When Robots Take Over

  • Published on Sep 10, 2017
  • They will enslave the strong ones. They will kill the weak ones. Sweet Treat #22
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Comments • 173

  • Mariam Aprasidze
    Mariam Aprasidze 3 months ago


  • Anna Grace
    Anna Grace Year ago

    AHHH JOHN why did you have to put in clips from their BFFs video?? It makes me cryyy😂

  • parker davis
    parker davis Year ago

    honestly im high and i have no idea whats happening

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson Year ago

    This is good stuff! WE NEED MORE RECUTS! They make everything better! XD

  • Johanna Cook
    Johanna Cook Year ago

    Freakin' love these!

  • Ironic S
    Ironic S Year ago

    Just to be honest the end of the video freaked me out so bad

  • GalacticpulseGaming
    GalacticpulseGaming Year ago +1

    Who edited this video?
    I like it

  • amxthyst
    amxthyst Year ago

    these videos are my favourite I love them I need more

  • Jimmy Lynch
    Jimmy Lynch Year ago


  • Buffalo Bill
    Buffalo Bill Year ago

    trying so hard to create content like adult swim

  • 花 光
    花 光 Year ago

    BFF is my favorite sketch :'D

  • Simple Review's
    Simple Review's Year ago

    Do You Ever ask yourself on this website.. What the fuck did i just watch?

  • Anal Expansion
    Anal Expansion Year ago

    This is literally an Alex jones video

  • Azul Alec
    Azul Alec Year ago

    Super Deluxe lmao

  • Jordan green
    Jordan green Year ago

    Jeez the end scared me lol!

  • Staniel 297
    Staniel 297 Year ago

    ohh, recuts. I thought it was recruits.

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter

    Oh man I love these, short video cuts. The robot Rhett was hilarious, great video.

  • The El dude Brothers

    This is funny... But very insane

  • Katie Quill
    Katie Quill Year ago

    I'm starting to live for these

  • Glasses&Mouthplates

    Nowhere nowhere nowhere nowhere...

  • Robert Hazard
    Robert Hazard Year ago

    I read the title as "when Roberts take over" and got excited

  • Magic Simplified
    Magic Simplified Year ago +1

    Today's was a good one. The perfect amount of creepiness!!!

  • sonali s
    sonali s Year ago

    John idek anymore

  • Zachary Albers
    Zachary Albers Year ago

    What GMM episode is the headset from?

  • sea b
    sea b Year ago


  • Brent Vettel
    Brent Vettel Year ago

    Rhett goes into the Matrix!.

  • jake Zimmerman
    jake Zimmerman Year ago +1

    We will make America great again

  • Karim Akiki
    Karim Akiki Year ago

    Best vids ever

  • Calvin Witt
    Calvin Witt Year ago +1

    I love how you guys can take already good stuff and recut it even better. It is like having awesome cake and being able to eat it too!

  • Victoria Marie
    Victoria Marie Year ago +1

    These are so disturbing

  • Peek the Ankylosaurus

    Is this super deluxe THIS IS GOOD

  • John Hachmeister
    John Hachmeister Year ago

    I love GMM, but this page is weird. I'm having acid flashbacks and shit. UNSUBSCRIBE.

  • PrototypeX669
    PrototypeX669 Year ago

    Someone in the editing department has been taking hallucinogens

  • Tatyana Massey
    Tatyana Massey Year ago

    I really wonder how many old GMM videos John has had to binge watch to find all the recut material. Like cause theres no way to just know what episodes theyve talked about certain topics in unless you watch it and remember it. Props man

  • Just Dom
    Just Dom Year ago

    What episode is it that Rhett is wearing that visor thang

  • Noah Funnell
    Noah Funnell Year ago


  • CumberPatch ._.
    CumberPatch ._. Year ago


  • Brianna Bresci
    Brianna Bresci Year ago

    I love these. But the classic is BOOTY BARRRRRR

  • KhOrganization
    KhOrganization Year ago

    I was about to say that they should've added the video when Link gets replaced with another one, but as soon as I was about to hit the text box they showed the clip.

  • Washing watermelons

    I wish they put the episodes they recut in the description :\

  • Jared Peterson
    Jared Peterson Year ago

    Favorite shitposters:
    This is Mythical's recuts
    Jarrod Alonge

  • TypicalWhiteAsianBoy

    Thought Nick Crompton was the thumbnail at first...

  • Hammy Technoid
    Hammy Technoid Year ago +1

    Robots won't take over...... WHO TOLD YOU THAT?

  • Hekapoop
    Hekapoop Year ago

    This is so good i cant believe how good this is jeez louis

  • Late Night Cereal
    Late Night Cereal Year ago +1

    Who does these videos? They all gotta be like... The director of super jail?

  • Taylor Maybach
    Taylor Maybach Year ago +2

    i like cheese

    • caterina cergol
      caterina cergol Year ago +1

      TaylorMaybach ...me too... nice.............k bye.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Year ago +2

    Are they ever going to upload anything to the Rhett and Link channel ever again?

    • BB-8
      BB-8 Year ago

      Son Goku I genuinely hope so. The best things Rhett & Link ever did are on that channel: carefully archived, very dusty national treasures now. 😢😭

  • nigga toltet
    nigga toltet Year ago

    Why does the mythical channel have the creepiest and most wierd stuff

  • Ashley Barnes
    Ashley Barnes Year ago


  • Joey Bailey
    Joey Bailey Year ago +1

    Get so high and watch

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A Year ago +1

    Rhett looks good in that thumbnail

  • Chad Lee
    Chad Lee Year ago

    I have to say this I enjoy watching all your channels, all the food challenges are funny as hell and its fun watching you your show for real.Rhett and Link are awesome,ten feet tall amazing,kevin,eddie,chase,ellie and the whole mythical crew but I have to confess...I think I'm in love with lizzie

  • little youtuber
    little youtuber Year ago +29


  • Fats Heart
    Fats Heart Year ago +1

    this weird shit is so good. I think.

  • Element Dolphin
    Element Dolphin Year ago +9

    What in the freaking world is John on?!?!

  • Sophie Sheppard
    Sophie Sheppard Year ago +20

    I don't know what this is but I love it more than anything???

  • Hafsah
    Hafsah Year ago +12


    • 花 光
      花 光 Year ago

      i_is_crazy un real latex?

  • A Mermaid’s Voice
    A Mermaid’s Voice Year ago +1

    ....okay then.......

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay Year ago

    This is Mythical the only thing keeping me sane on weekends

  • foxyiebot
    foxyiebot Year ago

    oh lort..lol +++

  • George Gore
    George Gore Year ago

    who out of the team puts these together? absolutely love them, they crack me up every time :D

  • Shannon Wiedower
    Shannon Wiedower Year ago

    Hi, um, for the good of all things mythical, I think we require a "Rhett and Link react to "When Robots Take Over" video please.....

  • Emily Kim
    Emily Kim Year ago

    The best friends video from Rhett and Link channel was so good idk why i love it sm

  • Tariq Hudson
    Tariq Hudson Year ago

    Lol well edited

  • CyborgJiro
    CyborgJiro Year ago

    Cannot wait.

  • Beth Buell
    Beth Buell Year ago

    Another brilliant recut! 💜

  • HunchoHoodRich
    HunchoHoodRich Year ago

    Lol this is funny they should keep doing this

  • carlosapian g
    carlosapian g Year ago

    1:13 Looks like Westworld copied the shit out of you guys!!

  • The Pie that the Cats Eat

    I question the crews sanity...........and Rhett and Link's too..........

    • Nucleo Negro
      Nucleo Negro Year ago

      The Pie that the Cats Eat i bet they'd get a positive in an antidoping test

    • Commander Video
      Commander Video Year ago

      these edits brought to you be edibles life greatest source of creativity

    • living Octopus
      living Octopus Year ago

      The Pie these edits are mostly made by a few people

  • Mohd Sophian Kamal


  • Pencils & Pills
    Pencils & Pills Year ago

    Rhett is Stevie 2

  • ShawolAD
    ShawolAD Year ago

    Super triggered by the clips from BFF. That ish was SAD T_T
    But heeeeeeeeeeccckkk yeah to re-cuts.

  • Brian L
    Brian L Year ago +30

    Everyone used to hate recuts. Now they love them. Me? I say... Whoever does this... Needs to rub some bacon on it.

  • Ned Powell
    Ned Powell Year ago

    Man this acid is good!

  • The Something Girls 3

    What the HELL! ._.

  • Samirang
    Samirang Year ago +1

    I love these recuts!!! There so fucking stupid XD

  • You don't Know me

    Thought I was high but realized I was watching GMM. Normal morning.

  • Van Y.
    Van Y. Year ago +63

    You can't use that scene from BFFs, it's too sad!

    • Qqqqqqqqq
      Qqqqqqqqq Year ago +4

      caterina cergol
      Well you sort of have to put your own context to it. For me I imagined that Link died and Rhett instead of dealing without Link made a company dedicated to Link clones to try and get his best friend back. Others could have different interpretations though

    • caterina cergol
      caterina cergol Year ago

      Van Y. I never got that vid. I just didn't get the story, if there was one. What is it about?

    • misty quintero
      misty quintero Year ago +3

      Van Y. I legit started crying

  • St.Louis Films
    St.Louis Films Year ago +4


  • HuyDandylion
    HuyDandylion Year ago

    I don't know why I'm still watching to the end after 10 second in the vid.....

  • libiidoism 317
    libiidoism 317 Year ago

    Love your videos😉😉😉

  • Benyed
    Benyed Year ago


  • Clara
    Clara Year ago +1

    Honestly recuts may be my favorite This Is Mythical series (and Ear Buiscuits OF COURSE)

  • Zemah
    Zemah Year ago +6

    I died at werk it xD

  • alena198318
    alena198318 Year ago +82

    Recuts make everything better

  • F___
    F___ Year ago

    *Welcome to The Other Side of TheXvid*

  • Offensive Nut
    Offensive Nut Year ago +5

    What is this?
    is this? What
    this? is What

    WHat iS L0v3

    • Silver Sax
      Silver Sax Year ago

      Edward Aldeen Baby.. don't hurt me. Don't hurt me... no more

    • Zebra Xanex
      Zebra Xanex Year ago +1

      is what? This

  • Ants Argentina
    Ants Argentina Year ago

    So cool

  • Savitar
    Savitar Year ago

    wHaT Is gOInG oN?!?!

  • BD
    BD Year ago +12

    Go, shorty
    It's my birthday

    • Zebra Xanex
      Zebra Xanex Year ago +1

      I'm loving that profile picture along with this comment.

  • DamianVlogs
    DamianVlogs Year ago +158

    This is good stuff!
    We need more recuts
    JOHN WARDER AND KIKO SUURA , you are great artists!

    • Alison Kam
      Alison Kam Year ago

      Oh ok ok

    • DamianVlogs
      DamianVlogs Year ago

      help me John and kiko

    • Screech, Pong And Joyce
      Screech, Pong And Joyce Year ago +2

      John used to be the editor for the recuts, but now Kiko is the editor and is the co producer of it with John

    • DamianVlogs
      DamianVlogs Year ago

      Alison Kam look at the credits in the description of the video

    • help me
      help me Year ago

      it was the guy who sang the pizza song (i think it was johnnei)

  • lowell graves
    lowell graves Year ago +8

    Whoever makes these videos, did rhett and link check your criminal background before they hired you? No serial killings or anything, right?

    • SpydersByte
      SpydersByte Year ago

      the producer is always listed in the descriptions

  • Louisa Lewis
    Louisa Lewis Year ago

    O.o okay this was too trippy to see so early in the morning.o.O

  • KenichiDC
    KenichiDC Year ago

    Now they have to make fan edits of themselves

  • poppy howard
    poppy howard Year ago


  • Sr.____
    Sr.____ Year ago


  • •
     Year ago +3

    I like what you guys are smoking

  • Vamshi Darisi
    Vamshi Darisi Year ago

    gotta love these recuts

  • the infinity stones


  • [insert clever username here]

    This is a beautiful animal documentary , good work.