'Roy Moore Interview' Ep. 3 Official Clip | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME

  • Published on Jul 30, 2018
  • A comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen.
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Comments • 5 738

  • Styx Mercer
    Styx Mercer 6 days ago

    I love how he gets visibly unvomfortablr when he starts talking about detecting pedophiles

  • L P
    L P 8 days ago

    We all know that Alabama is a place of equality, from his other movie, borat.

  • Robert Romano
    Robert Romano 12 days ago

    I never knew the phrase “sweating like a rapist” was based on science.

  • gaz riley
    gaz riley 13 days ago

    "Roy" ha ha

  • Vish
    Vish 15 days ago

    The term "sweating lile a rapist" is scientific. 😂😂😂😂

  • Alfie Munro
    Alfie Munro 15 days ago

    “Alabama has always been an equal place for race and religion” 😂

  • jpgk1927
    jpgk1927 16 days ago

    2k rednecks disliked this video

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 17 days ago


  • King Ragnar
    King Ragnar 20 days ago

    Heard that he uncoverd a secret pedophilia ring in the u.s, protected by certain government officials and everything. MURICA

  • Rust Khai
    Rust Khai 21 day ago

    Omg. Tears. I burst into tears

  • K Vinod
    K Vinod 21 day ago

    I prefer paedophiles over terrorists

    REDD BOIKA 23 days ago

    the therghem sweating like a grapist

  • MaxAlbrecht
    MaxAlbrecht 29 days ago +1

    This was so ballsy

  • Thee Darren Victor
    Thee Darren Victor Month ago

    SBC at it again! Hilarious! 😄

  • Allison Tamayo
    Allison Tamayo Month ago

    You could see the fear in his eyes when it started beeping lol

  • Missy Lee
    Missy Lee Month ago

    I'm dying lol

  • Daniel Quinn
    Daniel Quinn Month ago

    I think they have technology like that.

  • Big Body Bes
    Big Body Bes Month ago

    “It’s in our heritage “ .... bombinham Alabama

  • Faarquad Borislav
    Faarquad Borislav Month ago

    "It is malfunctioning" - General Erran Morrad

  • Wolf Shadow357
    Wolf Shadow357 Month ago

    This needed to be done end of story

  • Carlos Colon
    Carlos Colon Month ago

    Hahahaha I can’t no more I’ve been binging on these videos I’m dying☠️☠️

  • afranz112
    afranz112 Month ago

    Don’t laugh. Vote.

  • cwillboxer3
    cwillboxer3 Month ago

    You could tell ole' Roy was nervous af

  • Shawn Mkandla
    Shawn Mkandla Month ago

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a *Savage* 😂

  • Elizabeth Roberts
    Elizabeth Roberts Month ago

    Lmao 😂 🤣

  • Leroy Gallagher
    Leroy Gallagher Month ago

    Lol wow...he knows whats going on and is showing us all...thank you

  • starbuck26
    starbuck26 Month ago

    Roy Moore sweating like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee

  • Jamaa L
    Jamaa L Month ago +1


  • TD 4YD
    TD 4YD Month ago

    The English language is wasted on Americans.

  • Mike M
    Mike M Month ago

    Hopefully this character is his next movie.

  • Thondup Andrugtsang

    I wish they had Sacha in Freddie Mercurys role.

  • rob foster
    rob foster Month ago


  • Joaquin Cortada
    Joaquin Cortada Month ago

    Sacha is a genius! He plays these idiots so well its unbelievable. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face.

  • TyyTyyBaby
    TyyTyyBaby Month ago


  • AmirRahim Mohamedyusof

    Hahahah.berani btl borat nih

  • AP.Ferro
    AP.Ferro Month ago

    "Alabama has always been a place of equality " 😂

  • Paul Dalnoky
    Paul Dalnoky Month ago

    Not funny

  • RandomThoughts
    RandomThoughts 2 months ago

    The comments for this video are gold.

  • Thomas Vieira
    Thomas Vieira 2 months ago

    "Alabama has always been a place for equality" lol

  • B A
    B A 2 months ago

    TELH RHOOR attacks

  • JerseyPrepper
    JerseyPrepper 2 months ago

    God that was painful to watch

  • AG_ from _83
    AG_ from _83 2 months ago

    Jesus.... This stuff is shocking.

  • Kuzivakwashe Kurehwa
    Kuzivakwashe Kurehwa 2 months ago

    Sounds like Borat in some instances. SBC is a genius regardless

  • Dean Noble
    Dean Noble 2 months ago


  • Andi Pandi
    Andi Pandi 2 months ago

    i see that Roy Moore's legal action is taking some time to take effect..

  • TrapStar003
    TrapStar003 2 months ago

    That GULP at 3:55 says it all 😩😂

  • tlfort
    tlfort 2 months ago

    Pitiful....as are Sacha Baron Cohen's supporters!

  • Kyle Hankins
    Kyle Hankins 2 months ago

    Yup when I think of equality throughout history I think of Alabama... sure.

  • L P
    L P 2 months ago +2

    The greatest Troll in human history.......the balls......the balls. ..amazing.

    • Stee Bee
      Stee Bee 2 months ago

      i just cant stop laughing. tears so much tears

  • L P
    L P 2 months ago

    OMG.........this is INCREDIBLE............I think the Liberals are spraying them republicans with sex bull hormones.....LOL....Sacha Baron Cohen is the savior of America, I dont think they need me there. LOL

  • theguycalledlewis
    theguycalledlewis 2 months ago +3

    He's sweating like a peado in a playground

  • h case
    h case 2 months ago

    Can anyone hear what Erran says at 4:30 Have you been in the xxxxx?

  • bigstew416
    bigstew416 2 months ago

    So i hear hes suing Sacha Baron Cohen for 95 million now because of this. Calling it fraud

    NTXIH 2 months ago

    SBC is brilliant lol

  • poeticjustice2000
    poeticjustice2000 2 months ago

    This gives me life.

  • Weirdlyoneoffs
    Weirdlyoneoffs 2 months ago +1

    So funny! Oh I wish this series never had an end..

  • Phil Bhojwanay
    Phil Bhojwanay 2 months ago +4

    Sascha Baran Cohen masterfully trolls and exposes America in Who is America. Brilliant. Worth the Golden Globe nod.

  • Heneral Miong
    Heneral Miong 2 months ago +1

    Why he looks like freddie mercury

  • Jack Linnane
    Jack Linnane 2 months ago

    I fuckin love sacha

  • Pat Reid c/o Colditz Castle

    his brilliant a side of america in the mirror of itself.well done Sasha

  • Ettore Bezzi
    Ettore Bezzi 2 months ago

    3:30 the eyes of wrath

  • Hayden Williams
    Hayden Williams 2 months ago +8

    Clown trump is a weak man's idea of a strong man, a poor man's idea of a rich man and a dumb man's idea of a smart man.

  • HMZ
    HMZ 2 months ago

    “I’m not saying your a sex offender at all” *Beep Beep*

  • Sana Özel
    Sana Özel 2 months ago

    Al tedaber shitiyot şwlxnskxjs

  • John Marston
    John Marston 2 months ago


  • Neo Sannyasin
    Neo Sannyasin 3 months ago +1

    Genius.... pure genius....

  • Michael Accorsi
    Michael Accorsi 3 months ago

    how can you sue for defamation for an accusation that is true? and its after he's been implicated... Showtime should take cameras to court for this one.

    • Stee Bee
      Stee Bee 2 months ago

      he cant sue, because he constantly says in the interview "i'm not accusing you" he signed a waiver and Showtime must of provided him with better lawyers than Trump let alone him. haha

  • King Trawal
    King Trawal 3 months ago +2

    Alabama should be nuked from the Earth

  • im160bpmplus
    im160bpmplus 3 months ago

    Who wrote your routine, Adam Sandler?

  • BaneBalt
    BaneBalt 3 months ago +1

    The look on his face when Sasha brings out the wand.

  • Steve Morse
    Steve Morse 3 months ago +1

    'Eeeeeeeezaaaaaellllllllll' :)

  • George Stephenson
    George Stephenson 3 months ago

    Moore is a two bit cowboy riding a quarter horse

  • Garrett A
    Garrett A 3 months ago +1

    The failed US Senate candidate Roy Moore has sued the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for defamation and emotional distress after being pranked on the actor’s television show.
    The lawsuit asks for $95m in punitive and compensatory damages and appears to be the first filed by one of the string of politicians who were duped and humiliated by Baron Cohen on the show Who is America.
    The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday in federal court in Washington DC, accuses Baron Cohen of defaming Moore and says Moore "suffered extreme emotional distress" as a result of "being falsely portrayed as a sex offender" on the show.

  • Terrack 300
    Terrack 300 3 months ago

    Thats what a butch Freddie Mercury would have looked like I think lol.

  • wobbly nostrils
    wobbly nostrils 3 months ago

    LOL. Genius.

  • T C
    T C 3 months ago

    "You just switch it on and because neither of us are sex offenders"...


  • Emily W.
    Emily W. 3 months ago

    I'm sorry but at :04 is that Nathan Fielder??????

  • bm9tube
    bm9tube 3 months ago

    This is pure genius.

  • Anikal
    Anikal 3 months ago


  • Andrew Becker
    Andrew Becker 3 months ago


  • Casey Hood
    Casey Hood 3 months ago

    Roy Moore kinda looks like Pauli Wallnuts off of the Sopranos

  • dou40006
    dou40006 3 months ago +1

    too funny the way he cornered him...this Roy Moore is really more stupid than his horse

  • Empire State
    Empire State 3 months ago +1

    1:11 Ahem? George Wallace?

  • Empire State
    Empire State 3 months ago +1

    1:19 Ahem? George Wallace?

  • richard jean
    richard jean 3 months ago


  • CBZ323
    CBZ323 3 months ago +1

    That last beep when he tries to shake hands killed me!

  • Rina Maria
    Rina Maria 3 months ago


  • Art Hillis
    Art Hillis 3 months ago +1

    The phrase sweating like a rapist is based on science.lmfao

  • Marco A. Marcella
    Marco A. Marcella 3 months ago

    Politicians ain't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

  • T
    T 3 months ago +1

    At 2:30 Am I the only one who see Moore swallow nervously when he heard that there is a way to detect pedophiles?

  • Jamie Macphail
    Jamie Macphail 3 months ago

    fuckin genius!!

  • Kendell Sheppard
    Kendell Sheppard 3 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 .... cringy ...

  • majornewb
    majornewb 3 months ago


  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 3 months ago

    Roy Moore's behavior in the beginning of the video blindsides a lot of things- he speaks like a decent guy, is very cordial towards SBC. It's shocking to realize predators can be anywhere, in any form.

  • Good one!
    Good one! 3 months ago

    Oh god the way he straightened up when he talked about the detector

  • Sandy Koles
    Sandy Koles 3 months ago

    Sweating like a rapist I never heard of that phrase 😂

  • CuttySobz
    CuttySobz 3 months ago +2

    I wish Sacha Baron Cohen was my dad.

  • Scot Sinclair
    Scot Sinclair 3 months ago

    Sacha is a genius.

  • hari bhandari
    hari bhandari 3 months ago +1

    I bet if he did this on Bill Clinton he would be dead.