The Problem With DC Action Scenes


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  • wilson suarez
    wilson suarez 6 hours ago

    Good stuff

  • Cyclops
    Cyclops 9 hours ago +1

    2:11 *Look at the text😂😂*

  • Kill Biscuit
    Kill Biscuit 11 hours ago +1

    DC action is fuckin sick the powers are awesome while Marvel its all humans in Ironman suits. Superman haha fuck even Batman would beat Thanos and all the other Marvel mechs together

  • Intellectual Mercenary
    Intellectual Mercenary 18 hours ago

    Marvel moves are mostly better, but not by much.

  • Aditya Saransh Choudhary
    Aditya Saransh Choudhary 22 hours ago +1

    I was starting to like this channel till I saw this video. What a glaring bias.
    Atleast try to hide it well
    BTW there is a reason why you won't find the things you are looking for in DCEU action scenes . It's not FORMULA BASED.
    Zack's action sequence defined these 2 decades. Hello 300.
    I don't remember anything from any MCU flick action sequence . The only exception being Avengers which was perfect in my opinion .
    You just lost my respect man.

  • Amith Hippargi
    Amith Hippargi 23 hours ago

    Hey man u should totally write and direct a movie. I am sure people would love it. Y r u still wasting time doing TheXvid videos for Money. Food for thought eh.

  • Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor Day ago

    To be honest Zack sometimes has moments when it works. Like the action scene when batman saves Martha. But in general I don’t like his take on action or style of filming. MCU seems to have it nailed. Fox marvel tho I think is dragging as well as I find 90% of there take on marvel films forgettable.

  • a girl named brett

    the end fight in civil war is probably one of my most armchair clenching. so good.

  • Mira Chevalier
    Mira Chevalier Day ago +1

    Actually I enjoy DC more than Marvel. At least DC has better storylines.

  • Mike Hat
    Mike Hat Day ago +1

    Funny how the Smallville or Warehouse fight scenes were left out of the video

  • Ragnar323
    Ragnar323 Day ago +2

    “You cant feel the power of the punches in the dceu” WHAT AHAHAHA

  • Khangenbam Avanjit

    More of a difference defining video

  • cody baggett
    cody baggett Day ago +1

    1). Dceu characters are generally more powerful than their mcu brothers (don't believe me? Compare Thor and hela's big fight sequence to what ares and Diana were doing to each other) and therefore they don't really need to be more creative than playing whack a mole with the bad guy's face.
    2).oh cool, you called out dc's movies and acted like their fight sequences and power levels aren't more consistent than the mcu while clearly ignoring so much of the broken physics and inconsistent feats from the mcu (i.e. captain America being able to grab tony's leg and anchor him to one spot while tony was flying by while not being anchored himself).
    3). F*ck stopping the action just to cram a cheesy one liner down our throats. You know who doesn't need to do that to make their fight sequences enjoyable? The DCEU.

  • Eric Zetterlund
    Eric Zetterlund 2 days ago

    I have a huge disagreement. Look at Dragonball Z, there's plenty of punches. Massive power isn't the problem. They don't do enough I think.

  • Dhiyao
    Dhiyao 2 days ago

    That transition is on point! 4:28

    LEGGO 2 days ago

    The only Marvel movie with really good action scene is Winter Soldier, the rests are casual. Man of Steel did wow me a lot with it's action scenes, this movie really shows how different it is between humans and superheroes/gods, i can't see any differences about that in Marvel movies, like at all. DC fight scenes uses a lot of slow motion yes, that's not a problem when MCU fight scenes recently use a lot of terrible camera shakes/movements/angles and quick cuts, that's even worse, thanks to the Russo brothers (but somehow it worked in Winter Soldier)

  • Who cares
    Who cares 2 days ago +1

    Batman v superman is one of the greatest superhero films of all time it gets way too much hate than it deserves from marvel fanboys who don't want to like anything DC because it's DC😂

  • Unhallowed Gaming
    Unhallowed Gaming 2 days ago

    nice ending to the vid. really sums it up

  • ByTheTimeYouHaveFinishedReadingMyLongUsernameIHaveTakenYourBagel

    DC heroes fight like they're in mortal kombat

  • Carlito Picache
    Carlito Picache 3 days ago

    That ending....LOL

  • val
    val 3 days ago

    i died at 2:35 wfffffff hwhsahhsahhashheahhahahaa

  • Braden Hogan
    Braden Hogan 3 days ago

    I do agree with the points in the video but one of them was that DCEU movies don’t have characters’ powers interact in a unique way, but Steppenwolf is beaten in JL by Superman freezing his axe with his breathe and Wonder Woman using her sword to break it. Just left one small hole there that you could have easily had a rebuttal to if you wanted

  • wow that's cool 123
    wow that's cool 123 3 days ago

    How about the warehouse scene from bvs?

  • Felipe Jordan
    Felipe Jordan 3 days ago

    Well Aquaman was awesome, seems like they finally find the right way to do Hero Movies, there's some flaws but still a really great Movie.

  • Scott K
    Scott K 3 days ago

    Brilliant. As usual.

  • Anton A.
    Anton A. 4 days ago +2

    The "pauses" [forced farcical humor] is actually a problem for the MCU movies, and if you were a fair critic, you'd criticize them for that, because this is a problem that many people have issues with, because it lessens the intensity of those scenes. It's almost as if these people behind MCU movies don't think their action scenes are entertaining enough and they have to make audience laugh in order to keep them entertained. And it's at its worst when it's during the serious moments. I hated the endings to Civil War and Homecoming because of that. They end something that should be dramatic with a joke. Compare that to the ending of Spider-Man 2, where there is no needless dialogue. It's just a great ending that delivers its main point through visuals and music. The MCU needs to stop making their characters being expressive only verbally. They are the definition of "Tell, but don't show". Their characters have to spit out their feelings onto you, because those filmmakers just don't know how else to convey their emotions.

  • Dane Bowe
    Dane Bowe 4 days ago

    lol sorry but for the most part dc's action scenes are much better than what marvel has to offer...........I said for the most part.

  • Kaipyro67ALT
    Kaipyro67ALT 4 days ago

    Another problem with DC is the complete lack of good villains. Marvel has: Loki, Ultron, Hela, Surtur, Helmut Zemo, Killmonger, and of course, the Mad Titan Thanos. All of these characters have different colour schemes, motivations, and goals. Some villains are stronger characters than others, but all were differently used and had different personalities and skill sets.
    DC has: Zod, Doomsday, Ares, Enchantress, Steppenwolffe, and King Orm. All of these villains have the same goals, the same personalities, and overall the same colour schemes. They're all fucking grey! There are lots of better villains, but it's as if they're saving them for something or just completely misusing them. Joker and Lex Luthor were both used, but in minor roles and were portrayed in awful ways.
    Now, having a good villain doesn't fix a movie, but it certainly helps. The Dark Knight Rises was not nearly as good as TDK, but Bane helped a lot because he was so cool. DC should make a Batman movie with Man-Bat as the villain with a new Joker as well. DC should have had Wonder Woman quarrel with Dr. Poison (Who was severely underused, despite being cooler than either of the male villains in the film). DC should have made the Suicide Squad's motivation be "let's get the fuck out of Waller's control" as opposed to "let's save the world" because they're criminals.
    DC and Warner Bros. do not know how to write villains and they need to fix that.

    • Kaipyro67ALT
      Kaipyro67ALT 3 days ago

      +Anton A. Just move on. This conversation is over since I clearly can't show you why these are good characters and you clearly don't want to like them.

    • Anton A.
      Anton A. 3 days ago

      1. So Killmonger became one of world’s top assassins, who was able to become a king of an entire nation that’s separated from the rest of the world, but he couldn’t make himself rich? And the apartment in which he lived as a kid is better than the apartment in which I live right now. You don’t see me trying to wage war on the world. The movie never made any attempt of actually showing us what you just said. Vaguely implying a complex history of the character that’s essential to his motives is a bad way to develop the character. That’s why you don’t see Ledger’s Joker having a definitive backstory. His character is not reliant on it. Killmonger’s character is reliant on his backstory, but his backstory is vaguely implied. And so people like you have to fill up the gaps in his character to make him seem better than the actual movie made him to look like. Wakandians were not enslaved. So stop using that excuse. More so, if Killmonger bothered to do any search (or just use Google), he’d find out that native Africans were the ones who started slave trades before white men even came to Africa. So his sentiment is not only wrong, but ignorant.

      2. The same thing applies to all the villains you listed. The problem with your example with Hela is that her character is not made to be driven by the reasons she gave as her motivation. She mentions the fact that Odin built Asgard on the remains of other worlds, but that’s about as far as the exploration of that idea goes. Her character in on itself does not represent the parallels to which that one throwaway line of dialogue alludes to. It would be like as if Heath Ledger’s Joker would speak about chaos and anarchy in one scene, but never committed to that idea and never would try to prove his point about why anarchy and chaos define him as a person.

      3. And so did overly humanized A.I that is hardly distinguishable from people in the way it behaves. We probably saw that in movies more times than we saw them as being cold killing machines. And we never saw cold killing machines being done in superhero movies. So that would definitely be a novelty for the genre. With the way he turned out, Ultron was not distinguishable from any other MCU villain that he thinks he’s smarter than the heroes. The element of emotionless sentient being is exactly what Ultron should’ve been and what would’ve fit his character, as he is portrayed as being anti-human and despising humans. So it makes more sense for him to not act like humans.

      4. Orm and Zod were both portrayed as supremacists that looked at their kind as the one that should prevail above others and their surviving should be achieved at the expanse of everyone else. That’s what happened and still happens today - be it through individuals or entire nations. No one wants to be left behind and they would do that at the expense of other people’s lives. Both of those characters are true to their premise throughout. Zod was a man who had only one purpose in his life, and that purpose was all that defined his existence. The society in which he was raised did not allow free choice. The deterministic social engineering of Krypton decided who each person should be. The obvious parallels with real life here are far more prevalent than your excuses about Hela and Ultron, because we see this kind of thinking in everyday life - from parents who have already decided for his child what’s the next twenty years of his life will be, to the countries in which people are required to follow a certain set rules set by the others, that forbid people from being individuals. Orm was also driven by the established social boundaries of his world, and his choice was based on the fact that his mother was executed for being with an earthly man. Atlantis’ social rules did not allow social bonding between humans and atlantians, because humans were viewed as weak and dangerous beings that stand below the Atlantians. And that’s why Orm and others from Atlantis do not approve of Arthur as one of their own. Their stubborn views do not allow them to see pass through their orthodox social criteria. That’s the point of both Zod and Orm. They were men that were driven by the lack of choice, while the heroes they fought against were their own men with a free choice. That’s a great contrast between them. Which is something that Hela and many other MCU villains just don’t have. They are not made to be contrasting individuals. Hela was just a hotter version of the Malekith, and main reason for that: she, just like him, was not a contrasting character to Thor. The only difference between them was that she was evil while Thor was not.

    • Kaipyro67ALT
      Kaipyro67ALT 4 days ago

      +Anton A. You're escalating and creating false narratives.
      1. Killmonger was the son of royal blood, but that doesn't make him rich. Did you see his apartment he lived in? Yeah, a real wealthy boy. He lived with his mother and then fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. He grew up surrounded by men who fought and died for their country and other kids like him, except that they didn't come from royal blood. They came from the blood of slaves, therefore he feels it's his responsibility to speak for those who don't have any titles or power. Just because you're nobility doesn't mean that racist Americans look at you any different from a street thug. he gets mad because Wakandans stood by and watched it all happen and did nothing. THAT is why when he goes to Wakanda, he goes with the intention of changing their ways, which is what T'Challa sees and understands.
      Killmonger isn't an angel, he's the villain. You're not supposed to like or even agree with him, but what you can do is understand him if you spend more than five minutes thinking about what he's saying. But hate him if you want to, because racism and history aren't relevant?
      2. Orm draws parallels with real life, yes, but they are VERY general. There is nothing specific to him that actually reflects a real life scenario. Like I said, he's an idea of an interesting villain, but doesn't have the depth to be called an interesting villain. Aside from that, his lack of personality doesn't help.
      3. Robot killing machines have been done a dozen times over and they've gotten boring. In order to do a robot with a personality and motivations, they need to be human. Look at Westworld, I-Robot, or Ex-Machina. Those robots are human. Ultron was a philosophical robot who realized humanity is doomed, not a mindless killing machine like the Terminator.
      4. You're going to sit here and tell me the Mandarin was a cool-looking villain but Surtur isn't? Okay, that's your opinion, but Surtur was actually memorable.
      5. As for Hela, you ignored everything I said. Hela is a symbol for white colonialism, which is something that director Taika Waititi is very familiar with, being a native from New Zealand. This is a good symbol to use and it's relevant to today considering that half of Americans like to ignore that this isn't even their country in the first place. I can see why you wanted more scenes between her and Odin/Thor, but honestly that would have just slowed the story down. We already know Asgard's history based on the short scenes she has with the royal family and they are very effective. "Has no one been taught our history?", "Where do you think Odin got all the gold from?", "We were once the seat of absolute power in the cosmos. Our supremacy was unchallenged. Yet Odin stopped at Nine Realms. Our destiny is to rule over all others." these are all statements that reflect white colonialism and if you don't see that, I can't help you.
      Ares is a bad villain because he looked awful and everything he said was contradictory; He doesn't start wars, he just gives humans the ideas and they start wars themselves? That's weak writing. And then he has lightning powers despite being the god of war. Another thing that is weak writing.
      I can't make you like these characters. They all have symbolism and stories that go deeper than just the surface layer and if I can't show you that, then you should just move on.

    • Anton A.
      Anton A. 4 days ago

      ​+Kaipyro67ALT, 1. I believe that I'm not wrong about Killmonger, because his character is inconsistently written, and his finality only solidifies my point. First, Killmonger's father was an entitled Wakandian who was sent to America as a double agent. He was not poor. He was of royal blood. Second, his father wanted to kill innocent people and his own brother. So he got what he asked for. I'm sorry that I don't feel that much empathy for him or his son. Third, Erik wanted to kill innocent people just like his father, and his excuse was about as compelling as his father's (meaning it was not compelling or rational at all). And Killmonger also killed his own girlfriend just to kill her. Which once again proves the false assumption of him being even remotely right or justified. He was not. He made his life insufferable by himself. The whole talk about him being a descendant of the oppressed is a bunch of nonsense, because his father was from Wakanda, and Wakandians were never enslaved by the white people. So I've no idea what is he getting angry about if it wasn't his people who were suffering from it. Maybe he talks about his mother, who was American, when he refers to that, but the movie never even bothered to show us anything between him and his mother. He only thinks about his dad. Those were forced racial implications, because the character's behavior was being justified by false ideals that aren't even consistent to real life.

      2. The Ocean Master is a supremacist who refuses to acknowledge people that of no royal blood, and whose actions are dictated by what is the best for his people, not for all the people, and everyone who doesn’t join him will be killed. The parallels between him and real world are as obvious as it gets, and it doesn’t take a genius to see to which historical figures his character is alluding to. And as I already said, his character, unlike Killmonger, does not need flimsy justifications for his actions (even if the point about pollution that he makes is as preachy as Killmonger’s anti-white opinions), nor does he experiences a sudden change of heart at the end. The character remains consistent throughout, and he doesn’t change his ways because he lost. His point still stands. In Killmonger’s case, the character just took everything he’s been preaching everyone about and threw it away because he got stabbed. There was no direct precedent for him to actually have that change. He was just wrestling with T’chala in a big CGI fight and then he turns into a good boy, all of a sudden.
      3. Ultron had no threatening presence in the movie. By making him so human, Joss Whedon removed the otherworldly, dangerous nature that the character like him would represent if he was handled better. The reason why the archetypal killing machine is such a popular concept in fiction is because people are afraid that machines can turn against them, and they are afraid because machines are not human, and they have no regrets or mercy. That’s why people pooped in their pants when they saw T-1000 in T2, and that’s why nobody cared about Ultron’s presence as a villain, because that element of coldness and lack of emotion removed that threat from the character.

      4. Your entire reason for why Surtur is a good villain is because he looks cool? Ben Kingsley also looked cool as the Mandarin (for those five minutes of screen time he was wasted in). Doesn’t make him a cool villain.

      5. Hela in Ragnarok is about as bland and forgettable as villains in these movies get. Her main appeal is her sexiness. If you would’ve swapped the gender of the character and casted some old fart to play that part, no one would’ve cared for this character, because the character in itself is thin as thin can get. Her supposed emotional connection to Thor’s family was never explored. She only explained to us why she hates Odin, but how about showing us that instead of having one throwaway line of dialogue allude to that? We didn’t even get to see a scene between her and Odin. Orm actually had a scene with his mother, whose supposed death was driving his motivation. Hela was just another Malekith but with boobs and a sexy outfit. And if a forced dialogue that vaguely refers to something that happens in real world is enough to blow villain out of proportions, then I guess Ares also makes the cut as a great villain, since he talks about how humans are betraying one another and destroying themselves as well as the world around them. And he said that during the WW1, so his point is more true than ever.

    • Kaipyro67ALT
      Kaipyro67ALT 4 days ago

      +Anton A. I'll address Killmonger first because my god you are wrong. First thing; Killmonger is a symbol of any black person born in America. He was born poor, lost his father to violence, and despite having a deep love for Africa, has never and will never be accepted there because he is "lost" which is a common term used by Africans to describe black foreigners in the modern day. He's angry-- not only at the white people who kidnapped his ancestors and brought them to America, but also at the black slavers who allowed them to do it. His character is a blending of both Southern African culture mixed with modern black American style. These aren't "forced racial implications", these are very real issues that people deal with to this day. Killmonger is a very interesting character.
      King Orm, on the other hand, is a rich prick born into power and wants to use that power to decimate others whom he feels have wronged him. He's a watered down idea of an interesting character as opposed to actually being an interesting character.
      Now to address your more reasonable points;
      Ultron is interesting because he sees the folly of humanity. Their goal of "world peace" isn't possible because humans are savage, emotional, stupid creatures who fight pointlessly and create conflict over the littlest things. And they never learn from these things. The only way to achieve world peace, from his perspective, is the extinction of humanity.
      Surtur is no deep villain, but damn did he look and sound cool, plus the guy had one of the coolest swords ever. It's a flamethrower and a sword wrapped up into one, which was a very creative design. He literally destroyed a planet with that sword. Doesn't get much cooler than that.
      Hela is a very interesting villain because if you listen to what she says, she actually echoes a lot of modern human problems. The way she tries to remind Asgardians of how they conquered everyone else, how their beautiful city was created by the blood and gold of other ruined nations that they've stepped on. "Proud to have it, ashamed of how he got it" is exactly what happened with America and other colonies. Killed the natives, took their lands, claimed them as their own, created laws to fuck over the remaining ones living there and voila, North America.

  • thelegend 1881
    thelegend 1881 4 days ago

    this guy knows nothing about DCEU..
    first of all they're both different universe, doesn't matter they are all superheroes so the movie direction, fight scenes and the dialogues would be same, every movie director have their own vision based on the story of the character, how can you expect someone to make similar movies with similar concept like marvel?? and just pretend if they do so and fulfill your expectations, then you'll make an another video about DC copying marvel movies...
    this is a trash video i have watched today and i regret it :P

    THEremiXFACTOR 4 days ago

    I think Superman vs Faora was okay in Man Of Steel. And the Wonder Woman no-mans land scene also.

  • José De León
    José De León 5 days ago

    The airport fight was just a big cgi pillowfight

  • JONDOE297
    JONDOE297 5 days ago

    #suggestion Please do a piece on DC animated universe

  • stereophonic77
    stereophonic77 5 days ago

    brilliant essay

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 5 days ago

    i just watch batman punch the shit out of superman

  • Gerasimos Rico
    Gerasimos Rico 6 days ago

    That fast7 car scene is NOWAY NEAR TO COOL. Its pure shit. Car parachute. WTF

  • Jxhnny C
    Jxhnny C 6 days ago

    Valid points

  • Lesego M.
    Lesego M. 6 days ago +1

    This is so well made

  • breynoso17
    breynoso17 6 days ago

    I’m weak. The credits rolled in during the fight scene

  • Mailo Y PORKY
    Mailo Y PORKY 6 days ago +1

    The warehouse fight is still better than any mcu fight though

    • Anton A.
      Anton A. 4 days ago +1

      The fights in Man of Steel and Aquaman make fights in Black Panther feel like a 70s cartoon at best.

    • Mailo Y PORKY
      Mailo Y PORKY 6 days ago

      MrMejia187 I know, but it is not the same to make a fight scene with Batman than with superman. The power difference is huge. How do you even make a Superman fight scene after knowing that he can lift entire buildings and that he could beat almost any enemy with a single punch. I don’t think the fight scenes are bad, the thing is it is hard to create a decent scene with all that strength

    • MrMejia187
      MrMejia187 6 days ago

      That was definitely an example of what to DO for the DCEU

  • Jeff the Geek
    Jeff the Geek 7 days ago +1

    There's no problem there, the universes are different, the message they want to give is different

  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson 7 days ago +11

    He never mentioned the warehouse scene in bvs. It is one of the best superhero fight scenes . Dude if you are gonna bash something, provide the whole picture. You talked mostly about justice league in this video. Other dc movies have great action scenes. Don't hate something just cause its trendy.

  • C.Ruivivar
    C.Ruivivar 7 days ago +1

    I agree with everything. In addition, DCEU made their heroes too invincible. Every hit inflicted on them doesn’t seem to hurt them. The only character that should be with is Superman unless kryptonite is involved.

  • Diego Devars
    Diego Devars 7 days ago

    I just want to point out
    With Aquaman coming out this month
    I feel like the Pause fight problem will be fixed. Jason it's a charming person and that will make me enjoy a little bit more the movie.
    Physics? Maybe.. it's underwater so
    And with using his powers in a creative form.... He is aquaman... If they stick to talk to fish and swim, we are doomed

  • vamshi gundamraj
    vamshi gundamraj 8 days ago +1

    Dude, you put a lot of thought into this, wish this video reaches to DC story writers. For some reason I want DC to win the race badly.

  • Rushi Soni
    Rushi Soni 8 days ago

    Who wrote the script for aquaman ! Fire him ! 🤣

  • Katelyn ko
    Katelyn ko 8 days ago


  • batthew mrack
    batthew mrack 8 days ago

    Except for the Batman scene where he saved Martha, that was the best live action Batman scene ever

  • Al Speid
    Al Speid 9 days ago +2

    And since we're on the subject of fight scenes, I feel that there's one thing in here that's really bothering me, and that's the "break" in the fighting because based on what you're saying you seem to imply that the only way for fighting to be good is if they take a break to say a one-liner or joke referring to the actual fight which is just not true. Another way that they could have displayed a moment of a break as you say is in their emotions. It can be there physical emotions, their facial emotions, the changing of the music, the changing of the setting, the tone; any of those things could have done better than just throwing in a crappy one liner. It's doesn't have to just be verbal ques to make the break to bring back a little bit of stability in a fight scene, but because the MCU does it, suddenly that means EVERY movie fight scenesl has to do it.

  • Al Speid
    Al Speid 9 days ago +1

    By that logic the raid is the worst film ever in terms of fight scenes

  • Ayush Gupta
    Ayush Gupta 9 days ago

    What a ending!!!

  • 5 ft 4 in Protagonist

    surprised TheXvid didn't recommend your channel to me. this is the kind of content I watch

  • João da Silva
    João da Silva 10 days ago

    No scene in either universe will beat Flash realizing Clark’s as fast as him.

  • Jesperado
    Jesperado 10 days ago

    I cringed so hard when I saw those DC movie clips. What even was that?

  • FatNinjaWalrus
    FatNinjaWalrus 10 days ago

    people complaining about quipping during fights and marvel's fights being not serious enough need to step back and look at like any comic book ever. everybody quips during fights. even batman used to quip during fights. they're fucking comic books, you goobers lol

  • Jpof Gwynedd
    Jpof Gwynedd 11 days ago

    Terrific and valid points: exactly why I preferred Silver Age Marvel to DC...
    Oddly, I kinda prefer the DCEU to the MCU... Go figure. But yeah. You're right.

  • Jordan Sullivan
    Jordan Sullivan 12 days ago

    Oh god the supercut of all the cringe-worthy DC inter-action dialogue was painful.

  • Pedro Mateus
    Pedro Mateus 12 days ago

    Agree with almost everything. But I hate that Marvel stops a battle or a climatic moment to drop a joke, and Batman saving Superman's mother and Wonder Woman's entrance against Doomsday in BvS are just perfect

  • KuraMad2000
    KuraMad2000 12 days ago

    The first minute of the fight between superman and batman pretty much said it all. "Bruce!" *Toss* "Stop!" *Toss* "You Gotta Listen To Me!" *Toss* . How the f is he supposed to listen to you if you keep super shoving him out of earshot.....

  • Mr. Beane's brickz
    Mr. Beane's brickz 12 days ago

    Wth? You just put two or three punches on loop at the end. That's one of the funniest breaks in a fight ever, and it doesn't need dialogue.

  • James Onen
    James Onen 13 days ago

    Exactly why I can't stand Dragonball Super when compared to Dragonball Z. Cgi ki-blasts and powerups are so lame.

  • got7 more like god I want all seven of them

    My only complaint with DC films:

    It's too fuckin dark.


  • Aussie Unicorn
    Aussie Unicorn 13 days ago

    The punching scene just looked robotic and unnatural, who agrees?

  • Agent Donut007
    Agent Donut007 14 days ago

    Pissed off DCEU fanboys incoming!

  • Ravnoor Chahal
    Ravnoor Chahal 14 days ago +1

    So you expect them to crack joke inbetween their fights?this is way I hate marvel just jokes everywhere every single DC fight has been epic ,brutal and realistic

  • Ezra Uyeda
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  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 14 days ago

    Personally I think Justice League was crap because they overused the cheesy lines, in both villans and heros, the villan was crap and superman kicks his ass with one punch, so it was never scary, Batman V Superman was alright until they put that fucking playdoh villain at the end

  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 14 days ago

    lol thats crap 3:25

  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 14 days ago

    That whole bit looks terrible, cgi wise 2:07

  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 14 days ago

    1:02 You lost me at "Fast and furious are real scenes" Dude they would totally make a grenade explode into toretos mouth and he would be fine

  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 14 days ago

    0:26 What movie is that lmfao

    DEBADATTA NAYAK 15 days ago

    That ending 😂😂😂😂😂

  • FullmetalandtheFlame
    FullmetalandtheFlame 15 days ago

    Really great video! That ending...

  • Moises Villasenor
    Moises Villasenor 15 days ago

    Are you kidding? Have been in a fight before? Fights are not about making smart remarks... they’re about fighting. And physics? Wow you’re talking about gods here and they can’t even crack the ground in MCU whereas Superman destroys cities and that’s what I would expect from someone who is all powerful.

  • Cartoon Network/Disney XD Superheroes

    The biggest problem is that there’s no damn weight. In Marvel, when characters get hurt, THEY ACTUALLY GET HURT. In the Avengers, Captain America is bleeding and getting exhausted, actually starting to take shots from the alien soldiers. It’s clear he has a limit. Meanwhile in DCEU, whenever someone gets hit through buildings, they still look like they just stepped off of a fashion shoot. Even after Batman gets torn up by Superman in both BVS and JL he’s not even a little bit slowed down later in the movie. The DCEU heroes are indestructible so there’s no weight to their fight scenes or any sense that they’re getting hurt. Marvel at least has characters need to catch their breath and bleed and show pain.

  • Daphne Volante
    Daphne Volante 16 days ago

    batman's eyes actually glow on his mask? jesus, i'm glad i never saw that. that's a comic book stylization, it's not meant to be actually glowing!

  • Alfin Faidz
    Alfin Faidz 16 days ago

    great video, dude!👍🏻

  • The Hound
    The Hound 16 days ago

    Fuck..,you was blonde as a kid and now you have a’re like me,what a fuckin’ piece of shit hahaha

  • Khomotso Marutla
    Khomotso Marutla 17 days ago

    The DC pauses sound like the Injustice entrances 😭

  • ThatDopeChannel
    ThatDopeChannel 17 days ago +1

    1:55 “there’s a certain amount of fatigue with these films”
    I mean, this is objectively not true. If anything, demand for these movies is actually rising, as evidenced by the increase in their production, the increase in ticket sales for these films, and the increase in coverage these films have. Infinity War has the most viewed trailer of all time on TheXvid, and that movie came out THIS YEAR. Venom was laughably mediocre, yet still broke all sorts of box office records worldwide.
    The only “superhero fatigue” that truly exists is the fatigue I feel from hearing insufferable contrarians parade the term about when it’s yet to be applicable.

  • dandy dasyt
    dandy dasyt 17 days ago

    It's interesting how for the most part, the people in the comment section defending DCEU can't spell for shit.

  • kmlgraph
    kmlgraph 17 days ago

    You followed the Marvel formula of using humor at your end credit roll. Bravo.

  • Shawn Menachery
    Shawn Menachery 17 days ago

    Bro the warehouse scene in bvs is like perfection minus the murdering, other than that it’s million times better the majority of the Mcu’s set pieces

  • Navid Haider
    Navid Haider 17 days ago +1

    You discuss DC action scenes and not include the Batman warehouse scene? Bound to get criticism for that.

  • Darin Barman
    Darin Barman 18 days ago

    zack snyder was a mistake for dceu and warner bros...he plays with these historic characters with his own vision...he did not know what these charcter really are and what it mean to us (the fans)

  • sofiyarini ambarwati
    sofiyarini ambarwati 18 days ago

    dc action scenes belongs in tv... in 1999...

  • sofiyarini ambarwati
    sofiyarini ambarwati 18 days ago

    yess i have a problem with it too

  • Chandan Chaudhary
    Chandan Chaudhary 19 days ago

    Perfect ending

  • The justice leaguers united podcast

    Shut down fool

  • The justice leaguers united podcast

    Your youtube channel sucks

  • The justice leaguers united podcast

    Your a moron

    FENRIR-ART 19 days ago

    Hey stupid! Look up Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Steppenwolf before making dumb remarks on why DC fights are not well than boring silly MCU. MCU has weaker action and the scenes get ruined by bad jokes, and cheap use of powers and skills that would make live action versions of Android 18 and Android 17 want to crush the MCU villains and heroes alike, starting with Carol Danvers (who was smashed by 18 before).

  • Deus Mortis
    Deus Mortis 20 days ago

    I want a gif of that Batman punching Superman.

  • BlueBell
    BlueBell 21 day ago

    god I find the Thor movies absolutely terrible. So glad I'm not the only one that sees that.

  • Shreya Rishi
    Shreya Rishi 21 day ago

    I loved the editing, it was hilarious and on point.

  • Junior Roscoe
    Junior Roscoe 22 days ago +1

    Batman was the best part of BvS...MoS was great and a realistic take on an ALIEN living among us... and I’m sorry but the fact that you think Ragnarok was a good movie ..yeah you’re bias as fuck dude.

  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar 22 days ago

    Zack Snyder is GOD, you people don't deserve him. Good luck with that marvel kid's catfight without cinematic epicness, intensity, fear and real stakes.

  • kar oma
    kar oma 22 days ago

    DC should hire marvel to make their movies, the only way to fix them

  • Mahesh C Achuthanna
    Mahesh C Achuthanna 22 days ago +2

    For those of you who defend the DCEU, think about the time in Justice League: Unlimited where the league fights a nanotech machine in Dark Heart. When the Batplane is damaged and Batman ejects, his ejection seat is damaged and he plummets to earth. While falling, he says, "Batman to all points, I could really use some help here, since I can't all. Now would be good". That was comedy gold, hearing Batman acknowledge his lack of powers in a deadpan manner. Not just here, the majority of the DCAU movies and TV shows combine action and comedy to make it enjoyable. So why can't DCEU do it right? Simple, beat the MCU by any means necessary. It's their motto from day one. They clearly didn't pay attention to the source material. DC is dark, complex and more interesting, but the subtle humor in between the darkness is what balances it, which sadly isn't in the DCEU. Marvel knows it's weak points, and by getting the cast, writers and action right, they're ruling the roost at the box office.

  • Billy Orina
    Billy Orina 22 days ago

    Fuck this.I love DC and their punches

  • Jordan Denny
    Jordan Denny 23 days ago +1

    I feel like other than Justice league DC does a passable job on the physics, but 100 percent agree on the other two points