i ate FROZEN FOODS vs. the restaurant version

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
  • so i decided to do a blind taste of frozen food items and compare it with the restaurant version! arby's curly fries, chicken wings, denny's hash browns and so much more. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe
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    okay so everyone is saying i should credit GMM for copying their idea. you can go through my videos and check i ALWAYS credit people when i am inspired by them. the truth is, I DON'T EVEN WATCH THEIR VIDEOS SO I COULDN'T POTENTIALLY HAVE KNOWN THEY MADE THE SAME CONCEPT. IT WAS A COINCIDENCE.
    now the reason why this upsets me so much is because, ironically, this GMM channel has took video ideas from me before and they never got anyone coming for them. check their DOLLAR STORE vs. WHOLE FOODS video upload date and check mine. they posted theirs after mine was live for a week or so. it could also be that they came up with the same concept of course that's why i never said anything publicly about this before.
    point is, my conscience is clean, i WILL ALWAYS credit video ideas when it's due. just this one time, i have nobody to credit. me and my sister had this idea when we were at walmart and we ran with it. so that's the tea, there's no tea.
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  • Drumming Bros
    Drumming Bros 20 days ago

    It is a chicken BBQ pizza

  • idk can't decide
    idk can't decide 29 days ago +1

    I love you

  • JustLogic_
    JustLogic_ Month ago +4

    you shouldve done blindfold, to see which was frozen and which wasnt

  • fat boi XxCK9xX
    fat boi XxCK9xX Month ago

    Never had that California pizza (from the east coast) but both look nasty, not like to bbq chicken pizza I eat

    • Jake Albert
      Jake Albert 24 days ago

      I'm not even from California but it's still where I live.

  • wiccan!!! wonder
    wiccan!!! wonder Month ago +1

    The intro was cute asf

  • Ultra Roblox Mega Kid
    Ultra Roblox Mega Kid Month ago +3

    9:30 'hoshbron'. !o!

  • Rana Ali
    Rana Ali Month ago +2

    "It's like a bbq chicken pizza" umm.. Daaaa

  • Vincen Alfoncius
    Vincen Alfoncius Month ago +15

    Please don't mind those poisonous low-minded comments, everybody in this community is trying really hard to become trashy critic. This is TheXvid, every content creator free to express their creativity, and every audience free to subscribe if they think the channel is entertaining, if you don't then you free to seek other channels... Byeee

  • Vincen Alfoncius
    Vincen Alfoncius Month ago +9

    My honest opinion is Everytime you feel happy, you throw your hands in the air and making cute expression, that's priceless and I want to keep that smile in a glass box... I won't fucking share it 😆😆😆

  • Amyachan
    Amyachan Month ago +2

    they spelt your name wrong

  • Amyachan
    Amyachan Month ago +2

    its diffrent cause your sister did not make it right lol

  • Mr. Noob
    Mr. Noob Month ago +7

    Stop, stop hating, he did nothing wrong, you’re just being mean

  • Katrena Schindler
    Katrena Schindler Month ago +3

    They are all so mean to u in the comments dont listen to them u are awsome and I love u

  • susanna rodriguez
    susanna rodriguez Month ago +2

    They put all the frozen food on the white plate.

  • Ridha Suraifi
    Ridha Suraifi 2 months ago +4


  • Ridha Suraifi
    Ridha Suraifi 2 months ago +2

    Bro 3:67

  • Ridha Suraifi
    Ridha Suraifi 2 months ago +1


    • Shamim Haider
      Shamim Haider 2 months ago

      Ridha Suraifi 7:79 isn’t a thing it can be 7:29

  • Jeon_ Kylie
    Jeon_ Kylie 2 months ago +7

    you should put some blindfold

  • Its Game Tv
    Its Game Tv 3 months ago +17

    should’ve been blindfolded 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Pablo Perez
    Pablo Perez 3 months ago +19

    your thumbnail makes no sense

  • Shannon Marable
    Shannon Marable 4 months ago +26

    He says "we don't do plastic around here anymore" but he's eating off a plastic plate😄

    • Evan 11
      Evan 11 Month ago

      @Chim38 _shj it's a.joke👌💜

    • crystal gacha
      crystal gacha 2 months ago +2

      @Chim38 _shj i agree

    • Chim38 _shj
      Chim38 _shj 2 months ago +7

      The plastic plates he's using are reusable, so you basically wash them and use them, they're not thrown away. but the fork on the other hand is a one time use👌💜

  • Maanya Agarwal
    Maanya Agarwal 4 months ago +26

    6:12 it tastes like a barbecue chicken pizza
    Ps- it IS a barbecue chicken pizza

  • The FBI
    The FBI 4 months ago +14

    Why are there so many new comments whahhahahaha

  • A R A Y A N A B O N D
    A R A Y A N A B O N D 4 months ago +7


    • Tom Yo
      Tom Yo 4 months ago

      A R A Y A N A B O N D that’s what I’m thinking

  • Uros Miletic
    Uros Miletic 4 months ago +13

    Your sister is the hottest chick i've ever seen.

  • Ali Muir
    Ali Muir 4 months ago +2

    i love ms

  • Anahlee .06416
    Anahlee .06416 4 months ago +3

    You NEED to do more of the videos

  • Abby Montealto
    Abby Montealto 4 months ago +7

    4:34 "this taste healthier" lmao that's a fries! A FRIES!!! cook by kilo's of oil btch

  • Alayna Waltz
    Alayna Waltz 4 months ago +10

    they spelled your name wrong in the pizza box

  • Lorem Cruz
    Lorem Cruz 4 months ago +12

    Go to the philippines you will find your twin

    • FZ Mac
      FZ Mac 2 months ago

      Is it khalil ramos?

    • FZ Mac
      FZ Mac 4 months ago +3


  • Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet Potatoes 5 months ago +5


  • - deathkidx -
    - deathkidx - 5 months ago +8

    "it's falling apart.. me in life." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU

  • kelly hogan
    kelly hogan 5 months ago +8

    I don't have a comment on the video but I want to say that you are such I cutie...

  • kendall mich
    kendall mich 5 months ago +11

    Y’all call them hash browns??

  • Krümel Lümel
    Krümel Lümel 5 months ago +9

    8.12 why are both on a white plate?

  • Mekka Dean
    Mekka Dean 5 months ago +11

    The dennys probably tasted way more flavorful because they have already cooked a bunch of other food in the pan already

  • Reg Hamilton
    Reg Hamilton 5 months ago +13

    Who’s herd of mo mo not to scare anyone

    • Hannah Denny
      Hannah Denny 2 months ago


    • Rashmi Baral
      Rashmi Baral 4 months ago

      Momo is Nepali version of dumpling

    • Strawberrykookies withsuga
      Strawberrykookies withsuga 5 months ago

      @Brianna Jagodzinski theres a japanese urban legend thats about woman that captures (or harms) children and always say Mo Mo repeatedly

    • trulyksoo
      trulyksoo 5 months ago

      Brianna Jagodzinski periodt

    • Brianna Jagodzinski
      Brianna Jagodzinski 5 months ago +1

      I know she doesn’t look scary and I know better to self harm myself but every night I hear a woman saying Mo Mo in a quiet voice and I immediately wake up and go downstairs and make a taco

  • • Caveboy •
    • Caveboy • 6 months ago +6

    7:14 yesss

  • Critjen
    Critjen 6 months ago +13

    He doesn’t know how to eat chicken 😭love his vids still!

  • iWillRateYou
    iWillRateYou 6 months ago +9

    get a haircut

      YALLA YOLLO 5 months ago +1

      iWillRateYou get a life dont judge people!

    • xxxtentacion fan 1
      xxxtentacion fan 1 5 months ago +2

      Get a life

    • Andri_Starlight Love
      Andri_Starlight Love 6 months ago +3

      Actually he looks like Justin beiber or Donald trump No hate he’s still my favourite character

    • SirKys
      SirKys 6 months ago +6

      Why should he

  • zero as in zero
    zero as in zero 6 months ago +4

    Raphael is a Pizza Guru don’t touch me I’m genius

  • Annie Yu
    Annie Yu 6 months ago +13

    I thought that the white plate for the curly fries was the frozen one?? So didn’t Raphael get it wrong?

    • Becca 3
      Becca 3 6 months ago

      Annie Yu yeah they labeled the frozen and restaurant on the same plate. Idk

  • Aurangzeb
    Aurangzeb 6 months ago +11

    0:05 kill me but dont take my gadgets

  • Nadirah Hanim
    Nadirah Hanim 6 months ago +16

    I luv that the name was spelled "Rafael" lol

  • Tyler Wong
    Tyler Wong 6 months ago +18


    • Tom Yo
      Tom Yo 4 months ago

      Tyler Wong YEP

  • maks Maks tv
    maks Maks tv 6 months ago +8

    Try do vlogs PLZZZZZZZZZ!!!

  • Caleb Trout
    Caleb Trout 7 months ago +13

    “Taste healthier”-how tf do you know if something taste healthy

    • Amelia sinclair
      Amelia sinclair 6 months ago +1

      some thing tht tastes healthier is not greasy ..

    • Maria Pineda
      Maria Pineda 6 months ago

      Ya markson PNG is right

    • Markson Png
      Markson Png 7 months ago +6

      Caleb Trout I think he said that because it was less oily. He said that the First one tasted like "burnt oil"😂 So compared to that, The second one was "healthier".

  • I stan Tyler Joseph
    I stan Tyler Joseph 7 months ago +8

    Bro that frozen BBQ pizza I low key delicious

  • Catlover
    Catlover 7 months ago +6

    excuse me wat da fuk why does it say reality vs expetcuend its excpectations vs realyitu

    • Strawberrykookies withsuga
      Strawberrykookies withsuga 5 months ago

      @Catlover they mean the same thing tho -.-

      And fix your spelling

    • JenzieLife Girl
      JenzieLife Girl 6 months ago +2

      Duh... because the expectations are in the left side and the reality is on the right side.... if its expectations vs. reality then it will be wrong and people might complain more

    • Elle Parkinson
      Elle Parkinson 6 months ago +1

      @Catlover delete your account.

    • Catlover
      Catlover 6 months ago

      waf du yo meen cant spel rigt???

    • Lone Wolf 11
      Lone Wolf 11 7 months ago +1

      Catlover quite complaining, you can't even spell right

    GOTENSSJGOD 7 months ago +7

    Its like a barbecue chicken pizza thats because it is one

  • XxLunar MoonxX
    XxLunar MoonxX 7 months ago +10

    *Excuse me? What the hell am I supposed to eat this with?*

  • LiveTo LoveMusic
    LiveTo LoveMusic 7 months ago +3

    I love you sm

  • Antiii
    Antiii 7 months ago +7

    Where did you get dennys & California pizza kitchen if you live in the UK?

    • milaaa_01
      milaaa_01 7 months ago +5

      He was on vacation 😊

  • Jkr Jkz
    Jkr Jkz 7 months ago +1

    Esti roman?

  • sneh shah
    sneh shah 7 months ago +9

    Excuse me, what the hell am I suppose to eat this with?.............OMG.......

  • SlayerAiden
    SlayerAiden 7 months ago +23

    "Excuse me, but what the hell am I suppose to eat this with?"
    - Raphael 2019

    • SlayerAiden
      SlayerAiden 7 months ago

      Na Na sorry I typed this is 2019 so I typed Raphael 2019 but who cares.

    • Na Na
      Na Na 7 months ago

      Wouldn't it be 2018?

    • Trinh Hoang
      Trinh Hoang 7 months ago

      Flowering Foxy 🥄🥢🍴

    • Trinh Hoang
      Trinh Hoang 7 months ago

      Flowering Foxy Yea like

  • Evan Le
    Evan Le 7 months ago +24

    “Excuse me but what the hell am I supposed to eat this with?”
    👇please click this button......

  • Ayesha Kayani
    Ayesha Kayani 7 months ago +3

    Love your videos

  • One head No brain
    One head No brain 7 months ago +12

    Lol it says Rafael in the pizza box

  • fortnite gamer 88
    fortnite gamer 88 7 months ago +32

    If your watching in 2019 reply hit or miss and like

  • Brandon Thompson
    Brandon Thompson 7 months ago +11

    Your sister is cute

  • lily thebunneh
    lily thebunneh 7 months ago +3

    *I freaking like the intro so much.*

  • Kittys Bestie
    Kittys Bestie 7 months ago +5

    Btw its not fair if you can see it lol

  • MikeOmike
    MikeOmike 7 months ago +7

    Your hair has the same coulour as your skin😶

    • 2718aj
      2718aj 7 months ago

      MikeOmike "has" you mean is

  • Hybridous Geneticous
    Hybridous Geneticous 7 months ago +8

    For people in Australia or in other countries- we know that those aren’t Hashbrowns ...

    • Секси ли съм скъпи
      Секси ли съм скъпи 5 months ago

      In Bulgaria we call them "kartofeni kyufteta" .They look completely different from these hashbrowns.

    • Hybridous Geneticous
      Hybridous Geneticous 6 months ago

      drago6655, No I mean- I’m from Aussie and I’m saying to people who buy it like that! 😅 cuz I definitely agree with u

    • roxcyn
      roxcyn 6 months ago

      @drago6655 - Yes, we have those, too, but we have the kind like in the video.

    • drago6655
      drago6655 6 months ago +1

      @Hybridous Geneticous search up aus mcdonalds hash brown and then youll see how much of a differance it is

    • drago6655
      drago6655 6 months ago +3

      Hashbrowns are a battered and shaved potato in a oval shape

  • Acentis
    Acentis 7 months ago +8

    first he said that the fries taste like burnt oil..then says they are delicious wtf lmao

  • Agneiko A
    Agneiko A 7 months ago +12

    I want his sperm to have a baby because I haven’t seen a boy this cute and beautiful in a long time. Imagine having his baby like DAMN

  • Alexus Dan
    Alexus Dan 7 months ago +1

    Have you seen Taylor's stadium tour video/movie, I saw you there...

  • Tomyboy Gaming
    Tomyboy Gaming 7 months ago +3

    How is *THAT* a hash brown

  • delicious delights
    delicious delights 7 months ago +1

    Rafael....... -😂😂😂😂😂😂- If Starbucks baristas made pizza's it would be the pizza in the 1st scene...

  • mustabshira ali
    mustabshira ali 7 months ago +1

    I think that he is cheating

  • Donia Romdhani
    Donia Romdhani 7 months ago +4

    German people hier?

  • J4KE -
    J4KE - 7 months ago +6

    6:00 its actually barbeque chicken pizza lol

  • Jan Rafael Suguitan
    Jan Rafael Suguitan 7 months ago +2

    Hahahaha the first part is 😍😘

  • Isaac McAlpine
    Isaac McAlpine 7 months ago +3

    They are not hash browns