This Ancient Mammal's Ears Were Built for Chewing

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • In this weeks science news, new fossil has been found that might help us understand how jaw bones evolved into complex middle ears found in mammals, and a new treatment regimen for treating babies with HIV shows promise.
    Hosted by: Hank Green
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    Mammal Ears

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  • superhamster14 ajpw
    superhamster14 ajpw 17 days ago

    Infant HIV treatment

  • fanOmry
    fanOmry 17 days ago

    Then just have the change standard to all Mothers with the virus.
    Logistics? Really?

  • Joshua Dixon
    Joshua Dixon 19 days ago

    Evolution doesn't work

  • Iceman0219
    Iceman0219 24 days ago

    Hey, I can wiggle my jaw back and forth, and primates with a mainly vegetarian diet certainly do quite a bit of chewing so it might not be too far fetched that the same thing evolved the same way for the same reason

  • Team GG
    Team GG Month ago

    Why are aids positive people allowed to have kids
    Those kids have to suffer because of their parents

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S Month ago

    This video: the 3 middle ear bones are why we have such great hearing!
    Me, who has tympanosclerosis, booing: sure, maybe for you!
    I'm not really bitter, I just think it's funny that the middle ear bones are *supposed* to improve our hearing but my body said "screw that" and now I'm HOH

  • Kelly Clowers
    Kelly Clowers Month ago

    Multi tu BEARR cu lates 😂

  • A Little Bit Hailey
    A Little Bit Hailey Month ago +1

    They were pretty successful......until they died

  • Nathan J.
    Nathan J. Month ago

    Did that new species tech us anything about how butt evolved to legs?

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. Month ago

    Whatever happened to survival of the fittest now that medicine keeps alive even those most unfit to live?
    Not sure if that's efficient or best ethical use of resources and long term consequences for those people to reproduce knowingly that their offspring will suffer and face many challenges not indicative of a normal life.
    In ancient Sparta those unfit for a normal life would be left to die and the parents would just try again if they themselves were even healthy to begin with. We don't do that anymore and as a result the whole world is becoming weaker, more frail and with tons more problems. Is that ethical? Probably something for societies to reconsider.
    At what point does helping everyone stay alive, becomes worse than letting nature take over?
    Just a philosophical thought. You(whoever reads this) get no right to get mad about these statements. They are all fair questions.

  • Sinhue Valdez
    Sinhue Valdez Month ago

    Forgive me if im wrong, but the HIV cure for the infants was found out first by the cubans like a couple years ago, i remember reading it on a mexican news page, cant recall the name of it but im sure you guys can find out, you guys seem smart

  • Zagros Ozkan
    Zagros Ozkan Month ago +1

    Please don’t use misleading titles. Use honest clear titles we will watch your stuff anyway ( its good )

  • May the Schwarz be with you

    Then again you'd think that people wouldn't have kids in a manner that could kill the kids.

  • charlie regan
    charlie regan Month ago

    Lunar calendar for all the lunatics and lythronthrops

  • Devin M.
    Devin M. Month ago

    It looked like it was holding a bow in the thumbnail (why is it called that).

  • Sarah Leonard
    Sarah Leonard Month ago

    The book Your Inner Fish has a whole chapter dedicated to the possible reason for the jaw bones becoming ear bones. It's an informative and entertaining book in general, in my opinion.

  • wanderingbufoon
    wanderingbufoon Month ago +1

    Lemme just taste sounds

  • Adam Bagshaw
    Adam Bagshaw Month ago +1

    We need to move our ears higher up so we can hear Netflix over eating chips

  • Line-Marie FORTIER
    Line-Marie FORTIER Month ago

    Seriously, this show is very interesting. I wrote any words to laugh but excuse me...I'm old but young in my brain. THANKS FOR ALL OF US.

  • fuduzan5562
    fuduzan5562 Month ago

    Man, I really don't like the title changes you guys do on your videos.
    I get that it's a bid to keep the clicks rolling, but the original title was more interesting and less clickbait-y, and I was interested in watching before you changed the title.

  • kenisgone
    kenisgone Month ago

    That's ridiculous. Evolution is a lie.

    • John DC
      John DC Month ago

      Bruh if you're gonna comment on these videos with provocative and baseless statements, just don't comment. There's literally no need and no basis for what you said.

  • Feral Crafter
    Feral Crafter Month ago

    Part 2: Don't care, let them die, we don't need to de-evolve to animals ... but tails might be sexy!

  • David San
    David San Month ago

    If I was president of space, I'd be soo happy.

  • James Koh
    James Koh Month ago

    This is called a sci-show... this video should be called a spec-show, as in speculation... better still a freak-show, as in deviation from your normal show. lol

  • tiffany norris
    tiffany norris Month ago

    How did they chew?

  • Super Loops
    Super Loops Month ago +1

    the inner ear bones of mammals are traceable right back to devonian fish jaw components

  • Robert Summerfield
    Robert Summerfield Month ago

    Wake up man you woke people!

  • David Conway
    David Conway Month ago

    This is a very dumb way to talk about 2 different topics. Wtf were you thinking?

  • Crystal Davis
    Crystal Davis Month ago

    This is nonsense

  • Mortiam
    Mortiam Month ago

    About the lunar phase calendar... what's wrong with september? There are 31 moon phase images distributed over 30 days ....?

  • Mighty One
    Mighty One Month ago

    Probably not actually related, but this really reminds me of the fact that horses occasionally grow teeth in their ears... then I found out they can grow them the same way almost anywhere. Still wild though!

    HIFLY Month ago

    Who's sick enough to have a kid knowing they're HIV positive?

    • Zap Brannigan
      Zap Brannigan Month ago

      And people accept abortion in large numbers.

  • Jason Quick
    Jason Quick Month ago +1

    Damn I thought learning philosophy was impressive from Hank... Then i seen him running another channel... then another. Now this? Hahah Who needs school, Hanks got everything covered

  • Daniel McLaughlin
    Daniel McLaughlin Month ago +2

    Space. With as many presidents as Space goes through in so short a time, it sounds a very dangerous place to get involved in politics...

  • SunnyD
    SunnyD Month ago +4

    "We don't chew the same way they did" SURE but have you ever been eating a bag of chips and had to put volume on your computer obscenely high just to hear what your watching? Maybe it had to do with that

    • Keallei
      Keallei Month ago

      SunnyD so much this. I’ve had to rewind so many times because of a not even that loud crunch.

    DDLC MC Month ago +1

    * Shoves lunch in ears *

  • Pierre Abbat
    Pierre Abbat Month ago +1

    Martillo, yunque, estribo!
    It's called the stapes (stirrup) when it's of genus 1 (from a blood vessel growing through it), and the columella when it's of genus 0. Are the animals which have a stapes the same ones that have three bones in the middle ear?

  • Gareth Baus
    Gareth Baus Month ago +5

    It is sad that some infants are born HIV positive.

    • Mi 28
      Mi 28 Month ago

      It is scary that they let them live, thereby producing turbo-AIDS resistant to these treatments. When someone dies with advanced HIV strain evolved in them, the strain dies with the person. When they make a child, advanced HIV strain gets to advance further.

  • Say Cheese
    Say Cheese Month ago +1

    This is a lie!

  • Jake Thomason
    Jake Thomason Month ago +1

    You lookin fit for this time of year.

  • tea wrecks
    tea wrecks Month ago +3

    everybody gangsta till the mammal says "chew"

  • BroliYTwins
    BroliYTwins Month ago +2

    Hawk Green should do some ASMR stuff his voice is relaxing also it helps me to pronounce correctly english words.

  • ne0 ge0
    ne0 ge0 Month ago +1

    Lay off the cheetos Hank...or wash your hands

  • ThaRemo
    ThaRemo Month ago

    is ear jaw?

    • Keallei
      Keallei Month ago

      ThaRemo well, since butt is legs...

  • NASTEfilms
    NASTEfilms Month ago

    What kind of prenatal treatment did these women get before the babies were born?

  • Eduard Qualls
    Eduard Qualls Month ago +7

    "the brain changing the shape of the skull"
    Anyone else feel a twinge of phrenology?
    "Molly-us" and "multi-too-BEAR-kyou-late"? / dʌz ˈɛn.iˌwən ðɛər noʊ haʊ tu rid ði / IPA / ˈgɪv.ən ɪn ˈdɪk.ʃəˌnɛr.iz /? ==> */ ˈmæl i əs /* and */ ˌmʌl tɪ tʊˈbɜr kjə lɪtˌ /*

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +1

    Are you ok? You look very tired or something

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +1

    I thought it was originating from gill bones

  • VariantAEC
    VariantAEC Month ago +1

    So naturally and as per usual: I wanna know how well that HIV positive kidney did in the HIV negative recipients?

  • Edgy Circle
    Edgy Circle Month ago +1

    That hoodie is pretty dope

  • Danu Bareti
    Danu Bareti Month ago +1

    Nici un doctor nu va poate salva de LA acesata boala .nu este HIV
    Este hula din inima voastra
    Roasa de viermi lui Satana

  • Danu Bareti
    Danu Bareti Month ago

    Voi o sa consumati toate drugurile voastre si tot canabisul si de boala nu veti scapa .
    Pentru ca boala este in voi de mii de ani si o veti primi ca faraon din egipt .
    Mila Domnului este pentru Fii Lui
    Asa ca singura scapare este in Rugaciunea Sfanta .
    Cine nu vs crede in Sfanta Cruce A Lui Hristos , nu va fi scapat de cel rau .
    Lasati hula si mai bine rugati-va pentru iertare de pacate.

  • Danu Bareti
    Danu Bareti Month ago

    Vreti HIV
    O sa aveti dupa credintza si necredintza din inima voastra .
    HIV .este o pedeapsa pentru Desfranare .
    Muzica lui Freddy Mercury
    Si drogurile sunt viatza voastra
    Va apartin
    Voi aveti in inima voastra pe HIV.
    Cu el traiti si cu el Muriti
    Eu al am Pe Domnul Iisus Hristos

  • Danu Bareti
    Danu Bareti Month ago

    De CE crezi ca nu vezi tu bine .
    De CE porti ochelari .
    Pentru CA.
    Domnul Dumnezeu vrea sa-ti arate ca tu nu vezi bine lucrurile .
    Tu gandesti dupa mintea Ta
    Insa caile Domnului sunt neintelese de mintea ta .care este in dungi.
    CE nu recunosti tu este
    Ca tu nu esti nascut din maimutza .
    Ma contrazici ????
    Nu te inbraca in albastru
    Nu ai nimic in comun cu fatza ta .
    Esti un imitator comic
    Faci reclama pe TheXvid pentru niste centi amarati .
    Cati bani faci din Ad. Google pe TheXvid ?
    Esti o iluzie optica
    Din Harry Pottery
    Voi sunteti vrajitori din Oz

  • TheCockeyez
    TheCockeyez Month ago

    Rodent + hearing + AIDS= Justin Bieber

  • Brandon Monroe
    Brandon Monroe Month ago +1

    Love the hair cut!

  • Evil Murlock
    Evil Murlock Month ago +1

    REVOLUTIONARY IDEA treaty people sooner that later impoves the chances of being cured who would have known :

  • Harry Mallory
    Harry Mallory Month ago

    The theory Ive always heard put forward was the chewing aspect. mamalformes and mammals themselves improved the food processing bit at the start of the process with chewing so that dinner was already softened up before it got to the stomach, taking less time and energy off the back end to provide for a more continuous feeding for us, rather than sitting around waiting for our stomachs to clear before going back out on a food search. The reason for that was that as endotherms, we needed to fuel ourselves on a more regular basis in order to maintain that metabolism that allows us to keep a regular body temperature. Chewing and processing our food up front requires more robust jaws, it is said, less smaller bones, so the quadrate and that other small bone...whatever its called, migrated to happily fulfil a happy evolutionary co-incidence and whatnot.

    • Harry Mallory
      Harry Mallory Month ago

      Oh, and this was going on way before the critter featured in this video was around. As soon as some forms of reptiles adopted the synapsid condition; the antorbital fenestre, additional jaw muscles could be employed to work the jaw so that it not only had better biting power, it could be employed to do more than that. Creatures like Dimetrodon, a pre-dinosaur reptile, an ancient relative of mamalformes, was particularly noted for its dentiary differentiation which already showed that the jaw was going to do more in the coming times, than just snap at things.

  • razzle dazzle
    razzle dazzle Month ago

    snazzy hankcut

  • SeventyFive
    SeventyFive Month ago +1

    So, after witnessing the news on this clip, am I a Jeholbaatar witness?