The Crimes Of Grindelwald: Why It's The Worst

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    Fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindelwald was received with near universal criticism. In this video essay I identify the one reason why this movie was as bad as it was...
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  • The Closer Look
    The Closer Look  Month ago +581

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    • Kenyel Rodrigues
      Kenyel Rodrigues 24 days ago

      Man it would be amazing if you watched My Hero Academia, it's simply one of the best superhero stories ever... Sadly it's not a movie so you are probably not going to review it.

    • The Closer Look
      The Closer Look  26 days ago

      +Verena_fcb8 Tell me about it.

    • Verena_fcb8
      Verena_fcb8 26 days ago +1

      You know.. it sucks if the TheXvidr doesn't interact with people in the comment section ;))

    • Jaojin Talonis
      Jaojin Talonis 28 days ago

      Cutting the entire Hogwartz scenes would have also removed two bits of information that could not be delivered by exposition without ham-fisting it: that Lestrange was actually in love with Newt and why, and what the blood pact looked like, so that when they steal it in the end some people aren't left scratching their heads about it's importance. The Dumbledore brother reveal and the whole Lestrange family dead end was pretty dissatisfying, and the little thief creature stealing the blood pact was pretty predictable, which puts a damper on the ending. Overall I saw it more as a mystery, where you slowly get pieces of the puzzle over the course of movie to put together the story. If Lestrange's declaration creates tension between Newt and others in the next movie then maybe it was worth it? All in all it wasn't the worst movie; could it have been better, absolutely, but it wasn't a train wreck or anything.

    • Springwood Slasher
      Springwood Slasher 28 days ago

      Whenever someone even mentions fury road I know I'm dealing with a complete moron. I'm obsessed with mad max that bieng said fury road was one of the worst movies iv ever seen.

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 2 hours ago

    Rowling rhymes with bowling.

  • Bob is back, now with more saltwater

    Harry Potter is actually a butch lesbian.

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones 9 hours ago

    I liked it..

  • cococorino
    cococorino 12 hours ago

    both me and my friend went to see this in theaters and we both fell asleep

  • Jan Solo
    Jan Solo 16 hours ago

    Well, I Like Nifflers...

  • Write Heroes
    Write Heroes Day ago +1

    It's hard to write a good story.

  • DavidCinnella
    DavidCinnella Day ago

    Absolutely agree on everything. There's just one little detail I'd like to point out that, frankly, I don't see anyone discussing at all. Rowling did do a terrible job at this screenplay, but let's not forget that WB originally wanted to make this a trilogy, that's what they signed a contract with Rowling for. However, after seeing how poorly they were handling the DCEU, they needed a certified cashgrab that could last longer for them, and so (from what I can tell) they decided at the last minute, after the completion of FB1, to tell Rowling that they wanted to EXTEND the series, from a trilogy to a quintology. Five damn movies. Say what you want about her accepting to make this extra franchise in the first place, I can easily understand that, but just imagine working for a long time on structuring this as best as possible into a trilogy, and nearly half-way there the studio asks you to fill it up to five. This is an even worse decision than with the Hobbit, which went from 2 movies to 3. That was just one extra movie and we all saw how bad "Battle of the Five Armies" was. Imagine adding TWO extra movies in total. For all her faults, I think it should be acknowledged that she was put into a corner, and must have been absolutely fed up with everything by that point, and just did her best to pad the runtime however she could. Including (yes) adding entire new Hogwarts scenes that were either unnecessary or redundant, and (yes) giving up on the idea of what a three act structure should be, because she was forced to extend this way beyond what it was supposed to be in any natural way.
    Unless I missed or misunderstood something from the behind the scenes news, let me know what you all think, and if this in any way helps contextualize things. No, it doesn't change the quality of the movie (it's just plain bad, one of the worst of 2018), and Rowling has been making some questionable decisions lately, but if all of this is true, then I think at least she could be given some small lead-way or benefit of the doubt for having been put into a corner practically by force.

  • Bridgette Lair
    Bridgette Lair Day ago

    Let's shuffle it around and change a couple things to make a better movie.

    First: Dumbledore+Aurors about Newt escaping and Grindelwald, mirror thing, cut to Newt who gets surprise visit from Queenie+Jacob, Newt finds a poster of the circus with those rare creatures and decides to free them, Credence+Nagini both captives/acts by the circus, Grindelwald looking for Credence sees the poster

    Second: Everyone's tailing the circus, Grindelwald committing heinous crimes in pursuit of Credence, Newt+Co. interaction, Newt+Jacob evading aurors who aren't after Newt but are after Grindelwald, circus being awful and magical at the same time, Everyone gets to the circus (Newt+Co.,Grindelwald, and Aurors), chaos/fighting ensues, Newt sees Credence get taken by Grindelwald, Grindelwald lying (just no way is he a Dumbledore) to Credence, Newt helping the escaped creatures and hiding out at Hogwarts but now wants to save Credence

    Third: Dumbledore+Newt interaction+Newt flashback, Queenie+Jacob interaction and breakup, Grindelwald rally with Credence there as well as Queenie, Newt with the help of Jacob and specific creatures from circus and the flashback infiltrate rally, everything goes wrong/fighting, Newt tries to convince Credence, Grindelwald again escapes with Credence (Credence loses some trust in Grindelwald and is questioning him now), Queenie is captured for her legilimens ability, leaving Newt+Jacob on their own, and Grindelwald with new pawns

    Stuff I didn't like and shouldn't be: Tina+Newt romance, French Guy who was Leta's half-brother, Leta's baby swapping, random auror who is bad guy, Newt's brother, Leta's mother's story, Nicholas Flamel
    Stuff I did like but doesn't fit in the story: Leta Lestrange

  • Brandon Last name

    The problem with this is we have no idea where it’s going and there are two many people that are wasted I’m holding out hope for this to be just a build up to a climax in the fifth movie (the duel)

  • Brandon Last name

    I’m holding out hope for her to fix this later in the series

  • JustAnArrogantAlien

    Regarding "show, don't tell"... to steal a phrase from Barbossa, it's a guideline rather than an actual rule. Same is true for most of the "rules" of storytelling, whether in novels, movies, or otherwise. You _can_ break the "rules," as long as you know what you're doing.

    VOLD GAMER Day ago

    if it is called fantastic beasts it should be about FANTASTIC BEASTS!!!!!!

  • Rowe Productions

    13:38 Oh yeah and another thought.... the whole bit with the mirror. Isn't the mirror designed to show what someone desires most? Like with Harry and and his parents? That should mean that it shouldn't show the blood pact as that's already happened? Damn it Rowling!

  • Corey Knight
    Corey Knight 2 days ago

    Honestly 1 very short scene lie the mirror scene explaining the blood pact would have be fine and far less annoying by comparison to all the scene thrown at me that I absorbed for no reason. Showing is better than showing so much that I dont now or care whats important anymore.

  • Corey Knight
    Corey Knight 2 days ago

    I was so excited as those dark shrouds started to fly around and they said "Grindelwald is gathering his followers' thinking that something was about to go down band that the villain had made the first move toward conflict as the heroes were yet un-prepared-- but then the sheet blew away and nothing happened.

  • Ugin, The Spirit Dragon

    I forgot about the story of this movie two days after watching it.

    i even forgot about the Credence reveal...

  • El Bearsidente
    El Bearsidente 2 days ago

    I saw the first Fantastic Beasts movie and immensely disliked it. It wasn't very good. I have not seen this one. I will not see this one. Everything I hear is just bad and I'm not willing to spend time and money to find out, not after the utter (sometimes even racist and culturally insensitive) garbage JKR has produced in recent years.

  • aquamarine ancient soul

    The only one I cared about was newt.

  • vanyadolly
    vanyadolly 2 days ago

    It makes me so sad! I loved the first Fantastic Beasts movie. Is it too much to ask to just have a series about a soft guy and his soft friends finding fantastic beasts?

  • Yoyo Mizuzawa
    Yoyo Mizuzawa 3 days ago

    What's the music in the background?

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 3 days ago

    JK Rowling should have quit while she was ahead. She stumbled in to success with Harry Potter.

  • Tron -
    Tron - 3 days ago

    JK Rowling was ruined by fame.

  • Emilia Autio
    Emilia Autio 3 days ago

    We’ve seen 2 out of 5 movies. I think the second act has just began.

  • Alex Wishardt
    Alex Wishardt 3 days ago

    It was written by a woman, thats why she doesnt know how to climax

  • scottski02
    scottski02 4 days ago

    I agree the structure (or lack thereof) is probably the biggest objective flaw with this movie.
    The one that was most *subjectively* bad for me though, was what they did to Queenie and Jacob. Their relationship in the 1st movie was simple, sweet, and although a bit unrealistic, I was still very invested in it, enough that Jacob losing his memories of Queenie at the end was genuinely tragic.
    Then what do they do to that very adorable couple in the next movie? Jacob is relegated to a 3rd-rate side character who does nothing at all, and Queenie turns into a controlling, borderline-insane yandere who slips her boyfriend magical roofies while having the gall to get mad at HIM for calling her "crazy."
    "Character derailment" doesn't even begin to describe it.

  • Baptiste G
    Baptiste G 4 days ago

    Crap ! The is just what I thought when I first saw the movie !

  • ColdWelder
    ColdWelder 4 days ago

    I love that youtube tried to sell me a digital version of the movie after watching this video. 🤣

  • Jerome Alday
    Jerome Alday 4 days ago

    Even AtLA manage the 3, act

  • cubeincubes
    cubeincubes 4 days ago

    The protagonist isn’t interesting, and he looks goofy. I checked out long ago, let Disney reboot it after I’m dead I’ll be happy

  • Carcharodon megalodon

    They should’ve focused on the plot & gone through the dilemma & emotions of Dumbledoor & his brother killing their sister & getting away with it.
    I still don’t get what this movie is about.

  • Ethindil
    Ethindil 6 days ago

    Tbh, I can‘t agree with the examples of your critique. Yes, the Hogwarts scenes were redundant, but Dumbledore not being able to fight Grindlewald is probably one of if not the most important piece of information the movie offers. (At least explanation wise. Shortening that down to 1 Minute of dialogue would‘ve prbly just felt clunky)
    My main issue with the movie were other scenes and plots that were just entirely superfluous. While the Credence plot-line was needlessly long, you at least had some sort of emotional attachment to him from the first movie. What really got on my nerves was the whole „black voodoo wizard wants to take revenge on the Lestrange family“ plot-line/ark:
    Not only did it waste a HUGE amount of time - it also got absolutely nowhere. It „climaxed“ quite literally into a breath of warm air and that was it. The entire plot added nothing to the story and gave no additional information to any characters (I mean srsly, we know the Lestranges were bad people. It could‘ve been said the father was no different and it would have absolutely sufficed).
    That in summary was also my biggest problem: the huge amount of characters all being given screen time w/o them adding anything to the story. The Hogwarts scenes were „good writing“ in comparison to that.
    Great video though and keep up the good work! :)

  • Melon Tart
    Melon Tart 6 days ago

    I'm convinced that this film was a universal second act for the 5 films.

  • Dubby Dub
    Dubby Dub 6 days ago +1

    I tried. I really tried. I would rather kill two hours by watching this review on repeat 6 times.

  • Joshua Mckellop
    Joshua Mckellop 7 days ago

    I like how there "the Crimes of Grindelwald" movie is presented for $5.99 at the top right of my screen, aaaahhhhh the irony

  • Kuba Imiela
    Kuba Imiela 7 days ago

    Really enjoy every single one of your videos even if i dont know movies you talk about

  • Lucy Sky
    Lucy Sky 7 days ago +1

    Fantastic Beasts and How to Milk Them

  • Gary Projects
    Gary Projects 7 days ago

    Killed? $1.5 B is pretty good for a killed franchise.

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 8 days ago +1

    Let us not forget that the pointless Hogwarts nostalgia scenes were canonically contradictory! Retconning McGonnagal’s age and employment at Hogwarts in a blatant and flagrant disregard for the fans’ knowledge of canon and continuity!

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 8 days ago +1

    Come on, old chap. You’re as British as me so stop using American pronunciations such as _PAY-trun-eye-zing._

  • Nate Jack22
    Nate Jack22 8 days ago +3

    When I first saw the big climax I audibly said "no. This isn't it. It can't be"

    • Regulus Black
      Regulus Black 7 days ago

      My mother thought it was good, but then again there were pretty colours and I am a fan she didnt want to insult.

    KALEM DUCKMAFIA 9 days ago

    Most of film will make sense when the next film it's what you call a middle film i think the film was more for information on the downfall of grindlewald like the blood pact being destroyed before we didn't know much info about the relationship between Dumbledore and grindlewald it explains how Dumbledore has a decion to make to forget his pact with grindlewald for the greater good

  • Scott Mcspadyen
    Scott Mcspadyen 9 days ago

    It's a good movie I don't agree with all you

  • ClaraMP // 羊 Subliminals

    My mother got the script from the library and it was that poorly written that she stopped reading it.
    'The script was absolute shit!', those are my mums words and she brought me to Harry Potter and we both have been diehard fans since the very beginning.
    She read the books for me as my bedtimes story when I was a child and they were the first books I've read myself.
    But these books were books!
    This script and including the movie is a piece of garbage.
    My father is an author and I also do know a lot of things about writing, structuring and what a good plot needs.
    If it wasn't just the bad structure of the film...immense plot holes that are so so big that you'd need a bridge to cross them and movie mistakes that you would notice even if you've only seen the films.
    Like mcgonnagal being in this film as Newts teacher even though she would be about -40 years old at that time, she was born when the wizard war had already started.
    There are entries, stories and videos about her whole story and when harry was at Hogwarts she was in her 50's or so.
    It's like this was written by somebody else or as if another person wrote the harry potter books and the wizarding world entries but then jk wrote the script herself...
    That many acknowledged facts have been ignored in this movie.
    No HP movie has ever disappointed me as much as this did.
    And I'm saying this after the half blood prince and after deathly Hallows part two.
    If you know how to write a book, you know how to write s good script.
    But this is just a disappointment.

  • Charlotte Hayde
    Charlotte Hayde 10 days ago +1

    Completely agree, I was so disappointed after going to the midnight screening, and I couldn't quite work out why. I just feel like I didn't learn anything, if someone asked me now I couldn't tell you what the film was about. It's almost as if each of these 5 Fantastic Beasts Films are their own acts (The first is Act one, The second is Act 2 etc), rather than each being a story in their own right.
    The scenes at Hogwarts are solely for nostalgia, something to put in the trailer to build hype.

  • Charmandy Orton
    Charmandy Orton 11 days ago

    6:16 That plot graph made me laugh

  • Tracy Marks
    Tracy Marks 11 days ago

    I like it anyway

  • Jasmine Urameshi
    Jasmine Urameshi 11 days ago

    I loved it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Jean-Pascal Lavigne
    Jean-Pascal Lavigne 11 days ago +1

    I think you couldn't have said it better! Thanks for this video

  • Alenezi989 A
    Alenezi989 A 11 days ago +1

    These movies should've been about a mysteries revolving around fatastic beasts like the main character would be traveling the world a solving such cases or helping or rescuing magical creatures usually with a new characters that would've been great , it's called fantastic beasts but they have nothing to do with the story, it's as if HP stories were not about Harry and he was just a side character that show sometimes

  • Taylor Ehlert
    Taylor Ehlert 12 days ago

    Hey Henry, I’d really suggest you read The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. It is an absolute joy to read. It is my favorite series of all time. I know you’d love it :)

  • maha alamri
    maha alamri 12 days ago

    Why not!

  • Furor Frisii
    Furor Frisii 12 days ago

    Who will be found gay by Rowling in this movie, when attention will start to fade?

  • Tarik Peraza
    Tarik Peraza 12 days ago

    I just want to say something :🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • kztar621
    kztar621 12 days ago +1

    The problem I believe is that NOTHING in this movie was set up in the first, which means the movie has to spend a colossal amount of time setting everything up because unlike the first which is just a cutesy romp in which these random people are just looking for a bunch of animals and coincidentally get involved in something bigger, the second wanted to be a hyper-dramatic opera akin to Deathly Hallows, but doesn't have the baggage to fall back on.
    Fantastic Beasts felt like a very self-contained story, there were no lose ends by the end, Newt was going back to the UK to write his book and his relationship with Tina was taking off smoothly, Queenie had found Jacob and resolved to be with him regardless of what MACUSA had to say about it while he had gotten the funding for his bakery and was well on his way to success, Grindelwald had been captured, Credence was dead as well as Barebone closing up that loose end, and the city had been restored by the aurors and the memories of the nomajs had been erased; at that point everything that would eventually come later in The Crimes of Grindelwald were merely possibilities, not certainties, and we may as well have gotten an entirely different film and it would still have been just as competent (Or incompetent) a sequel.
    Compare this to the mid-point of the Harry Potter series, the ending of Goblet of Fire; at the end of this movie everything is already set up for Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort has been revived, his followers have been summoned before him and taken their orders, Cedric is dead (Setting up Harry's refusal to involve his friends further) and the Ministry and the Daily Prophet have begun their smear campaign against him and Dumbledore, so when the next film rolls in and Voldemort begins influencing the underground magical community, Harry's relationship with everyone becomes strained and the Ministry begins meddling in the affairs of the school everything is warranted and follows organically from the previous installment.
    Think back to Fantastic Beasts, to the ONLY scene in which Leta is discussed, when Queenie reads Newt's mind and tells him of how she's a "Taker" and he needs a "Giver" like Tina, does that sound like the Leta Lestrange in this movie? In The Crimes of Grindelwald Leta is anything but a taker, she's established as very much a perfectly good woman and person who for some reason is convinced she's a bad person, when she hexes other student it's because they talk behind her back, she's ready to marry Newt's brother despite still loving Newt because she knows Newt doesn't love her back, and at the end she sacrifices herself without a second thought to give the aurors a chance to escape from Grindelwald; hell, the one "bad" thing she's ever shown doing is killing her brother, and it's very well established that this was a mere accident and that she didn't mean it; and then we wonder why the movie wastes so much time establishing her character, her past, her current life and her future? It's because her previous characterization was wiped entirely (I suspect, because Rowling just now decided to cast her as a half-black woman, something she probably didn't really intend with the first description of the character, as per usual).
    It's like if Dumbledore had died in Philosopher's Stone rather than in Half-Blood Prince and they expected the same payoff, the reason Dumbledore's death is such a shock is that it occurs so late in the story that it changes the whole character dynamic, suddenly Harry doesn't have this sage old man whispering on his ear at all times telling him exactly what to do, he's now on his own.
    The way for the plot of The Crimes of Grindelwald to work would have been to make it the third film of the series, and create a second movie with a smoother scalation and a different climax; by pulling all of this exposition apart and sprinkling it on two movies it would make for a much more consistent scalation, supposedly, this series is going to be 5 movies long, but for some reason they seem to have set up the story in its entirety in the second one, so the next film may even have the opposite problem and be very light on plot and very heavy on action setpieces, creating yet another unsatisfying experience.

  • itsallablurr
    itsallablurr 12 days ago

    I watched this film super high and had no clue wtf was going on, which I thought was strange because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and usually, no amount of weed can throw me off. I watched it sober a week later and decided it wasn't the kush that fucked the movie up for me. The movie itself was just tragically confusing. Don't even get me STARTED on credences return, which needed WAY more explaining. And that uncomfortable romance between Leta and Theseus... It was a shit show.

  • Jasmine Reeve
    Jasmine Reeve 12 days ago

    The thing about the show don't tell rule as well, is that the film neglects that rule anyway for arguably much more important information such as how Jacob got his memories back

  • Shashank hegde
    Shashank hegde 12 days ago +3

    JK: Dumbledore was grindlewald's fuckboi because he disliked straight people.

  • Trash viewer
    Trash viewer 12 days ago

    It was never alive to begin with. So it can't be killed.

  • Michael Lorah
    Michael Lorah 12 days ago

    I honestly think the first Fantastic Beasts movie was great. I enjoyed it. So when I watched the sequel, I was hugely underwhelmed. It seemed to lack substance while still somehow being 2 hours long.

  • birdieberry
    birdieberry 13 days ago +1

    "Writing is about making choices" -- quote from "Wonder Boys"
    J.K. didn't make good choices.

    • Frogwai
      Frogwai 6 days ago

      Michael Chabon!

  • Jake Brodsky
    Jake Brodsky 13 days ago +1

    What a waste of your time to make this. Rowling is a genius and she’ll obviously tie this all together and just cuz Grindelwald said he’s a Dumbledore doesn’t mean he is. The characters are in the right place at the right time. You probably thought Neville was a wasted character too.

  • Jay P
    Jay P 13 days ago

    Woke faggotry and trans is killing this franchise, time to drop out.

    • Regulus Arcturus
      Regulus Arcturus 6 days ago

      There is nothing "woke" or "faggotry" about this series. Rowling said way back in 2007 following the release of the final book that Dumbledore was gay during a fan q&a when she was asked whether Dumbledore had ever been in love. She didn't do it for publicity or to be "woke" but because it felt true to the character and his story arc.
      The people like you who think a character being gay is somehow detrimental to a story are a problem and not the characters ot authors themselves. Try to deal with your homophobia in a more productive way than leaving ignorant comments online.

  • spookyNoodles
    spookyNoodles 13 days ago

    when i was watching it i thought i was having a stroke or something, i couldn’t tell why i was so lost

  • lio marvel
    lio marvel 13 days ago

    Jk Rowling wrote a book not a screenplay. I feel like this movie would have been a great book but its a terrible movie. She'd have more time to flesh out all those characters and world build in a book

  • Bee Beau
    Bee Beau 13 days ago

    I fell asleep in the cinema during the climax (and a few other times) due to jet lag a d then my friend woke me up by stroking me

  • phangirlable
    phangirlable 13 days ago

    Ugh, all you need to know about the kind of people who think it's fashionable to bash FB is that comment with over 1K likes by idiots that says that Credence dies at the end of the 1st movie and Jacob forgets everything when the ending of the first movie makes it clear neither was the case. If you can't even catch that and thousands of other can't because you suffer from ADHS then stay away from judging the movie.
    Thank goodness those movies aren't reliant on the drone mind hate mob part of the western audience who decided collectively to hate JKR like the Borg they are I get to enjoy the whole series.

  • Coretta Hattereaux
    Coretta Hattereaux 13 days ago +5

    Harry Potter was in a passionate physical relationship with his broom 🧹 and that is why he found quidditch so exhilarating.

  • KatyBeth
    KatyBeth 13 days ago

    Sorry for coming onto your video and writing messages arguing your point. I have removed my comments, not because I agree with you, but because you are allowed your opinion as I am mine, and I do not want to be the person who comes into your space arguing with your points.

  • sweetcyanidetea
    sweetcyanidetea 14 days ago

    What is the music playing at 01:27? its so beautiful

  • Bill Volk
    Bill Volk 14 days ago

    You sound just like Terry Jones

  • Procione Mannaro
    Procione Mannaro 14 days ago

    I watch a lot of movies and this is by far the worst in a while

  • MATtHew
    MATtHew 15 days ago +1

    The Crimes Of J.K Rowling

  • Captain Thirteen
    Captain Thirteen 15 days ago

    This is why Rowling should stick to books. There’s much more flexibility to structure.

  • Salvatore Escoti
    Salvatore Escoti 15 days ago

    Unnecessarily Complicated and convoluted and irrational and contradictory and stupid is this movie.

  • BoGaming 2100
    BoGaming 2100 15 days ago +1

    I liked this movie for its wonderful and colorful shots, beautiful and amazing acting, a few compelling characters, but I agree that the writing was horrible.

  • Dion7
    Dion7 15 days ago

    FB2 is a huge disappointment, given what I was expecting after the first FB movie, but nowhere near as bad as the majority of HP movies. People's pettiness and overused memes against Rowling are also getting tiring.

  • Populair Kanaal
    Populair Kanaal 15 days ago

    The mirror scene was nescesary because of harry potter 1

  • justabitofamug
    justabitofamug 15 days ago +2

    Man, I liked this movie. I also liked the last jedi. And venom. Come at me, internet

  • illBeets
    illBeets 15 days ago

    I love this movie, its just awesome!!! I haven't slept that good since Star Wars

  • Kem
    Kem 16 days ago

    I saw the crimes of grindelwald in a book shop and I was too scared buy it because of JK Rowling suddenly changing the characters and stuff and I didn't want it to ruin the original Harry potter for me

  • theodore garcia
    theodore garcia 16 days ago

    I just watch the movie on DVD but there is a Blu-ray version with extended version of the movie I thought the first one was good I can't believe she didn't do good on this one I hope the third one is better

  • Miffy Lee
    Miffy Lee 16 days ago

    is the music in the background of this video from fantastic beasts soundtrack?

  • Cyber Spinosaur
    Cyber Spinosaur 16 days ago

    What's the name of the track playing at the beginning of the video? It's beautiful

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen 16 days ago

    About the movie building Block this is part 1 of 2 so the ending i only 50 % of the movie, no finale

  • TheMage 101
    TheMage 101 17 days ago

    the credence plot twist is shiit af true and is not canon on tge books😑

  • Dumbledoresarmy13
    Dumbledoresarmy13 17 days ago +1

    This trend of just having movies to set up another movie really needs to stop. If a movie needs other movies to exist to prop it up, then it has failed as a film. Just because some franchises can afford to have a trilogy of films doesn't mean they should stretch a single story plot awkwardly across 3 films just to grab extra cash... and we as viewers need to stop buying into the hype and nostalgia and inadvertently supporting stuff like this.

    • Turk
      Turk 14 days ago

      100% agree. I think that it ties in with something else i dislike and that is the "unending story" which is a story that keeps going past its clear ending point. More books, more movies, more sequels that don't need to be there. Some authors and storytellers are just too afraid to end their stories that they ruin perfectly good tales by stretching them.

  • Megren
    Megren 17 days ago

    What's the name of yhe soundtrack in the beginning !?

  • LtdEcho
    LtdEcho 17 days ago

    What beasts?

  • Cyn Fox
    Cyn Fox 17 days ago

    Well...I actually preferred this movie over the first fantastic beasts. I felt it was more cinematic and it was more interesting. I quite enjoyed it actually.

  • Mike Oz
    Mike Oz 18 days ago

    This film was confusing in every way. I at no point had any idea what was going on and therefore wasn’t at all interested.

  • Krempt Forg
    Krempt Forg 18 days ago

    Crimes of nigligwiggedmcdig.

  • RyuShinkuuHadoken
    RyuShinkuuHadoken 18 days ago

    The 3 acts work so well for the Marvel universe because the first act was 10 years of movies setting the second act for Infinity war and now the third act will be Endgame.

  • Leonardo Rezapour
    Leonardo Rezapour 18 days ago

    i thought i was the only one who hated this movie. seems like everyone feels the same.

  • hans anette
    hans anette 18 days ago

    I got an add for fantastic beasts

  • nigelcarren
    nigelcarren 18 days ago

    I love all the Harry Potter movies, but I am starting to think that I need to do some hardcore revision before I dare to watch this? I don't even understand the reviews... So is this for superfans only? None of the reviews make any of the experience seem either entertaining or enjoyable, unlike Harry Potter, which I found enjoyable, entertaining and utterly charming.

  • Mas Mohamad Zulilham Firmansah

    How J.K Rowling kill J.K Rowling

  • Nicole Taylor
    Nicole Taylor 18 days ago

    dont know why she couldnt solely focus this film on grindlewald instead of making him a characature of a villian.

  • Nicole Taylor
    Nicole Taylor 18 days ago

    she killed it withe negini, and the drama between that couple. who really cares. she should have left the new york dude out.

  • FellTheSky
    FellTheSky 18 days ago

    J.K. Rowling

    Thats the only problem of the movie