'Roy Moore Interview' Ep. 3 Official Clip | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME

  • Published on Jul 30, 2018
  • A comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen.
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  • Marx Lester Flores


  • James Dowling
    James Dowling 3 days ago

    I died laughing when the detection kept going off ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 4 days ago


  • j soo
    j soo 4 days ago

    That eyebrow. Lol

  • Pyro-Nexus
    Pyro-Nexus 4 days ago

    Well, this one is not as funny, as the previous 2. Roy Moore is actually not so dumb, he realised smth fishy was going on, so it didn't really expose him or anything.

  • Mir Salek
    Mir Salek 5 days ago

    minute 2:40, the retreat

  • Supersonic Hamster USA

    โ€œTear--roaaaaarhhhh attackโ€

  • ji lan
    ji lan 6 days ago

    This is cringe worthy.... funny.

  • Benjamin Kham
    Benjamin Kham 10 days ago

    When his brows meet thatโ€™s when the world will truly experience unity.

  • Miranda Miranda
    Miranda Miranda 10 days ago +1

    Need to wave the wand on bret Kavanaugh.

  • Miranda Miranda
    Miranda Miranda 10 days ago

    Alabama has always been about equality?

  • Ben Freidkin
    Ben Freidkin 11 days ago

    Roeeee moooooooore

  • TheGuerillapatriot
    TheGuerillapatriot 14 days ago

    Roy Moore was railroaded.

  • Mike
    Mike 15 days ago

    I think it's pretty obvious (at 3:17) that he was on to Sacha. You can see him smile. But of course soon thereafter, he wasn't smiling.

  • Francisco Garcia90
    Francisco Garcia90 16 days ago

    He said "I've never been acused of such things" lol ok

  • Matthew Bernard
    Matthew Bernard 16 days ago

    That's pretty funny. I don't think there is much to these accusations decades later but this is a funny bit.

    AMAZING AMAZING 18 days ago


  • Al Khan
    Al Khan 18 days ago +1

    I just love how he fucks them over..with their own failings..

  • Vincent Indigo
    Vincent Indigo 19 days ago +1

    You know whats scary? Over 650,000 people voted for Roy Moore.

  • M-A Smith
    M-A Smith 19 days ago

    funny, ..but kind of cruel......

  • acreppinstp
    acreppinstp 22 days ago

    I started cracking up before he said anything. That unibrow got me.

  • Louis Browne
    Louis Browne 23 days ago

    Even Roy thought it was funny

  • townman1
    townman1 24 days ago

    This is comedic gold.Funny from start to finish ...too funny

  • Warren Martin
    Warren Martin 25 days ago +1

    I cannot stop laughing. Roy Moore is a total idiot!

  • Ghost Ofhalloween
    Ghost Ofhalloween 26 days ago

    His eyebrows, so perfectly terrible!

  • Dr Carls Jr
    Dr Carls Jr 28 days ago


  • Mkhi to Auba
    Mkhi to Auba 29 days ago

    The best troll of all time. There will never be another SBC.

  • Choco Manger
    Choco Manger 29 days ago

    Troll level: Nathan Fielder

  • Oso K
    Oso K 29 days ago

    This is epic funny but Roy Moore will get millions for defamation!

  • Alexandre Sk
    Alexandre Sk 29 days ago

    Funny. Now do it with Bill and Biden

  • apna jatt
    apna jatt Month ago

    Oh man I am dying from laughter watching this. I encourage you to read about Roy Moore case to maximize your experience before you watch this video. I couldnt believe it is actually Roy Moore not an actor who is filling in for his spot.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith Month ago +1

    gimme $95 mil

  • Blair Mettam
    Blair Mettam Month ago +2

    Never had an accusation? Whoโ€™s he kidding?

  • Jack Dawson
    Jack Dawson Month ago +1

    I heard they brought that device into a catholic church and it blew up.

  • killarmy100
    killarmy100 Month ago +2

    This 99,8 percent accurate haha gotta love this guy

  • heyhey heyhey
    heyhey heyhey Month ago

    Wow this onr is like on form in good ole days of Ali G...

  • Max KopfraumPoops
    Max KopfraumPoops Month ago

    Sascha looks like Reggie Fils-Aimรฉ

  • Marley
    Marley Month ago


  • Zoa Cynic
    Zoa Cynic Month ago

    Omg Sasha is the man. Watching this kinda makes me nervous.

  • Carl Winslow
    Carl Winslow Month ago


  • jetetarro
    jetetarro Month ago

    I want Roy Moore's lawsuit to go to trial---and can't wait till the defense shows the video and the jury and judge laugh their asses off.

  • Kobe The Third
    Kobe The Third Month ago

    Can't stop laughing seriously can't stop almost pee my pants

  • TenorMan96
    TenorMan96 Month ago

    lmao he's suing Sasha Baron Cohen for $95 Million HAHA what an offended loser

  • Algernon Fastnet
    Algernon Fastnet Month ago

    What would anyone except going on such a show ?

  • Fuckyou18 Fuckyou187

    Sweating like a rapist is based on science hahahaha

  • Herman De Villiers
    Herman De Villiers Month ago

    LMAO it must be faulty

  • Herman De Villiers
    Herman De Villiers Month ago

    This man is a legend. Watch his micro reactions at 2:25 when he says "sex offenders" lmao

  • I T
    I T Month ago

    Sacha been a genius.

  • alexcaymans
    alexcaymans Month ago

    lmfao !! priceless!!

  • david brandon-cox
    david brandon-cox Month ago

    Would someone be so kind and go to the steel mill and ask around for the maker of Sacha baron cohenโ€™s balls?

  • Krasen Stoyanov
    Krasen Stoyanov Month ago


  • Angelkidd
    Angelkidd Month ago

    Luckily I had Apple Care lol!

  • Unkept Northern Bloke

    The device actually works

  • Adom Kirshner
    Adom Kirshner Month ago

    "Alabama has always been a place for equality" hilarious Roy Moore is such an ignorant discusting man

  • Ken Tichy
    Ken Tichy Month ago


  • RogueTriumph
    RogueTriumph Month ago

    How about going after both Republicans AND Democrats. Both are equally disgusting human beings.

    • John Tokalenko
      John Tokalenko Month ago

      He did. He "interviewed" Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean, asking the latter if Hillary Clinton is really a woman.

  • Autumn Leigh
    Autumn Leigh Month ago +2

    The fact that he believes that there is a wand like device that can detect types of sexual attraction is...wow.

    • Jay Ham
      Jay Ham 20 days ago

      Yeah, that kinda says it all..

  • MrGrim19
    MrGrim19 Month ago


  • Manu Makeup Pro
    Manu Makeup Pro Month ago

    what a genius!

  • johnson Dahal
    johnson Dahal Month ago

    Gets better with each episode. Respect to sacha for doing this.

  • Liam Madde
    Liam Madde Month ago


  • Cahit Cetinkaya
    Cahit Cetinkaya Month ago

    I declare this guy as God of trolling! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Emile Arazan
    Emile Arazan Month ago

    No all heroes wear capes. Just occasionally a uni-brow.

  • Andy Howard
    Andy Howard Month ago

    That was awesome. Too funny!

  • Kmn483
    Kmn483 Month ago +3

    Friendly reminder that Trump is surprised this guy lost the election.
    Then again, Trump would see nothing wrong with another sex offender.

    • Flea bitten
      Flea bitten 29 days ago

      Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Harvey Winestien, Anthony Weiner.......

  • whhmjr
    whhmjr Month ago

    A complaint was filed by Larry Klayman on behalf of Roy Moore and his wife for relief and judgment against defendants Cohen, Showtime and CBS as follows, all of whom acted in concert as joint tortfeasors. This video may cost the defendants in excess of $95,000,000 USD, as well as attorneysโ€™ fees and costs.

    • M Viv
      M Viv 26 days ago

      +John Tokalenko . The judges in USA are also white American, anything can happen.

    • John Tokalenko
      John Tokalenko Month ago

      If Moore thinks he's going to win that, he's more delusional than everyone thinks. He is in great danger of Cohen and his legal team exposing much more about Moore's "relationship interests" via discovery.

  • youtuber
    youtuber Month ago +1

    $95 Million waiting for that wanker sorry i mean wand beeping. lol

  • Dreadnought 1
    Dreadnought 1 Month ago

    its part of our heritage tell that to the black of the early days

  • 20quid
    20quid Month ago

    "I have never been accused of such things"

  • Robert McBride
    Robert McBride Month ago +1

    Did you lend the jacket to anybody maybe?...๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • NewWorldAhead
    NewWorldAhead Month ago


  • Brian Harrison
    Brian Harrison Month ago

    this is gold

  • Levi C
    Levi C Month ago

    The Snowflake Roy Moore sued this tv program and Cohen just because of this video.

  • RSP Shout
    RSP Shout Month ago

    This is so painful to watch ๐Ÿคฃ

  • William Russell
    William Russell Month ago

    This is great!!

  • El Guapo Ben
    El Guapo Ben Month ago

    Look at how nervous he got right when sex offenders are mentioned! i think i broke my laugh box

  • Ali Graziani
    Ali Graziani Month ago

    We need Sasha calling out all these crooked a** mudas! He called him out and in hilarious fashion love it passive aggressive and it looked like this technique works perfect!

  • Bizzle Beltran
    Bizzle Beltran Month ago

    Sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Michael Beck
    Michael Beck Month ago +1

    1.9k dislikes didnโ€™t know so many pedos watched TheXvid

  • David Humphrey
    David Humphrey Month ago

    WTH wow...wtf

  • Denver City
    Denver City Month ago


  • Eru Ngatai
    Eru Ngatai Month ago

    This dude is probably the biggest troll of all time

  • Unit731AU
    Unit731AU Month ago

    I generally hate rap, but LOVE smart rap. Can someone please link me to the original of the song with "I need a cynic?" Love every thing Cohen does. One of the only things good for 7-8 laughs. Edit: I meant hour laughs, but either works. They don't stop.

  • Iivari Dark
    Iivari Dark Month ago

    Moore actually looks a bit confused so... Maybe $95million would help in getting order again....

  • Tiago Martins
    Tiago Martins Month ago +1

    This is just genius! I laughed so hard at this! I don't even comment on youtube usually, but this is just to special to ignore! hahaha

  • Johnson Floyd
    Johnson Floyd Month ago +4

    Roy Moore trying to Sue Sacha Baron Cohen instead of the women that actually accused him of sexual misconduct.....Righhhhhtttttt..

    • Dan Chuck
      Dan Chuck Month ago

      Isn't he suing them as well?

  • Dilan Eades
    Dilan Eades Month ago

    He is wearing the "Flag Pin" on his jacket of course its going to go off on the detector

  • robert k
    robert k Month ago

    according to roy moore, alabama didnโ€™t choose slavery. ๐Ÿค”

  • MikeJ 2016
    MikeJ 2016 Month ago

    When you Troll evil its makes it so much more funny

  • Chase Lawton
    Chase Lawton Month ago


  • Richy P
    Richy P Month ago

    Happy to contribute to your legal costs Sacha. I have just wet my pants.

  • Regina Ayat
    Regina Ayat Month ago

    I wish he could have gotten to Mike Pence..

  • SHT L
    SHT L Month ago

    OMG, "you've been to the Philippines?"

  • WaffenHerMuff
    WaffenHerMuff Month ago

    Beep beep beep ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคฃ

  • michael lancaster
    michael lancaster Month ago

    Sacha is a god among men, just saying

  • MJAdetroit
    MJAdetroit Month ago

    ROY MOORE clearly is a pathological liar- it's comes easy/natural to him (just like Trump).

  • HeadelkoChannel
    HeadelkoChannel Month ago

    I love how it beeps in the end when he is walking away lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Tech4U
    Tech4U Month ago

    Brilliant, totally.

  • Front Runners
    Front Runners Month ago


  • grizzlytomahawk
    grizzlytomahawk Month ago

    "Alabama has always been a place for equality"