Pokimane Begs to Watch Movies on Twitch

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • Influenced by Dexerto - Pokimane has said she hopes one day publishers and streamers can come together and allow the creators and their chats to experience movies and tv shows together on stream. Lately on Twitch it has been mayhem with DMCA strikes, and we have seen many people get banned including Pokimane, and Disguised Toast. Is this an idea you could see happen some day?
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Comments • 35

  • Zenan Patel
    Zenan Patel 4 months ago +48

    That seems very very unlikely, the difference between streaming gaming and streaming movies is that gaming is transformative under who plays it. Everyone who plays it will have their own unique experience out of it.
    With movies you just watch the movie and thats it

  • roy batty
    roy batty 4 months ago +62

    this shit is getting out of hand.. these streamers are getting lazier & becoming more untalented by the day. there are ppl who grind games & do actual art & music for their viewers.. & these spoon fed, rich ass streamers want their jobs even easier/lazier by just watching shows/movies?? hell no, this should never happen

    • flaminfo e
      flaminfo e 4 months ago +5

      exactly dude like their job is already easy as fuck compared to other jobs streamers just need to have fun play some games and not leak shit they only need to stream like 3 times a week and only for 1-2 hours a stream

    • 💀Iban Headhunter💀
      💀Iban Headhunter💀 4 months ago +2

      @SMOOTHIE yup

      SMOOTHIE 4 months ago +9

      Exactly, all poki has to do is *EXIST* and one day for her is likely far more than a month of construction pays for me lmao

  • Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down

    Imagine getting thousands if not millions per month while doing nothing but just talk into a microphone or watching videos while eating and then demanding that you should be able to watch movies and TV shows while earning money of it and giving the original creator nothing in return

  • Viridian
    Viridian 4 months ago +4

    Very unlikely
    Watching full length movie would just take away paid streaming services and we all know. They do NOT like people watching their stuff without paying

  • Jamie Pearson
    Jamie Pearson 4 months ago +2

    Imagine you want to see a movie but instead of paying for it, you just go pull up someone else's old stream and just watch it there.

  • Red Shirt Shaggy
    Red Shirt Shaggy 4 months ago

    Imagine one day some decides to just watch every MCU movie on stream

  • Booferchung 2
    Booferchung 2 4 months ago +1

    She just wants to get paid for doing nothing at all

  • ShroomieWoomie
    ShroomieWoomie 4 months ago +1

    I don’t agree, since it takes away the Money the viewer should pay to watch the movie.

  • Bro think he carti 💀
    Bro think he carti 💀 4 months ago +5

    Its copyright either way so.

  • sauce ytl
    sauce ytl 4 months ago +3

    Just another piece of evidence to prove that Pokemon's morality and understanding of laws is like a toddler remember when she emitted that she almost quit twitch why did it have to be in almost twitch has not had as much copyright problems as TheXvid so they're so their understanding of copyright is solo that they say stupid stuff like this

  • donutlover69
    donutlover69 4 months ago

    It's because you can then watch movies for free
    That's the only reason I could think

  • matz_c1
    matz_c1 4 months ago

    Bruh just don’t you can make a better content than just watching TV on stream. And shows and movies are a TV producers property technically so you can just use it without their permission or buying the rights of that movie or show

  • Stiickyy_
    Stiickyy_ 4 months ago

    Wouldn’t watch pokimane but it would be fun to have watch parties

  • flaminfo e
    flaminfo e 4 months ago

    yea the viewers would enjoy it since its a free show but who would watch a person that just watches movies they’re just lazy and dont want to do content they just want free money they’re literally content creators for a reason

  • stätïøn 78 Fōr ÿòūr nêws🇺🇦

    they do know twitch is it’s on streaming company and don’t want other peoples stuff on THEIR website

  • GlowingGleam
    GlowingGleam 3 months ago

    As long as they pause to give their quirky commentary and its only exclusive to some sort of membership.

  • Racks
    Racks 4 months ago +1

    Twitch streamers are so lazy

  • Testing Fake
    Testing Fake 4 months ago

    She’s basically saying is that they want to make the movie producer poorer

  • Sir games Alot
    Sir games Alot 4 months ago

    Just don't monetize it

  • exter
    exter 4 months ago +1

    I think that's lazy work

  • KoiCat
    KoiCat 4 months ago +2

    "lt 's not a mistake " ✨its a masterpiece ✨

  • ™InFiNiTy16
    ™InFiNiTy16 4 months ago +1

    Its very unlikely but it would be cool. Twitch will lose alot of money by that but I guess other stream platform can make that. Yeah, the stream gonna be so full of movies reaction and stream gonna look lazy but If u want to do it, do it.

  • Davit Man
    Davit Man 4 months ago +7

    Pretty sure pokimane’s dream is never going to come ture bc if company’s start letting her to stream movies and tv shows those company’s will start losing milions of dollars and Obviously no comapany want’s to lose money and sadly this dream sadly won’t become true :( it would be good tho imagine watching an enitre movie/tv show for free on twitch!

  • Toni Taipalus
    Toni Taipalus 4 months ago +1

    What the fuck

  • YMK
    YMK 4 months ago

    Yes this sounds cool

  • v1nce
    v1nce 4 months ago


  • mr van
    mr van 3 months ago


  • tatti 11
    tatti 11 4 months ago


  • Isaac
    Isaac 4 months ago

    I think that will be really cool