The Crimes Of Grindelwald: Why It's The Worst

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    Fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindelwald was received with near universal criticism. In this video essay I identify the one reason why this movie was as bad as it was...
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  • The Closer Look
    The Closer Look  3 months ago +662

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    • Big Sosa Dope
      Big Sosa Dope 3 days ago

      You’re video sucks and doesn’t make sense

    • Roman Porubský
      Roman Porubský Month ago

      I just want to say one thing. I have been randomly suggested your Sherlock vs Sherlock video, I really dont subscribe too often to these channels, but I subscribed to your just for the things you said at the end. It really hit me at the time of the life when I am falling more and more into depression because I need a change in my life and I decided that I want to support you to do what you love, even if I am 2 years late to the party and you grew ten folds since then...

    • Kenyel Rodrigues
      Kenyel Rodrigues 2 months ago

      Man it would be amazing if you watched My Hero Academia, it's simply one of the best superhero stories ever... Sadly it's not a movie so you are probably not going to review it.

    • The Closer Look
      The Closer Look  3 months ago

      @Verena_fcb8 Tell me about it.

    • Verena_fcb8
      Verena_fcb8 3 months ago +1

      You know.. it sucks if the TheXvidr doesn't interact with people in the comment section ;))

  • GreenCheese
    GreenCheese 3 hours ago

    I thought she ruined it by making everyone gay

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph 20 hours ago

    I feel like the true "crime" was that people decided to let JK Rowling solely write the screenplay. We've had lots of evidence that she's not a "great" writer other than the series (and even then a lot of the like for that is from worldbuilding and taking multiple years of work).
    What could they have expected? A team to help JK Rowling write it (with her cannon-world ability to approve concepts) would've been more responsible.

  • APP
    APP 21 hour ago

    I liked it tho...

  • Tim 'Hyper'
    Tim 'Hyper' 23 hours ago

    fantastic beasts should have been a tv show

  • Daniela Galdino-Jolly

    It HURRRRT to watch it in theatres and it hurts to know how disappointing it is. After 40 minutes in I lost hope and stuck around out of love for the HP world plus Ezra and Zoe

  • Deathlygunn
    Deathlygunn Day ago

    I kind of feel like this franchise should have been purely about Credence rather than Newt, have the series be about Credence discovering his magical ability and honing it in a nom traditional way, leading to him being manipulated into a weapon by Grindlewal, that way the Dumbledore twist might actually mean something to the audience.

  • devil lonesome
    devil lonesome Day ago

    She should have let a professional do the screen writing.🤦

  • Matthew Giese
    Matthew Giese Day ago

    I watched all the Potter movies (my ex and her daughter watched them a LOT)... Those I could watch and actually liked a few of them and the others were ok... I tried watching this movie (Crimes of Grindelwald) and found myself bored and hoping it ended soon. It was just boring and meandering... pretty pointless and dull.

  • RealiableCandy4
    RealiableCandy4 Day ago

    JK Rowling: The second act is gay.

  • FuerstinMondes
    FuerstinMondes 2 days ago +1

    But...but...Jude Law looks so good in a three-piece suit!

  • I might not
    I might not 2 days ago

    Man, the movie looked so good.. I just wish the writing was better. Visually its fantastic, and I think the plot has potential regardless of its many flaws. Hopefully the next one is gonna do a better job at tying the loose ends together..

  • Zaxaris Petixos
    Zaxaris Petixos 2 days ago

    The end is the midpoint because it is the first part the next movie will come in a few months i think

  • Archer CBW
    Archer CBW 2 days ago

    Just.Kidding. Rowling

  • wd gaser
    wd gaser 2 days ago

    the wands into the earth scene is thebest

  • wd gaser
    wd gaser 2 days ago +1

    its a good film stop hating it

  • Ur daily shitpoaster

    We need another 500 movies books songs videogames
    and other content that revolve around the poor innocent Jews and the evil boogieman the Holocaust narrative...

  • Emanuele Joel Nisi
    Emanuele Joel Nisi 3 days ago +1

    Nhaaa.. bullshits. It s a good movie. Next video

  • Tigershark Gaming
    Tigershark Gaming 3 days ago

    Can you do a video explaining the 5 act structure

  • Egon Piesepampel
    Egon Piesepampel 3 days ago

    Rising action is fine, but in Infinity War the only thing that happens is one dramatic event after the other. The Crimes of Grindelwald is really interesting to watch, whereas all the other movies you mention are boring, because you know what is going to happen

  • Egon Piesepampel
    Egon Piesepampel 3 days ago

    I see your point, but you forget this is only a part of a series of five movies.

  • Gw v1
    Gw v1 3 days ago

    I think so too but another thing she ruined is she told people that Dumbledore is gay that makes no sense I don't see him sleeping with Severus Snape in any of the movies so it makes no sense why she did this

  • Big Sosa Dope
    Big Sosa Dope 3 days ago

    The movie was good there weren’t to many characters because in Harry Potter there were more it had a good story the only problem is all you people that hate just to hate you people are pathetic end game wasn’t even better than this movie but still everybody liked it that alone shows how easily you morons are manipulated

  • Rubix Avery
    Rubix Avery 4 days ago

    This movie could have been a lot better. With better story telling, less boring parts, and better structure, I think this could a have been better than the first fantastic beasts.

  • Kirai
    Kirai 4 days ago

    Fair enough, movie aint that good. And Im a big HP fan. BUT, you're looking at the movie as single piece. This movie has no 3 acts because the movie itself is an act. First FB was the intro act, this One is the development, and 3rd One Will be the ending. Its like saying the 2nd lord of the rings is bad cuz there is no introduction to characterd or plot.
    Hating on a movie for the sake of hate is dumb. Movie aint good, true, but atleast come up with decent arguments.

  • Raurie Sime
    Raurie Sime 4 days ago

    I was also disappointed by the movie because they basically made everything from the first one feel cheap and useless (i mean you left the first movie thinking the kid died) but for a movie about a guy who's whole thing was supposed to be about magical beasts it had almost nothing to do with magical beasts.
    to me what i was being sold just was not what I got. I really do agree that the story just seemed to be all the same till suddenly ending

  • Jenna Gentry
    Jenna Gentry 4 days ago +3

    As soon as they killed 2 babies I was PISSED and DONE.

  • QuazJinx
    QuazJinx 5 days ago

    I always thought that it was because they took away the ending of the first movie. They basically said “you know Jacob? Yeah... let’s bring him back for no reason whatsoever” and “hey, remember Credence, let’s say he didn’t get defeated, just because”. They back tracked on an already told story for no reason

  • Kaefer1973
    Kaefer1973 5 days ago

    Maybe this "if the scene serves no purpose, it can and had to be cut" rule is the reason I prefer all other media over movies? I like world building for the sake of world building, so a medium that has to reject it can't be one I love.

  • Gregg Lienhart
    Gregg Lienhart 5 days ago

    The characters are so dry and boring

  • Aura 7
    Aura 7 5 days ago +3

    No one:
    The entire universe:
    JK Rowling: Oliviander was a nonce who only kept Harry in his shop for so long so he could not just find the perfect wand, but to find the perfect moment to stick his wand in his ass.

  • Yo Me
    Yo Me 6 days ago

    Movies are boring as he'll, and I just never cared for ANY character at all, the main character also doesn't fit imo, I don't know why but I always wanted to punch his face in whenever I saw him..

  • Jos Kek
    Jos Kek 6 days ago

    Personally really enjoyed the second film but I do understand all the issues, however I feel all these answers will be revealed in the next few films. Harry Potter is very similar due or the nature of a film series, look at the first three films then look at the last set. The first three had separate stories with an underlying story building up within, then the last set merged into one story with underlying stories within each.

  • miinty fresj
    miinty fresj 6 days ago

    It says that Dumbledore made a pact not to fight Grindlewald - But didn't Dumbledore fight and defeat Grindlewald in order to obtain the Elder Wand? Am I mistaken?

  • Danul83
    Danul83 7 days ago

    I mean, the Newt and LeStrange flashback was important, or at least would have been, if the story had decided to follow through on half of the build up which focused on the relationship drama, what with her being his past love and now his brother’s partner, and him now being in a sort-of relationship with the other lass whose name I’ve forgotten. If we were watching a movie focused on that, it’d be good to see that. But with Grindelwald doing his stuff on top of that, on top of creepy teen wizard dude, whose name I’ve also forgotten, struggling with his relationship struggles and the like etc etc.
    The overburdened story from characters, plot lines, and the like is likely the root cause of the crappy structure. They were trying to do multiple different tellings of the same story, and to do so they had to do way more exposition than they should have. That being said, spending so long trying to find the lass in question was kind of absurd and unnecessary. Could have easily added rising action on that search to drive them forward without actually costing much of the other stuff.

  • SpookyMunky
    SpookyMunky 7 days ago

    i have never been able to finish any jk rowling film for some reason, lol .... I have watched too many films to count in this lifetime .. hers... I just fall asleep haha... I have tried watching harry potter a few times, tried reading the books ... i do not know what it is, I just get bored ... I have also read too many books to remember haha, 3 or 4 a week at one point ... sigh, really do not understand it... people seem to love them but I cannot, lol... I watch and read pretty much everything but her ?.. nope haha
    I am not trying to be edgy or different, I have honestly tried, lol... I have no idea what the problem is.... I even like all of the actors in it and love seeing them in other films haha

    p.s, this is from a guy that turned down a job on the lord of the rings films heh, one of my favourite series of books hah... it is not like I hate fantasy, and i did not turn it down because I hate tolkein, I just had other commitments and their offer was shit, lol... i honestly havve no idea why I cannot enjoy harry potter etc

  • Madenique van Wyk
    Madenique van Wyk 7 days ago +2

    Honestly the thing that pissed me off most about this movie is that they changed Newt's coat from that nice royal blue peacock colour to grey.

  • James O'Donnell
    James O'Donnell 7 days ago

    It felt entirely like a setup for another movie rather than meant to be its own standalone thing

  • Carl-Emmanuel Trepanier

    Mediocre authors can only write mediocre scripts.

  • joaxbeats !
    joaxbeats ! 8 days ago

    What if this second movie was the second act and the third movie is going to be the big climax HAHAHH idk just a thought

  • Francisco Cantu
    Francisco Cantu 8 days ago

    I feel the structure problem with Crimes of Grindelwald is that the entire movie is act one.
    Rowling is writing these films exclusively for the screen and not to be as far apart as they are ending up.
    The first film was a complete story simply to build pans and create a want for the other films.
    The next one if ever made will probably feel mismanaged as well. Mainly because all the films are meant to be seen together as a single epic installment rather than the 7 installments telling a larger story like the HP series

  • TheSmithey
    TheSmithey 8 days ago

    You can't just misquote The Gladiator like that. "I will have my vengeance"

  • ironbuzz
    ironbuzz 8 days ago

    The show don't tell bit is emblematic of something my high school english teacher taught me. You can break the rules if you know the rules

  • datumzinememories
    datumzinememories 8 days ago

    It almost like we could do the current star wars plots and it work better have the main current universe that ties in everyone tie off each exit to a separate plot and movie without effecting the main current story line and it be allot better fantastic beast main see Grunewald keep going on just there plot start grind. Plot in a separate chain of cross over movies and any other one off character who could be a movie seprately if the plot of content is enough to merit it.

  • Eric Raju
    Eric Raju 9 days ago

    Your point about there being a no second act made me think about how the original trilogy was extended to become 5 movies. So there is actually a reason there is no rising action or second act: this movie is entirely an advertisement for the third movie. Which is less of a problem with Rowling I think (FB1 had similar flaws but was more enjoyable as a stand alone film, despite being written also by her) and more of a Hollywood systemic problem as we see nowadays with the endless supply of reboots and sequels.
    I personally think JK Rowling has a lot of problems in writing which were evident in Fb1 and I think the lack of a second act here was ironically one of Rowling's least flaws and more on the style of writing franchises today.

  • D. Falco
    D. Falco 10 days ago

    Whoa are we just not going to talk about that train wreck of CGI happening around Newts had at 14:58?

  • UniioN Ace
    UniioN Ace 10 days ago

    Please, Vishnu, Allah, God, Kermit, Rowling, Tolkien, and all else that is holy (and that which is not) let Dumbledore beat Grindelwald, not Newt&Co.

  • Marcell Horváth
    Marcell Horváth 10 days ago

    I am the only one who actually liked this movie, right?

  • Chase Ryans
    Chase Ryans 10 days ago

    I agree with nearly all of this, however I personally think that Dumbledore withholding that one line of dialogue is, while an annoying delay story-wise, a very character-accurate move. Dumbledore gives out as little information as possible, seemingly believing that nobody but himself can be trusted with such dangerous materials. It’s entirely accurate to his characterization to keep this pointless secret right up to being handed the thing he wanted all along.

  • Justin Gomez
    Justin Gomez 10 days ago

    This video reminds of of everyone crying about all the Pokémon games after the first generation.

  • Cyril Gigee
    Cyril Gigee 10 days ago +1

    In my opinion Fantastic Beasts 2 is just a lump of solid filler and exposure that serves no other purpose besides allowing the 3rd film to happen.

  • Kriss
    Kriss 11 days ago +1

    Jkrowling just made everyone gay

  • Thorscape
    Thorscape 12 days ago

    Thank you for tearing "show don't tell" apart.

  • TaiDraws
    TaiDraws 12 days ago

    leta lestrange should have just been deleted, she was unnecessary and nobody cared about her except when she was hyped up in the first one as this 'mystery' from newts past. she had a few poor flashback and whoops she changed a baby (the only kinda important thing :/)

  • Henrik Persson
    Henrik Persson 12 days ago

    Yeah honestly I LOVED the first one, and i consider it one of my favourite movies. The second just didnt add anything new or exciting

  • Johan Järvinen
    Johan Järvinen 13 days ago

    If you want to show that Newt and Lestrange have a childhood connection, why not have Newt go through a picture book, reminiscing on his adventures with Jacob and pawing longingly at a picture of Tina. And somewhere in there he comes across a picture of himself and Lestrange at Hogwarts and the caption "friends forever". Use some similar iconography as has been established with Hermione/Ron/Harry in the Potter movies to help efficiently convey the meaning of this scene.

  • renamix
    renamix 14 days ago +9

    Those hogwarts scenes were "LOOK! HOGWARTS! You remember this from harry potter right? This is to do with Harry Potter! Look! By the merch!"

  • Exchange
    Exchange 14 days ago

    its sad because as a book fan ive always wanted her to write and direct the films as i see them as rushed and with too little of the source material used. now this comes along and i have to say that it was a mistake. maybe this franchise isnt meant for the big screen at all tbh. the other movies were "better movies" in a technical sense but story wise they were incomplete at best but i cant say COGW or the first film were better in that regard. cancel this as a movie franchise all together and go back to the books.

  • Denman Fite
    Denman Fite 14 days ago

    I'm going to hate this video. Here we go...

    • Denman Fite
      Denman Fite 14 days ago

      I will not disagree with you that this movie plays a lot more like a book flipped over into a movie nearly word for word.

    • Denman Fite
      Denman Fite 14 days ago

      3:15 I plan to respond further about your Act1/2/3 archetype and how arbitrary lengths are wrong but let me first say: you mean the movie ran for 2 and a half hours and you thought it was only getting started? Some would call that a good thing considering how much story there is and all the claims that it was "meandering."

    • Denman Fite
      Denman Fite 14 days ago

      0:40 the origin of Creedence's character was THE ENTIRE POINT. You couldn't predict anything because there was zero backstory to begin with. He was an orphan in the first movie "maybe" a wizard. Presumed dead until about 10m into the film. I'm not sure how you could fore-shadow anything without wiping away the first movie's ending with a narrator which is a horrible plot device.

  • Christian Bustnes
    Christian Bustnes 15 days ago

    It might suck but I’ll still watch it, Magic and such

  • Jake Shire
    Jake Shire 15 days ago +1

    Shes too busy turning the world gay lol.

  • Jake Shire
    Jake Shire 15 days ago +1

    Fantastic beasts 2: where not to find them.

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark 15 days ago

    Here's the real problem: the premise of the "Fantastic Beasts" was discarded for a Grindewald/Dumbledor showdown. It's that simple.

  • darktennisball
    darktennisball 15 days ago

    Nah, this film was so stupid that it was entertaining. The worst film attached to the wizard if world is Harry Potter 6

  • Roasted Pheasant
    Roasted Pheasant 15 days ago

    Start: "Oh hey it's Randy Daytona from Balls of Fury! I'm glad he found other roles!"
    *sees what he's in*

  • Cakinator 112
    Cakinator 112 15 days ago +1

    Jk would write a good story if she wasn't busy revealing unwanted info about Harry Potter characters, like Dumbledore, Ron, Hagrid, etc.

  • User-Name-Needed
    User-Name-Needed 16 days ago

    Hay valve cant do Threes, Jk Rowling cant do Twos, if we get them together maybe well have Half Life 3 Where at the worst Gman is a Rich Black Gay Guy and Freeman is a Pansexual who was raped

  • Matti Kauppinen
    Matti Kauppinen 16 days ago

    The point about conflict in the story brought to my mind a thing I was taught about storytelling
    The Butchers wife dying is not a story
    The Butchers wife dying and two days later the Blacksmith dying of grief is a story

  • TheBros2theend
    TheBros2theend 16 days ago

    God bless save and forgive you

  • Birat Chapagain
    Birat Chapagain 18 days ago

    If you want to give examples of great topic example you must look at Kung Fu Panda 1,2,3 everything is great. Best story in movie history

  • Brooke Murray
    Brooke Murray 18 days ago

    Honestly, I think I would have enjoyed Fantastic beasts more as a show, with each episode focusing on newt encountering a new creature. That would easily allow for a lot of world building, with Newt traveling across the wizarding world, without feeling unearned and forced. Hell, they could even dedicate a couple of episodes to the Credence thing, Leaving them more time to set up and unveil their twist. Honestly I think folks could really enjoy something based off of the source material (the actual fantastic beasts book that is) explaining how Newt managed to survive encounters with all the crazy stuff running around the wizarding world. It’s a shame, what happened to Fantastic Beasts, it definitely had potential.

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 18 days ago

    So I just looked in the comments and found out... Dumbledore is gay WTF🤯
    My question is

    Did I miss something in the movies. I mean the scene with the blood oath made me think of 2 really close friends not 2 lovers. I could have misunderstood though🤔
    Nope just rewatched the whole movie and I still don’t see a lovers connection. Maybe that’s just me😔😣😖


    • Arnold K.
      Arnold K. 14 days ago

      That's just what Rowling once tweeted, it's not revealed in any movie.

  • Ivona Strukar
    Ivona Strukar 19 days ago

    "Nord VPN didn't tell me to say this" -said nordVPN that he should say that

  • Brady Benedict
    Brady Benedict 19 days ago

    I think she saw this movie as the second act of the first movie. But movies don’t work like that

  • RockstarrClarke
    RockstarrClarke 19 days ago

    Just lazy writing. Since when do wizards just port them selves everywhere. Why does Dumbledore and Grindelwald have to be
    fagots ? Why was that such a big part of the story ? It doesn’t add anything to they’re arcs. No one cares who is fucking who in the Harry Potter universe. Or really any universe for that matter. Why does dunblefore now have a secret much younger brother ? So trash

  • Audrey Cox
    Audrey Cox 19 days ago

    I would like a ten hour loop of every single time you said "rising action", please. I NEED it.

  • Jaws Trock
    Jaws Trock 19 days ago

    so tldr.. She should of wrote new books instead of maknig movies. Got it.

  • isame 00
    isame 00 20 days ago

    When watching the movie I wasn’t sure if the final battle actually was the final battle as it didn’t *feel* like it, but it was so huge and seemed important to the characters so it had to be it. This movie was hard to follow

  • IonlyPlay Katarina
    IonlyPlay Katarina 20 days ago +1

    Plot twist.
    This was just a fanfiction from J.k.rooling

  • Frank D97E
    Frank D97E 20 days ago

    Fantastic Beasts 2 was a cash grab. That's how complex this truly is.

  • Frank D97E
    Frank D97E 20 days ago +1

    I love how you sneak in chess mentions, when in reality, chess has those analogies already. Opening, Mid-game, End-game.

  • AlexandrosGray
    AlexandrosGray 20 days ago

    I fully agree with you analysis and it left me thinking: could it be the reason that Crimes of Grindelwald doesn't have a second act is because the movie was conceived as the second installment in a five arc story? This would explain why the rally scene actually feels like the beginning of the second act (or middle of the story) and that would be because in the bigger overarching narrative it actually is.

    Mind you, I'm not trying to defend the movie in no way, I'm just attempting to come up with a reason as to why Crimes of Grindelwald ended up being the way it is (apart from Rowlings' poor screenwriting)

  • VulKus
    VulKus 20 days ago

    I was far too busy enjoying the movie to notice the poor structure, good video

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 20 days ago

    it's boring as hell and is only people in suits talking. Just rewatch HP or something with Ron making silly faces

  • Hoarau Thomas
    Hoarau Thomas 21 day ago

    I don't really care about this movie but what you say about it is in all Harry Potter movie and books so it doesn't bother me at all because all the JK Rowling story got these strange breathing like rythm which is kind of strange but match one of the characteristic of this universe it's strange but fascinating and that's why you point here is symptomatic of people who doesn't really like the Harry Potter saga. No problem with that. But what do you think is a bad thing for an efficient movie is what make those stories really great.
    Ps : oh and that's how a 3 act structure work. It's in French but it got diagrams

  • Jason Gibson
    Jason Gibson 21 day ago


  • Elias Marklund
    Elias Marklund 21 day ago

    No country for old men i suppose is a good example of a story that works wonders without what people would call "climax", at least it very, very slowly declines after what you would call the climax, but that said climax doesn't have an ultimate outcome anyway so it feels strange and metaphorical

  • SuperGorli
    SuperGorli 21 day ago

    Does a film really need to have the climax curve like you propose? I feel like the 2 movies are more like the lord of the rings books (not to be confused with the movies), which are more displaying worldbuilding that telling some battle action

  • Mi- Chan
    Mi- Chan 21 day ago

    I think people misunderstand show dont tell. I think of this less as ' have a scene instead of dialogue' and more ' make sure all scenes and dialogue are natural'
    In writing, 'tell' is tagged by action ' they did this, then that, then this' no insight, no emotion, no thoughts. 'show' involves alternate factors, ' they felt this, thought this, then did this.'
    By what most people think, dialogue would naturally fall under 'tell' because, well, it is telling. But I believe dialogue can fall under show if it occurs naturally within a scene. Thus, even exposition can be shown through natural dialogue

  • Andrew Maude
    Andrew Maude 22 days ago

    CGI takes over good story telling

  • shairo perez
    shairo perez 22 days ago

    I rented and watched this film from the library two days ago and I’m just totally disappointed in this film. Too damn short, leta’s story arc is bland, some of the characters were not really not relevant to the story, the ending plot twist felt somewhat clichéd, and what the hell were grindelwald’s crimes.

  • Samuel Disturbing
    Samuel Disturbing 23 days ago

    Wouldn't that be the editors job too ?

  • B- Beast
    B- Beast 23 days ago

    I hope J.K Rowling and the producers are aware of how badly written this movie is. They should watch this videos.

  • Ø Parkrr
    Ø Parkrr 23 days ago

    Learned about rising action before highschool....where did Rowling go-to school

  • dannyhuskerjay
    dannyhuskerjay 23 days ago

    Exactly the movie is just filler.

  • Jonathan Reed
    Jonathan Reed 23 days ago

    I had the same feeling after watching the Christopher Nolan's Batman movie with Bane(2 or 3?) -- I thought it was over 3 different times. So overrated...

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 23 days ago

    J.K. had a really good run for a little over a decade, after that she tried to do too much, she is constantly adding little details for irrelevant things to the point where a lot of the characters have just been a jumbled mess and the Fantastic Beasts series is adding more knots to this tangled mess.

  • Johairra Medillo
    Johairra Medillo 24 days ago

    I don't feel bad buying the screenplays just for the design. I don't care about the story cause it's gonna be crap anyways. All Rowling did lately was destroy Harry Potter and create money generating stuff and franchise.

  • Galaxy Boi
    Galaxy Boi 24 days ago

    I had no idea what was going on during the whole movie

  • Marty Mcfly 88MPH
    Marty Mcfly 88MPH 25 days ago

    Why do you speak American like that? Please stop.