What if there were 1 trillion more trees? - Jean-François Bastin

  • Published on Oct 26, 2020
  • How can trees help in the fight against climate change? Dig into the efforts to rebuild damaged ecosystems and reduce carbon emissions.
    Today humanity produces more than 1,400 tons of carbon every minute. To combat climate change, we need to reduce fossil fuel emissions, and draw down excess CO2 to restore the balance of greenhouse gases. Like all plants, trees consume atmospheric carbon through photosynthesis. So what can trees do to help in this fight? Jean-François Bastin digs into the efforts to restore depleted ecosystems.
    Lesson by Jean-François Bastin, directed by Lobster Studio.
    Animator's website: www.lobsterstudio.tv/
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  • Question Everything
    Question Everything Year ago +10558

    “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

    • tim Rodriguez
      tim Rodriguez Month ago +1

      For real

    • ㄱ!?
      ㄱ!? 2 months ago

      @Harsh nope, wont do anything

    • David Hilgendorf
      David Hilgendorf 2 months ago +1

      There is no best time to plant a tree. There is no worst time to plant a tree. There is just... time. Time to plant a tree.

    • Sara Cole
      Sara Cole 4 months ago

      @Edward Teach Lovely! I have an apricot tree, a lime tree, an orange tree, and a young pomegranate tree. I'm hoping to have a lemon tree someday- maybe even an orchard. I love lemons

    • Jesus Is Caucasian
      Jesus Is Caucasian 5 months ago

      Very original

  • Clarence Dun
    Clarence Dun Year ago +7349

    Can we just appreciate how beautifully this was animated

    • freyalovesyou
      freyalovesyou 6 months ago

      it’s like the google backgrounds

    • f1f1s
      f1f1s 7 months ago

      I disagree with you. This art style is mostly associated with modern-day corporations (Facebook, Google etc.), and looks dystopian. Those disproportionate bodies with deformed limbs have been the plagues of infographics since the early 2010, and is mostly associated with hipsters or coffee-related barista doodles. The style screams, ‘corporations are trying to be friends, stay relevant, and appeal to the general audience’-but it is vapid; form without essence.

    • Tocs The Wanderer
      Tocs The Wanderer 7 months ago

      I honestly despise this art style

    • {UKRAINE}
      {UKRAINE} 8 months ago

      Dude i hate these coomments

    • DX87 • Gaming
      DX87 • Gaming 9 months ago

      The chicken one was better

  • John Buell
    John Buell Year ago +992

    I really appreciate how they don't shy away from the complexity or controversy around an issue - and they still find a way to present ideas succinctly and clearly (and beautifully!). This is my favorite TheXvid channel.

    • IrishLad1
      IrishLad1 7 months ago +1

      I think this channel is pretty good, but it's not the best youtube channel, I think they're all good (unless it's a roblox channel🤪😂)

    • Lauren
      Lauren Year ago +3

      I agree wholeheartedly sir! Best TheXvid channel award right here!

  • Jason Benavidez
    Jason Benavidez Year ago +6044

    I’m proud to say I’ve planted 20 trees

    • Lance
      Lance 3 months ago

      I can only manage to do potted plants 🤣. I wish to plant trees too!

    • AstroNomical
      AstroNomical 4 months ago

      Good for you man nice work

    • Sciediu
      Sciediu 4 months ago

      I’m proud to say I’ve planted a single sunflower

    • Miss Nightbot
      Miss Nightbot 4 months ago

      2 i have planted 2 trees and im 14

    • Albedo
      Albedo 4 months ago

      Ive only planted 10 mango trees, only 6 survived tho :(

  • ANAS K
    ANAS K 10 months ago +581

    I'm a 17 year old and proud to say that most of my pocket money goes into planting and gardening, I've planted many including my favorites portia trees, mexican plumeria, Neem, Ficus Amplissima, Moringa, Tamarind in my home, my grandma's, my cousins and at random places, I live in Pakistan and ppl here really don't know it's importance. I'm also on Inaturalist and I'm currently no.1 observer of wildlife from karachi, I love naturr

    • Bob Ross
      Bob Ross 3 months ago +1

      Hey I'm 17 too and most of my money goes to planting and gardening as well! Only very very few people from whom I know are like us, most people from our age group tend to neglect nature and not care of its importance.
      Good luck with your gardening and planting!

    • Caracatungas
      Caracatungas 3 months ago

      keep going strong homie

      QWERT YUIOP 6 months ago +3

      @Cynical Clusterfuck If you think about it from the point of view that him investing in trees makes him feel better is the same as him investing in himself as he is feeling better.

    • Dr. Full respect
      Dr. Full respect 8 months ago

      Keep your good work mate

    • Maxat Duisembayev
      Maxat Duisembayev 8 months ago +7

      That's awesome! Please keep it up and become one of the greatest nature scientists and find the best way to save/heal our planet! I know you can do it!

  • Garrett Ord
    Garrett Ord 3 months ago +21

    The video brings up an interesting point without actually saying it explicitly: No number of trees can ever restore Earth's previous carbon balance, because they don't destroy carbon or carbon dioxide, only store it while alive. The carbon in their remains can get stored deeper underground on geological timescales, but not on timescales that are meaningful for us as a civilization. Meanwhile, we are digging up coal and oil which has been storing carbon from life from hundreds of millions of years ago, and re-releasing it into the atmosphere. No number of natural trees could ever contain the collective carbon from eons of past life.

    • Samantha Gutierrez
      Samantha Gutierrez 2 months ago +1

      Right! Very interesting, made me think about the number of people that think that trees are going to save us. Personally I thought they destroyed carbon, not that I was taught that but I just assumed because that is what I generally heard

  • bhavya
    bhavya Year ago +406

    when you realize planting a billion hectares of forest only covers a sixth of our emissions

    • Serendipity.1117
      Serendipity.1117 5 months ago

      *a grilion hectares

    • Aaron Pannell
      Aaron Pannell 6 months ago

      That's only a 6th of our carbon emissions. Doesn't take into account of methane.

    • Tony B
      Tony B 7 months ago +1

      They didn't say whether that was just 1/6th of our annual emissions or 1/6th of our total emissions. Big difference.

    • rr ww
      rr ww 7 months ago

      a billion hectares is 2/3 of the planet's surface area
      the planet is currently 30% forested; we lost 1% coverage in the last 30 years
      so to do 1/6 of our emission we'd need 96% forested

    • bhavya
      bhavya 10 months ago

      @Talyn okay look, with all due respect, you need not nitpick lines out of context. it is evident that line was in context of humanity as a whole. Obviously most emissions by humans are *excess*, not to say they're significant or anything. it is the bulk that makes it a problem. Nature can handle these changes to an extent but the sheer rate at which, say emissions are being dumped it way too high and to beleive that it's too high and mighty of us to think that we can affect nature is naive and just straight wrong.
      Of course it's the corporations and big industries that cause almost all of this pollution but you know what enables them to keep producing this stuff? demand. I'm not saying the supply chain can be crippled so easily, the governments and the corporations have a huge HUGE part in it but we can't just take all of the blame off of our shoulders and shove it up someone else's vault.
      this does, by no means imply that we must give up all and everything immediately and go back to the caveman ways but the situation is actually a lot lot worse than most people are aware. you may be a well informed person, you seem to be but you gotta pause for a while and actually read what I'm saying, my guy.

  • Iostars
    Iostars Year ago +13

    This very enlightening and educative. Thanks so much! I sometimes daydream of the number of trees I could plant if I were as rich as elon musk or jeff bezos, but turns out the issue is much more complex than simply planting new trees.
    Question though: what are the six countries you mentioned at 3:55?

  • Shark Brother
    Shark Brother 10 months ago +102

    "Planting all these trees could have unforseen consequences." Like it could be any worse than what we do already

    • Tony Ravioli
      Tony Ravioli 10 months ago +3

      Ever see Futurama? They literally have an episode, showing an unforeseen consequence of having 1 trillion more trees.

    • Woosh!
      Woosh! 10 months ago +4

      Could be much much worse! We are still surviving very well for now (we definitely need to do some thing about climate change)
      But in regards to planting all those trees. Maybe potentially forest fires they cover entire countries or more? Or kills off entire species? It’s really hard to say but either way we need to do something about our current situation

  • Tony B
    Tony B 7 months ago +1

    It's already been said but I have to say it again ... wow! the animations are stunning. What super talented artists you have.

  • Due What?
    Due What? 5 months ago

    When he said "is there a fast growing, long living tree that we can plant world wide?" my first thought was, invasive plants have a much likelier chance of having a more detrimental impact on ecosystems than invasive animals.

  • Ananya Akruwala
    Ananya Akruwala Year ago +6

    Both the animation style and the message of the video are equally touching and beautiful. This should be shown to more and more people so as to inspire them to plant and nurture more trees. It's now or never, guys.

  • Nabo
    Nabo Year ago +3

    Thanks to the animators, this is beautiful.

  • Augustin Gervasio
    Augustin Gervasio Year ago +5701

    Everyone: *Glorifies trees for producing oxygen*
    Algae and plankton that produce 70% of the oxygen on earth: "Am I a joke to you?"

    • Boingsetta
      Boingsetta 3 months ago +1

      Carbon dioxide is not the only problem... methane also exists...

    • Justin Hanson
      Justin Hanson 3 months ago

      This video is about carbon sequestration…

    • Muzzardonmyfeet
      Muzzardonmyfeet 3 months ago

      @BioMutarist Did you not read a word that he said? He literally said that.

  • Quý AV
    Quý AV Year ago +177

    TED: What if there were 1 trillion more trees?
    Me: Awesome

  • me
    me Year ago +464

    A NEW YEARS TRADITION WE SHOULD HAVE IS TOO PLANT 3 TREES EACH! (Im getting some friends together and were gonna plant 20)

    • D0MiN0
      D0MiN0 7 months ago +1

      Yes, instead of needlessly letting fireworks explode. This needs to be a thing 👏

    • Chunky Monkey
      Chunky Monkey 7 months ago

      @FiensZy Vegans don't eat trees, lol.

    • Woosh!
      Woosh! 7 months ago

      @Colton Belley is most soy that goes to that in the US? Or US owned land?

    • Colton Belley
      Colton Belley 7 months ago

      If you’re referring to deforestation for soy production, the vast majority of that soy goes towards feeding livestock.

    • Just a random potato :]
      Just a random potato :] 7 months ago +1

      @FiensZy Vegan teacher be like :BuT aTlEaSt Ur nOt kIlLiNg aNiMaLs !

  • M. Yorleni Vasquez
    M. Yorleni Vasquez 10 months ago +2

    This is one of your best videos! Please, keep creating materials to raise awareness about environmental conservation.

  • Flowerdough
    Flowerdough 11 months ago +3

    a big part of reducing those emissions is through the use of mycelium, a fungal growth underneath forests with a symbiotic relationship with trees, granting them a communication method while strengthening everything in the area, making growth easier for other plants as well

    • Flowerdough
      Flowerdough 11 months ago

      this INSTANTLY makes this sort of revitalization method MUCH easier as the use of one species can be somewhat mitigated, though sparse dotting of various trees to grow into an area through use of mycelium and time would create a FAR denser, more stable and overall strong forested ecosystem capable of supporting more life, this would make earth passable in the time it requires to make somewhere else minimally livable, so we can focus on getting that running then live more and more on that planet giving this one time to heal while using another planet for the less nature-friendly production

  • Knee Caps
    Knee Caps 9 months ago +1

    I think it would be so beautiful if we had more trees, honestly, more forests in general

  • FallingSunshine
    FallingSunshine 10 months ago +9

    7 years ago, I asked my Environmental Science teacher what trees were more sustainable and which absorbed more carbon dioxide, and he had no clue. This video answered soooo many questions. Thank you for your hard work TED ED!

  • Arjun D.
    Arjun D. 10 months ago +2

    Beautifully animated, and well explained.

  • Pat Myles
    Pat Myles 10 months ago

    You can't believe how good nature is at planting trees. Our efforts to grow trees is like adding an eyedropper worth of water to the ocean.

  • Jade Crypto
    Jade Crypto Year ago +6437

    Schools should play TED animation videos for students. I'm learning so much from them.

    • K Mitchell
      K Mitchell 3 months ago

      I agree

    • Ok
      Ok 3 months ago


    • AVY
      AVY 3 months ago

      sorry I don't have school.

    • Farzana Gill
      Farzana Gill 4 months ago

      @TED-Ed ENGLAND !!!

  • Manjubala
    Manjubala Year ago +1

    Just how much hard work is put into this
    Appreciate it ! :)

  • A mills
    A mills Year ago +15

    What can really help is replanting of a variety of species of seagrass in shallow coastal areas!!!! Grows 4 times quicker than your average land plant n sequesters alot more carbon!!! And also adds as a fish nursery!!😀👍

  • Archana Soni
    Archana Soni Year ago +2

    The way in which they make videos is just appreciable.
    Hats off for you ....

  • Anh Phuong Nguyen
    Anh Phuong Nguyen 11 months ago +12

    The music and and animation is just so calming. Like the time you sit under a tree, peacefully reading a book, inhaling the fresh air that trees give us

  • Hemanx Rva
    Hemanx Rva 2 months ago

    Beautiful animation + Informative video even children would love to learn like this.

  • James Fixx
    James Fixx Year ago +9

    This animation is absolutely beautiful!

  • Haeun Kim
    Haeun Kim Year ago +1

    This video directly proves that we really need to stop cutting down the trees in amazon. It is absolutely worrying that we are losing more and more trees by the second.

  • J Young
    J Young Year ago +28

    "This giant SEQUoia has SEQUestered roughly 1400 TONS of atmospheric carBON" that line fire

    • Tom
      Tom 10 months ago +2

      Well I hope not, such an old tree would be vulnerable to fire!

  • Facts by Curious JB
    Facts by Curious JB Year ago +1211

    *Interesting Fact :*
    Jadav Payeng is called the "Forest Man Of India". He has raised a 550 Hectares forest single handedly by planting trees everyday for more than 40 years in Assam, India !!

    • Bobfrey Joniam
      Bobfrey Joniam Year ago

      @S M yes just delete the population very easy

    • r H
      r H Year ago +1

      @Tall Man what is your concern when you lack both !🤣🤣

    • r H
      r H Year ago

      @S M that is an useful but controversial suggestion .

    • multiplayer_LuKe 30
      multiplayer_LuKe 30 Year ago +3

      @Tall Man lol. ah, no he was not one of your 'kind'

  • Zaius
    Zaius Year ago

    I am not against the idea of planting more trees, I love them!
    But won't that many extra trees drain groundwater much much faster ? Sorry if this is a bad question

  • Vixx Celacea
    Vixx Celacea 11 months ago

    Very glad that this video covered that it's not simple enough to just plant trees. It matters what type of tree, if it's native and a summation of what the consequences might be.
    Lots of reforestation doesn't even work. Ecosystems are complicated and try to balance themselves out.
    Hands down, our biggest issue is fossil fuels, mainly through transportation and creation of products.
    We shouldn't of taken something that had been in the earth for thousands of years and just start burning it and putting it into the air. Actions always have consequences.
    Your personal carbon foot print is a fart in a hurricane compared to corporations and nations use for industries and transportation.
    While it helps to do your part, we're not going to get anywhere if the burden is on the general public, because we're not the ones making one use plastics, we're not the ones producing various luxury/superfelous goods, nor are we the ones forcing truck drivers and planes to carry all kinds of cargo.
    Biggest foot print is corporations by a long shot and they are more than happy to have people thinking their personal carbon foot print should be in spot light instead of them.
    Even if everyone reduced their usage, if corporations aren't forced to change, it won't help. Similar to the meat vs vegan debate. Farming is bad for the environment, whether you are farming veggies and fruits or meat. Vegan would save some time, but it doesn't at all fix the problem. Frutis and veggies are also extremely tempermental often and their transportation costs a lot in ways of emitting carbon.
    Getting an avocado is probably worse than buying local meat if it avocado isn't native.

  • rand49er
    rand49er 6 months ago +1

    Where I grew up in the '50s and separately where my grandparents lived on a farm, those areas have changed markedly in the last 60 years to the point of being barely recognizable. It's because the small trees that used to be there are now large. Those areas are much more forested.

  • Peter
    Peter 10 months ago +1

    Imagine that after restoring this areas with trees etc., one of the biggest concerns is to protect it against people cuttin it down.

  • Baihas
    Baihas Year ago +3826

    2050: humanity restored all of the forests
    2051: Californians have burned down half of the world's forests through gender reveal parties

    • Specialshark 1357
      Specialshark 1357 Month ago

      It's a boy
      *Acres of trees burned to the ground*

    • Mart L
      Mart L 7 months ago

      @ExDee WobblumI thought they burned because farmers want to plant soy.

    • oily London opparrr😌
      oily London opparrr😌 10 months ago


    • ExDee Wobblum
      ExDee Wobblum Year ago

      The Amazon rainforest is being burned in order for the engines of capitalism to run

    • MojiDoesStuff55
      MojiDoesStuff55 Year ago +1

      @Shanu Bag Close. Before birth, not after.

  • R0lphy
    R0lphy Year ago +1

    These animations are beautiful, nice job!

  • Junglejo Allican
    Junglejo Allican Year ago +3

    we have a lot of trees around in one house😂 and i love the animation❤️

  • Likita Devi
    Likita Devi Year ago +2

    Just planting trees and restoring ecosystems isn't enough, we need to reduce emission of carbon too.

  • Swapna Chakraborty
    Swapna Chakraborty Year ago +2

    I am new on this channel and really like it. The videos are truly educational

  • 08. Callista Nathania Wiradinata

    My mans really missed their chance to spell ‘treellion’

  • MoonApple
    MoonApple Year ago +437

    Mr beast once he reaches one trillion subs:

    • Nasrin Sultana
      Nasrin Sultana 6 months ago

      I really want to like this comment, but I can't because this comment has 420 likes

    • Ratnasari Cenreng
      Ratnasari Cenreng 7 months ago

      @Munk but even if he only uses a portion of his (extremely large) income, he"s making tremendous change in the community by giving to people, and we play a role in that by watching him. Can he give away more? Yes, absolutely. But it's much better than other youtubers with large income who constantly buy things for themselves. As for whether he and his crew are cringey or not, that's based on personal taste and I won't comment on that. I think they're pretty funny.

    • Vedant Sridhar
      Vedant Sridhar 10 months ago

      @magiccarpet wowww how is it that you user TheXvid but don't know this legendary MrBeast with 65 million subs! I mean, he's one of the most popular TheXvidrs ever

    • Aadit Bahuguna
      Aadit Bahuguna 10 months ago

      he already did plant 20 million+ trees

    • Talha Assraf
      Talha Assraf 10 months ago

      Anonymous lmao true

  • Abby
    Abby Year ago

    This video is really great but can I just talk about how good that animation is? It's mesmerizing

  • Jeremiah Howden
    Jeremiah Howden 10 months ago +2

    This animation is so fluid, it never stops moving.

  • Lahari Teja
    Lahari Teja Year ago

    Great explanation with excellent animation.childrens will be more interested to see videos like this....😊

  • Sucks to be you
    Sucks to be you Year ago +727

    I think we need to acknowledge the artist who made such fascinating and animations...
    I learnt more from ted Ed than from my school.
    Thank you ted ed😊

    • Debbie English-Jones
      Debbie English-Jones Year ago

      666 like

    • Ashutosh
      Ashutosh Year ago +3

      Thing is Ted Ed and similar channels are good at making you visualise and grasp a concept but as they cannot show you the exact details of a concept in a 4-minute video

    • Rainer Tristan
      Rainer Tristan Year ago +2

      Ted ed gives u quick, and nice info, but to get deeper u need to read textbooks

    • Sucks to be you
      Sucks to be you Year ago +4

      @The Gerber Baby exactly! It all seems even difficult with online classes😣

    • The Gerber Baby
      The Gerber Baby Year ago +5

      @Fāsutonēmu Myōji i wish that’s how it worked dude. Sadly it’s hard to do that within quarantine for some. Some teachers also just aren’t great or don’t work with every students learning style sadly. Textbooks can be helpful but so can TheXvid.

  • caveman861
    caveman861 Year ago

    If we can plant that many trees and sustain their well being for a long time to come, I have a feeling that we will notice that not only living organisms will naturally live longer and better but also our physical stature might change. Mammals will start gaining mass and larger forms? Just like after the end of the Cretaceous period and the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs.

  • Santiago Restrepo Castillo

    What if human intervention is an intrinsic part of an ecosystem's inherent complexity?

  • Muhammad Ahmad Khurram
    Muhammad Ahmad Khurram 10 months ago +1

    Currently I'm trying to plant 3 to 5 trees in my garden plus an additional 2 mango trees I planted last month - we need to come together to fix what we've done

  • 1 2
    1 2 8 months ago +2

    and the coolest part is we would have more forest to explore and more nature to enjoy

  • Nathan The Dinosaur

    TED-Ed is one of a few that can master making education engaging and beautiful

  • Belinda Elisa
    Belinda Elisa 10 months ago +1

    Also, a trillion more trees would, I'm certain, reduce deaths from covid. Less people needing ventilators. More oxygen from more trees, please.

  • Isaac Henry
    Isaac Henry 6 months ago +4

    My country is border by Brazil in south America. Connected to the Amazon rain forest. Guyana has 87% forest cover. High in biodiversity. Our government plans to maintain our rainforest for generations to come.

  • Nirob Das
    Nirob Das 11 months ago

    A splendid way to present and explain the most valuable topic.
    Learnt a lot in this 5:43

  • mps
    mps 10 months ago +1

    Hello TED-Ed, I love your videos. I will much in love with it if you can shorten the intro, especially the sound effect. It feel the pace is much slower than the contents. It can become a pain point from watching your videos. Thank you for your dedication for making a lot good stuff


    Sir please do these videos detailed for each country . And also in that videos please tell us how a person living in urban areas can help to decrease CO2 emissions.
    Please start with India.

  • Cat Walk
    Cat Walk 5 months ago

    This is thing i tried to implement in every students after taught about photosynthesis “Have a chance, plant any plant.” And you will find the better world in the future.

  • Aradhyaa Kulshrestha
    Aradhyaa Kulshrestha 5 months ago

    At first I just want to say that the illustrations and graphics in all the vedios of this channel are amazing..... this was very informative too.

  • Annette Snyder
    Annette Snyder Year ago +2567

    “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
    ― Anonymous Greek Proverb

    • J Wil
      J Wil 5 months ago

      @Michael Keller Then Democrats cut all the trees down to give them away...and then wander around confused why there's no shade.

    • Tom
      Tom 10 months ago

      TFW: This (maybe) copied comment from 8 months ago gets more likes than the original 9 months ago.

    • 0mer
      0mer 10 months ago +7

      “If the Hour (the day of Resurrection) is about to be established and one of you was holding a palm shoot, let him take advantage of even one second before the Hour is established to plant it.”
      -Prophet Muhammad

    • Janice Dsilva
      Janice Dsilva Year ago +3

      @Liam van Velzen That’s cool...

  • Milk Man
    Milk Man 10 months ago

    What if in the near future when we have the technology, we just collect a lot of excess carbon and launch it into space?

  • Kelly Clark D
    Kelly Clark D Year ago +1


  • Don't ask questions
    Don't ask questions 10 months ago +3

    We could probably make the perfect tree species. Also, the native ones aren't always the best compared to other species. Invasive species are plants that are too effective at the new environment they are in, typically ruining that ecosystem. We could create a tree through genetic engineering(yknow, that stuff they do with M&Ms?) and create a tree that could thrive in environments such as Cities, Landfills, and Marshes.

  • Tyne
    Tyne 4 months ago

    this channel is so successful in getting their information across. everyone needs a raise

  • Knights of Gaming 2016
    Knights of Gaming 2016 Year ago +348

    Wished the world focused more on Biology aside from IT. That would strike a balance between tech and nature in the future.

  • Ezkil Mercado
    Ezkil Mercado Year ago +1

    We should also reconsider modern architecture and integrate living trees in the design, which is easier said than done.

  • Brodee Tie
    Brodee Tie Year ago +3

    I'm aspiring to be a botanist before this video. I have never heard anybody talk about this until now

  • Mark Ahrens
    Mark Ahrens 10 months ago

    Impressive video, i wonder how many trees could have been planted with the production budget of this 6m video. Well done.

  • Toni Handoko
    Toni Handoko 10 months ago +1

    What if, decreasing ice regions into ocean is a way nature expanding its oceanic field of algaes and microscopic creature that does photosyntesis to balance the excecive carbons in our planet and clean the atmosphere.
    Just a thought tho.

  • Sam Animashaun
    Sam Animashaun Year ago +92

    I love how this has quickly become one of my favourite channels. I love random knowledge, answers to whys, and hows. Blows my mind everytime.

    • Isabella Zavala
      Isabella Zavala Year ago +4

      What I love about it is that it makes me wonder about questions I’ve never thought of.

  • K M K
    K M K 6 months ago

    Remember when in Victorian England they bred apples to get the sweetest apples? What if we breed a species of tree that absorbs the largest amount of carbon? Though it would take a very long time.

  • Luke C
    Luke C Year ago

    Fascinating. I've wondered to myself before... why don't we take the scientific attention that is used to genetically modify certain foods to grow with more resilience, less reliance on resources, produce a stronger yield, et cetera, and transfer that to a tree that's "carbon hungry" and ready to grow? Very well a work of science fiction in the moment, although it's an idea. =)

  • Omkar Dhole
    Omkar Dhole Year ago +1

    Dear TED ED
    Your work of providing knowledge to peoples is really appreciable.
    Don't you think many more ideas to educate peoples, not only from you tube platform.

  • Din Din
    Din Din Year ago +2

    In the lungs of the world, the Indonesian island of Borneo, we have a person who was a French citizen who is now an Indonesian citizen. he built a gibbon conservation place for 20 years (a type of native endemic animal) and he guarded the forest by living in the forest with his wife and children, he managed to free the land that would be used as mining
    We can help and see first hand her struggle on her TheXvid channel "Channe Kalaweit", this is the video link
    Please support

  • Setyawan 오토바이
    Setyawan 오토바이 Year ago +2381

    Kurzgesagt: Geoengineering and those side effects
    Me: so how to help the earth?
    TedEd: we can geoengineering with plant tree as much as possible ..
    Me: _aah yes finally_
    Also TedEd: but ...
    Me: _ah ..... okay_

    • ToxicFyre
      ToxicFyre Year ago

      @M G104 Thanks for your reply. I'll check these things out and answer afterwards, cheers!

    • M G104
      M G104 Year ago +1

      @ToxicFyre Technology is a product of civilization. Solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectricity all require unsustainable production. They are alien to their local ecosystem, just as we are. Have you watched "Primitive Technology?" That's the only sustainable technology- 100% recyclable, renewable. Innovation removes us from nature. Equilibrium will only be achieved on a local level, limiting our resources and thereby, our technology. Can't you see that? Our myopic solutions to Mother Nature's perceived problems become problems in and of themselves. I came upon these conclusions after reading the second chapter of David Orr's "The Nature of Design: Ecology, Culture and Human Intention."

    • ToxicFyre
      ToxicFyre Year ago

      @M G104 But even though humanity has been at odds with the environment this whole time doesn't mean we can't create a technological civilization which is in balance with it, no? I mean, there's no law of nature that says so, just our track record.

    • M G104
      M G104 Year ago +1

      @ToxicFyre Funny. Nature was in balance until human civilizations began. Agricultural surplus, urban production and transportation begat cities; an environment that brought mankind out of nature, apart from the laws nature enforces to keep organisms in equilibrium. Technology and innovation separate us from these struggles, enabling us to transcend the local ecosystems and disproportionally take resources necessary for life to thrive. I believe integrating ourselves back into the local, giving up technology and our standard of living is the only way to reconcile humanity to nature.

    • ToxicFyre
      ToxicFyre Year ago

      @M G104 While I agree that our modern society needs way more interaction with nature. Technology has been with us since we have invented agriculture. We could find a good way to balance these two elements. What do you think?

  • Enoch
    Enoch Year ago +1

    How do you even do such animation like this 😍😭. Would love to learn but seems kinda complicated.

  • UmmYeahOk
    UmmYeahOk 7 months ago

    With fears of supply chain issues, droughts, and such, we decided to plant several fruit trees. If you have the land to do so, I recommend planting fruit and nut trees appropriate for your zone and region. Sure, it’s an investment, but in 5-10 years they will provide you or a future homeowner with food, shade, and oxygen. It is literally a win win win.

  • Shane Ethan
    Shane Ethan Year ago +4

    I want to find an technology in the future where you can do industrialisation without harming the environment, birds and everything which is nature related.

  • Tet
    Tet 5 months ago

    What I'm doing, personally, is reducing my carbon footprint and my plastic wastes. Our local government also initiates fruit trees to be planted. I believe that there is nothing like a one solution to fix the problem of climate change. I believe that we have slowly exploited nature, and to solve that, we can slowly change our ways for the better.
    My science teacher once said, humans is not the highest of all animals, rather, humans are smart animals. However, if these humans could not perform their role, they are much lesser than invertebrates and bacteria that perform their roles. We, as self-called stewards of nature, needs to perform this role. Let us do our part, let us do our role.

  • Eleanor Gil
    Eleanor Gil Year ago +710

    "When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, and the last fish dead, we will discover that we can’t eat money." - Alanis Obomsawin
    So it turns out money hasn't been very beneficial to us...

    • Rob Plazzman
      Rob Plazzman 10 months ago +1

      Money is fantastic. It means I can barter with someone and obtain something even if what I produce is not of interest to the supplier.
      Don’t confuse money with the bad side of human behaviour. That would exist regardless.

    • Why Me
      Why Me 10 months ago

      Money is the greatest incentive both positive and negatively. Fines and other deterrents are something good money does then on the other hand money gives an incentive to do better in life. I think the good out weighs the bads overall.

    • Bakshir
      Bakshir 10 months ago

      The amount of people making baseless assumptions on technological/societal progress and false equivalences in this thread is astonishing.

    • Randomiserz
      Randomiserz 10 months ago

      We will still got nutrient paste made from mycelium based proteins and recycled waste matter. With complex flavorings and innovations it will probably even be somewhat palatable. Not fun but hey no mosquitoes, that's a win right?

  • T_mr
    T_mr 3 months ago

    After a tree dies the carbon can also stay there for a long time. It depends on the conditions

  • Lucid Dreamer
    Lucid Dreamer 7 months ago +1

    I think there is a risk that the extra weight would cause the land to sink into the ocean.

  • embeytey
    embeytey Year ago +1

    Loving this. Can we take a moment to appreciate the oh my goodness beautiful drawings and graphics???

  • Simona Chalupová
    Simona Chalupová 10 months ago

    Planting and harvesting hardwood is also viable. If used to build housing or anything that can be later properly recycled, we could continually extract carbon this way. We just have to make sure not to burn or let the wood decompose in the future.

  • shxtney
    shxtney Year ago +616

    schools: plant more trees to save the earth!
    ted-ed: well actually you might cause an ecosystem imbalance and biochemical emissions that speed up global warming
    students: my life is a lie

    • Mavrik9000
      Mavrik9000 Year ago +2

      Which biochemical emissions?

    • PurpleGhost
      PurpleGhost Year ago +2

      We're at a dire point in history where that might is a much smaller risk than the chance we hit the CO2 point where clouds stop forming. Yes, really, literally. There is a concentration of CO2 at which clouds to cease forming. We need to act really quickly, and that includes takings smaller risks, because we REALLY do not want to hit that point. Trees create clouds (they allow water to evaporate into the atmosphere) so it seems like a good counter balance.
      Incidentally the not-forming of clouds wouldn't be uniform, but water usage will become impossible to manage if we get to that point because less less clouds means less rain.

    • Jonathan Herring
      Jonathan Herring Year ago +9

      Restoring ecosystems is one of the THE best things we can do. Doing so naturally brings balance, I think NOT restoring ecosystems because it might speed up global warming is one of the silliest ideas I've ever heard.

    • Curran Frank
      Curran Frank Year ago +4

      @shxtney That's a good point. I really hope that turns out to be wrong though

    • shxtney
      shxtney Year ago +14

      @Curran Frank you're right, but it's a possibility nonetheless. if i hadn't watched this video, i would've never known otherwise. i likely would've went on living my life believing that planting trees is a foolproof method to save the earth, but now at least i know about this risk.

    VYMPEL 7 months ago

    my mom and i have planted 30 trees in an urban area and people dont like it somehow they try to cut it but they still stand firm due to our efforts , i think awareness is needed much

  • lucy starlight
    lucy starlight 10 months ago

    It's kind of staggering just how much a trillion trees is. The Bonn Challenge's goal of 350 million trees is a lot, and it's a step in the right direction, but that's still less than a tenth of a percent of a trillion. It's a bigger number than any of us can fully visualize or process.

  • Abraham Martin
    Abraham Martin 8 months ago +3

    I bought an acre of land with a house, since then I have planted over 72 trees and bushes. Love my baby trees.

    • Alvex Ok
      Alvex Ok 7 months ago

      That sounds nice. Trees add beauty to houses and yards. Trees add beauty to the world. You should see the scenery in British Columbia

  • Night Cloud
    Night Cloud 5 months ago

    wow didn't know that planting this many trees and trying to build an ecosystem can make another issue, I always thought that "We can fight climate change just by planting trees" lmao didn't realize it was more complex than that.

  • Saswot Lamichhane
    Saswot Lamichhane Year ago +1824

    Imagine if Kurzgesaght and TED-ED collaborated!

  • Luciano Camardon
    Luciano Camardon 7 months ago +1

    My dad must´ve planted like 50 trees, but if you think about the ammount of paper and wood he used during his life, thats really nothing in comparison :(

  • Shreya Patil
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    Can we take a moment to appreciate this amazing zen animation!

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    One of the best animations I've seen 🙌🏻✨

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    Narrator in love with the word “sequester”.

  • Kaya Lee
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    in a single sentence: stop burning amazon.

    • Tony Ravioli
      Tony Ravioli 10 months ago

      @Gustavo Gomes The impossible wopper contains 44 mg of Estrogen. Do I have to explain to you, why estrogen isn't good for anyone?

    • Tony Ravioli
      Tony Ravioli 10 months ago

      @Pedro Henrique Besides the fact that the wood that the us obtains from brazil, has to be replaced.

    • Maycon Bodanese
      Maycon Bodanese 10 months ago +2

      I love how people say stop burning Amazon when their country already chopped down all it's forests

  • MichaelDe
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    I think it would be great to have a list of the sources you used for the video ;)

  • Mandarin Monkey
    Mandarin Monkey Year ago

    Awesome and important video. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bart Roberts
    Bart Roberts Year ago

    Plants reach an optimal level of carbon sequestration. Past that optimum, selective harvest and replanting with sequestration of the harvested woody mass by pyrolysis to biochar used for terra preta is the superior path. With selective harvest, forests can be made more hospitable to fauna and to mixed flora. Collecting slash from harvest and windfall and natural die off reduces exposure to extreme wildfire weather. Displacing fossil fuels with biofuel from this virtuous cycle pays off in lower transfer of carbon from lithosphere to atmosphere. Especially toward the west coasts of continents, superforest rain shields buffer extremes of precipitation pattern changes, reducing desertification, drought, erosion and flood.

  • Optidalfprime
    Optidalfprime 10 months ago

    You remember the Team Trees thing where they wanted to plant 20 million trees in a year? Fun fact: To match the CO2 levels of the US only, Team Trees would have to plant double that, 40 million trees IN A day, EVERY day. It was even worse than being a "nice gesture". This made people focus on something entirely useless instead of something useful.

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    Best education content channel, I never miss their videos. Thanks for good content videos