The most satisfying puzzle

  • Published on Dec 27, 2021
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  • Puzzle Wanderer
    Puzzle Wanderer 5 months ago +8043

    This was soooo satisfying. And the loop was seemless😍

    • Myla
      Myla 2 days ago

      @Puzzle guy ayo i noticed too!
      (I thought everyone did)

    • Tobias Kotulic
      Tobias Kotulic 2 months ago

      Literally perfect loop

    • Tiffany k
      Tiffany k 2 months ago +1

      @Puzzle guy: I noticed that right away too! Very well done👏

    • Apex clips (mobile version)
      Apex clips (mobile version) 2 months ago

      @Puzzle guy broo from where can I buy all these puzzles 😍😍

    • VashTown
      VashTown 3 months ago

      Yes, looping a still image over a still image is mad impressive.

  • Haunted Hunter
    Haunted Hunter 4 months ago +5299

    Him: "-take a close look at the pieces, you will find that all of them, are-"
    Me: "Really easy to break."

  • GenZ
    GenZ 4 months ago +1060

    OMG!! I recognise how this design was made!! I remember a video by vihart (a maths channel) called “doodling in maths class: DRAGONS” that describes how its made. Basically, you start with a right angle and add more right angles over top in an alternating method. Hard to explain but I’d recommend watching the video :)

    • Chocolate Button Head
      Chocolate Button Head Month ago

      1k likes! ^w^

    • sincla!r
      sincla!r 2 months ago +1

      U put our thoughts to words thanks!

    • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 months ago

      I've watched that video too it was really interesting

    • Miss Seaweed
      Miss Seaweed 3 months ago +1

      This is also immediately what I thought of. Glad to see the ViHart community still thriving!

    • Gorry Hören
      Gorry Hören 3 months ago +1

      I remember watching that video years ago. It's an amazing vid even i who usually easy to forget still able remember it from ur description

    NANCY-KATHARYN Mcgraw 4 months ago +439

    The design in quilting terms is known as meandering or "Stippling"...can be made in tiny, tiny wiggles, or larger wiggles covers much larger area, at 5"x5" square (known as a block) in quilting lingo.
    The stitching can be completely done by hand stitching or on a "domestic" sewing machine on using a "long arm" quilting machine.
    Very interesting to see it in a wooden puzzle.

    • Seryk0
      Seryk0 4 months ago

      @BelowAverageLuke thank you

    • Seryk0
      Seryk0 4 months ago

      @White Alliance fare enough

    • White Alliance
      White Alliance 4 months ago +1

      @Seryk0 its sarcastic when you think you have control over other peoples thoughts...
      You cant know if someone will take your Comment sarcastically.
      You leave a comment then you leave. Adding extra nonsense doesnt help you. Whether or not o find youe comment sarcastic, is OUT of your control.

    • Seryk0
      Seryk0 4 months ago +7

      Thanks for this interesting bit of info. (Unironically. I don't know whether or not I come off as sarcastic when I comment)

  • felix florb
    felix florb 4 months ago +71

    this puzzle looks super cool! the dragon curve is my favorite fractal too, so cool puzzle and cool shape. win win.

  • Jayze Pickle
    Jayze Pickle 4 months ago +103

    Dragons curve is a famous fractle and it looks absolutely rad as a puzzle! :D

  • Superfun_K
    Superfun_K 4 months ago

    I think you can make the general shape of the puzzle by taking a [very long] sheet of paper and fold it in half MANY times, then unfold it with each corner changing 90°

  • Shadow
    Shadow 3 months ago

    The only issue I had with this is that when you put in the final piece you zoomed in. I think for it to be truly satisfying the whole puzzle should be shown as the last piece is brought in and fit into it's place.

  • universal fried potato
    universal fried potato 4 months ago

    For anyone wondering, it actually comes from mathematics, it's a very interesting fractal

  • Haunted Constellations
    Haunted Constellations 4 months ago +27

    It’d be so cool if more of these puzzles were made out of recycled plastics. It’d be such a good way to get litter out of the ocean and into a cool private collection

  • thekillingspoon
    thekillingspoon 5 months ago +85

    If you want to do a puzzle with super neat laser cut wood pieces (and an actual picture), I highly recommend Liberty Puzzles. Pricey but super fun.

    • Brandy Hernandez
      Brandy Hernandez 4 months ago +1

      Thanks!!! I have a laser cutter. I have been making wooden 3D puzzles and basic puzzles as well for my little nephew.
      Although, it never occured to me to sell the wooden puzzles. And to know someone made a basic puzzle and sells them at 100+ just because they are laser cut is intriguing especially since people are willing to buy them.

    • FireStorm5713
      FireStorm5713 4 months ago +5

      Libery Puzzles are great. My family owns like 3 or 4, and we have some friends that have several more, so I’ve been able to do several of them, and they’re a lot of fun.

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  5 months ago +6

      Thanks for the recommendation. 😃

  • Van Gu
    Van Gu 4 months ago

    I love that! I do a lot of jigsaw puzzles and this one would fit right in.😍

  • TapeManX2
    TapeManX2 3 months ago

    I can't begin to explain how startled I was when he flung out the pieces

  • DJ Maysonic
    DJ Maysonic 4 months ago

    And that seamless loop was just as satisfying as the puzzle!

  • Ursinesplash
    Ursinesplash 4 months ago

    Its not a mistake ✨ Its a masterpiece ✨

  • 복어뮤직 VOCFISH
    복어뮤직 VOCFISH 3 months ago +1

    Everybody talks about its fragility, but It's actually a genuine feature to raise up its difficulty by time.

  • Fc Patel
    Fc Patel 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece✨

  • Spaghetti_Spooky09
    Spaghetti_Spooky09 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake ✨ it's a masterpiece ✨

  • Mr. random The guy
    Mr. random The guy 4 months ago +3

    I feel satisfied watching him put it all together

  • Ominousducklin
    Ominousducklin 4 months ago +9

    The fact it is a perfect loop is also satisfying

    • Faithful Caleb
      Faithful Caleb 3 months ago

      what loop lmao there wasn’t a loop it just cut to the beginning of the video

    • Ominousducklin
      Ominousducklin 4 months ago

      @RandomGrainOfSand rude

    • RandomGrainOfSand
      RandomGrainOfSand 4 months ago

      That isn't "oH mEh GuD, So SaTiSfYiNg!1!1!1!" Bruh, humanity is evolving backwards nowadays.

  • Catherine Grace
    Catherine Grace 4 months ago +1

    I do love it - very nice

  • eno88
    eno88 4 months ago +76

    The loop is even more satisfying

    • IdioticDophlin
      IdioticDophlin 2 months ago

      @RandomGrainOfSand what

    • RandomGrainOfSand
      RandomGrainOfSand 4 months ago +1

      That isn't "oH mEh GuD, So SaTiSfYiNg!1!1!1!" Bruh, humanity is evolving backwards nowadays.

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  • Tunabreath
    Tunabreath 4 months ago

    There was a metal puzzle very similar to this, but it really left no trace of pieces being contained in it

  • Ghostes20ten
    Ghostes20ten  4 months ago

    That is truly, the most satisfying puzzle I have ever seen

    HOMELESS KING 4 months ago +1

    The video looping perfectly is just as satisfying as that puzzle

  • Aleksandar Ivanov
    Aleksandar Ivanov 3 months ago

    Never mind satisfying, that's a beautiful piece of art

  • Celestial Khaos
    Celestial Khaos 4 months ago

    This is literally the best example of “start from the outside and go in”😂

  • Jones Is Not A Robot
    Jones Is Not A Robot 4 months ago +2

    Does anyone else remember that in the Jurassic Park novel, this was the fractal would grow between chapters?

  • Cudlar
    Cudlar 4 months ago +12

    That loop was the most satisfying yt loop 😊

    • Faithful Caleb
      Faithful Caleb 3 months ago

      what loop lmao there wasn’t a loop it just cut to the beginning of the video

  • Whatevs Idc
    Whatevs Idc 4 months ago +13

    This is the most perfect loop I've ever seen-

    • Faithful Caleb
      Faithful Caleb 3 months ago

      what loop lmao there wasn’t a loop it just cut to the beginning of the video

  • Grad Tolentino
    Grad Tolentino 4 months ago +3

    Fun fact, the dragon curve is actually a fractal made with one line

    • Fullfungo
      Fullfungo 4 months ago

      @msraynsford that’s not what a space-filling curve is, tho

    • msraynsford
      msraynsford 4 months ago

      That's the whole range of my fractal puzzles, they're all space filling curves, one continuous line across the whole puzzle. I have 8 designs atm.

  • A Guy That Is Everywhere

    Your Shorts always make my day.❤️

  • Raynbeau Heather
    Raynbeau Heather 4 months ago

    Does the DRAGON CURVE only have one way to fit? OR can you put them all in and it fits, no matter where you put them?

  • Tabi Peppermint
    Tabi Peppermint 4 months ago

    It's based on what is known as the dragon curve fractal! A mathematical formular represented visually.

  • Atomic Samurai
    Atomic Samurai 4 months ago +2

    I could feel stress leaving me when that last piece fell into place.

  • Dom AZ
    Dom AZ 5 months ago +18

    So cool, so satisfying.

  • Gorilla
    Gorilla 3 months ago +1

    Something tells me that these puzzle pieces will break "too easily"

  • Syafiq Nawawi
    Syafiq Nawawi 4 months ago

    I love this type of video with seamless loops

  • Adarsh
    Adarsh 4 months ago +1

    Is it only me or anyone else also thinks this puzzle as pretty easy than the other ones?

  • Flame Dash
    Flame Dash 4 months ago +1

    That loop was crazy bro!

  • Larsbutb4d
    Larsbutb4d 4 months ago

    Absolutely satisfying when they put the pieces

  • NumNumRamen
    NumNumRamen 4 months ago

    When you broke the puzzle out of the thing, I think you broke a price of my heart too

  • A_random Dude
    A_random Dude 4 months ago +15

    This is the most satisfying loop you ever seen.

    • A_random Dude
      A_random Dude 4 months ago

      @RandomGrainOfSand kay

    • RandomGrainOfSand
      RandomGrainOfSand 4 months ago

      That isn't "oH mEh GuD, So SaTiSfYiNg!1!1!1!" Bruh, humanity is evolving backwards nowadays.

  • Artem Katelnytskyi
    Artem Katelnytskyi 3 months ago

    I always appreciate a good loop.

  • Doomakarn
    Doomakarn Month ago +1

    Finally, you have showcased a good puzzle.

  • SeaEnderman 98
    SeaEnderman 98 4 months ago

    It's beautiful
    Ive watching this for 2 months now

  • Dimas Akbar
    Dimas Akbar 4 months ago

    Considering the sounds, is it weighted/magnetized?

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 4 months ago +2

    I actually made a 7000 x 7000 PNG on paint and made a dragon curve at one point. I filled the entire thing up

  • Paul
    Paul 4 months ago

    I have one of these puzzles. I think it's called "fractal" or something like that. I've no opened it because I'm afraid I'd never get it finished.

  • Current_affairs07
    Current_affairs07 2 months ago

    If you like fractals, you'll know this curve already. The pieces are the same piece, but rotated 90 degrees with a copy of the original piece. Search dragon curve on TheXvid, you'll understand

  • Cl0v3rs0fTr4sh
    Cl0v3rs0fTr4sh 4 months ago


  • PhonePianist
    PhonePianist 3 months ago

    "The most satisfying is the last piece"

  • Luca Vincent
    Luca Vincent 2 months ago +1

    Just studied this fractal in topology class!

  • The Casual Wendigo
    The Casual Wendigo 4 months ago

    Imagine you just hold one of the pieces wrong and it snaps.

  • 안아줘요우무
    안아줘요우무 4 months ago

    Damn the roof was also satisfying af

  • adam davenport
    adam davenport 4 months ago

    I just had a really great idea for this puzzle you should recreate it with titanium and copper with rare earth maganets k

  • Martijn Garryx
    Martijn Garryx 4 months ago +1

    It would be good mouse pd design if you print the layout in a regular mouse pad

  • •itz_CloudzySkye•
    •itz_CloudzySkye• 4 months ago

    This is very satisfying to watch. I need that.

  • Tformerdude
    Tformerdude 4 months ago

    It took me a while to realize that this was a perfect loop.

  • Roo8gaming
    Roo8gaming 4 months ago

    That puzzle would take me about *calculator noises* 10 yra to complete :)

  • FocusPocus
    FocusPocus 4 months ago +1

    I can alr see myself breaking it to tiny pieces so it'll fit xD

  • Jumpier Wolf
    Jumpier Wolf 4 months ago +1

    Damn, an actual puzzle on this channel.

    ALL4JESUS 4 months ago


  • Felipe Andrade Fernandes

    That click and the pattern also make it more satisfying to me

  • A Pigeon
    A Pigeon 4 months ago +1

    Well thank you for solving the puzzle on video so that we could enjoy it as well

    DEMON KING 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake it's like masterpiece

  • bev
    bev 4 months ago

    imagine finally finishing this then dropping it lmao

  • Martin
    Martin 4 months ago +1

    Not sure, but I believe it’s based on a fractal pattern of similar name.

  • Fembill
    Fembill 4 months ago

    Fun fact: the dragon curve is a famous fractal

  • Ace Singer
    Ace Singer 4 months ago

    That loop was perfect

  • JuJu Gen
    JuJu Gen 4 months ago

    Thank you! I have a phobia of this now!

  • CCK Travis
    CCK Travis 4 months ago

    The perfect loop doesn’t exi-

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 4 months ago

    Well i dont know about this one, but im down for magnetic puzzle pieces like this. Now I'm wondering why more are not magnetic...

  • Manami McNair
    Manami McNair 4 months ago +3

    The dragon curve… I haven’t heard that name in years…

  • WølfEcłipse
    WølfEcłipse 3 months ago

    When you shook it I was like NO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?

  • Gourv Rajput
    Gourv Rajput 4 months ago +1

    Same bro this is really satisfied 😍

  • lourdes pachla
    lourdes pachla 4 months ago +3

    Fun fact:the DRAGON CURVE is a fractal

    • ⃠
       4 months ago

      Fun fact: most shapes are fractals
      But the dragon curve is a self-similar fractal.
      A line is 1 dimensional, a plane is 2 dimensional, and the coastline of Ireland is 1.22 dimensional. Because it is still a line, but it is a line that fills a lot more of the plane than a straight line. Since it’s dimensionality is fractional, it is a fractal.

  • cocketiel post
    cocketiel post 4 months ago

    This is what of the few things that i felt satisfied with them :)

  • Peeblo
    Peeblo 4 months ago

    I felt like crying when he grew the pieces off the board

  • CS lance
    CS lance 3 months ago

    You ever see something so satisfying that it makes you itch? And when you scratch it, it feels amazing?

  • noob-ish noob
    noob-ish noob 4 months ago +1

    i get satisfied just by looking at those shapes AHHHHH

  • Postal Dude
    Postal Dude 4 months ago

    I wish there was a puzzle that would fit in no matter how you put them together

  • smxxtrv.
    smxxtrv. 4 months ago

    Are there multiple solutions? I’d hate to have a frustrating yet satisfying puzzle

  • Epicock
    Epicock 4 months ago

    what's surprising is that I thought of the same solution before watching.
    and unsurprisingly everyone did too.

  • Markus
    Markus 4 months ago

    I thought finding pieces in my puzzle was hard…

  • jevinday
    jevinday 4 months ago

    I would be stupefied if I had to try and solve that. thanks for making me feel dumb hahaha. seriously though, that's really cool.

  • Parke Nichols
    Parke Nichols 4 months ago

    I have something similar called the cathedral door.

  • mattykinz island
    mattykinz island 4 months ago

    Pretty cool but needs to be more complex

  • Urchy Urchin
    Urchy Urchin 3 months ago

    When you popped out all the pieces I jumped for some reason😅

  • madison king
    madison king 4 months ago

    The most sarisfying thing is how perfect the loop is

  • ✨The idiotic friends ✨

    This brought a smile to my face

  • Italic_
    Italic_ 4 months ago

    Dragon curve theory is pretty awesome too

  • Zelith Fang
    Zelith Fang 4 months ago

    The whole thing was laser cut, you can tell by the smokey color around some parts.

  • Absent minded fish
    Absent minded fish 4 months ago

    Nice cut! 👍🟥

  • Oltro 15
    Oltro 15 4 months ago

    Dragon curve is the name of the fractal that the puzzle is based on

  • Jerry Rupprecht
    Jerry Rupprecht 4 months ago

    One of my favourite fractals

  • the_back_rooms_desert_stage

    It's not a mistake it's a ✨ MASTER PEACE ✨

  • Liz
    Liz 2 months ago

    Love this one!

  • The Pip
    The Pip 4 months ago

    Ooh! I know about this fractal! I love math.