The Problem With DC Action Scenes


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  • Mario 209
    Mario 209 2 hours ago

    Fuck off. Every fight in Batman V Superman was awesome, and the warehouse scene is better than any marvel fight.
    Surpirse! In real life people dont crack jokes while fighting

  • Phi Pi Monares
    Phi Pi Monares 3 hours ago

    when the maker of this vid is proMarvel...such bias

  • Marcus Wu
    Marcus Wu 4 hours ago

    At the end I couldn’t figure out if it was the actual movie or just u looping the same thing

  • Arkson
    Arkson 5 hours ago

    This lil bitch didnt even mention the wherehouse scene😂😂😂

    X OPPAI X 6 hours ago

    Here what's wrong with DC.... They work with Warner Bros

  • Pravin thamizhan Karate

    Great man

  • Gabe Jones
    Gabe Jones 13 hours ago

    I'm glad you have an actual sense of criticism and knowledge towards your subject 👌 Other then just being *one bad one good the end*

  • Butterfly13
    Butterfly13 13 hours ago

    Really cool video essay!

  • Quba
    Quba 21 hour ago

    Please make video about infinity war

  • the Modern day Moonwalker

    Is that really how B vs Superman ended ? Lamo

  • signoaspire
    signoaspire Day ago

    In other words: the problem with SNYDER action scenes

  • Sivakumar Subash


  • Pedro Carames
    Pedro Carames Day ago

    Clark Kent xD
    9 year old

  • Ulquiorra Cifer
    Ulquiorra Cifer 2 days ago

    2.4k dislikes from DC fans

  • Masterof Ceremonies
    Masterof Ceremonies 2 days ago

    LMAO! that ending had me dying

  • Mr. 283
    Mr. 283 2 days ago

    Also, battle damage. After Cap and Iron man fight in Civil War you can tell that they’re both hurting just from the makeup and costumes alone. Whereas after Superman fights the Kryptonians in Smallville his hair isn’t even out of place. This happens constantly in the DCEU, how can I believe Wonder Woman was really fighting Doomsday when there’s barely even a splotch of dirt on her face.

    JAY VANG 2 days ago

    I agree with the overdue of slow motion action sequences. So annoying. It happens with every scene that Wonder Woman is in.

  • Hey Genius
    Hey Genius 3 days ago

    Oof. I got a Marvel ad for this video.

  • Efan Ferdianto Wibowo

    Seriously, they should have just use the same formula the used for DC animation and games. But no...

  • Çağan Kurt
    Çağan Kurt 3 days ago

    Sadly this is pretty much dc. Every character looks over powered and every punch feels unimpactful. Not the movies fault, the comics are written this way

  • ROY K.G
    ROY K.G 3 days ago

    Bullshit! In a fight u don't say funny things u no if u have been in one.

  • LuigiSlowHand
    LuigiSlowHand 3 days ago

    That's the BIG problem with DC and the characters they choose to "lead" their movies.
    Superman = Super Strength
    WW = Super Strength
    Aquaman= Super Strength
    Shazam= Super Strength
    Flash = Superspeed
    and hence, why Suicide Squad or Batman are "relieves", they think, they have gadgets and different weapons, or creative ways to deal with the 'bad guy'.
    Where Marvel's super power cliche is "super agility" which comes with "enhanced strength", and gives you a good set of moves, that goes from parkour scenes to fist fights.
    And DC's are always uber characters, the LAST kryptonian, the QUEEN of the amazons, the KING of atlantis, the FASTEST man alive, worlds BEST detective. And they're always expected to do the best of the best, the biggest punch, the fastest sprint, the coolest move.

  • manoj jake
    manoj jake 4 days ago

    Said right, there is no correlation between characters in DC movie franchise.

  • The Movies Channel
    The Movies Channel 4 days ago

    Best difference between marvel and DC ever

  • micmacleones
    micmacleones 5 days ago

    Superman, wonderwoman = brute force physics cant explain. Anything less will give you another chance for a video

  • Aweo Here
    Aweo Here 5 days ago

    2:38 😂😂

  • leon peart
    leon peart 6 days ago

    I disagree DCEU scenes are great I love them, its never one tone, batman fights are differnt from superman and differnt from flash point 😉. Where as marvel Is monotone a repeat of choreographed dancing "kick knee slap duck". Marvel tries to me comedic during some fight which I dont mind but a fight is not comedic it doesnt grab me as it should. I love both movies but everyone is a critic and shares their opinions 🤷‍♂️

  • Mauz
    Mauz 6 days ago

    You can't compare mos, bvs, the ugly justice league with Almost 20 marvel movies (since they started making live actions)... Jl is a whole crap, but the other 2 movies before where more serious, realistic and darker than marvel movies... So to me, DC was so much better .. untill they made suicide squad...justice league... Worst And worther.

  • Second Side Films
    Second Side Films 7 days ago

    When beating the shit out of someone, you don’t pause to make quips. And when arguing physics you showed mainly shots of JL. The rest of the movies do (for the most part) obey the laws of physics.

    • Iafiv Iv
      Iafiv Iv 9 hours ago

      Second Side Films The laws of physics still apply.Since obviously it would be some kind of reaction that is the result of something to do with physics.

    • Second Side Films
      Second Side Films 12 hours ago

      Iafiv Iv actually the point you brought up has to do with biology. So my argument is still valid.😁

    • Iafiv Iv
      Iafiv Iv Day ago

      Obey the laws of physics?Uhmm what part of yellow Sun gives character heat vision is consistent with the laws of physics?I'd like to know.

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 7 days ago

    I kind of hate liking things as much as I do. I remember watching DCEU movies and feeling like they weren't Marvel movies. I also remember watching both movies and being like ◉_◉
    I don't really remember any higher thought than that. I guess I'ma pleb, and should learn how to opinion.

  • Martin Kirk
    Martin Kirk 7 days ago

    I watched Batman vs Superman, mainly because Wonder Woman was in it... it was HORRIBLE
    I later tried watching Justice League and gave up in under 10 minutes...

  • Red son
    Red son 8 days ago

    dc never had a problem with action,like never[exclude joss whedons jl]

  • RoboLegends
    RoboLegends 8 days ago

    Wait what about the warehouse scene

  • The Scarecrow1941
    The Scarecrow1941 9 days ago

    DC action scenes are way better.
    I don't want to see quip shit in my action scenes.

    Urrrhgg Such a Lame Period.

  • Soham Devasar
    Soham Devasar 9 days ago

    You straight up never skiped the warehouse house fight sequence. One of the best fights ever made. Nice try but you stick out as a fanboy.

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 10 days ago +1

    Very biased video, and incorrect.
    Though it's easy in an echochamber.

  • Rabid Bwah
    Rabid Bwah 11 days ago +1

    6:49 perfect movie ending doesn't exi....

  • ash kar
    ash kar 11 days ago

    i think dceu is only good with action scenes... the type of scenes that are never been shown before as i felt it in AVATAR movie i felt the same feeling in doomsday fight with wonder woman...

  • TallBoy
    TallBoy 12 days ago

    Oh my god that last shot was brutal. So offensive!!

  • Fellas
    Fellas 12 days ago

    could have made this same video in 30s, so much shit talking

  • FreshCelery
    FreshCelery 13 days ago

    Almost all Amazon scenes in Wonder Woman & Justice league should've been mentioned cause damn I was at the edge of my seat when they were running away from Steppenwolf. Also the Batman warehouse scene as many people mentioned. I do agree on the overuse of slowmo :/ Give DC a couple more movies, they've certainly improved as the DCEU movies went along

  • John Luu
    John Luu 13 days ago

    god I hate it when Snyder uses that slow-mo all the time

  • Jezre3L
    Jezre3L 13 days ago

    I didn’t realize how much they really sucked until I watched this. Thanks.

  • morpheos111
    morpheos111 14 days ago

    I've yet to see a DC or Marvel film since the Nolan films and Raimi's Spider-Man where i cared about a character living or dying. That the same characters that are supposedly in peril are contracted to appear in two three movies down the line also doesn't help.

  • Bee Gill
    Bee Gill 14 days ago

    The problem with Superman has always been his overwhelming power. Man of Steel (2013) is most engrossing when Clark uses his powers sparingly. Once he goes all in, the tension almost immediately vanishes. In Superman Returns (2006), Clark doesn't flaunt his powers because he realizes how easily they can scare people. Any movie that doesn't center on Superman's struggle to be more human(how often does Superman confront the villain, instead of tearing their head off at Mach 3?), tends to replace the character with a weapon.
    The main DC characters have a lot of power, which isn't a problem in itself. But many of their storylines don't bother finding ways to restrict the characters from using that power. Batman never runs out of high-tech countermeasures, but it's more interesting when Bruce Wayne is caught without his toys. It's more interesting when Clark Kent does things the subtle way to preserve his relationships. Wonder Woman is more real on a crowded street than a battlefield. DC needs to shift their focus back to the reporter, the detective, and the soldier/spy; their problems are more interesting by not having faces to punch.
    Part of Marvel's success comes from characters that are always dwarfed by their enemies' power, by their villains' commitment at any cost. But what Marvel really does best is put the lives their heroes save far above their efforts to defeat the enemy, often to a fault. There's little effort to connect the three DC protagonists by anything deeper than a common goal.

  • Bernard Bunuan
    Bernard Bunuan 15 days ago

    DC superheroes fight like they're cartoons. Yeah, Marvel does it too, but DC is more obvious about it.

  • Hank Chen
    Hank Chen 15 days ago

    Ka lel *NO*

  • jovanie yamada
    jovanie yamada 16 days ago

    legends say that Batman is still punching Superman

  • Arsalan Soomro
    Arsalan Soomro 16 days ago

    dude this video is limp dick

  • Max
    Max 16 days ago

    What I really dislike in most superhero movies is the absence of logic. Because a lot of the times, decisions are made which are obviously wrong or too stupid for anyone to ever make. A good example of this is (although not a superhero movie) "The great Wall", where they have aliens fighting at the chinese wall and basically every defence of the humans is absolutely idiotic, they were just added so that some characters appear braver, because they have this super risky idiot thing to do, and they don't have to come up with some creative way of overcoming the defence.
    These things really bother me, when illogical things are added into a film, just so that a character development becomes easier to write, or the writers don't have to be very creative with the story to get to an action scene they wanted to add. I'd enjoy a film where everything kinda fits together and events don't seem artificial and made up.

  • Kail Habib
    Kail Habib 17 days ago

    Everyone shit all over MoS & BvS but then cried for the Snyder cut

  • Thomas Gage
    Thomas Gage 17 days ago

    Dude, you are so right ;)

  • Liam Davis
    Liam Davis 17 days ago

    “But the warehouse scene is so good” wow one good action scene in five movies

  • The Cake Glutton
    The Cake Glutton 17 days ago

    How can you mention F&F in the good examples, when they have completely jumped the shark and just make you roll your eyes? Also M:I stuff has quite gone off the rail for a bit (hanging from airplane)

  • J M
    J M 17 days ago

    Brother, you hit the nail on the head with this analysis. MCU-while a bit too tongue-in-cheek and “wink at the camera” for me-at least gives the appearance of “reality”. DCEU just looks like a CGI form was given a boat load of $$$ and told “make it big and flashy and horrible and scary and and and and and make it ROAR.” Ugh.

  • Miguel Valdez Lopez
    Miguel Valdez Lopez 17 days ago

    Great video.

  • TheAndreas2300
    TheAndreas2300 17 days ago

    I like brute force....

  • LiqurMeUp
    LiqurMeUp 18 days ago

    Yup the dcu is just boring and unoriginal. The fights put,me to sleep.

  • Queen of Spades
    Queen of Spades 18 days ago

    Superman vs Zod / Batman warehouse fight are the best action scenes I ever see in a superhero movie. And I think MoS is from 2013 and still no movie has top it out.

  • qwerty 1
    qwerty 1 18 days ago

    *Age of Ultron* still surprised me over Justice League!

  • sam D
    sam D 18 days ago

    Sometimes the quippy moments and all the jokes in the Marvel movies can take away from the weight of the scene, leaving me unable to take a scene serious because they have to joke every 5 Seconds.

  • Jose Allende
    Jose Allende 18 days ago

    What DCEU did good was the warehouse scene in Batman V Superman. Batman fighting was the best thing. The choreograhpy was great. The should do more of that

  • Toxic Cupcake Harvest
    Toxic Cupcake Harvest 18 days ago

    Should be called my opinion is shit ignore this video

  • Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez 18 days ago

    I’ll never get tired of superheroes movies. Good movies and you do have a point

  • Flabernat
    Flabernat 18 days ago

    Yes and no.. recent DC movies have had some great scenes... Dawn of Justice was lacking overall, but the fight between Batman and Superman was intense and had a real sense of urgency, like someone could actually die... Marvel is just consistent and has it's formula down to a science, DC is still experimenting and trying it's own way.

  • Brian Van Buren
    Brian Van Buren 18 days ago

    Honestly, I think the DCEU just needs to take a lot of its character writing and fighting styles from the JLU animated series. Concerning banter, there a great number of scenes where characters interacted mid-fight and it came off entertaining but still remained true to the characters. E.G. when Huntress and Black canary are fighting and Huntress gains the upper hand, she says, "and here I heard you were some kind of brilliant fighter," and Black Canary one-ups her and throws Huntress into a car, retorting, "You heard right." I'll agree with the critic here that the fighting is oftentimes generic punching or hitting, especially in the case of Wonder Woman vs. Ares in the movie, or Superman against Zod. Once again, I think the directors should borrow heavily from JLU, because it showed that a lot of characters who have "brutish" powers could still fight in a dynamic way that kept audiences entertained. Still, the best banter in any DC fight would be Black Canary teaming up with Huntress:
    Canary: "If you call me 'girlfriend' I'm going to drop-kick you into the next county."
    Huntress: "Now don't go all sentimental on me."

  • roger soku
    roger soku 18 days ago

    The ending was something ... lol

  • Bharath ramun
    Bharath ramun 18 days ago

    I want you to say what was wrong with DC action sequences except marvel director josswhedons JL!!!

  • 张子楚
    张子楚 19 days ago

    so where is the warehouse fight scene in BVS ? Is that also bad ?

  • Zarathustra
    Zarathustra 19 days ago +1

    Lots of butthurt DC fans.

  • Tower 99
    Tower 99 19 days ago

    I think flash did a good job of setting a comic tone in justice league

  • Dark Might
    Dark Might 19 days ago

    Dceu physics feel jerky, squishy, and kinda slippery.

  • Ayakashi Hadate
    Ayakashi Hadate 19 days ago

    DC got their animated movie done right. they just cant get a good movie script that can do the same

  • Darth Poptart
    Darth Poptart 19 days ago

    The ONLY DC movie parts I've liked after 2013 was the fight and knightmare scene from BvS. That's IT.

  • AG Entertainment
    AG Entertainment 19 days ago

    This is bullshit. DC action is fine, except for those shitty reshoots of justice league. Batman warehouse fight, superman vs zod, the trinity vs doomsday are better actions scenes then any marvel fights that I've seen

    • xavier jaramillo
      xavier jaramillo 19 days ago

      Not even close, thor is wakanda id better than anything dc put on screen and thats a fact. Thid video exist becsuse there is a problem on the action scenes of this movoes. You are just to blind to see it becsuse you are a fanboy

  • Joe Joyce
    Joe Joyce 19 days ago

    I think both could be a lot better

  • Eaze Day Ent.
    Eaze Day Ent. 19 days ago

    But what about the warehouse fight

  • Tim Roberts
    Tim Roberts 19 days ago

    I have been thinking the same from the beginning. The supers don’t have enough depth, and the powers are two one dimensional. It isn’t entertaining......just as you have pointed out!

  • Josua Ndikum
    Josua Ndikum 19 days ago

    wat is it with dc basing

  • omni rhythm
    omni rhythm 19 days ago

    Enjoyed this one and agree with it completely. And it's such a shame because DC could be making really good stuff, especially playing the 'more serious' card. But it's currently completely generic, almost as if Marvel took all the talent and they're left with scraps.... Which just isn't possible since there's 7 000 000 000 people out there.

  • Chuy Z
    Chuy Z 19 days ago

    Hawkeye’s arrow trick doesn’t make sense. He shoots at the garage. Magic happens to cars.
    Pausing for quips is annoying and takes away the seriousness of the action. Hence, airport Civil War scene felt like a kid throwing his marvel toys around at an airport LEGO set.
    Batman continuously punching Superman and Affleck’s anger conveyed his yearning to beat the hell out of Batman.

  • 5 M
    5 M 20 days ago

    I am expecting a lot from Aquaman....😍😍😍

  • 5 M
    5 M 20 days ago

    Daaamnn that ending though...😂😂😂I subbed mannnn....!💖

  • Brin Hitchings
    Brin Hitchings 20 days ago

    is it just a trick of the light, or during the mission impossible clip with tom cruise running down the side of the building can anyone else see the safety line moving just above his back?

    BATMAN 20 days ago

    marvel fight scene is nothing compare to the warehouse fight

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones 20 days ago

    This video should’ve been called ‘what’s right with marvel movies’

  • TheJaiganticBridge
    TheJaiganticBridge 20 days ago

    The editing is actually really REALLY well done.

  • RAP
    RAP 20 days ago

    I was thinking why superman is not punching Batman then I realise its a loop.

  • NoctemAeternusMusic
    NoctemAeternusMusic 20 days ago

    Aside from JL, DC’s action scenes are amazing tho...

  • Axe Battler
    Axe Battler 20 days ago

    Dcucks BTFO

  • Sløv Slave
    Sløv Slave 20 days ago

    I think you correct.
    Except in the instance of Man of Steel.
    The power levels, speed and collateral damage in the action sequences in that movie felt real, heavy, deadly and awesome.
    After that in B v S and justice league the actin scenes sucked.
    Except in the batman wear house fight.

  • qnzman578
    qnzman578 20 days ago

    To this day I still don't know if wonder woman from the dcu can fly or just jump really far and high...

  • El Maradon
    El Maradon 20 days ago

    DC is scheiße

  • Leon Columbine
    Leon Columbine 20 days ago

    I've been saying this for years, and I'm so glad someone else said it.
    Physics are SO important in both movies and videogames.
    Bad physics will always take you out of the experience but good physics, even with lower visual fidelity will always draw you in.

  • scylla019
    scylla019 20 days ago

    Even the stakes and the settings are bad. Justice League ending brings you to fight in an abandoned town. Superman himself took down stepenwolf in 2-3 punches. That’s just poor writing when your good guy is already strong enough to beat the enemy without breaking a sweat. And this was justice league movie, where there isn’t really a need to bring a whole team together. Superman himself could do it. At least in avengers, hulk is infinitely strong but it still came down to iron man bringing a nuclear missile away from a populated New York and the whole team to keep people from dying

  • Kim Hour Seng
    Kim Hour Seng 20 days ago

    You completely ignored Batman warehouse scene.

  • Debasish Chapeyar
    Debasish Chapeyar 20 days ago

    this would be the 1st video of yours i down voted. Because... as far DC actions scene goes.. they are far far superior. Character doesn't needs to stop and hold and interact in between fights to portray his characteristics. i strongly believe its visual display of power, strength and timing itself should speaks for the character's personality in those situations..
    and by far DC has mastered in that aspect... because with each fight scene you will actually see the characters personality and what style their action is.
    For example. Superman fight style uses speed, air combat, brute strength and Punches. While with batman fight scenes you can easily figure out his tactician abilities and Punches like a brawler. And with Wonderwoman u can see her using weapons and sword fight like an ancient trained warrior.
    Where as ever marvel fights scene goes like a same martial art styled fight.... every superhero has almost same kind of martial art fighting style, for example look at black panther, Captain america, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, hawkeye, and all other characters during hand to hand combat. looks like they have been trained by a same martial art style.
    so i disagree with your views.

  • Konello
    Konello 20 days ago +1

    Watchmen is the best superhero movie of all time man

  • ManiaMac1613
    ManiaMac1613 20 days ago

    The problem with DCEU action scenes is that they suck

  • Nathan Bender
    Nathan Bender 20 days ago

    Haha this isn't fair.
    Watch this video essay about the Marvel jokes formula.