

  • Daniel MacCreighton Jr.

    kick him

  • Chris Beattie
    Chris Beattie 2 days ago

    like every vid for the best chip

  • Face0ff
    Face0ff 2 days ago

    Chips bringing back the 'SIKE!!!'

  • Dre Martin
    Dre Martin 2 days ago

    No your not bitch gonna kick shit in the face

  • Sora The Firekeeper
    Sora The Firekeeper 3 days ago

    I need to go to sleep but you have too many videos, damn you Yung - Chip

  • Lachy Di
    Lachy Di 4 days ago

    What keyboard did u have

  • Blox_Man
    Blox_Man 4 days ago

    465 is reasonable but 465.35!! That is way to expensive

  • Mason Dyke
    Mason Dyke 5 days ago

    I like how no one noticed the first strike medal in the middle of the game

  • Angel Vera
    Angel Vera 7 days ago +1


  • I.D.K Uhhh
    I.D.K Uhhh 8 days ago

    With the money he wasted on the keyboard he could have gotten a graphic card or a monitor

  • Bang lang Ngo
    Bang lang Ngo 9 days ago

    Nice airpods pros

  • Max Chinnock
    Max Chinnock 10 days ago

    Do a 1 dollar keyboard challenge 😀

  • Remy The god
    Remy The god 10 days ago

    Can i you answer my friend In fortnite I’m a big fan my user is remy0804

  • TTVTrikshot
    TTVTrikshot 12 days ago

    U see
    U say these things like the gingerbreadmans coming
    But it actually turns out to be funny
    Use code: yung-chip
    I subbed and ur a legend peace out

  • Mohaned Goda
    Mohaned Goda 12 days ago

    Money spender detected LMAO

  • bionic haunted
    bionic haunted 13 days ago


    Fortnite axe dose more damage than smg

  • MrSpy YT
    MrSpy YT 13 days ago

    The best funny intro😂😂😂

  • cruzie
    cruzie 14 days ago

    Try to get a win with a big mouse

  • Kai Macleod
    Kai Macleod 15 days ago

    The 1hand keyboard my be broken because u were literary shaking and breaking the box😂

    DREVIN AUNDRE 15 days ago +1

    Cheeky airpods flex 😂 .

  • Fortnite _CatPlayz
    Fortnite _CatPlayz 16 days ago

    I love chicken nuggets

  • Fortnite _CatPlayz
    Fortnite _CatPlayz 16 days ago

    You’re funny

  • Josh Mckinnon
    Josh Mckinnon 16 days ago

    Yung chip: this is the most expensive keyboard ever
    Also yung chip opening the box: SHING SHING SHING SHING

  • EZ GAMING clan
    EZ GAMING clan 17 days ago +1

    “If you want some advice, don’t take my advice. Wait, that makes no sense?”
    - Yung Chip2019

  • Eli Gorton
    Eli Gorton 17 days ago


  • peppa pig
    peppa pig 19 days ago

    OI YOU! USE Yung-chip IN THE ITEM SHOP😠😠

  • Danko TTv
    Danko TTv 19 days ago


  • Jack Carnahan
    Jack Carnahan 19 days ago

    Do it with the cheapest keyboard

  • Sharna Ata
    Sharna Ata 20 days ago

    its so hard thats what she said lmao

  • Remy Masson
    Remy Masson 20 days ago

    Kick his ass

  • Liampiem
    Liampiem 20 days ago

    it cost 400

  • P Garton
    P Garton 21 day ago


  • Vince Films
    Vince Films 21 day ago

    That not the most expensive the most expensive is 30000$ so uh yea more than your pc

  • Owen Gaming01
    Owen Gaming01 21 day ago +1

    You got scammed :(

    DJ CRACK 21 day ago


  • Juan David Rodriguez

    10:08 level 100

  • Dr. Sick
    Dr. Sick 21 day ago

    10:33 how did he took 100 damage with burst?

  • DarkDaniel
    DarkDaniel 21 day ago +2

    at 6:06 "this is so hard", "that's what she said"

  • Nato the Sweet Potato
    Nato the Sweet Potato 22 days ago

    My mans playing on a tek deck ramp XD

  • MandeepSZN
    MandeepSZN 22 days ago

    Buy the one that beaks use

  • Daniel Lucio
    Daniel Lucio 22 days ago

    He seems to be better than ninja

  • Ityeboicrisp g
    Ityeboicrisp g 22 days ago

    OK hi

  • BLiz 05
    BLiz 05 22 days ago +1

    Buy a mous from the same dude wehere you get the Keyboard and compare twice togethere 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Rhiannon Hudson
    Rhiannon Hudson 22 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Stix
    Stix 22 days ago

    Return that shit man

  • Watergoblin on switch
    Watergoblin on switch 22 days ago

    Good ol chipy doin something stupid to get a good content... We appreciate it

  • Paul Cogger
    Paul Cogger 22 days ago

    100 dramas shot at 10:32

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  • Webby Gaming
    Webby Gaming 23 days ago +1

    hey chip use that keyboard with the most expensive weirdest mouse

  • Moises Gomez
    Moises Gomez 23 days ago

    Low key

  • Brayden Baitinger
    Brayden Baitinger 23 days ago


  • Darkbone360 kingsavage


    XX MATEUS GAMER XX 23 days ago

    Idea for u have to choose a skin in your clothings / inventory and only kill that skin for the rest of the game

  • Laceration
    Laceration 23 days ago +1

    Well atleast i got this as recommended

  • Ivan Gonzalez
    Ivan Gonzalez 23 days ago

    The happy hacking keyboard cost like 4K dollars

  • Elliott Finley
    Elliott Finley 23 days ago

    I spend My mOneY ON cHiCKen nuGGetS To

  • Tito xalepuga
    Tito xalepuga 23 days ago

    Do facecam videos plz