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  • Red Arcade
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    Hope you enjoyed this almost hour long compilation! Which part was your favorite?
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  • KaMea PriMe音楽
    KaMea PriMe音楽 3 hours ago

    When fortnite was actually fun 😔

  • Bill Keyser
    Bill Keyser 10 hours ago

    Fuck yo

  • Kristen West
    Kristen West 22 hours ago

    When the others were doing wiggle lol 😭👯‍♂️ that was funny

  • Kristen West
    Kristen West 22 hours ago

    I loved the crying default! It was hilarious!

  • FBI wiu wiu
    FBI wiu wiu 23 hours ago

    Pinche juego de mierda >:v pronto te olvidaran >:v

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    Moon Kids Day ago

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  • Geko Boy
    Geko Boy Day ago

    do you like it

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  • the lemon gang
    the lemon gang Day ago


    anyone know song name?????

  • Jaheim Moore
    Jaheim Moore Day ago

    20:00 it be ya own niggas

  • Th eo
    Th eo Day ago

    Who is gta???

  • Aütumn MSP
    Aütumn MSP Day ago

    20:16 30:25 😭

  • Fortnite Central
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  • ItzVictoriaGaming

    *5:37* that acually made me *HELLA* mad

  • Jeff Lil
    Jeff Lil 2 days ago

    Don't cus

  • aiman hakim
    aiman hakim 2 days ago


  • Mark Roche
    Mark Roche 2 days ago

    funniest is 2:50

  • Mark Roche
    Mark Roche 2 days ago

    funniest is:250

  • Cedric Porter
    Cedric Porter 2 days ago +1

    4:49 heuh a bug what the f***

  • amni hasanin
    amni hasanin 2 days ago


  • 浅田宙
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  • Skeleton Crew Jam
    Skeleton Crew Jam 2 days ago

    7:26 had me dyeing

  • Typowy Janusz
    Typowy Janusz 2 days ago

    Intro nice!

  • George Huzinec
    George Huzinec 3 days ago

    at 30 seconds he should've used the mother fucking medkit

  • Care Bear
    Care Bear 3 days ago +1

    10:44 *I CRIED LAUGHING"

  • Enojoncito435 - -
    Enojoncito435 - - 3 days ago

    73 Millones de Vicitaaaas

  • Josemaria Martinez
    Josemaria Martinez 3 days ago


  • Jxrdyn Jxnkxns
    Jxrdyn Jxnkxns 3 days ago

    2:52 IM SCREAMING 😂😭😭

  • Laura Harries
    Laura Harries 3 days ago

    I love fortnite

  • ziga squid
    ziga squid 3 days ago +2

    20:16 now this one is sad

  • Stargazerdns
    Stargazerdns 3 days ago

    What season did you start playing fortnite?
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  • Qnikke Bossu
    Qnikke Bossu 3 days ago

    21:49 suomii

  • Nike Trushkov
    Nike Trushkov 4 days ago

    23:27. I was that default skin. I am not kidding. I remember this happened one time during Season 4.

  • Maykid Gabriel
    Maykid Gabriel 4 days ago

    This video is amazing

    • fabiannn
      fabiannn 3 days ago

      Maykid Gabriel yess

  • vitor 6609
    vitor 6609 4 days ago

    omg funk

  • mauricio swiecky
    mauricio swiecky 4 days ago

    la mejor rekopilazion del mundo

  • dubdude destroyer
    dubdude destroyer 4 days ago

    17:56 it is confirmed that John Wick is immune to rockets.

    People in the background: FBI OPEN UP!!

  • BrokeSkies
    BrokeSkies 4 days ago

    What did the librarian say to the student?

    Youre going to have an amazing 2019 łiké áñd śûbścrïbê to me to activate!

  • Senpai Sádico
    Senpai Sádico 4 days ago

    1:06 STUPID

    ISAUCCY 4 days ago

    I'm underrated

  • Kevin Emery
    Kevin Emery 4 days ago


  • sadler
    sadler 4 days ago

    Fortnite is the actual fail.

  • Sandwich
    Sandwich 4 days ago

    0:03 this should be a "to be continued" clip

  • AnthonyTheProGamerz
    AnthonyTheProGamerz 4 days ago

    9:34 was lit

  • James Dec283
    James Dec283 4 days ago

    This is how much damage your shotgun will do

  • Richard Poláček
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  • Alba Luz Facundo
    Alba Luz Facundo 5 days ago

    73 millóns of views

  • Technic Tijmen
    Technic Tijmen 5 days ago

    😀This is Bob
    👕He is 0 years old
    👖1 like = 1 year
    👟Lets see how old we could get him!

  • Mr. Indonesian
    Mr. Indonesian 5 days ago

    29:29 - you psychopath!!!!

  • Woomy22 ?
    Woomy22 ? 5 days ago

    I hate fortnite but this was funny.

  • Prescillia Lobry
    Prescillia Lobry 5 days ago

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  • Kirk Marty
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  • Tessa Morford
    Tessa Morford 5 days ago

    You may never trust the John wick.

  • Mac Matu HD
    Mac Matu HD 5 days ago

    26:05 Wtf bro lucky

  • Tomas isaac Sanches valencia

    Falto el fail de fernanfloo

  • Mac Matu HD
    Mac Matu HD 5 days ago

    22:52 pero que coño!!!

  • Erik Silva
    Erik Silva 5 days ago

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkokkkoookkkkkkkkk wow

  • Roni Loaiza
    Roni Loaiza 6 days ago

    Me gusto

  • Samantha Stevens
    Samantha Stevens 6 days ago

    i fucking hate this vid

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  • Florian Reichle
    Florian Reichle 6 days ago

    Du bist fett

  • Basir Asefi
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    73 million views

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    ksatrs e
    ae3wa tyf kihjuuhiuhyug

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    It is your IQ

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  • Bls Shay
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    I ff

  • Mmmie Nalle
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    Got an fortnite ad before this vid lol

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    lol xD 😂😂😂

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  • Kitty Ben
    Kitty Ben 9 days ago

    15:53 dead im dead xD

  • Mozilas GT
    Mozilas GT 9 days ago

    not enjoyed this time ;/

  • Tati UwU
    Tati UwU 9 days ago

    23:42 XD

  • Neza IN
    Neza IN 9 days ago +1

    20:50 is to sad 😢

  • Sportlov Roblox
    Sportlov Roblox 9 days ago

    08:16 you need to be

  • melanie pate
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  • Alexey Volkov
    Alexey Volkov 10 days ago вот это челендж!!!!!!

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  • DanDaMan
    DanDaMan 10 days ago

    *_fortnite logic_*

    *_100 people in a bus_*

  • georg lol
    georg lol 10 days ago

    Oh no ahhhhhhh

  • AcldTr0n
    AcldTr0n 11 days ago

    2:19 and he can still double pump lol