Cristiano Ronaldo reacts to his most expensive and rarest Nike CR7 boots

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
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    Cristiano Ronaldo Unboxing Nike Mercurial Boots - We met Mr Mercurial himself, Juventus and Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin, Italy to get his reaction to some of the most expensive and rarest boots from his signature collection, before we bring out the brand new Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 football boots for his inspection.

    So now you've seen what Ronaldo thinks, which of CR7's #footballboots do you think is the best?

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Comments • 405

  • Adam Claps U
    Adam Claps U Day ago +2

    I have the black version... it is so good

  • Daniel Mosso
    Daniel Mosso 3 days ago +1

    Great video

  • Armaan Ibrahim
    Armaan Ibrahim 16 days ago

    People laugh at his English

    He laughs at their bank account

    FOREVER GAMING 16 days ago

    Ronald is kola mass

  • Fatma K
    Fatma K 18 days ago +2

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Cristiano: *izA liKe A diMonD*

  • Leksa Hentai Zed
    Leksa Hentai Zed 23 days ago

    “This boots reminds me of me..lights and diamonds”

  • Erion Halili
    Erion Halili 23 days ago +1

    Imagine meeting Cristiano...

  • Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    *M* emeis for life!

  • Adhan Ramadhan
    Adhan Ramadhan 28 days ago +1

    Cristiano deserves his own brand under Nike just like Jordan, come on!

  • Adhan Ramadhan
    Adhan Ramadhan 28 days ago +1

    You laugh at his english,
    He laughs at your bank account

  • Theodore Salgado
    Theodore Salgado 28 days ago

    Ware does Ronaldo live and did
    You see his car

  • raunak dutta
    raunak dutta Month ago

    The most rarest boot he owns is the Nike MDS

  • Kevinj388
    Kevinj388 Month ago +1

    Loved this video guys. It's always cool when you meet a superstar like Ronaldo and my favourite host showing the new generation. Thanks for making great videos

  • feysal banaa maxamed
    feysal banaa maxamed Month ago +1

    Wow incredible shs

  • KRatoS YT
    KRatoS YT Month ago

    Legends says
    Nike was the paid AcToR

  • Lo Yong
    Lo Yong Month ago +1

    I like how he just met cr7 but did not go crazy

  • Fraser Kerr
    Fraser Kerr Month ago

    Whites not a colour it's a shade

  • Wossen Desalegn
    Wossen Desalegn Month ago

    what's up with the funeral music in the background

  • jenh ##
    jenh ## Month ago


    JOHN KIBIT Month ago

    Looks light, and durable Might buy this shoe someday

  • Gg Ii
    Gg Ii Month ago

    ‘Expensive’ for Ronaldo it’s like a penny.

  • Pumla Nabachwa
    Pumla Nabachwa Month ago

    Nike is better than addias

  • Tronix Plays
    Tronix Plays Month ago +1

    Can you meet aubameyang from arsenal

  • linheadlh
    linheadlh 2 months ago +1

    I love ronaldo

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here 2 months ago

    What if my foot is man size and can’t fit into a sock

  • Abdul Hanan
    Abdul Hanan 2 months ago +43

    You laugh at his english,
    He laughs at your skills, 😏

  • Obed Kanglom
    Obed Kanglom 2 months ago +3

    The video is "fantastic"
    If you know what I mean.

  • Loverzz Bii
    Loverzz Bii 2 months ago

    Me the whole 8:44 min admiring cristiano ronaldo hair

  • Cactus Alexx
    Cactus Alexx 2 months ago +1

    Swear to god I ain’t gay but that nigga cute as fuck 😳

  • zarif Hasan
    zarif Hasan 2 months ago +1

    Wish i had those ....

  • 100.000 subscribers with no videos

    It's amazing how Ronaldo's English improved over the last 5 years.

  • sourabh singh
    sourabh singh 2 months ago

    Hey can you please give me a football boots because I don't have boots to play football hope you'll reply

  • Queen Minstrel
    Queen Minstrel 2 months ago

    Ronaldo is changing Nike like Nadal did

  • Legend of Nibbaheem
    Legend of Nibbaheem 2 months ago +2

    Bring messi

  • Maria Cerda
    Maria Cerda 2 months ago

    I think Ranaldo was having trouble speaking english

  • Muhammad Shehraz
    Muhammad Shehraz 2 months ago +1

    I need Nike shoes

  • LYVIP 01
    LYVIP 01 3 months ago +1

    I'm fan ronaldo

  • WaffleGodTNB
    WaffleGodTNB 3 months ago

    Why does yt not show dislike in comments

  • Conor Rosario
    Conor Rosario 3 months ago +2

    I just brought some of predator from you there the best thanks I highly recommend them.

  • Ethxn.TM
    Ethxn.TM 3 months ago +2

    Hi sick vid man 🔥

  • d1234
    d1234 3 months ago

    Fuck every ronaldo interview is always the same, whats your favorite boot? your favorite goal? booorrrringggg ask something different

  • Salman EKILLER
    Salman EKILLER 3 months ago +3

    Lucky you got to meet Ronald

    JB YOURHIPHOPTv 3 months ago +11

    The CR7 boots are the best in the game period ... Personal opinion

  • Chris Genao
    Chris Genao 3 months ago

    Anybody notice he turned off the bell notifications

  • Genji Kuzuri
    Genji Kuzuri 3 months ago

    like yonex colour

  • Tinku Tinku
    Tinku Tinku 3 months ago

    Lora a crafty

  • PureFlamez Constantiňe
    PureFlamez Constantiňe 3 months ago +1

    Pro : Direct all the way ✌

  • Last time I had sex was
    Last time I had sex was 3 months ago +2

    Damn, Ronaldo really has been practicing his English

  • john koul
    john koul 3 months ago

    How can u still not know english?😂

    • Tiggie _
      Tiggie _ 3 months ago +1

      john koul dream come true. Yes, fantastic.

  • QloudyFN
    QloudyFN 3 months ago

    I love watching ronaldo speak english.

  • Yung_Major SA
    Yung_Major SA 3 months ago

    I thought neymar only wore hypervenoms and not mercurial

    • James Woodward
      James Woodward 3 months ago

      Yung_Major SA Yh but when the phantom replaced hypervenom he switched to mercurial

  • Mason Samuels
    Mason Samuels 3 months ago +73

    Interviewer: Good Morning Ronaldo, How are you ?
    Ronaldo: Its a dream come true

  • Justin Brent
    Justin Brent 3 months ago

    Juventus were already winning

    • Ash .P
      Ash .P 3 months ago

      Ronaldo was already winning

  • Saqib Rana
    Saqib Rana 3 months ago +1

    Why does he sound like Mohammed Salah 😂

  • Jose K.J
    Jose K.J 3 months ago +2

    Ronaldo woows me alot.

  • Yunox idk
    Yunox idk 3 months ago

    Wait can you buy that a academy sports

  • Lee Man
    Lee Man 3 months ago

    Yous scammers have scammed me

  • Rafael Cruz
    Rafael Cruz 3 months ago

    Alr but where’s the mercurial bag?

  • Nazrul Haique
    Nazrul Haique 3 months ago

    Can i get this boot from shopee?

    KIKO SUAVE 3 months ago

    Ronaldo says every nike boot is amazing cause he is sponsoring them hahaha