Takoyaki Recipe | Easy To Do Recipe

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
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    Takoyaki Recipe from Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada
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Comments • 261

  • Jay Jays
    Jay Jays 9 days ago +1

    Atsui to oishi.

  • Jay Jays
    Jay Jays 9 days ago +1

    After watching so many Takoyaki videos, I can tell Hiro wasn't using the typical/complete utensils to make Takoyaki. Still turned out well.

  • Doenjang Stew
    Doenjang Stew 18 days ago

    This is the first time Hiro's balls-up.

  • MrAcuta73
    MrAcuta73 19 days ago

    Have never tried octopus....really not sure why, guessing I've just never found it fresh. Really want to try it, and those little fritters look amazing!

  • Tibasu
    Tibasu 2 months ago

    I was so worried half way through

  • おゆゆ軍曹
    おゆゆ軍曹 2 months ago +2


  • saltyragequit 123
    saltyragequit 123 3 months ago

    yes, I see how "simple" it is :D

  • Snooty Foxx
    Snooty Foxx 3 months ago +1

    Very nice for your first try Hiro 👌 In Japan they move so fast and do so many

  • Giovanni S
    Giovanni S 3 months ago

    Hiro san, the only man to first time prepare a recipe and at least it looks better than the 'expectation' shown on the package. 😅

  • camy AH
    camy AH 4 months ago

    Takoyaki ,takoyaki 😭😭 wow ! the best takoyaki i saw untill now! ! .😵 Oishisoooo ‼

  • Ahsan Mehdi
    Ahsan Mehdi 4 months ago

    This man is fucking talented.... Initially i was like this is gonna fail... But Hiro perfected the dish in the end. True master chef... No doubt about that.

  • Christopher Mafnas
    Christopher Mafnas 4 months ago

    Awesome work Hiro-san! Very good for 1st time! 🤙🏼

  • AsianNoscopes
    AsianNoscopes 4 months ago


  • Trevor Lahey
    Trevor Lahey 4 months ago

    Man i wish all the asian grocery places around me weren't awful i can never find the ingredients i need i've been wanting to make takoyaki for ages now

  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller 4 months ago

    When i stayed in asakusabashi for christmas, the people running the hostel I was at thee a takoyaki party. Some of the best homemade food ive ever had

  • JNoir J
    JNoir J 5 months ago

    I've seen the people at the Takoyaki stands make these and it's pretty amazing how quick and efficient they can make them. I haven't had Takoyaki in a long time though. I wouldn't mind having it again.

  • John Kas
    John Kas 5 months ago

    Redo ginger! :D

  • James
    James 5 months ago

    I’m definitely going to try these at home! Need to buy a pan for them

  • Dazz 252
    Dazz 252 5 months ago

    Very good.

  • Victor Bogen
    Victor Bogen 5 months ago

    😂 screwdriver comes in handy

  • Victor Bogen
    Victor Bogen 5 months ago

    Wanna see hiro try to make real Chinese food! Not American Chinese food!

  • Victor Bogen
    Victor Bogen 5 months ago

    Lol hiro alway makeing something he never did befor or try! But it seems that it always comes out looking delicious!

  • SJ McQueen
    SJ McQueen 5 months ago

    Not bad for the first time hero I love the video and I'm compared to do this dish thank you.

  • Blues Man
    Blues Man 5 months ago

    Hey trust me , that ain't easy !!!

  • Alberad08
    Alberad08 5 months ago

    I can't say how relaxed I got, when I saw that even master Hiro sometimes has to fumble a bit when it comes to something new - and I want to keep that for the next time when making something new in the kitchen… Big time thumbs up!

  • LeBron Fan
    LeBron Fan 5 months ago

    We all know what happened after them drinks later on that night

  • Rachel Castro
    Rachel Castro 5 months ago

    Hiro san, we love you!😘😍👏👍

  • AdroitNGaming
    AdroitNGaming 5 months ago

    Me: Yawns*
    *gets out of bed and makes coffee*
    Hiro: Good afternoon
    Me: Fuck.

  • Excuse me sir but I think

    So who got the last piece?

  • frank R1
    frank R1 5 months ago


  • Jae
    Jae 5 months ago

    I weeped tears of joy watching this lol. Love the reactions on your friends faces. 😀 I wish I had a local place that sells takoyaki. The closest place is 2 and half hours away. 😥

  • TaylorMade 3
    TaylorMade 3 5 months ago

    I'd have to try that man it looks good.

  • Inna Day
    Inna Day 5 months ago


  • Neo Necxus
    Neo Necxus 5 months ago

    Ugly at earlier, but who thought it not bad at the end.🙃

  • Miguel Ramos
    Miguel Ramos 5 months ago

    Good chef, that food original for me

  • Rajkiran Natarajan
    Rajkiran Natarajan 5 months ago

    Where I live, ingredients like octopus are hard to come by. So I have to use substitutes. I used mussels and it was mindblowing.

  • DeviantDespot
    DeviantDespot 5 months ago

    This looks like the biggest pain in the ass to make, but I imagine it is delicious.

  • ann rush
    ann rush 5 months ago

    Thx hiro for making this it is one of my fave xoxo

  • Rorrior
    Rorrior 5 months ago

    low heat is very important! first time looks good!

  • Jo D
    Jo D 5 months ago

    Good Afternoon 🌞! I know this is off the subject but any good recipes for Sukiyaki? One of my favorite dishes. Thanks Master of all things 🍣😁

  • Revilleza Lucky
    Revilleza Lucky 5 months ago

    Now I want takoyaki...

  • Dianne Elkins
    Dianne Elkins 5 months ago +2

    Hi Hiro I like takoyaki can add Brie cheese and truffles so good

  • Dwayne Wladyka
    Dwayne Wladyka 5 months ago

    I love this dish. I had it before. So good, Chef Hiro. I hope you and your cameraman have a good afternoon.

  • Evill Dead
    Evill Dead 5 months ago

    I love Japanese thumbs up approval!

  • Jerry Smigiel
    Jerry Smigiel 5 months ago

    What is the brown sauce? Could not understand.

  • lil lisa. By. Lisa L
    lil lisa. By. Lisa L 5 months ago

    I would love to watch you make my favourite roll. It’s called a Jamaica roll. It’s salmon raw. Cream cheese. Avacado. Tempura. Kinda thick tempura with siratcha and spicy mayo drizzled on top wen done. Eat warm. Soooo good. So good

  • unboxing theboxx
    unboxing theboxx 5 months ago


  • markgerard cadampog
    markgerard cadampog 5 months ago

    Great Job!!! Will be copying your techniques again to make my favorite Takoyaki.

  • Doyle Chester
    Doyle Chester 5 months ago

    Lol for something you've never cooked before, your cooking skills doesn't show that, and I have no idea what you were cooking. To me they looked like pancake balls.
    Hats off to you, sir
    Well done

  • Alvin Chan
    Alvin Chan 5 months ago

    was waiting a whole year for a takoyaki video from hiro!

  • Julian Nakai
    Julian Nakai 5 months ago

    takoyaki daisuki desu! osaka no takayaki totemo oishi ne! hiro okonomiyaki kyoto mo so

  • Aldo Game
    Aldo Game 5 months ago

    13:27 when you see a cute baby

  • Sara Ir
    Sara Ir 5 months ago +1

    How do you do Takoyaki flour? I cant find it here and want to make it from scratch

    • Sara Ir
      Sara Ir 5 months ago

      @MasterOfDemons12 Thank you 👌

    • MasterOfDemons12
      MasterOfDemons12 5 months ago +1

      You can just use normal flour to be honest. It doesn't make a big difference, and definitely not in taste :) Any wheat flour will do. But if you absolutely do want that kind of flour, you can order it online, but it's quite expensive.

  • Midnight7762
    Midnight7762 5 months ago

    Beautiful dish,
    nice to meet your guests =)
    which studied with u in same class)

  • Rebeca Bailey
    Rebeca Bailey 5 months ago

    Sugoy 😊😊😊

  • Colly boi
    Colly boi 5 months ago

    I think brutalmoose did it better

  • てんぷら
    てんぷら 5 months ago


  • rainprayer
    rainprayer 5 months ago

    Tip for Mr. Cameraman/Editor: at 5:35, you call out a subtitle for "beni shoga"--without affiliating it to what it really means. How about you actually translate through your use of subtitles, rather than just enunciate? The latter is useless, and to be frank it's tough enough to hear what you're saying while you mutter under your muffled breath.

  • nur umairah
    nur umairah 5 months ago

    OCD me is killing me hahaha

  • Brian Leonard
    Brian Leonard 5 months ago

    Good Afternoon Chef Terada, I just ordered the ingredients for this recipe of Amazon. Organic yuzu juice without salt, and also. Yuzu kosho paste. Along with the rest of the ingredients including the griddle cooker with the pan that looks like you can place your golf balls in them so they don't roll away! 😃👍 i was was wondering Chef Terada if you could make a peking duck, or Beijing Duck. This is one of my favorite dishes and I'd love to watch you prepare it. Thank you and Kindest regards.