Tomb Raider Games - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 159)


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  • Percaning
    Percaning 18 hours ago

    2:03 quiet white kids be like:

  • RXSE
    RXSE 22 hours ago


  • nudemodel3
    nudemodel3 Day ago

    2:17 The Nerd has a magic Bag of Holding.
    13:06 FAHK!
    18:06 The same roar as the Tower from House of the Dead 2.

  • Leonardo G.
    Leonardo G. Day ago

    Too much references.

  • Danny Meas
    Danny Meas 2 days ago

    That's a little of a overkill

  • Mosh Lundgren
    Mosh Lundgren 2 days ago

    Waynes World reference. Shit yeah.

  • Janklebox
    Janklebox 3 days ago

    Eidos=LJN Shity is as shity does!

  • Jourdan Sockey
    Jourdan Sockey 3 days ago

    Erm... Why did they kill Lara in Tomb raider 4 for PS1?

  • G Truesdale
    G Truesdale 3 days ago

    She's most famous in SFM... 😏

  • Richard Nguyen
    Richard Nguyen 3 days ago

    That ending though 😂

  • invalidcookie
    invalidcookie 5 days ago

    "yeah sharks.. Sometimes sharks.. Most of the time not"

    TAS VERI 6 days ago +2


  • Opposite Rabbit
    Opposite Rabbit 6 days ago

    "...or you'll just die for no reason."
    That had me falling to the ground.

  • Super Nitro Z64
    Super Nitro Z64 6 days ago +2

    "It (Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness) was so bad, it KILLED the studio making it and nearly killed the WHOLE franchise!"
    Looks like we won't be getting a Tomb Raider Legacy Collection anytime soon.

  • Jasin Fana
    Jasin Fana 7 days ago

    Kids in Florida be like 2:17

  • James Hutchins
    James Hutchins 7 days ago

    He's the angry cutting holes in backpacks for sight gags neeerd!

  • Preston Banks
    Preston Banks 9 days ago

    That ending kills me everytime.

  • mintydog06
    mintydog06 9 days ago

    lol@the end, that made me laugh the most

  • John Lomuscio
    John Lomuscio 11 days ago

    I see why tomb raider 5 was not so good because of the cheesy story

  • Jeff Owen
    Jeff Owen 11 days ago

    I loved the garth quote. Very nice impression

  • Tomás
    Tomás 12 days ago

    "the programmer took too long to make the tits jigle, but they forgot to make it fun to play...." hahahaha 2 meanings

  • trend mation
    trend mation 12 days ago

    Is that hylide in the backround

    CARLOS ESCOBAR 12 days ago

    2:05 to finishing backpack
    When you hear a cracking noise

  • KiroTheAssassin
    KiroTheAssassin 12 days ago

    11:53 *When it's too big for her*

  • KiroTheAssassin
    KiroTheAssassin 12 days ago +1

    10:03 *That's what she said*

  • Graeme Boast
    Graeme Boast 13 days ago

    2:30 A motherfucking RPG in a motherfucking backpack!

  • Red Eye Wolf
    Red Eye Wolf 13 days ago

    Leave me alone, i'm busy!

  • Red Eye Wolf
    Red Eye Wolf 13 days ago

    Hungarian gaming magazines called her Lara Baby

  • Chaz Calderon
    Chaz Calderon 13 days ago

    How dose that small backpack hold all of that

  • GamerGirlEmber
    GamerGirlEmber 13 days ago

    Talks about how Lara Croft is like Indiana Jones... plays Hydlide Music... I see what you did there.

  • MarioIan Gaming
    MarioIan Gaming 13 days ago +1

    I want the N-Gage

  • Goldcreeper1356
    Goldcreeper1356 13 days ago

    (packs food) (packs water)
    (packs ak-47)

  • DraculaCronqvist
    DraculaCronqvist 14 days ago

    "But unfortunately, it just turned into a big wasteland." - So it's like Breath of the Wild, then?

  • Brenner Purdy
    Brenner Purdy 14 days ago

    Angel of Darkness, more like Angel of Fuckness

  • Wireless Studios
    Wireless Studios 14 days ago

    0:01 look at that receding hairline

  • The Ernest 119
    The Ernest 119 16 days ago

    Bede grau w gre

  • Connor Ingram
    Connor Ingram 16 days ago

    7:57 panyis to the butt to the max. Never gets old. Max payne ytp

  • ridely rawr
    ridely rawr 17 days ago

    Nerd: why cant i take theres
    Me: simple bird magic

  • CHAL Gaming
    CHAL Gaming 17 days ago

    18:33 why does this remind me of Melee Fox's Up b?

  • rush thatspeaks
    rush thatspeaks 17 days ago

    People who made these games should be killed. PATHETIC.

  • the real zeldamaster of minecraft

    Skinless demons from a clive barker movie good joke NERD

  • Azure Sword
    Azure Sword 17 days ago

    16:41 leave me alone, i'm playing a sh!tty port of tomb raider on the n-gauge...and i'm busy.

  • judith earl
    judith earl 18 days ago

    Reminds me of "Knightmare"

  • Captain Campion
    Captain Campion 18 days ago

    i wouldn't let it go

  • thecaffineman
    thecaffineman 18 days ago

    Does anyone know if that punching the shark scene is a reference to something? I swear he's mentioned it in another game but I can't remember?

  • 이승필
    이승필 18 days ago

    한국사람 손

  • mr. D
    mr. D 18 days ago

    Now I gotta ask
    Is he using the sound effects of that hydra monster from the house of the dead 2 as sound effect of the shark and skeleton?

  • L'angolo del casual gamer

    I need to play PS1 and 2 games too. Can someone give me a piece of advice about some games I should buy?

    • kenmasters Z
      kenmasters Z 8 days ago

      +L'angolo del casual gamer Kingdom hearts 3, tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition, Devil May Cry 4 special Edition.

    • L'angolo del casual gamer
      L'angolo del casual gamer 8 days ago

      I already have a PS4, but there aren’t so many games I’m interested in. Can you recommend me some games for it, too?

    • kenmasters Z
      kenmasters Z 8 days ago

      why don't you get a PS4 instead?! its hard to get old consoles

  • kaleb martin
    kaleb martin 21 day ago

    2:22 the emo wight kid going to school

  • Glass
    Glass 21 day ago

    Nice hylide music

  • John Burns
    John Burns 21 day ago +1

    I appreciated that Wayne's World reference.

  • j morrison
    j morrison 22 days ago +1

    Wayne's world, Wayne's world, party time excellent, woo woo woo woo!!!

  • TwoGunToast
    TwoGunToast 22 days ago

    The ol' endless backpack trick hahaha

  • Simon
    Simon 22 days ago

    2:04 to 2:33 Mary Poppins bag!

  • Isaiah Akbar i
    Isaiah Akbar i 23 days ago +1

    who is the guy that says nerd let it go?

  • Usul573
    Usul573 24 days ago +1

    That bag is timelord technology. I also just grabbed Angel of the Darkness for 99 cents on steam. I'll check it out eventually.

  • Henk Velthoven
    Henk Velthoven 24 days ago +1

    Strange that i am part of the word but never obsessed with her at all. Love the game reviews though.

  • madcat789
    madcat789 24 days ago +3

    Hey Nerd, real quick - why do you have so many guns and where did you get an *AT4?*

  • Spiarmf !
    Spiarmf ! 24 days ago +2

    So...why was a zelda poster on the other side of a tomb raider poster?

    • Spiarmf !
      Spiarmf ! 9 days ago

      Ah. I was gonna say that's a pretty far gap in time...

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 9 days ago +1

      It was from a magazine.

  • John Lomuscio
    John Lomuscio 24 days ago

    Tomb raider legond brought the franchise back on its feet. They fixed everything Angel of darkness had.

  • Cr4z3d
    Cr4z3d 25 days ago

    2:00 LMAO

    FRED DUDE 25 days ago +1

    11:53 rape?

    FRED DUDE 25 days ago +8

    3:56 If you got that reference, then you get a cookie 🍪

  • Retro games
    Retro games 25 days ago

    um, did you put shit pickle in charge of your house?

  • HardcoreTombRaider
    HardcoreTombRaider 26 days ago

    As a former die-hard classic TR fan, I was so shocked that Core Design has corrupted the series that bad!!!

  • dogeymon83
    dogeymon83 26 days ago

    I love how he calls an MMC card SD card. He ain’t a nerd. He’s just a dorky dad who doesn’t know an mmc card from an sd card

    UNDERHILL 26 days ago


  • metalgamer 817
    metalgamer 817 27 days ago

    Honestly I’m really not a fan of the new Lara Croft games. I really miss the swashbuckling style that she used to have

  • DemAmericanBoys
    DemAmericanBoys 27 days ago

    Anyone else lick their screen when they see Lara... no just me?

  • Duarte Monteiro
    Duarte Monteiro 28 days ago

    Well excuse moi "thousands of years" you mean one thousand and a lot years?

  • Ryan Lockhart
    Ryan Lockhart 28 days ago

    Same thing happened to me man. I got the N64. Luckily my cousin got the ps1 so we would swap out every now and then.

  • static55555
    static55555 28 days ago

    The ending of the video was priceless hahahaha

  • Game Time
    Game Time 29 days ago

    18:34 Fuuuuuuuuu

  • Scotch Wars
    Scotch Wars Month ago

    Is it just me, or does the guy at 13:50 look like the Winter Soldier from the MCU?

    ATHAR GAMING Month ago

    Oh look its ramirez from fortnite (that default skin)

  • Conor Croke
    Conor Croke Month ago

    Now review devil may cry

  • Damien De La Cruz
    Damien De La Cruz Month ago

    Alicia Vikander is Lara Croft Tomb Raider March 16 Experience it in IMAX was a great movie

  • Big Boi Oof
    Big Boi Oof Month ago

    did nerd ACTUALLY buy firearms and weapons just for this episode??

  • LordKlek
    LordKlek Month ago

    Kieran is THE BEST!

  • Mo 25
    Mo 25 Month ago

    Why the hell is chronicles bad?

    ALVARO LLANAS Month ago

    No es la mochila de sport Billy?

  • WebVMan
    WebVMan Month ago

    I have a book about the world's obsession with Lara Croft.

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago

    I beat the whole game and it is hell!

  • Brendan Geier
    Brendan Geier Month ago

    Gee, an epic RPG based on the four treasures of the elements. I've never heard that one before.

  • ja da
    ja da Month ago

    Puberty was interesting back then...

  • Lord Karasu
    Lord Karasu Month ago +1

    ive still never player any tr games.

  • AngelG Padilla
    AngelG Padilla Month ago

    I dont make to many comments but James you have to give this time. Its a love hate relationship. I enjoyed and hated this game. It has its challenges. Yes all the stuff you said is valid and true but its a game that is like oh I finished it. Ending is not all that great but its just another tomb raider but not really also the one tomb raider but in its different twist. Im only talking about Angel of Darkness. Also the tomb raider version on ps4 where laras ship crashes had nothing as well about tomb raidering only another copy of a wannabe uncharted game

  • KickFest
    KickFest Month ago

    "Timex, the watch company. What, did they make this game on a ZX Spectrum?" - Oho, I see what you did there hahahahaha oh God I'm old.

  • Taco Comedian
    Taco Comedian Month ago +2

    11:53 13:00 echo ko scream?

  • Half And Half
    Half And Half Month ago

    2:15 Why you shouldn't go to school tomorrow...

  • blabla...bla
    blabla...bla Month ago +1


  • GaaraSama1983
    GaaraSama1983 Month ago

    I need that backpack.

  • kappa 64
    kappa 64 Month ago

    3:56 hypocrite

  • Jaqlinny
    Jaqlinny Month ago

    13:49 xD

  • Brendan's version of Ali A Jacky chang

    Why so many guns in bag and how you lift bag and how do they fit

  • ShitFilledHand
    ShitFilledHand Month ago

    Damn I forgot about that tombraider for ps2 I used to be so good at that shit I love that game

  • Jordan Dill
    Jordan Dill Month ago

    so they basically Sonic 06'ed Angel of DARKNESS

  • xxGojira54 the channel

    Can you please do Crash Bandicoot or Spyro on Playstation?

  • RaTT
    RaTT Month ago

    18:33 i want a 10 hours loop for that

  • hateeternalmaver
    hateeternalmaver Month ago

    Haha, laughing out loud at all the Amis not being able to say "Lara" but instead saying "Laura"... ,D