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  • Published on Nov 17, 2020
  • Audiobook - Stephen Hawking - The Theory of Everything

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    0:00:00 Introduction - The Theory of Everything
    Narrator: Michael York
    The History of the Universe from the Big Bang to Black Holes
    0:02:55 Lecture One - Ideas About the Universe
    Past ideas about the Universe.
    0:15:30 The Beginning of the Universe
    0:19:55 Lecture Two - The Expanding Universe
    Newton/Einstein gravity - the universe is not static.
    Edwin Hubble [1926]
    0:29:10 Alexander Friedman - The Friedman Models [1922]
    Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson [Nobel Winners]
    Bob Dickie and Jim Peebles
    Friedman's Second Assumption - The Universe looks the same, everywhere.
    Howard Robertson and Arthur Walker confirms Friedman. [1935]
    0:42:11 The Big Bang - Time begins.
    The Steady State [Big Bang denial] [1948]
    Roger Penrose - Big Bang confirmation [1965]
    Hawking refines the Penrose theory. [1970]
    0:53:05 Lecture Three - Black Holes
    John Wheeler coins the term "Black Hole"
    Wave/Particle Theories of Light
    John Michel theoretical existence of black holes. [1783]
    The Life Cycle of a Star
    Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar and Sir Arthur Eddington [1928]
    The Chandrasekhar Limit [1930] [Nobel 1983]
    Robert Oppenheimer - Gravitational Collapse [1939]
    A star's gravity field changes the path of light.
    Definition of black hole and event horizon.
    Hawking and Penrose contribution [1965-1970]
    Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis
    1:11:00 Wormholes
    Werner Israel - Black hole stability and symmetry. [1967]
    Penrose and Wheeler
    Roy Keer - Rotating Black Holes [1963]
    Brandon Carter - Keer partial theory proof. [1970]
    Hawking partial theory proof. [1971]
    David Robinson final Keer theory proof. [1973]
    Therefore black holes do not pulse [The No Hair Theorem]
    1:18:15 Maarten Schmidt first astronomical observation of a quasar. [1963]
    Jocelyn Bell discovered evidence of rotating neutron stars. [1967]
    The Hawking/Kip Thorne Cygnus X1 Bet [1975]
    John Wheeler - Theoretical creation of a black hole.
    1:27:25 Lecture Four - Black Holes Ain't So Black
    Quantum Theory says energy Leaks from Black Holes
    Hawking concentrates on black hole theory. [1970]
    1:31:20 The Second Law of Thermodynamics - Entropy
    Jacob Bekenstein links entropy to the area of the event horizon.
    Hawking is not convinced, at first.
    1:37:55 Black hole radiation.
    Hawking and Yakov Zeldovich and Alexander Starobinski [1973]
    Hawking discovers all black holes emit radiation. [1973]
    Quantum Fluctuation - Virtual Particles
    1:44:00 Black Hole Explosions
    Black hole temperature
    1:47:50 The Search for Primordial Black Holes
    Gamma ray detectors.
    Cherenkov Radiation
    Neil Porter and Kevin Weeks search for gamma ray bursts.
    1:53:35 General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
    1:57:40 Lecture Five - The Origin and Fate of the Universe
    Hawking changes focus [1981]
    Quantum Big Bang and the origin of the Universe
    1:58:59 The Hot Big Bang model.
    Penzias and Wilson
    2:06:30 Open Questions
    Why was the early universe so hot?
    Why is the universe so uniform on a large scale?
    Why did the universe begin near the critical rate of expansion to avoid re-collapse?
    What is the origin of the small scale density fluctuations?
    The Anthropic Principle - Can the universe theorized sustain life as we know it?
    Does the present critical rate of expansion reveal the existence of God?
    2:11:25 The Inflationary Model
    Alan Guth challenges the Hot Big Bang model of initial expansion.
    The symmetry between the forces is maintained.
    Quantum Theory matter creation.
    2:18:30 The End of Inflation
    The symmetry between the forces is broken.
    Andrei Linde begins studying loss of symmetry. [1981]
    Chaotic Inflationary Model, Linde. [1983]
    2:23:15 Quantum Gravity
    Quantum gravity at the singularity.
    Features of a unified theory.
    Enter Richard Feynman - a sum over histories.
    2:28:25 The No Boundary Condition
    Hawking/James Hartle proposal [1981]
    Which theory successfully joins General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics?
    The successful theory will make general predictions about current conditions.
    2:39:10 Lecture Six - The Direction of Time
    Why the past is different from the future.
    CPT Symmetry
    C - Change in Particles for Anti-Particles [Charge Conjugation]
    P - Taking the mirror image of particles. [Parity Transformation]
    T - Reversing the direction of all particles. [Time Reversal]
    2:41:50 The Arrows of Time
    Second Law of Thermodynamics (Things get worse.)
    Thermodynamic Arrow of Time
    Psychological Arrow of Time
    Cosmological Arrow of Time
    2:44:15 The Thermodynamic Arrow
    Disorder increases with time given an ordered arrangement at the beginning.
    2:47:05 The Psychological Arrow
    Memory - computer and human.
    Psychological Arrow agrees with the thermodynamic arrow.
    2:49:45 The Boundary Conditions of the Universe
    Why were conditions ordered at the beginning anyway?
    God says so?
    General Relativity defines the beginning of time at a singularity - ordered.
    ... or not and begin completely disordered (but this is not the observed case.)
    General Relativity - Quantum Gravity ... with no boundary conditions ... (and an
    ordered state) ... inflation (and increasing disorder) which explains the
    Thermodynamic Arrow of time.
    2:56:05 Does the Arrow of Time reverse?
    The black hole as a time shortcut.
    Is time reversal consistent with the No Boundary Condition?
    John Page and Raymond Laflamme say no. Hawking makes a mistake and admits it.
    3:00:52 Lecture Seven - The Theory of Everything
    Unified Gravity and Quantum Mechanics
    The Unification of Physics
    The Uncertainty Principle is a fundamental principle of physics.
    The Partial Theories: General Relativity, gravity, weak, strong and electromagnetic.
    General Relativity is independent from Quantum Mechanics.
    Can General Relativity be linked to the Uncertainty Principle?
    Renormalization - error correction in partial theories.
    Super Gravity [1976] - The Graviton
    3:08:34 String Theory and General Relativity agree under certain conditions.
    John Schwartz and Mike Green revive interest in String Theory [1984]
    Heterotic String
    Extra dimensions, too small to notice.
    The Anthropic Principle - Three dimensions necessary for life as we know it.
    More than three dimensions would result in unstable gravity and fundamental forces.
    Three space dimensions and time which we live in are allowed for in String Theory.
    Questions about String Theory remain. Will it unify physics?
    The possibilities:
    There is an ultimate theory...
    There is no ultimate theory, just more theories...(agrees with current experience)
    Events occur in an unpredictable random manner (eliminated as a possibility because
    the goal of science is to predict events)
    Gravity may be the limiting factor to developing more theories.
    Why does the universe exist anyway? Did God create it? And who created God?

  • Sasi Saipim
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    I chose to listen to this video for my bedtime story. It was great! I had a dream of our world and the universe that was truly amazing. Thank you for sharing 🙏✨

    • Sasi Saipim
      Sasi Saipim 21 day ago

      @Inflix I dreamed about flying over the earth and I could see many stars, very bright galaxies. I felt like it would be good if we can travel through time to everywhere we want. Though, I must pay more attention to listen to the book, and learn much more from what the Professor had written and told us. (And I must confess that I could understand the whole thing, but I will try.)

    • Inflix
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      I'm sorry I feel the need to reply with my opinion, but no, you didn't have a dream of the earth and universe that night.🙃

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    Interesting book 📖
    ALSO- Falling asleep to this reader is blissful 💕

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      Yes, I love Michael York’s voice too.

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      I agree

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    Thank you for reading and sharing. The closing line gave me chills as a reader, I am gaining more listening.
    Thank you again.

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    great reader.. great voice , and perfect pronunciation... thank you.

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      Michael York is great in his reading of this book

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      But I wish it was done with Hawking's voice box

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      It’s Michael York. He was a Broadway actor and was in the movie Logan’s Run back in 1973. That movie was excellent.

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    Wanted to read this since a long time but finally remembered that there are amazing people who made it accessible here. ❤️

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    That closing line sent shivers down my spine.

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      Happy to see a Kenyan here🙏🏽

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      Same, it's just such a resonant truth. It's always interesting to see the philosophical side of great geniuses.

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    If time were not a moving thing
    And I could make it stay
    This hour of love we share
    Would always be
    There'd be no coming day
    To shine a morning light
    And make us realize our night is over

    • Enebish Myataa
      Enebish Myataa 2 months ago

      I have always been fascinated by fiction and poems of love. I have almost been driven by this ideology of love. (almost).
      If we stop the time. There will be no chaos, when there is no chaos there will be no possibility. Only perfection will be. Perfection is a certainty. It never moves so it never falls, It never asks so it never fails.
      Perfection is not our nature. Perfection is an imperfection of humanity. We are imperfections of perfection so we exist. And imperfection is what makes us perfect to be us.
      We were born from probability so we take a risk. We living in the possibility of time so there is a risk of the end.
      Never believe when someone says it is always.
      if it never ends there would be no wisdom in it. Because night ends, it makes those moments so precious. We never love someone for satisfaction. We love someone because they are perfect to love as who they are.
      ( Don't make it stay, let it expand)

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    Michael York is fantastic on his narration of this audiobook

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    How I wish I was clever enough to understood this....I know what the words mean!!!!, but I can't get my head round it and the idea that space doesn't end blows my mind ...loved listening to this, thanks

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      P up pop

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      do you love your mother ? or your child ? ok, now for all of those who need or demand a "proof" of a thing in order for it to exist ; prove that you love them. as you will find it impossible to prove it to me, does that conclude that your "love" does not exist ? i hear people say " prove there is a GOD" & if you can't, He does not exist. imho, these people are using a narrow way of thinking... 🤔

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      @Chase Lesser 😀... So frustrating isn't it 😃. X

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      Same here. I’m like:
      “Whoow, that’s interesting, but what does it mean”.

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      There totally aliens among us humans.

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    Amazing. I was writing my homework while listening to this, very interesting.

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      @Josh Johnston same here. I can only do other mindless activities while listening

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      Impressive. I find it hard to take it all in if I’m focused on another intellectual activity.

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    Have I already written a comment saying that every audiobook in the history of audiobooks should be read by this narrator. He has such an incredible voice and reads so well genuinely bringing the text to life

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      @Mathew Winney haha it's Basil!

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      Michael York reads this book.
      (He's a well known actor. Goolge his biography)

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    R.I.P. when ever and where ever in spacetime you are? Happy Hawkings 80th birthday to all mankind in this spacetime. May all good things come to all of us.

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    Michael York has such a great voice for audio books❤️

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    What I’m curious about is that if laws of physics don’t apply within a singularity, then that could mean our laws of physics are unique to out specific universe and there could be other universes with alternative laws of physics. Maybe the atom looks and works completely differently some where else.

    • Chainsaw XXV
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      That's what it may imply.

    • Nek Tekket
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      "Moral laws"? I think not.

    • B VK
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      Good observation indeed

    • Jon
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      @Waldi Tu ohh right.. that’s random lol in the grand scheme of the question

    • Waldi Tu
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      @Jon moral laws

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    I respect this man so much his voice and his potential for speaking is so good , love you sir

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    I will have to add this book to my bookshelf just for reference purposes...great book, great reading

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    Amazing! Had to rewind many times to fully grasp what's being said. Smoke a joint, close your eyes, beautifull. Love it 💙

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    Profoundly fascinating book read by a man with an incredible voice

      NEPTUNE 2 days ago


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      What would have been some real gangster ass shit would have been for hawking to read it.

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    3:05 Aristotle was born around 384 BC in the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia where his father was the royal doctor. He grew up to be arguably the most influential philosopher ever, with modest nicknames like "the master" and simply "the philophe". His first big job was tutoring Alexander the Great, who soon after, went out and conquered the known world.

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      It's all the centre, didn't you get it?

    • Lignum Metallum Sonus
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      @Flag report quite literally!

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      🎼 Same as it ever was...
      Same as it ever was...
      Same as it ever was
      Time isn't holding up
      Time is an asterisk

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      It _is_ the center of the universe. Unless aliens show up.

    • Юрий Казаков
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      Aristotle in his book on The Heavens was able to put two forward good arguments for believing that the Earth was a round ball rather than a flat plate.
      First he realized that eclipses of the Moon were caused by Earth coming beetwen the Sun and the Moon.
      The Earth′s shadow on the Moon was spherical. If the Earth had been a flat disc the shadow would have been elongated aud elliptical unless the eclipse alwaus occureed at a time when the Sun was directle above the center of the disk.
      Second, the greeks knew from their travels that the Pole Star appeared lower in the sky when viewed in the South than it did more northerly regions. From the difference in the apparent positions on the Pole Star in Egipt at Greece Aristotle even quoted en estimate that the distance around the Earth was 400 000 stadia. It is not know exactly what length a stadium was but it may have been about 200 yards this would make Aristotle′s estimate about twice the currently accepted figure.
      The greeks even had a third argument that the Earth must be round for why else does one first see the sails of a ship coming over horizon and only later see the hull.
      Aristotle thought that the Eart was stationary and that the Sun the Moon and the planets and the stars moved in circular orbit about the Earth.
      He belived his because he felt for mystical reason that the Earth was the center of the Universe and then circuler motions was the most perfect. 4:49

  • marjorie goodwin
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    We seem to be talking about the universe as if there is only one. I love Michael Yorks voice, so soothing. Thanks God we had Stephen Hawking on this small planet. Thank you for this presentation.

    • marjorie goodwin
      marjorie goodwin Month ago

      @Oggy Oggy my mother is dead Oggy, who cares what she thought, she was entitled to have her beliefs. I have no urge to debate with you, got other stuff to do. May your sunny day be a joy.

    • Oggy Oggy
      Oggy Oggy Month ago

      @marjorie goodwin
      Well you call something a god but what are its characteristics? For someone to call electricity a god is utter nonsense.
      It’s a beautiful sunny day here.

    • marjorie goodwin
      marjorie goodwin Month ago

      @Oggy Oggy OK Oggy, I guess if I`m not you with your vast knowledge I should not have an opinion. Have a nice rainy day.

    • Oggy Oggy
      Oggy Oggy Month ago

      @marjorie goodwin
      Yeah, that word is loaded.
      I suspect you know nothing of the characteristics of this cause so to call it a god tends to bring a whole lot of baggage.

    • marjorie goodwin
      marjorie goodwin Month ago

      @Oggy Oggy Everyone has different perception of God. My God is not a religious being. For my mother, God was electricity, which seemed reasonable from her point of view. From my point of view, God is the first source and center of the Universe of Universes. I am not churchy, nor am I Christian. I actually am frustrated with people using the name in order to lord control over others. Perhaps mentioning God was a bad decision there where you read it, because it brings different things to all different minds. I have never had a filter, according to my elder sisters, so I type whatever comes to my mind, but I promise in no way do I wish to control anybody but myself, and that is hard enough work. Thank you for your very polite comment. You made me stop and think.

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    Awww I love listening to this while looking at starry night sky❤️

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    Michael York's smooth voice is hypnotic. Thanks for uploading~

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      I was literally just thinking “this guy sounds just like Michael York”!

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      I wish he did bedtime stories his voice is very calming

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      His voice was the only thing I didn't like about this audiobook

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    I listen to these to get back to sleep I am also very lucky to be a lucid dreamer so last night around 2 ish I put this on.
    When I was a young man I was a cobblestone paver and I was dreaming that I was back on the job paving a new sub division and all the differy contractors were talking Physics believe me in those days we definitely were not talking about physics 😃😂 more like boobs etc lol

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    1 lecture 1 to 20:00
    2 lecture 20:00-53:06

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    Read the book and even better now listening to it with my eyes close

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    Very hipnotic voice reading , really enjoyed.

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    Great book this, Bill Bryson is also a awesome read/listen...👍

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    Very interesting stuff and it has been explained as simply as possible but not simpler (as Einstein would have said).

    • Bryden Morton
      Bryden Morton Month ago

      @Joe Angel By breaking it down into its simplist possible components and explaining it as clearly as possible while retaining the full value of the explanation. I'm not saying I understand all this 100% lol I'm saying Stephen Hawking did an amazing job of making this knowledge understandable to everyday people.

    • Joe Angel
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  • Patricia Heil
    Patricia Heil 2 months ago +1

    I'm not a physicist nor do I play one on TV, but I have a feeling that the universe is not random but chaos dynamical. It is determinate but not predictable. That fits with quantum dynamics. I think that when we have a quantum description uniting gravity with the other forces, we'll be on our way to a quantum mechanical function for the universe and we'll see that as the function cycles through all the possible values, one or more of them will produce a probability of 1 or existence of a universe that supports life that can achieve what we have, at least. It would mean that we are living in one of several possible universes, which may or may not coexist, but we can't know about them if conservation of information is true. It's not the anthropic principle, it admits that some of the values in this function don't produce "us" and some work out without creating a universe at all.

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    I have read it 3 times and now listened to it 8 times. I think I get it...

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    Thankyou for posting this.
    It is appreciated.

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    Michael York has a truly mellifluous voice.

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    The narration on this is Superb!!

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    Count how many times he says "black hole"....
    lovely lectures 🕳️🖤🖤🖤

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    Gonna just keep it real - I didn't understand much of this, but WOW! What a listen lol

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    Instead of listening music to fall to sleep, I will start listening to these. Who knows, I may learn something during my asleep.

    • Ken Fung
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      Started doing it a few months ago, although I probably fall asleep within 10m. Wish I got into audiobooks sooner

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      If you are looking for high quality audiobooks try Steve Parker audiobooks.
      He has not done this style of book but has done classics like Alices adventures in wonderland, Treasure Island amd his 1984 and Brave new world are next level.

    • Alex Hu
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      You will learn in your dreams, I promise.

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      I do this nightly too

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    Have this book.This is where it all started for me.

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    Tired biology student here, thank you for helping me pull this all nighter B)

  • jenna nelson
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    a positive pressure exerted by the vacuum energy of space-time predicts;
    -the accelerating universe
    -gravitational lensing such as seen in the bullet cluster, where a region of less, higher density matter will warp space-time more than a region with more, lesser density matter.
    -Matter in the outer regions of galaxies / clusters, should be moving faster than we predict
    -Matter in the center region of galaxies / clusters should have added relativistic mass due to the additional vacuum pressure, increasing its escape velocity, allowing the stars in outer regions of the galaxies / clusters to travel faster than we predict possible without flying out of orbit
    -we should measure there to be more mass than we can see
    But this halo effect and extra mass being measures is explained by a positive pressure exerted by the vacuum energy of space-time.
    Dark matter is a fictitious force, nothing more than the effect or dark energy on barionic matter(regular matter)

  • Юрий Казаков
    Юрий Казаков 7 months ago +3

    0:00 0:03 0:45 0:58 1:03 The Theory of Everything the origin and fate of the Universe by Stephen W Hawking read by Michael York.
    In this series of lectures I shall try to give an outline of what we think is the history of the Universe from the Big Bang to Black Holes. In the first lecture I shall briefly review past ideas about the Universe and how we go to our present picture one might call this the history of history of the Universe. In the second lecture I shall describe how both Newton′s and Einstein′s theories of gravity led to the conclusion that the Universe not be static. It had to be either expanding or contracting this in turn implied that there must have been a time between 10 and 20 billion years ago when the density of the Universe was infinite this is called the Big Bang. It would have been begining of the Universe.

    • Юрий Казаков
      Юрий Казаков 7 months ago

      1:08 1:33 In the third lecture I shall talk about black holes these are formed when a massive star or an even larger body collapses in on itself under theory of gravitational pull according to Einstein's general theory of relativity anyone foolish enought to fall into a black hole will be lost forever they will not be able to come out of black hole again instead history as far as they are concerned will come to a sticky 1:37

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    Apparently, I am the only one to come across this in the last 4 months and to comment on it. It's a great audiobook to lisen to.

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    He said before he died that he’s has said a lot of bullocks in his life and people believed it 😂

  • Greg Grimer
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    Light is affected by gravity. I noticed that many years ago.
    I commonly drop things when it"s dark.

    • Sativa Savant
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      @Alastair Staunton Yes. "I commonly drop when it's dark" would be saying that gravity is affected by light and the joke punchline doesn't match the setup at all. 6 months, 14 replies, 241 thumbs up later and no one else commented on that.

    • Jill Vessels
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      @Beena Plumber odder

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      🤣🤣🤣 Get this guy a Nobel!!!!!

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      @Kylen Donovan i try to forget passwords from instagram and facebook but by mistake i wrote them down 🙃

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    Great book even greater man..

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    I never realized how much he sounds like James Mason.

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    As soon as we understand everything then there will be no reason to continue...

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    Always liked his voice MY, since he starred in The Three Musketeers

  • fritz blackburn
    fritz blackburn 5 days ago

    Have you seen this? There is only one theory of everything that actually includes everything! There is now convincing evidence that the universe is a living organism! The questions of what the universe is, where it came from, what it evolves towards, and how it relates to human existence-are conclusively answered in terms of morphology as they begin to arise from Plato’s forms and Sheldrake’s work on morphogenetics, but mostly by genetics itself.

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    Thank you, very informative.

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    Honestly, I was kind of hoping this would've been read by Stephen Hawking.
    It'd be interesting and entertaining, but also funny.

    • Judge Boony
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      Nono, I mean with the computer voice.
      It'd be impressive to say the least, but it'd be more entertaining (to me at least) because it'd be really funny.

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    There is past present and future or why time goes forward and not backwards because apart from Hawking’s explanation of CPT, I would venture to say that it would be because we are sentient intelligent beings that happen to exist. We have been made possible by what I would call a Delta or a difference. A Delta T, Delta P, Delta D and so on even a Delta Emotion. The intelligent being collapses the wave function in a Quantum Theory fashion and fixes the point, makes a point real to himself (and others that share the same equipment as he has that discern a reality).
    When the intelligent being realizes a point (having collapsed the wave function that represents the point or object) and examines it, he then may wonder, where was this object from, what is it made of, what happens if I drop it, etc. Where did the universe that we see come from? And then the Delta takes over and creates time each time that the intelligent being explores. He could not explore and he could not have existed if there was no Delta i.e., Change.
    And each time he explores he collapses more and more of the wave function around him experiencing a world and senses passing of time.Entropy in a sense is a quality of time. If we conjure a glass of water (by defining, by collapsing the wave function) then the logical thing to ask yourself is “what if I drop this glass from the table?” So the concept of entropy is then defined.
    But is it real? Only to the intelligent cloud that we are. If we (ourselves) did not collapse as a wave function we would be a swirl of forces combining now, dissociating after, recombining in a different combination or mixture later etc. Our existence is a brief flash but the deltas in our brief existence we choose to expand, think about, write about, dig deep into the rabbit hole about, create a Hubble telescope about, be Hawking about.

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    I think that the most logical explanation is that: The expansion of the universe, although increasing for now, will eventually slow to zero, at t=P/2 (where P=period of the cycle), at which point it will collapse back into a singularity at t=P, a singularity that has EXACTLY the same characteristics as the original singularity. Once the singularity state (where all things are equal) is reached, it expands once again and the *same* galaxies are produced and the *same* suns are produced and the *same* planets are produced and the exact *same* lifeforms are produced and the exact *same* Humans are produced and the *same* websites are produced and the *same* Humans are reading this post. The implications of this are that everyone reading this now has (unknowingly) read this post many times before, and will read this post again, many 100s of billions of years apart. This theory fits nicely with the concept of the wave/particle duality because, in this case the SINGULARITY is the PARTICLE, and the RECURRING EXPANSION/COLLAPSE of the universe is the WAVE. Keep in mind that a WAVE by definition, has a cyclic nature defined by a period and has NO beginning nor end. Much like TIME, it continues forever.

    • Ray Byrne
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      Interesting thoughts but I have to disagree, but don't where to start (expansion/wavev function) ect as I'm tired. This was a great listen though 🌟🌡🌀⭐️🪐☀️

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    • Effective Audiobook Summary
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      The goal of Effective AudioBooks Summary is to make it easier to access the world's best ideas. We want to show you what’s critical to learn about the world, then help you understand it better than any other source. We accomplish this with crystal-clear thinking, concise writing, smart analysis, and brilliant new insights.

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  • Effective Audiobook Summary

    The goal of Effective AudioBooks Summary is to make it easier to access the world's best ideas. We want to show you what’s critical to learn about the world, then help you understand it better than any other source. We accomplish this with crystal-clear thinking, concise writing, smart analysis, and brilliant new insights.

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    Let say Hittler came to me with scientific evidence proving that he was correct, I wouldn't buy it at all no matter how much sense it made.

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