The Problem With DC Action Scenes

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
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Comments • 6 758

  • Heidi
    Heidi Hour ago

    I hate action scenes where i can't tell what's happening

    ERUS TV 7 hours ago

    i think dc movie are too realistic

  • JAYMIN baraiya
    JAYMIN baraiya Day ago

    Superman know only to Punch while flight. Overuse and bad CGI use to make villian. In DC.

  • CristinaM
    CristinaM Day ago

    Best Marvel vs DC video i've to date. something about the action scenes just felt off and you hit the nail on the head with the physics and camera shot points

  • Liza Villalta
    Liza Villalta 2 days ago


  • Kitkat915e
    Kitkat915e 2 days ago

    I'd be very curious to see what he thinks about Alita Battle Angel

  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones 2 days ago

    His want for superman to be creative with his powers reminds me of the animated film where supes fake murders a bunch of anti heroes. Examples being he does a labotomy with his laser vision mixed with his x ray vision or uses super speed to make a vacuum that suffocates a person etc. Basically the animated films do it right.

  • Ahmar Saeed
    Ahmar Saeed 3 days ago +1

    O- Right

  • razendel
    razendel 3 days ago

    I feel that its completely the opposite!
    Marvel lacks in the narrative part of the story or the depth that it should have regarding all the characters that are taking part of it, while DC might be on the funky side, but i think the story behind every DC movie is well founded and grounded more than marvel. I often feel that Marvel movies now are all about supreme graphics and CG, unlike DC, where it does have CG yes, but not as dense as what Marvel does. DC characters (or at least most of them) are all non-human, very powerful characters; where their origins are completely out of this planet, it makes legit for DC to be anti physics in their nature. While Marvel (some of them) are almost normal human beings who were converted by accident or on purpose to something else, which makes it also legit for them tobe physics-friendly. thats why i think both realms do represent the exact origins and nature of their mediums.
    I love your chanel

  • Nxte
    Nxte 4 days ago

    i like your optimism

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 7 days ago

    I just think it’s crazy that your universe is way better then the other one but you can’t make a good movie other then mos

  • Digital Dazzle Photography

    I’m sorry but all marvel movies are so formulaic and predictable. You can have your damn Disney movies.

  • Mayur Gangawane
    Mayur Gangawane 8 days ago +1

    All this and you didn't even mention the warehouse fight scene from BvS? Sounds like confirmation bias to me

    • Douglas Chuong
      Douglas Chuong 6 days ago

      Great fight choreography in it, but it still doesn't have any character moments in it at all, which was the point he was making

  • Matts Utube
    Matts Utube 8 days ago

    I WISH that was how BM v SM ended 😂😂😂

  • D-H
    D-H 9 days ago +4

    Everything you said in this video is incredibly true. The only fight scene I can actually remember in a DCEU movie is the warehouse scene and that was because of some really well choreographed hand-to-hand combat and it didn’t rely on insane slow motion or camera movements.

  • Cupriferous Catalyst
    Cupriferous Catalyst 9 days ago +1

    I never cared much for superheroes even as a child because they weren't really relatable to me. All of their superpowers make them superior to all "regular" people, and they're more or less immortal unless a villain of equal power show up in their city. As an adult I still don't know which characters to root for, because even the underdog superhero characters are superhuman athletes or mages or psychics with ridiculous powers. That said though, the clips shown in this video make it seem like the Marvel movie people care much more about their characters' personalities and their differences, so theirs would probably be the more interesting superhero movies for me to watch as an outsider to the genre.

  • Ragnar Lothbrock
    Ragnar Lothbrock 9 days ago +3

    Legend has it, that batman is still punching superman

  • Macxdee YT
    Macxdee YT 10 days ago +1

    But they did a great job in Aquaman

  • Emperor Leachicus
    Emperor Leachicus 10 days ago

    Whilst I completely agree with you on this, it’s baffling that you didn’t include the Batman Warehouse scene from BvS, which was by far the best fight I’ve seen in the DCEU so far. By mentioning it, you would be showing you’re providing a balanced argument, but by not mentioning it at all, or even showing any clips, you come across as biased and dishonest. Your argument doesn’t fall apart if you acknowledge that they have done good fights, even if they don’t have character moments, but do have more believable physics such as that fight.

  • Gaming sage191
    Gaming sage191 11 days ago +1

    I'm not saying marvel is bad but

    F*** the DC h8rs.

  • Mexsystem 28
    Mexsystem 28 11 days ago +2

    i hate everything this guy is saying. the marvel camera work is so boring go see aquamans mom fight the camera is amazing. the batman vs thugs in bvs untouchable and as for the character moments he is talking about are why i roll my eyes in every marvel film oh the world is in danger we as friends are fighting to the point where someone could die well here's a funny one liner for you distorting the seriousness of the situation

    • Mexsystem 28
      Mexsystem 28 9 days ago +1

      Ryan Gg 🤷‍♂️👌

    • Ryan Gg
      Ryan Gg 9 days ago

      +Mexsystem 28 ╮(‵▽′)╭

    • Mexsystem 28
      Mexsystem 28 9 days ago +1

      Ryan Gg 😉

    • Ryan Gg
      Ryan Gg 9 days ago

      +Mexsystem 28 Someone's a white knight

    • Mexsystem 28
      Mexsystem 28 9 days ago +1

      Ryan Gg Someone's Salty.

  • ceremonials.
    ceremonials. 12 days ago

    There are actually people that thinks Marvel movies have good action scenes. What a fucking joke.

  • Caitlyn Cook
    Caitlyn Cook 12 days ago

    what DC is lacking in their live action, I think they have down in most of their animated work. They’re on a big learning curve that they’re struggling to
    get around.

  • Agastya Chaturvedi
    Agastya Chaturvedi 12 days ago

    Anyone in 2019? Waiting for Endgame?

    • ICNiJuShi
      ICNiJuShi 11 days ago

      If Iron Man actually dies in this one, imma cry.

  • Jesus Cuellar
    Jesus Cuellar 13 days ago

    Lol Zach had nothing to do with justice league, civil war used powers terribly since Vision and Wanda just flew around the entire fight and hulk was useless in Infinity War, we all know justice league is shit.... but other points you made were decent

  • V BA
    V BA 14 days ago +34

    4:32 editing to the next scene is great. Awesome action cut

  • Allan Quartey
    Allan Quartey 14 days ago

    We're still friends joke ruined the fight for me
    It felt like they weren't even fighting to defeat each other again

  • Voicecrack
    Voicecrack 14 days ago

    this explains it

  • Deepak Jam
    Deepak Jam 15 days ago

    This episode is brought to you by marvel studios (A Disney Cooperation)

  • DarkMarv666
    DarkMarv666 15 days ago

    The action scenes in Aquaman >>>> The action scenes of all Marvel movies

  • om 140601
    om 140601 16 days ago +1

    Aquaman had awesome action scenes ,guess who was the director - James wan the guy That directed furious 7

    • Chu Toan
      Chu Toan 14 days ago

      Man of steel action scene was great, especially the fight at smallvile against Faora. It's probably one of the greatest actions among superheroes movies, on par with Winter Soldier.

  • Lucas Androwick
    Lucas Androwick 17 days ago +1

    This is silly and sad.

  • Drumavarium12
    Drumavarium12 17 days ago

    I read DC in the title so I clicked.
    After 1 minute the narrator says "Marvel..."
    Aaaand another shitty video about Marvel vs DC. Alright fanboys, have fun with this repetitive and neverending story.

  • Umair Saeed
    Umair Saeed 19 days ago

    1 the costumes are terrible

  • Rohaan Ahsan
    Rohaan Ahsan 23 days ago

    Well there is one DCEU fight scene that does deserve credit. The warehouse scene with Batman and Luthor's thugs. Although, that in itself kinda highlights the problem. If Batman vs Thugs is more exciting than Batman vs Superman then well...

  • I’m A Goofy Goober
    I’m A Goofy Goober 23 days ago +1

    “The problem with DC action scenes” = Everything.

  • Don Bennet Joseph
    Don Bennet Joseph 24 days ago

    What are your thoughts on aqua man. Is it the same DC formula or did they go with a little bit of marvel.

  • Julio Gonzalez
    Julio Gonzalez 25 days ago

    how do I react with a 'haha' to this? I loved the ending!

  • JosephTheCastle
    JosephTheCastle 26 days ago

    So Generic for you is better than trying new ways of Cinematography and Storytelling? Huh

  • juan2049
    juan2049 26 days ago

    The last shot that you edited was actually a really great scene in the movie. Batman is punching Superman but then his punches get weaker as Superman gets his powers back, which shows just how powerful Superman is. And you're also making a comment about how physics don't work well in DC, but you conveniently left out how physics in the MCU are worse. For example, Hulk picks up several vehicles by the bumper and swings them around, when in reality they should just tear off completely.

  • Sub Me For NOTHING
    Sub Me For NOTHING 28 days ago +1

    I grew up with DC but ended up with MCU

  • Jeule Richardson
    Jeule Richardson 28 days ago

    I’m not one for super hero movies but I’ve always had a distaste for DC movies in particular and I could never understand why....until now. Thank you.

    SASNA SEBASTIAN Month ago +1

    DC action scenes are far far better than mcu. marvel action scenes are no match with DC. some DC movies are bad but their action scenes are fantastic.

    • Nathan M
      Nathan M 5 days ago

      +That 15yr old മലയാളി Kid idk but k saw something else i saw like a story not that comment wtf but i agree

    • That 15yr old മലയാളി Kid
      That 15yr old മലയാളി Kid 5 days ago

      +Nathan M You said "give me some good action scenes from DC"
      All of the action scenes i mentioned are good.

    • Nathan M
      Nathan M 5 days ago

      +That 15yr old മലയാളി Kid what? how that close to the subject that im talking about

    • That 15yr old മലയാളി Kid
      That 15yr old മലയാളി Kid 6 days ago

      +Nathan M Man of Steel's Smallville fight scene, Batman V Superman's Warehouse fight scene, Wonder Woman's No Man's Land scene, Aquaman's final fight scene. Aquaman is filled with awesome fight scenes!

    • Nathan M
      Nathan M 27 days ago

      give me a good action scene from dc give me some plzz

  • Gwen Minor
    Gwen Minor Month ago

    People be spitting on DC all day cause it's the trend but everyone still remembers which company got Christopher Nolan to do the most iconic superhero trilogy of the decade

  • lubko
    lubko Month ago

    DC was greedy they push something what was not ready first they needed put solo movies then with some experience person in charge do League ... person who manage that film shoud be fired from hollywood far away ...MC donalds bugers is fine skill job for him

  • J Gassmann
    J Gassmann Month ago

    This videoessay is so underrated
    It deserves way more views ❤️

  • mycroft16
    mycroft16 Month ago

    Probably one of the most realistic and honest looks at why DCEU films aren't having the luck the MCU films are. The bit about pauses is so important. And it isn't just about being funny... it's about doing something in character. Black Widow and Hawkeye having a moment about are we still friends despite being on opposite sides of this very serious debate. Or oh hey, we're both from New York between Spiderman and Cap. Whereas in the DCEU you get single characters dropping really generic, weak, meaningless lines. "Don't make me do this." That doesn't make me care about Wonder Woman, it doesn't advance or build on her character in anyway. It's throw away.
    In a comic book, you only have so much space in a panel, and every single word you choose to put in there matters. Same with a film. You only have so much runtime, so every word, every shot, needs to matter.

  • Blue N00b
    Blue N00b Month ago +3

    Plus, DC's CGI is no match to marvel

  • oof er
    oof er Month ago

    I dont like action movies. I dont want to sound like some bum hole... buuuuuut its just the same thing all over again. Oh wow bad guy good guy/guys get beaten up bad guy/guys think they win then pepe talk from tony stark or somehone like that and then they win with a smile

  • David Dunn
    David Dunn Month ago

    You are only showing clips from Justice League. Watch the Ware House scene from BvS or the No Man's Land scene from Wonder Woman and try to find a better scene in a Marvel movie. Also you mostly chose clips from movies directed by the Russos which have better action scenes than the other MCU movies.

  • Forrest Slater
    Forrest Slater Month ago

    Joker chase scene, Batman vs Bane, Smallville fight, Superman vs Zod, Batman warehouse

  • Daniel Cetina Bastida

    DC vs Audience expectations

  • Calvin Paiva
    Calvin Paiva Month ago

    the problem is superman is overpowered...when superman enters a fight, the fight ends in about a min or so...and takes away the action and story..For example...if superman was resurrected in the beginning of justice league...the movie would've ended in 30 mins...superman is the biggest problem of DC...I'm not a DC hater..just saying marvel characters have limit to their powers which makes up for good marvel movies

  • Lucas Santoro
    Lucas Santoro Month ago

    1:55 I love how Captain America receives a punch from Iron-man in the face and he just counterpunches back.

  • Chris Brown Music
    Chris Brown Music Month ago +1

    Was this video a joke? Surley he wasnt saying marvel actions scenes are......good......compared to actual good ones?

  • Saintprick
    Saintprick Month ago

    camera shakes with impacts (like iron man landing or Cap knocking the dude off the boat in winter soldier) also greatly help make the physics of the fight feel more real and as if the audience is actually there amongst the action

  • Xion Kale
    Xion Kale Month ago

    i am looking forward to shazam ... if it fails me ... i an never watching DC movies again ... just as i stopped watching BatmanVSuperman mid-way and never even cared to look back to what happened or who won ... cause movie couldn't make me invest my time in it ...

  • Nicholas Helliwell
    Nicholas Helliwell Month ago

    You know... the worst part is that I actually found the loop of Batman punching Superman more entertaining than the actual movie.

  • esecaonepuerco
    esecaonepuerco Month ago

    Use pauses means to put antes unnecesary joke between action? No thnx.

  • Tibo Tallon
    Tibo Tallon Month ago

    3:24 I love how hardcore this is (reminds me of black flag)

  • Nix
    Nix Month ago


  • A2RZ
    A2RZ Month ago

    2:42 finally some comedy from a dc movie

  • Eckardt Stander
    Eckardt Stander Month ago

    5:23 is the worst pause 5:44 best pause...why?because the first one breaks the tension of the scene the second one shows the heart of the characters.

  • 정binggi bangga bongo

    how about warehouse fight scene in BvS or action scenes in Aquaman?

  • nicklenose1987
    nicklenose1987 Month ago

    Loved the ending!

  • ashesfrombones
    ashesfrombones Month ago

    Also, Hulk vs Hulkbuster fight was one of the worst cartoonish, weightless and silly fight scene in the movie history

  • Mahesh Dhoni
    Mahesh Dhoni Month ago

    I have one question. Do you write these things down when you are watching the movie or do you watch it multiple times and then compile them together?

  • Dominic Matthews
    Dominic Matthews Month ago

    That ending can’t be a real scene 🤣🤣

  • Gloromo
    Gloromo Month ago +6

    I Love the Aquaman scene where his mother fights in the lighthouse. The smooth "onetake" was SO REFRESHING between all this fighting camera switching Every second. Aquaman let me see everything so i always knew what was going on, love it.
    Comment before watching the Video btw.

  • Acts 436 x
    Acts 436 x Month ago

    dc is trash

  • Kashoot Myself
    Kashoot Myself Month ago

    The point of this video isn't to say that it's better to have jokes in the middle of a fight scene, it's to say that it's better to have in character and unique lines in the middle of the fight. For an action scene with a bunch of different superheroes to work well, it should really highlight the unique abilities and personalities of the superheroes. The DCEU usually fails to do this while the MCU has it down on lock (in my opinion), a prime example of it being in Infinity War during the fight scene on Titan with Thanos vs The Guardians, Dr. Strange, Ironman, and Spider-man. During this fight, all of the characters use teamwork and combine their abilities to keep Thanos in place. Feel free to point out any big scenes like this in the DCEU, but I don't really remember any.
    Does this mean the MCU is perfect? No, of course not. The MCU has it's own flaws just like the DCEU. In Age of Ultron the one-liners of the characters are quite similar and can get out of character. But most of the time, the one-liners and actions of the characters are unique to them and help convey their character.
    (I probably am biased, but we all kinda are so I am open for examples of good DCEU moments. Just not the warehouse scene in BvS because it's mentioned a lot in the comments already and good arguments require more than one example)

  • Danichel Rudman
    Danichel Rudman Month ago

    Lmfao solid burn

  • Amanda Dias
    Amanda Dias Month ago

    This ending is the most funny thing and it shouldn’t be! I don’t enjoy the humor in Marvel films, mostly of the time, it’s pointless and inconvenient, but it’s worse that DC tries to be serious and create thriller and intense battle scenes and they sound funny. But I still think both have awful fight scenes, they’re not choreographed and well edited as the ones from the movies you cited in the beginning. And I still like DC films more, because of Marvel jokes and humor, what always ruins the movies for me.

  • Amanda Dias
    Amanda Dias Month ago

    This ending is the most funny thing and it shouldn’t be! I don’t enjoy the humor in Marvel films, mostly of the time, it’s pointless and inconvenient, but it’s worse that DC tries to be serious and create thriller and intense battle scenes and they sound funny. But I still think both have awful fight scenes, they’re not choreographed and well edited as the ones from the movies you cited in the beginning. And I still like DC films more, because of Marvel jokes and humor, what always ruins the movies for me.

  • welcome to the planet kal el

    This video deserves 100 dislikes ftom me

  • posh an
    posh an Month ago +1

    Fantasies never make science possible and all DC movies (except batman movies)are based on fantasies and superpowers and the physics is for humans not for superhumans and gods so they don't use it and most of Marvel movies are humanly characterized . So better keep your physics out of fantasy world.

  • InfinitusPictures
    InfinitusPictures Month ago +3

    i think I like DC fights over Marvel... they are, bigger (without a giant mad titan.) IMI, they’re more intense, personal, the choreography is top notch, as is the cinematography.
    Marvels fights are great but i think I feel a bit more emotion and satisfaction when fists fly. Though Civil War and Cap 2’s end fights were incredible.

  • jacob suarez
    jacob suarez Month ago


  • marcus howard
    marcus howard Month ago

    0:27 was so bad lmao

  • Ian Maguire
    Ian Maguire Month ago +1

    the main problem with superhero movies action scenes in general is that the fighting itself has no significance and the barometer with which one hero or villain to the next has no comparison. so when thor for example hits another person with his hammer in the face that would surely break that other perons jaw if not kill that person outright. but in a fight sequence it has the impact as if he gave someone a slight shove. they fall down for a few seconds, shake it off, then stand right back up. so the actual fighting holds no weight and only ends when something such as a definitive weapon or power move (i.e. a "magic sword" is introduced) that once and for all would go through the other persons heart or head, etc. etc.

  • infamous4141
    infamous4141 Month ago

    Good stuff

  • S H A R A N Y A
    S H A R A N Y A Month ago

    How many of you think that Thor 2 and Incredible Hulk were the worst MCU movies ?

  • Plutons Productions

    The problem is the zoom lens angle and constant motion blur. You can't follow the action properly from time to time

  • Nick Pritchard
    Nick Pritchard Month ago

    Venom is an excellent example of a forgiving audience. The action scenes were fun and that made a not so great film fun to watch!

  • Cscuile
    Cscuile Month ago

    LMAO clever ending

  • Aaron Gold
    Aaron Gold Month ago +1

    Great point about creativity in high-power problem solving. But I will say that if a half-dozen B-List Marvel heroes happily joke- fighting around an airport truly exceeds your expectations, you may not be comparing the franchises objectively.

  • So Groovy
    So Groovy Month ago +1

    4:04 Dragon Ball Series

    • サニャSanny
      サニャSanny 13 days ago

      Specifically DBZ, because DB fights are generally pretty good and creative

  • Simon Lee
    Simon Lee Month ago


  • Julia
    Julia 2 months ago

    damn they really wasted henry cavill's superman

  • Brocialist Party of America

    At least the CD movies, despite being bad, are written by human beings. Marvel movies are all written by one AI program that only knows how to write one movie. And the one movie it knows how to write is still terrible.

    • foop
      foop Month ago

      Wow... just, wow. I can't even

  • Dario Esquivel
    Dario Esquivel 2 months ago

    Hope they only learn from the DC animated movies... JL WAR, BATMAN BAD BLOOD, UNDER THE RED HOOD or any from the long list of very good movies DC animated has...

  • Michael Streich
    Michael Streich 2 months ago +1


  • princesstab33501
    princesstab33501 2 months ago

    Lol, than Aquman comes along.

  • james84 -
    james84 - 2 months ago

    I actually quite liked the next time they shine your light in the sky bit myself

  • gondor532
    gondor532 2 months ago

    I wouldnt agree with you. Marvel's charcaters not only lack weight and the defined physics, they entire presentation is atrocious. Every other move is physically impossible (even with gagets or superhuman strenght), every other hit would kill a person (I dont care how strong is your shield or armor or prostetic arm - (g)force still transfers through it to your body) and there are 0 physical consenquences to anyones actions (except sometimes bloody nose). Writer's ignorance about physics is mind boggling. Not to mention that power levels are NOT defined at all, every character can do and survive anything that story requires - even if it is "ordinary" human.

    Second thing you mentioned are "combos" and quircky dialogue. Well, most efficient and simple moves (having as much brute force as possible helps too) usually win the fight, not the flashy acrobatic ones. And no, people dont make jokes (every 5 seconds) in life or death situations.

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay 2 months ago

    Pretty weak. Almost all criticisms are for Justice League shots which we all know was hijacked and a lot of people like the fact that DC didn’t tell silly jokes in the fight scene, until Justice League. And your last shot of Batman punching Superman was actually edited short to cut out one of the most creative, visually stimulating, while utilizing your vaunted laws of physics. Sorry but it would be really easy to go through all the Marvel films and find bad moments and than compare them to good moments in the DC films while relating some nonsense. Snyder’s films were way better than any Marvel film. Taking into account you watch Batman V Superman the ultimate edition, and not the theatrical cut, and ignore both Suicide Squad and Justice League which we’re studio mess ups, not director mistakes.

  • J Saiz
    J Saiz 2 months ago

  • Micronutrient Deficiency #1

    The Dark Knight trilogy was so dope, how did DC ended up being this way :'(

  • OakleyHasAFoot 787
    OakleyHasAFoot 787 2 months ago

    Miles is from Brooklyn

  • OakleyHasAFoot 787
    OakleyHasAFoot 787 2 months ago

    Flash’s scenes would have been better with dynamic angles and less slow motion.