LeBron is unlocking the greatness in Anthony Davis’ game - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Jalen Rose reacts to Los Angeles star Anthony Davis dropping 50 points in the Lakers’ 142-125 win vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves. (0:15) Jalen Rose also discusses Oklahoma City Thunder PG Chris Paul receiving two delay-of-game calls from referees.
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Comments • 705

  • Luke
    Luke 16 days ago

    Jacoby needs to chill. Fool says everything like he's announcing a wrestling match.

  • gdiggedy9
    gdiggedy9 Month ago

    Couldn't unlock anyone's greatness against the Pacers last night without AD.

  • RelxtionN
    RelxtionN Month ago


  • Ultimate Warrior
    Ultimate Warrior Month ago

    LeBron unlocks the greatness in everybody game from AD to Boobie Gibson tell us something we dont know plz

  • David Walker
    David Walker Month ago +1

    name a NBA player that said LeBron taught them something without them telling a lie please

  • pickzkickz
    pickzkickz Month ago

    True greatness doesn't need help.

  • Jammy Rowe
    Jammy Rowe Month ago

    Jalens hairline always crispy 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kenneth Griffin Productions

    AD puts up the same numbers every year you dummies... he's always been a beast. he just finally has a team around him with actual talent ... lebrons not doing anything except lobbing it to him 1-2 times a game LOL

  • Jango Manango
    Jango Manango Month ago

    AD was always a great player. Lebron has nothing to do with that cause if Anthony Davis was on another big team eg. clippers you would say pg 13 and Leonard make a him great? Come on lebron should be glad and lucky he actually has a slight chance to get a next ring

  • Zarion106
    Zarion106 Month ago

    Harden wouldn't leave the house for 50. Yawn.

  • Jango Manango
    Jango Manango Month ago

    AD was always a great player. Lebron has nothing to do with that cause if Anthony Davis was on another big team eg. clippers you would say pg 13 and Leonard make a him great? Come on lebron should be glad and lucky he actually has a slight chance to get a next ring

  • Jango Manango
    Jango Manango Month ago

    AD was always a great player. Lebron has nothing to do with that cause if Anthony Davis was on another big team eg. clippers you would say pg 13 and Leonard make a him great? Come on lebron should be glad and lucky he actually has a slight chance to get a next ring

  • Did Jen
    Did Jen Month ago +1

    Okay giving lebron way too much credit typical bronsexuals

  • King x Q YT
    King x Q YT Month ago

    Jacoby nose stay crooked 😂

  • No Game No Life
    No Game No Life Month ago

    Everyone knows that the ball would come to them, something that MJ and Kobe would've never done if they didn't play under the triangle offense.

  • jdelgado216
    jdelgado216 Month ago

    He is facilitating AD but he's been doing that since NO

  • K K
    K K Month ago

    50 on KAT. He's beasting on top centers.

  • Wesley Johnson
    Wesley Johnson Month ago

    When they talked about how the Cavs could not operate with Bron off the floor bro I remember those games I used to get so frustrated Jesus

  • P C
    P C Month ago

    It's simple. LeBron can make even trash players into all stars. Anthony Davis was garbage before LeBron. Now with LeBron? He's a CHAMPION!

  • sly tyme
    sly tyme Month ago

    If the LeMedia gives the clown the MVP.
    Davis leaves next year

  • Dominique Zamora
    Dominique Zamora Month ago

    AD deserves to have a teammate like lbj he wasted 7years in NOLA and only gotten 1 time entering playoffs it's time for him to Have W's

  • go bot
    go bot Month ago

    Even if Lebron loses 20 percent of his athleticism they are still Magic and Kareem

  • Richie Dixon
    Richie Dixon Month ago


  • rowel federico
    rowel federico Month ago

    Your 100 % right jalen Rose

  • Beau Crawford
    Beau Crawford Month ago

    My guys nose is crooked af

  • Jiggy Bah
    Jiggy Bah Month ago +1

    Lebron best player in the league. Don’t@ me it’s not even arguable he’s not even trying.😂. No cap

  • Royal Me
    Royal Me Month ago

    This is wat KD was talking about. Media creates toxic environment around Lebron by ignoring his teammates.
    AD has founded a better organization in Lakers,
    I’m Lebron fan but LBJ did not unlock AD. AD already great before playing for lakers.

  • brendon n henderson

    jalen looks hungover

  • Marko Ciprić
    Marko Ciprić Month ago

    Everytime things go well,it's because of LBJ
    And every other time it's not him,there's somebody else to blame...
    Same old propaganda

  • Van Leemer
    Van Leemer Month ago

    I’m not even watching the video, it just started & I’m commenting on that BS title.. “unlocking the greatness”??!! This dude been great.
    LeBron making AD Great Again???

    • Robert Nunez
      Robert Nunez Month ago

      Great into Greatness,onother non"LOS"fan huuh?

  • Malcom Miller
    Malcom Miller Month ago

    No tf he not making AD better they are both top 5 players on the same team what was these Lakers doing without AD last year? Nothing so stop acting like LeBron is basketball god it's 50/50 they are helping each other and their teammates

  • ax c.
    ax c. Month ago

    The LA Fakers aren't good enough to rest AD or LeBum
    Running it till the wheels fall off 😂😭😂

  • Gregor Slana
    Gregor Slana Month ago

    lol, lebron unlocking what? They say whatever they have to, to please bronsexuals. The only ones taking serious these comical talk shows are LAL fans and bronsexuals...

  • EZDUZIT1980
    EZDUZIT1980 Month ago +1

    ESPN at it again, giving lebron credit for someone's hard work.

  • Supreme Being
    Supreme Being Month ago

    Legoat also brought out the best in Kyrie...who will never win another ring in his career unfortunately. Nets and Celtics are both better without him. The league is all Giannis' for the taking as soon as Lebron and AD get tired of winning

  • Savage Opress
    Savage Opress Month ago +1

    Anthony davis been doing this for the past 2 seasons.... they are just playing great together, that what happens when teams have high morale and great chemistry.

  • Larry Song
    Larry Song Month ago +1

    Non sense title 👎😒

  • BlkDiesel
    BlkDiesel Month ago

    Here we go with LeBron getting credit for things that already were. AD "BEEN" doing what's he's doing right now, this is nothing new for him. He has never been surrounded with this much talent, market and with something to prove.

    • BlkDiesel
      BlkDiesel Month ago

      @Robert Nunez Nothing wrong with it if you are a Lakers fan....that's not my point. I just hate the media trying to give credit where it's not really warranted. AD's been one of the top 5 players in the league for awhile now when he's healthy. Let's not give LeBron credit for unlocking something that was already there. That all I'm saying.

    • Robert Nunez
      Robert Nunez Month ago

      i agree AD is great but he is entering Greatness he will can become immortal,whats wrong with that if your a laker fan.

  • RoYaLxxBLOODx24
    RoYaLxxBLOODx24 Month ago +2

    Bruh anyone seen jacobys nose? 😂😂🤣

  • Justin Bisson
    Justin Bisson Month ago

    AD is a beast but I'm enjoying listening to all this fluff about the lakers... they are a top contender but come on now they bought most of that team/lured established super stars.... let's not kid ourselves the mvp and best player in the league is the same as last year, Giannis... disagree? Come at me, top 1 or 2 team in the league top 3 rated offensive and defensive team, Giannis is going off for double and triple doubles like it's nothing and oh yeah hes doing all this leading arguably the best team in the league without a bunch of future hall of famers... dont get me wrong there are some solid candidates but none of them can run a stat line like him, be a top team and do it without the support of legit super star teammates. Little bit easier for bron and AD to get theres when defenses have to split their double team duties, no disrespect to Chris Middleton.

  • MAX AJ
    MAX AJ Month ago

    Thats what he did with kyrie.. wat was kyrie before Lebron? Just good player with handles in a lottery team

  • jaruseerf_5891
    jaruseerf_5891 Month ago

    what happened to Jalen Rose's teeth?

  • Barry White
    Barry White Month ago

    The good big man still dominates in basketball. Always has. Always will. There aren’t that many of them and there’s a lot more teams than there used to be.

  • Gee Bee
    Gee Bee Month ago +1

    Those of you who say AD was already good and getting his before the trade to LA are correct. However, you must admit that his confidence and swagger are just different now. Everything seems to come much easier for him at this point. Now he KNOWS he can impose his will and he has greatness (Bron) to fall back on. He is now being given the recipe for how to be a leader and winner. His mentality is different and his personality allows him to absorb it all from Bron. Lakers vs. Bucks will be awesome. Giannis and AD's games are similar but I think AD's a much better shooter and his confidence will give him the edge. Bron and cast will definitely have AD prepared and make certain that everybody takes note of his greatness. AD is ascending to the throne......not Giannis.

    • Robert Nunez
      Robert Nunez Month ago +1

      woow agree100%ADis great but like you say he is steping into"Greatness"into Basketball imortallity.

  • BD2DK
    BD2DK Month ago

    This is why I was never impressed with CP3... Stupidly huge contract. Always hurt. And now he's trying to be the PC police of the league... Sorry, I don't think he's HOF worthy at all!

  • Eddie Eddie
    Eddie Eddie Month ago

    U cant give another player credit for what AD is doing thats all AD he has the motivation of tryin to winning a title the pushes a player more

  • Sean Heal
    Sean Heal Month ago +1

    AD doing the same thing he always has.. Actually lowest rebounds per game since rookie season. LeBron has nothing to do with it

  • Frank T. Van Arsdale Jr.

    Perfect assessment.

    LON SOLO Month ago


  • Jonathan Nelson
    Jonathan Nelson Month ago

    AD is becoming the best player in the world. Giannis is great but he doesn’t have the overall offensive game of AD nor is he the defensive savage that AD is.

  • Apex Anomalies
    Apex Anomalies Month ago +3

    Bro I like Lebron but get off his nuts AD been great

    • Robert Nunez
      Robert Nunez Month ago

      i get you however without the King,he's jst AD lke he was with pelican,for reals i get you,jst beat the clippers!!!

  • Zackarie Newton
    Zackarie Newton Month ago

    Where was the defense in that game though?

  • Aden Delgado
    Aden Delgado Month ago

    Ad was ballin before but not like now he got someone that will put the ball where it needs to be in nola he had 2 do it all now that he doesn't he will be able to do more if u know what i mean. In nola it was just him but now teams cant only focus on him with bron there2

  • King Cash
    King Cash Month ago

    Will AD soak up all that game LeBron will give him? And is Kyrie silently hating from Brooklyn? Inquiring minds want to know!!🤔🤔🤔

  • tony tonyt
    tony tonyt Month ago

    LeBron James about to win his 4th finals MVPs

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago +2


  • Thabiso Maleka
    Thabiso Maleka Month ago

    LeBron will be tired by the All Star break & the excuses will start flowing in

    • tony tonyt
      tony tonyt Month ago +1

      No he won't . I bet he won't . You heard what he said about his body

  • Drunk Gamer
    Drunk Gamer Month ago +9

    LeBron isn’t unlocking anything XD AD finally has another star that’s all.

  • Tsunami Rob
    Tsunami Rob Month ago +2

    Anthony Davis actually been doing this since New Orleans

    • tony tonyt
      tony tonyt Month ago

      Except winning. Being #1 seed . And winning chips .

  • Gabriel Alele
    Gabriel Alele Month ago +2

    Both of these Players are Teaming up with Each Other at the RIGHT Time of their Careers.