Magical FLOATING MARKET TOUR in Cai Rang, Vietnam! (Bun Thit Nuong and Water Banh Mi??) Day 4

  • Published on Sep 20, 2017
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  • Trang Lê
    Trang Lê Day ago

    Mk sẽ đi 1 chuyến cùng ng yêu qua clip này Cần Thơ chờ tôi nhé

  • A1 Entertainment

    You guys forgot to get food to the boats Man. I noticed that he is starving all the time when you guys starting eating

  • Random Human Person
    Random Human Person 3 days ago

    That’s a new way for marketing

  • Uthpala Chandrarathna

    That’s so sweet of him, buying lottery tickets from the boat and giving them to friends..

  • Thong Nguyen Van
    Thong Nguyen Van 4 days ago

    Tuyệt vời thân thiện quá anh tây

  • stormrage
    stormrage 4 days ago

    Side of Vietnam rarely seen ,all that world knows is US Vietnam war.

  • Puck aNm
    Puck aNm 5 days ago

    I loved this EPISODE man such good STUFF!

  • Monique G
    Monique G 6 days ago

    I loved everything about this video

  • dev shure
    dev shure 6 days ago

    beautiful :))

  • LopezLove5
    LopezLove5 9 days ago

    Love the video but did anybody notice the woman's foot who was serving them coffee in the beginning?

    • D92708102
      D92708102 3 days ago +1

      That's skin tone socks with one to toe, it's useful when wearing flip flops

  • Henry Reinhart
    Henry Reinhart 9 days ago

    Folks, listen, you do not have this sort of spontaneous variety HUGE open market in the 1st world nations for 1 reason: bureaucratic barriers to entry: regulations, legislation, nanny state, liability, red tape, etc etc etc. You can either have it this way with huge costs and barriers to entry and very little free market wonders like you see in these video AND be very safe and have very little risk of the dangers of unregulated food; OR you can have it like in the video; which is the wild west with all of its glory and freedom, diversity, adventure AND danger of food pathogen/poisoning/etc risks. These are the 2 options. We make our choice as societies.

  • jedus007
    jedus007 9 days ago

    You are awesome, you eat from every street, you eat everything, I was always scared of eating street food, but you changed my mind, I just tried some street food in Singapore, it was delicious, thank you for posting such awesome videos, you enlighten me.

  • jjj barts
    jjj barts 9 days ago


  • marioandmanny
    marioandmanny 10 days ago +1

    You make me want to travel and explore food boundries.....if I could afford it . Continue having fun for us who can't, God bless.

  • Thol chanh
    Thol chanh 10 days ago

    Đã xem

  • Pink Waves
    Pink Waves 11 days ago

    Your videos NEED to be longerrrrr

  • Christina Samalia
    Christina Samalia 11 days ago

    Packing my bags. Going to the Mekong Delta... Anybody want to buy my stuff?! I need money for noodles...

  • Hahaha Lol
    Hahaha Lol 11 days ago

    Dumped coffee for beer cheers

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 12 days ago

    By far the best food vlogger. No one else immerses with the community better. Big respect.

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen 13 days ago

    What if you have to use the rest room??

  • Sameer Patil
    Sameer Patil 13 days ago

    Wen r u going to Dubai?

  • Absolutely Jamaican
    Absolutely Jamaican 14 days ago

    Awwww, shes never done a high five...awww.

  • Monish Kangabam
    Monish Kangabam 14 days ago

    Sonny please the offer some to the boatman also.

  • The Carpenter's Son
    The Carpenter's Son 14 days ago +2

    I love this show cant stop watching it. So real compared to tv crap. Great job guys

  • Edin Phin
    Edin Phin 14 days ago

    I love this white mans fascination, it's endless lolll

  • vin cerd
    vin cerd 15 days ago +1

    With these great footages you must always feed your camera guy with those good food. Hahaha. Thank you camera guy!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 15 days ago

    oh ! master bed room !!

  • No Name
    No Name 15 days ago +3

    4:13 Holy moly. This is magical indeed, little bedroom equipped with all necessities ... on a floating boat. I'm in love.

  • Dragon slayer 456
    Dragon slayer 456 15 days ago

    Do you like pho

  • Nennine1
    Nennine1 15 days ago

    How wonderful if we could all embrace every culture the way you do. You are blessing me without you knowing. Thank You so so much. Hugs from North Carolina.

  • jaysonlopez34
    jaysonlopez34 15 days ago

    You should have a tv show.

  • Kookachulu
    Kookachulu 16 days ago

    Love how the channel's not just about food.

  • jj a
    jj a 16 days ago

    Freddy Kruger where are they now😅well it all started after my first movie then the drugs😣then next thing u know I'm selling coffee out of a boat😃☻🙈

  • tung truong
    tung truong 18 days ago +1

    Have been watching this guy since he's got around 10K views. One of the best travel/food channel out there

  • Han Nguyen
    Han Nguyen 18 days ago

    This is really the best food review show ever. Man im Vietnamese and i dont even know that much about my culture like you. The content is very detailed and very "Vietnamese". I feel like you've captured the essence (if that even makes sense lol)

  • Arun Prasath
    Arun Prasath 19 days ago

    fantastic video. Where is the BGM from? Anyone knows?


    I like this

  • Psilocybe Vibe
    Psilocybe Vibe 20 days ago

    You can fuckin lie on the boat all day long roaming around and drinking beer and eating fresh food...

  • Aurora Lakatos
    Aurora Lakatos 21 day ago +4

    Why didn’t you guys feed the boat driver 😢

  • Bicolano Se
    Bicolano Se 23 days ago

    Bicol Express all the way from the Philippines😂

  • Lisa Dreams
    Lisa Dreams 24 days ago +1

    Omg I live there I’m in California now

  • Dragon slayer 456
    Dragon slayer 456 24 days ago

    He has nudes

  • Poorna Kaladhar
    Poorna Kaladhar 24 days ago

    See the beauty of this world, at one time they are fighting bloody war, now they show love for each other. It's an example of time heals some wounds.

  • Sai Gon Street / Food and Travel

    Cho noi Cai Rang , Can Tho, VietNam. Yes, iam sure

  • Aaron
    Aaron 27 days ago +1

    10:16 I'm so proud... he's finally a feng shui master

  • alan           k. wong
    alan k. wong 29 days ago

    hey sonny when i back in vietnam i will shown u my hook in bac lieu

  • Approximately Balut
    Approximately Balut 29 days ago

    This is my favorite Vietnam video so far!

  • MeMReS
    MeMReS Month ago

    6:34 "yo my intestines are always clean son" bahahaahah

  • Trần Minh Trí
    Trần Minh Trí Month ago

    :)))) Water Banh My???

  • Anne De Guzman
    Anne De Guzman Month ago

    you smell the intestine but not having a second thought eating raw blood lol

  • mhelofficial
    mhelofficial Month ago

    Co-host is the man nice one dude very funny guy..

  • [LITZ] -xNOVAx
    [LITZ] -xNOVAx Month ago

    7:02 does he say nudes????

  • pradnya pednekar
    pradnya pednekar Month ago

    Truly the best eva food review show....i would like to see you on show with animals that would be fun.... E.g. with kevin Richardson....the lion and great cause too

  • Junior Thao
    Junior Thao Month ago +1

    Cool show but it's kind of disrespectful to put ur chopsticks in another person's bowl even if you guys r sharing

  • Mongolian Steppe
    Mongolian Steppe Month ago

    Sonny sets his feet every in Vietnam, and swallows everything into his stomach. Love it.

  • supper vlogs man
    supper vlogs man Month ago

    I'am Cần thơ cty

  • Hafizah 'Aisyah
    Hafizah 'Aisyah Month ago

    seriously,i want to travel with you

  • AssasinGamer !!!
    AssasinGamer !!! Month ago

    3:03 you got some nudes over there😂😂hahahaha

    KING & FERØ Month ago

    Be Sure to comment ur fav foods randomly under my vids

    KING & FERØ Month ago

    Leave Likes & Comments after u Subscribe

    KING & FERØ Month ago

    This guys eating everything everyone go Subscribe to my Channel

  • Noob 9281
    Noob 9281 Month ago

    This is real, one time there is s frikin boat selling stuff behind my grandparent house, my grandma just keep shouting to get the seller attention so she could but the stuff but FAILED XD

  • Shay Harris
    Shay Harris Month ago

    I already love you

  • Devilflame Gamer
    Devilflame Gamer Month ago

    I’m from Vietnam I love it!!!!

  • Amanda Raurk
    Amanda Raurk Month ago

    Totally Envy this man's job

  • Meharban Alam
    Meharban Alam Month ago

    Man I see your video all over the world are you going in the right now and so many country I’m really crazy about them I can see you in Pakistan Karachi I am in USA but I follow all those your video

  • DJ S
    DJ S Month ago

    Mmm look yummie.

  • ZznKick
    ZznKick Month ago

    HI...DUDE..,just keep on continueing what yu have done.....that's cool...

  • Nhân Lê
    Nhân Lê Month ago

    Whats name of the song??? Pls

  • Purnendu Sabar
    Purnendu Sabar Month ago

    I'm from India in our tenth standard we had history chapter about Vietnam revolution there I got to know about Mekong Delta rice cultivation and this video I got to see this.Some day I'll definitely visit Vietnam. Love from India.

  • Jim Cole
    Jim Cole Month ago

    Um , I think I'm becoming addicted to this creator and his content.

  • Amina Anjum
    Amina Anjum Month ago

    I have never seen anything like this. Really thumbs up 👍. You did an excellent job.

  • Anson Li
    Anson Li Month ago

    I had a ton of noodles

  • Jeffrey Walker
    Jeffrey Walker Month ago


  • Richard Khongsar
    Richard Khongsar Month ago

    Hope to see new food calture 😍😍😍😍

  • duy trinh
    duy trinh Month ago

    please , adding extra english sub. cause i want to learn english , it very fun and exciting

  • Nguyen Tran
    Nguyen Tran Month ago

    Blood cake :-):-)

  • Alex the Killer
    Alex the Killer Month ago

    I was wondering what if they drop their food in the water or the camera

  • waii bo
    waii bo Month ago

    Guide guy too cute

    ROBIN PYLES Month ago +1

    I agree very good show and funnier then most of them to!

  • raijieli bale
    raijieli bale Month ago

    Can u put the price of the food you eating pliz

  • Rimas Meleshyus
    Rimas Meleshyus Month ago

    Great video, many thanks super awesome video, I love this video so much, I watching as many time this video, I love cup of coffee by myself. When I am sailing alone around the world I am always drinking coffee a lot keeping me alive at night. I was in Da Nang 11 month in 2018 people it was so ,so friendly , I never forget. I will return to Vietnam again sailing under way around the world , I am very strongly recommending to visit Vietnam, the best country in all Asia I travel 6 countries , I would say Vietnam one of the best, also extremely romantic too, strong culture from the France, that’s why so romantic country. Many friends on my Facebook page. I love your video so amazing how you talking , I like it so much . I love to meet interesting people I travel all Soviet Union and Central Asia by trains for free by trains. When I moved to America I travel some the most for free and all Canada towns for three years under row. The experience are huge. I wish you all the best my Dear friends from around the world.

  • Suni Suafoa
    Suni Suafoa Month ago +1

    Love your channel and you are hilarious 😂

  • Ahmed Abdul
    Ahmed Abdul Month ago

    "yo my intestines are always clean son" hahaha

  • tbkots
    tbkots Month ago +1

    Aww the guide/host is so cute and an enthusiasm to die for!!

    • al katraz
      al katraz Month ago

      I miss him tbh..he's pure of heart a genuine guy..

  • Alyssa Vallejos
    Alyssa Vallejos Month ago

    Can someone tell me the title of the song used in the intro and outro of this video. I just love it so much.

    • Jordan B. Toperson
      Jordan B. Toperson Month ago

      song name :I won't be turned - Sven Karlsson " who found it :nightfire255

  • john
    john Month ago

    sonny , your vlogs are the best, u would be a great guy to have as a friend

  • DeepCupsChan119
    DeepCupsChan119 Month ago +1

    TheXvid is the future of entertainment better than tv missing episodes

  • Kimber
    Kimber Month ago

    That was hilarious , he dives on the other guys roof of his boat and says , Oh it didn't break !! LMAO , good thing he didn't break it... or he would have taken out the guys bedroom !

  • Kao Saechao
    Kao Saechao Month ago

    That water milky

  • Leon Dennis
    Leon Dennis Month ago +1

    I'm enjoying watching your video

  • Riley Stamp
    Riley Stamp Month ago +1

    i want to fund a trip just so i can go along with him and experience the same thing

  • Dong Hai Hotel
    Dong Hai Hotel Month ago

    Sonny climbing the coconut tree? Lol I really want to see that with my own eyes!

  • nguyen dieuloan
    nguyen dieuloan Month ago +1

    Love the way that you buy 10 lottery tickets to help the buyer, and give it for VNese friends. Thank you so much for your kind. VietNamese always welcome you😍😍😍

  • jeannette stuckelschwaiger

    i enjoyed this vid so much. kind of vacation i never can make. too old grandma

  • K. Ayudhawin YT
    K. Ayudhawin YT Month ago

    1:12 I saw a sneck on another boat

  • Bondo McJefferson
    Bondo McJefferson Month ago +2

    Just didnt have poopoo coffee (civet coffee)!! I'm a bit disappointed now Sonny!! Its the most amazing drink and there are so many different types. Some are beautiful, smooth, chocolatey flavours. Others are super strong, cocaine levels of alertness!! You can spend anything from £10 for 250grams to £100 for 250 grams

  • Sindhu Bharathi
    Sindhu Bharathi Month ago

    Can I just say your Vietnamese guide is like a Vietnamese Jonathan Van Ness! So much happy queer vibes! Yay!

  • Vita Greene
    Vita Greene Month ago

    I had this loaded diversified guided tour, that was organically unusual. There's a fun exploration, in the lives of people really diving for dollars and living a simple life. I know that you gained, so much good information, from you travels. Thanks for the video. I would like to share a link for people traveling on a budget that can save up to $500. dollars on international flights all over the world. Click the link and go to the description. you can get started for free!

  • Angelina Tran
    Angelina Tran Month ago

    This is weird but I found a guy with abs 4-pack