Tomb Raider Games - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 159)


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    REDKILLER 20 hours ago


  • Bodmanford
    Bodmanford 21 hour ago

    Why does Lara look so dumb?

  • Bodmanford
    Bodmanford 21 hour ago

    That bag fits 3 rifles and a bazooka?!

  • 쭈쀼뺘
    쭈쀼뺘 Day ago

    So thank you for providing Korean subtitles

  • Vic
    Vic Day ago

    k98 replica?

  • Sal Bush
    Sal Bush Day ago

    great episode!!!!!

  • Aaron Sells
    Aaron Sells Day ago

    Finally finished every season and episode of avgn

  • Mistafoxx
    Mistafoxx Day ago

    You should've touched on the new tomb raider games imo, they're pretty good

  • 김진하
    김진하 Day ago

    OMG hello

  • Black Gold
    Black Gold Day ago

    I was a N64 kid and missed out on this too.

    PS - the Croft with AVGN face at the beginning is creepy as hell

  • Indra Chaudhari
    Indra Chaudhari Day ago

    do Tom And Jerry games too.

  • Mobeek
    Mobeek Day ago

    "Too many fucking loads!" That's what she said

  • g_true leessummitstory

    Hey bro I have a request another crappy Mortal Kombat games like Mortal Kombat Special Forces that's the video I want to see for your 160th episode

  • Grump 78
    Grump 78 Day ago


  • Logan Gray
    Logan Gray Day ago

    Do Atari Pacman

  • First Last
    First Last Day ago

    Here's a recommendation for a crap game: Mystery Quest for NES. It's a massive steaming load of crap. You'll hate it.

  • some guy on youtube

    *L E A V E M E A L O N E*
    *I M B U S Y*

  • THGhost2013
    THGhost2013 Day ago

    Lara, not Laura.

  • thefriendlymadman

    2:16 - Me when I'm getting ready for school

  • ziewknihtewza
    ziewknihtewza Day ago

    Wayne's World reference received. I applaud you

  • Assdafflabaff
    Assdafflabaff Day ago

    I gotta say I usually find your humor kind of bland but the infinite backpack part was actually really fun and well done.

  • MlG_GOD
    MlG_GOD Day ago

    Lara Croft aka DOOM GUYS WIFE

  • Joseph Blobson
    Joseph Blobson Day ago

    “Leave me alone, I’m busy!” Haha

  • Proticity
    Proticity Day ago

    You haven't pounded on Mario hard enough yet...
    So play Super Mario Bros. Special.

    BLACK GOTHIC Day ago

    It was so hard to see an N-gage game review or some old markable 360v3 games nowadays.

  • james kaleta
    james kaleta Day ago

    best episode in a long time

  • RickThorne1
    RickThorne1 Day ago

    the part when he put the guns in the backpack, genius

  • Sandra
    Sandra Day ago

    Plaese, make a review of the R-Types games (not because they are bad-some of them are hard to play). And a review of Zillion (Sega Master System). 😘

  • Bajuszos Baj
    Bajuszos Baj Day ago

    I thought the last one gonna be the DVD Interactive version... :D
    Which is "playable" on DVD player, PS2...

  • Ericbenson1624
    Ericbenson1624 Day ago

    Kinda wanna see hom do that weird duck dodgers game on the 64

  • alv25846
    alv25846 Day ago

    I clear tomb raider one with my Nokia.

  • joshualucas
    joshualucas Day ago

    3:55 little. yellow. different.

  • 100DollarHeadache

    Never played the Tomb Raider games, but Tomb Raider: The Ride (now known as Time Warp) at Canada's Wonderland is one of the worst roller coasters I've ridden out of over 180.

  • Lina Kamberaj
    Lina Kamberaj Day ago

    Do all Skylanders games

  • Aysu Salvatore
    Aysu Salvatore Day ago

    I miss kurtis

  • Сергей Гаврилюк

    One of the best episodes in years! Felt like 2008-10 era nerd episode!

  • Seventy Below
    Seventy Below Day ago

    "Ah, Just Kidding. Not yet". Lol

  • Quackers 95
    Quackers 95 Day ago +1

    Hope for more N-Gage game videos to come.

  • LG
    LG Day ago

    2:27 just how big is that backpack???

  • PHIL .V.D
    PHIL .V.D Day ago


  • Sponsgaming
    Sponsgaming Day ago

    Hey nerd play kid icarus

  • PumalBeardo
    PumalBeardo Day ago

    "Leave me alone. I'm busy!"

  • Gabe Payne
    Gabe Payne Day ago

    This was the funniest video I've seen in a while. Hilarious.

  • Reloaded Sk
    Reloaded Sk 2 days ago

    13:17 the glitch gremlin finnaly did something good

  • Kristaps Zadeiks
    Kristaps Zadeiks 2 days ago

    That shark scene is just hilarious :D 3:00

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis 2 days ago

    Love the Waynes World reference.

  • Codiplee 47
    Codiplee 47 2 days ago

    I kinda want the nerd to review the shittiest PSP/PS2 game of all time: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier.

  • Minh Nhat Le
    Minh Nhat Le 2 days ago

    Does the nerd play pubg?

  • Devan Shouse
    Devan Shouse 2 days ago

    I really liked this vi- LEAVE ME ALONE, I'M BUSY!!! O_O

  • Viktor Hill
    Viktor Hill 2 days ago

    I hated tomb raider, rented it from blockbuster...shitty weekend..never again.

  • zerooskul
    zerooskul 2 days ago

    I wear a Timex Ironman, which is two product references at once but nobody pays me to wear it. AVGN Donkey Kong Land!

  • Stephen Russell
    Stephen Russell 2 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't say, this games a real load of shit.

  • Lucareon Vee
    Lucareon Vee 2 days ago

    Game over

  • dillon venters the vr kid

    Where did you get those guns?!?!

  • Nintendotank
    Nintendotank 2 days ago

    Anymore room in that bag? 2:00

  • Christopher or Chris/Critter C

    Leave me alone i am busy.

  • Darth Games
    Darth Games 2 days ago


  • Janargon
    Janargon 2 days ago

    Immensely entertaining as always! Never stop!

  • Matt Reyes
    Matt Reyes 2 days ago

    Monkey cheese

  • Mrtroll Zoom HIK
    Mrtroll Zoom HIK 2 days ago

    Avgn tomb games

  • 인간기사
    인간기사 2 days ago

    lala? Now is lightning! And nerd are very old compared to the second episode! Hahaha

  • weegee cool
    weegee cool 2 days ago +2

    Tomb Raider: Angel of darkness = SONIC 06'

  • Madway
    Madway 2 days ago

    2:00 Students getting ready for school in 2018

  • flailflailflail
    flailflailflail 2 days ago

    1:17 T H I C C

  • SegaDream131
    SegaDream131 2 days ago

    I want grave robber.

  • Dennis The Dragon
    Dennis The Dragon 2 days ago


  • Crazy Ivan
    Crazy Ivan 2 days ago

    You are beautiful Ms. Croft :D greetings from Poland :)

  • mignonthon
    mignonthon 2 days ago

    Yeah you missed every good game of that generation except mario and zelda. Nintentards.... But keep it up james , good video, that was a moment since i didnt watch some of your videos.

  • HeronOfHeaven
    HeronOfHeaven 2 days ago


  • Jaakko Pöntinen
    Jaakko Pöntinen 2 days ago

    Hey, has he done Bigfoot on the NES? I've seen a second or two of gameplay in some intro of AVGN but can't seem find it being reviewn. If he hasn't... It is a must.

  • Comm ___
    Comm ___ 2 days ago

    2:09 I can assume the critic left those guns laying around?

  • eternien
    eternien 2 days ago

    I' ve never understand the popularity of Lara Croft and her games. For me this just "mhe whatever i have better things to do"

  • Lev Buiko
    Lev Buiko 2 days ago

    Жека, ну добавь ты русские субтитры

  • symmetry 2022
    symmetry 2022 2 days ago

    Thanks 4 shitpickle and super mega jesus 2000, James! Awesome episode!

  • SupraSanicsKrublAwrD Yee

    I thought the reason why he says "leave me alone I'm busy" is because he was masturbating

  • shiningstaer
    shiningstaer 2 days ago

    Ya I used to jerk off to Lara

  • Chumnasty
    Chumnasty 2 days ago

    Fa fa fa fa fa faq like a WINDRAMMER!

  • cgrant26
    cgrant26 2 days ago

    Loved the Garth reference!

  • Steven Stice
    Steven Stice 2 days ago

    The Glitch Gremlin probably programmed Angel of Darkness.

  • KyGoat Swirving
    KyGoat Swirving 2 days ago

    While Some people play the Hits, AVGN just plays the sHits.

  • xion 1212
    xion 1212 2 days ago


  • Hopkins Elite Productions

    the Garth impression was awesome...

  • Link For Hire
    Link For Hire 2 days ago +3

    Leave me alone, Im busy

  • Evan Tsigonoff
    Evan Tsigonoff 2 days ago


  • Witt2687
    Witt2687 2 days ago

    Can you PLEASE review the horrifically awful Batman & Robin game based on the failed 1997 movie for the PlayStation? 😂🙏🏻

  • Michael Cremona
    Michael Cremona 3 days ago

    Yu should try citiziens of earths

  • Lawrence Paculan
    Lawrence Paculan 3 days ago

    The crap Angel of Darkness introduced is actually what's made the reboot trilogy flopping.

  • TheNerdyOG
    TheNerdyOG 3 days ago

    Was James showing us his School Shooting Armory???

  • N2Joker
    N2Joker 3 days ago

    All those guns and he punches the shark... Badass alert.

  • kimurafool
    kimurafool 3 days ago

    FAH! FAH! FAH! FAH! FAH! FAHs! out FAH!

  • Joe natoli
    Joe natoli 3 days ago

    The bag of holding is back

  • PearlJammer07
    PearlJammer07 3 days ago

    I played Tomb Raider back in the day on PC and as a kid i found the game to be quite the challenge with the precise jumps and landings and all that. The camera angles and movement were the game downfall, other then that the game is enjoyable even today.

  • Andrew Imler
    Andrew Imler 3 days ago

    do gta

  • Corey
    Corey 3 days ago

    I miss these

  • chris gardeski
    chris gardeski 3 days ago

    Is that the Hydlide Indiana Jones ripoff I hear towards the beginning???

  • Geilor theFormlessOne

    One of the best episodes in the last 20. The end gag with the dragon "Leave me alone, I'm busy" is superb.

  • Stuart Whitelegg
    Stuart Whitelegg 3 days ago

    I lol'd a few times. Good work!

  • franker z
    franker z 3 days ago

    i just loved hanging out in lara's mansion. shooting the old guy and freezing him

  • Joe DiGiovanni IV
    Joe DiGiovanni IV 3 days ago

    Lara....not Laura....your welcome !!!

  • Crescent of Dawn
    Crescent of Dawn 3 days ago

    Laura looks sorta like a default skin