Tomb Raider Games - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 159)

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018
  • Tomb Raider Games - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 159)
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Comments • 10 307

  • anonymous Person
    anonymous Person 2 hours ago

    Good hes not afraid to shoot a dancing skeleton

  • anonymous Person
    anonymous Person 2 hours ago

    Good hes not afraid to punch a shark

  • anonymous Person
    anonymous Person 2 hours ago

    Nathan drake and laura croft have deff hooked up... at least once

  • ronindebeatrice
    ronindebeatrice 11 hours ago


  • bloodrunsclear
    bloodrunsclear 12 hours ago

    'I'm just kidding...not yet'
    James, don't pull a Doug please...

  • BeerMaster500
    BeerMaster500 14 hours ago

    1:54 WTF!? 😂😂😂

  • Christian Slack
    Christian Slack 18 hours ago

    I gotta say it James, the thumbnail for this video looks like you were giving some **romantic DOOM®-candle-enhanced** cunnilingus

  • Matt Medlock
    Matt Medlock 18 hours ago

    Leave me alone, I’m busy

  • Renegade Firehawk
    Renegade Firehawk 19 hours ago

    I think that he should review Metroid Other M?

  • Excard0n
    Excard0n 20 hours ago

    I thought I was the only one who got a N64 over a PS1

  • Dillon Hall
    Dillon Hall 22 hours ago

    I think this is the most interesting video of AVGN

  • FartDonkey
    FartDonkey Day ago

    Anyone else rub one out when she said "let's get out of these wet clothes"?

  • James Lindenberg

    PlayStation always looked really cheap to me, it was always the poor man's Nintendo 64. The graphics looked so chunky and vapid, never really felt like anything was solid or had mass.

    • Nicholas Goodard
      Nicholas Goodard Day ago

      Until you consider the fact that the Playstation was the result of a deal that Nintendo and Sony made to try and introduce CD based games.
      Nintendo reigned on the deal, preferring cartridges over CDs, and eventually gave Philip's the privilege to make Mario and Zelda games for The CDI, which bombed hard.
      So I'd say Sony got the better deal. I like both systems though.

  • Darkovika Does Let's Plays

    I also missed out on the PlayStation 1 craze. I got a Nintendo 64 and after that, a Gameboy, and I went pretty hard on Nintendo up until I finally got a PlayStation 2. So I missed out on this craze too

  • Kaleb Torres
    Kaleb Torres Day ago

    Why didnt he pack beer?

  • MrZel92
    MrZel92 Day ago

    W8. someone actually don`t wanted to develop a Tomb Rider game ? U know - that game with a character all around was so obseesed with ? The bestseller one ? Wtf.

  • Liderc99
    Liderc99 Day ago +1

    When I start Hatred, this is what I see

    • Liderc99
      Liderc99 Day ago +1

      @i hate myself
      "...and i always wanted to die violently..."

    • i hate myself
      i hate myself Day ago +1

      "All my life is cold bitter hatred...."

  • Ikki Taku
    Ikki Taku Day ago

    2:28 That's a nice Bazooka 😱

  • Ruben Turcios
    Ruben Turcios 2 days ago

    Like your edition!

  • old/new stuf
    old/new stuf 2 days ago

    It isn't SD card it's actualy MMC card

  • Hayson Garrido
    Hayson Garrido 2 days ago

    Me packing for school 2:14

  • Dillon Hall
    Dillon Hall 2 days ago +1

    You know since you have been making reviews about bad games, why won't you make reviews of good games as the Grateful Videogame Nerd!

  • Mikhael Mikhael
    Mikhael Mikhael 2 days ago +1

    The gaye is from uncharted his sheart is this same

  • decaybringer
    decaybringer 2 days ago

    If you look closely the backback is bigger on the inside

  • Sgt Aero
    Sgt Aero 2 days ago

    10:03 that's what she said

  • unkn0wn4041
    unkn0wn4041 2 days ago

    Cuz this game is a *load* of shit 👀
    *Ba Dum tssss*

  • EUSL84
    EUSL84 3 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like if he were giving some oral to a girl and started to got out of breath lol XD.

  • Martin Garcia Arvidson

    "Almost forgotten like the shit you took last month"
    *tries to remember shit from last month*

  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd 3 days ago

    1:15 that's the kid from jay and silent bob strike back they beat up.

  • Fortit Jordan
    Fortit Jordan 3 days ago

    How come I don't remember any of this?

  • Smiley123
    Smiley123 4 days ago

    Angel of Darkness wasn't _that_ bad. Of course on the beginning of the game it's trash but later on it's quite decent.

  • Glodus Muspell
    Glodus Muspell 4 days ago

    How about reviewing new recent shitty pc games

  • L B
    L B 4 days ago +3

    When I'm tired of being bullied I start packing my dad's stuff in my book bag 1:57

  • Dillon Hall
    Dillon Hall 5 days ago

    Why does Lara look like a Fortnite character? 1:19

  • ha ha
    ha ha 5 days ago

    Where can I buy your amazing bag ? I want to put my car in that bag.

  • NordicOnur Honca
    NordicOnur Honca 5 days ago


  • Rob D'asteau
    Rob D'asteau 5 days ago

    love the Wayne's World reference

  • Yung Saucey
    Yung Saucey 5 days ago

    Putting guns in a ‘school’ backpack. 😐

  • Dillon Bunnell
    Dillon Bunnell 5 days ago

    00:48 something bigger than tomb raider is lrawa cruft you should of said something bigger than tomb raider is lrawa cruft's boobs sorry for typos

  • fleetwaysupersonicscourge 178

    I wasn't alive yet 1998 had some good games ff7 loz ocarina of Time Sonic adventure

  • fleetwaysupersonicscourge 178

    Your right Wolf's bats and blood demon thing

  • KaiserCrow Va
    KaiserCrow Va 5 days ago +2

    18:17 the dragon did say he was busy

  • Ronald Renner
    Ronald Renner 6 days ago +1

    Watch Vanos gaming I promise you you will laugh

  • Astraios
    Astraios 6 days ago +5

    Angel of Darkness is the worst for gameplay, but the story makes up for it...sort of.

  • arnez cooper
    arnez cooper 6 days ago

    tomb raider awesome

  • Dan Alptraum
    Dan Alptraum 6 days ago

    This had me rolling 😂😂

  • Daniel Williamson
    Daniel Williamson 6 days ago

    0:01 LOL

  • RealmDrowner
    RealmDrowner 6 days ago

    Did anybody get the game just because of this?

  • FlippinFudgeYT
    FlippinFudgeYT 6 days ago

    Lara Croft, A.K.A Indiana Jones with boobies

  • BlueTaiga X17
    BlueTaiga X17 7 days ago +2

    Why do i feel like im watching a video from 2009?

  • CaptainFoufeu
    CaptainFoufeu 7 days ago

    AT4 Rocket Launcher in a backpack? Be still my beating heart.

  • ArchAngel121996
    ArchAngel121996 7 days ago

    take that nerd

  • Austin
    Austin 7 days ago +1

    this guy is the joe rogan of video games in a way i cannot describe

  • alex jackson
    alex jackson 7 days ago

    Hang on a missed out on ps1,and got a n64,even though the n64 was nearly dead,as was the Sega saturn..everyone boycotted those consoles to play ps1,which means you played n64 for about ..4 months?

  • redplague
    redplague 7 days ago

    Strange way he says 'Nokia'.

  • DDHOperator
    DDHOperator 7 days ago

    Poor Shitpickle.

  • C l
    C l 7 days ago

    Blink? Load.

  • Zach Champlin
    Zach Champlin 8 days ago

    Spent so much time trying to figure out how to make her boobs jiggle🤣 i died

  • Rome the Paranormal Critic

    Dude I've been subscribed to you for a while and even your old videos never get old lol. I watch some of the same ones again sometimes, never seen this one I'm cracking up... By the way I love the Wayne's World reference lmao

  • hamza Khan
    hamza Khan 8 days ago

    What is Nathan Drake doing in a lara croft game ?

  • Too Cute To Toot
    Too Cute To Toot 8 days ago

    I think Tomb Raider is the most one of the most overrated game franchises of all time.

  • Nick thompson
    Nick thompson 8 days ago

    “Leave me alone, I’m busy “ I’m dying

  • Dragon Zilla
    Dragon Zilla 8 days ago

    That Gold Dragon reminds me of King Ghidorah but with one head.

  • An Other Wolff
    An Other Wolff 8 days ago

    I love "LARA IN TROUBLE" but it is no game but an StudioFOW Movie. :)

  • Outside998
    Outside998 9 days ago

    The German punk band "Die Ärzte" used Lara Croft in one of their music videos.

  • Alysa Aiday
    Alysa Aiday 9 days ago

    Why, in the name of the Moon, rip off the game you spent *So Much* of the review/video complaining about!?!
    18:15 Seriously??? Oh! And the looped death scream on the pause screen!?!?!

  • Star Knight
    Star Knight 9 days ago

    10:03 "TOO MANY F***ING LOADS!!!!!!!"

  • Tertius Oculus
    Tertius Oculus 9 days ago

    18:10 lol

  • William Grant
    William Grant 9 days ago +1

    Shepherdschapelcom explains whole bible God bless

    PEPE CORLEONE 9 days ago

    Dude all your videos have epic detail, as a kid born in 82 i remember all this Nintendo Power Mags all the Tomb Raider craze.. You are a champ for highlighting all this video game history. We were always looking for the next thing. I remember I played the original DOOM at SEARS when i was in like 6th or 7th grade. The SEARS computer dudes just so happened to be cool enough to link a couple computer demos together, me and my buddy Rollerbladed like 2 miles to play that shit during a summer. Those dudes were OG.

  • Donald R Ezell
    Donald R Ezell 9 days ago

    This is a late comment but who cares...I'm glad you talked about the N-Gage. I bought one of these and it had a copy of Tomb Raider. It was complete garbage, but at the time it was all I had. I wish I still had the phone. Not the game though. That thing needs to burn in the depths of video game hell

  • Carter Plays!
    Carter Plays! 10 days ago


    *punches a shark*

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 10 days ago

    1:38 My reason was her long sexy legs. My puberty in a nutshell was jerking off to Lara's legs all day long :) Good times. I'd still go for it today, but the current developers don't give me enough incentive nowadays.

  • animagi
    animagi 10 days ago


  • animagi
    animagi 10 days ago

    0:10 the not so angry video game nerd