F-35A Lightning II Demo 2019 Melbourne Air Show

  • Published on Apr 2, 2019
  • 2019 Melbourne Air and Space Air Show
    Melbourne, Florida. Saturday March 30th, 2019.
    My trip out east was worth it. Watch as Capt. Andrew Dojo Olson performs the 1st North American F-35A Lightning II aerobatic demonstration. You’ll also see the USAF Heritage Flight formation with a F-35A, A-1 Skyraider & P-51 Mustang.
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  • Richard Melkus
    Richard Melkus Day ago

    Where is the COBRA MANOEUVRE? 👎

  • Richard Melkus
    Richard Melkus Day ago

    Siehst du eine Suchoi SU-35 hinter dir, verschwinde, GANZ SCHNELL! SONST BIST DU TOT! Siehst du sie vor dir, tue das Selbe. Diese F35 sieht aus wie meine Mülltonne.

  • 鄭子祈
    鄭子祈 Day ago




  • ALex Toorock
    ALex Toorock Day ago +1

    American flying trough. Russian military aircraft are much prettier and better.

    • gecsus
      gecsus Day ago

      Ahhhhh hahahahahaahahahaha

  • 3 chan 3 que
    3 chan 3 que Day ago

    oh lol best of the best

  • Paul Ashton
    Paul Ashton 2 days ago +2

    It's a beautiful thing to watch in the air, it's like modern art to me, too bad people have to die when it's around. Love and Peace to all.

  • Олег Селянин

    И это всё, на что способен жирный неуклюжий гусь F-35?
    This is a fat, awkward goose.)))

  • Sergei Gontarev
    Sergei Gontarev 2 days ago

    Пора взлетать.

  • Nasi Murtezi
    Nasi Murtezi 2 days ago

    Zoti eshte i pari amerika e dyta po mos te ishte amerika sllavet do ta shkatrronin ter njerzimin faleminerit zot qe e bere ameriken.

  • xmeda
    xmeda 2 days ago +1

    Circus with clowns walking around.. nice

    • Richard Melkus
      Richard Melkus Day ago

      Nice, yes. And very dump. Greetings from Germany.

  • Дарюга Татьяна

    Пока они взлетят их оазбомбят.

  • pat liddy
    pat liddy 2 days ago

    7 minutes in, we finally get to taxi. Meanwhile, North Korea has fired off half a dozen nukes.


      Its a DEMO. In an actual combat mission it would be off the ground sooner.

  • MavHunter20XX
    MavHunter20XX 2 days ago

    How many times can you notice the jet having to "straighten" out in order to regain speed/lift?

    • MetaliCanuck
      MetaliCanuck 11 hours ago

      thats the norm for every aircraft on the planet! LOL

  • Siggi Krause
    Siggi Krause 3 days ago

    Viel Theater um ein Schrott-Flugzeug

  • p80mod
    p80mod 3 days ago

    It turns like sick. Russian fanboys are devastated - their prototype can't do.

  • Julles Kahenga
    Julles Kahenga 3 days ago

    forcé armé

  • Brian Bartlett
    Brian Bartlett 3 days ago +1

    DAMN That F35 is sooooo insane!

    • Richard Melkus
      Richard Melkus Day ago

      Damn, the Suchoi-35 is so, so more insane 😳😂

  • Сергей Вишнёв

    Ф35а напоминает баклан обожрался лягушек и пытается резко дриснуть от ястреба .Жадный баклан блевануть надо тогда скорость маневр появятся.

  • vicky goyal
    vicky goyal 3 days ago


  • Hasan Tepecik
    Hasan Tepecik 3 days ago +2

    Ne sikime yarıyorsa aQ bi sağa bi sola gitmek...

  • Mehrdad Emami
    Mehrdad Emami 3 days ago

    The americans think everywhere is holywood,all show !!

    • valchakos
      valchakos 3 days ago

      Mehrdad Emami tell em about it man !

  • Mehrdad Emami
    Mehrdad Emami 3 days ago +3

    why it takes so long to take off


      Because as the title implies its a demo. In an actual combat situation he would leave much sooner.

  • Edward Hartzell
    Edward Hartzell 3 days ago

    It's fast and lite but it's a peace of shit can't fight a dog fight and can't fly in bad weather i would wait to a sand storm and bomb your hangers.

  • Abou ba
    Abou ba 4 days ago

    I like

  • Sergey
    Sergey 4 days ago

    who are these two clowns near the planе? Are they from monty python? :)

  • Спиро Хетович

    9:31 предельный по тяге вираж за 26 секунд... Я очень разочарован.

  • Steve Sanders
    Steve Sanders 4 days ago

    Nobody gonna point out how the second crew chief screwed up the cool hand slaps?

  • Николай Качурин

    Su-35 better!

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi 2 days ago +1

      Well in reality (in combat situation) it would not matter much which aircraft is more agile.....what would matter is which aircraft is able to detect the other one first and shoot first. So whichever aircraft has better radar, stealth and missile capabilities would likely come out from it as the winner.
      Also so far only some 100 SU-35s have been manufactured while F-35 manufacturing numbers are already at 400 aircraft. So I would say in terms of those capabilities and definitely in terms of production numbers F-35 has the edge.
      Su-35 might be superior in terms of close range "dogfights", but that doesnt matter if they cant even get close enough to F35's who would have the edge detecting SU-35s from much far away than SU-35s would be able to detect their opponents.

    • Николай Качурин
      Николай Качурин 4 days ago

      @p1colo thexvid.com/video/yVlmoNtcyhY/video.html

    • p1colo
      p1colo 4 days ago +1

      Maybe we find out soon.

  • Frank Crawford
    Frank Crawford 5 days ago

    Spencer we needed you badly at the Paris air show, BTW us it was the worst footage I have seen.

  • Joe Amo
    Joe Amo 5 days ago +2

    I'm so excited about this and thought more about the creator of the universe.

  • Wayne Haile
    Wayne Haile 5 days ago

    It's a shame they couldn't build this thing to be mach 2+

  • Krzysztof Nawrot
    Krzysztof Nawrot 5 days ago

    Please, buy a camera with good stabilising system!

    • p1colo
      p1colo 4 days ago

      For an amateur he did a great job.

  • RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman
    RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman 6 days ago +4

    NOW we all know why Chinese is SO desperate trying to steal part of drawings or diagrams from dum bas Australia's' website where Chinee know they could break in n stole some of F-35 diagrams, but it did not or won't do MUCH good as if U don't have the whole thing or diagram 99.97 percent, it won't do much good to copy, CZ in actual dog fight Chinese J-11, copy cat of, mostly outside, will breakfast or lunch of F-35, never mind about F-22, that will knock out for sure, no chance J-11 or whatever most latest versions has n Jap's stop trying to make their so call Stealth fighter jet that SIMPLY cannot over come making anything close to F-35, CZ Jap's technology the entirety was from ENTIRELY from West n cannot come even close when adding software where the US is the world number one n Germany cannot even come close either!

    • Antonio deCarmoducci
      Antonio deCarmoducci 5 days ago

      F-35 is not a dog fighter. Those days are long gone. it's about missile delivery. The Chinese J-20 is already redundant. China cannot continue to alienate the world and expect to compete against it. Germany tired that and they were in a much stronger position in most respects.

  • Shakar Ram
    Shakar Ram 6 days ago +1

    Migs are the best for the cobra dance


    If enemy gets past cameras automated with payload in tow and laser tracking... Then pilot might be prize... Where gambler is left with.... Surprise with classified.


    It will be payload stress to enemy targets


    Now Iran the CONCEPT Is simple it's putting the missles in dawg fights with enemy combatants.... Camera tech and turret old man... That's where the money is....

  • JAshley64
    JAshley64 6 days ago

    It's amazing what $1.508 Trillion can buy!

    • Kamren Porche
      Kamren Porche 6 days ago

      Yeah, a ton of those airplanes. I love when people act like this jet isn't worth the cost.

  • The Proud American
    The Proud American 6 days ago +2

    🇺🇸 Its difficult, but try to ignore the ignorant "know-it-alls" who hate on the things they know nothing about. 🇺🇸

  • Abba Dabba
    Abba Dabba 6 days ago +1

    This Has Got to be the Biggest Yank Wank since Nixon. By the time these Tin Pots stop messing about Uncle Joe would have sprayed the whole air field with lead. Lmfao Here.

  • Mohamed Arass
    Mohamed Arass 6 days ago

    Pour frappé les payé musulment (enfant morte) ou poure frappé les traître dictateur arabe et africaines ou poure faire la cerre avec la Russie ou avec la chine jamais!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Capt Fathom
    Capt Fathom 6 days ago

    Is that the lousy one piece of shit we got lol

  • jabberwocky1707
    jabberwocky1707 6 days ago +3

    Stealth plane
    - Stealth ladder?
    - Stealth screwdriver (or do they use hex or torx head fasteners?)
    I think the last airshow I went to was the 1988 Bicentennial! (Or maybe at Bankstown airport, In western Sydney for you non-Aussies)
    - I damn well need to go to one like this!

  • Quixxlez
    Quixxlez 6 days ago

    At 7:15 you can see the pilot celebrating the fact the plane was able to start and begin taxiing!


    La antorcha voladora jejeje

  • Артур Паненко

    И все ????..... :( ,как же это бледненько в сравнении с пилотажем SUшки . Напоминает попытку подтянуться на турнике.
    Дааа , хуевастенько ему будет в ближнием бою с СУ . F22 и то достойней соперник.

  • Aleksandr Kyzmin
    Aleksandr Kyzmin 7 days ago

    Видно что хавает топливо аж чавкает не на долго наверно

  • Aleksandr Kyzmin
    Aleksandr Kyzmin 7 days ago

    америка не хило выдает

  • Kamyar Shahmoradi
    Kamyar Shahmoradi 7 days ago

    This is proof geoengineering/chemtrails are a thing. On military jets where they are fighting on frontlines their aircraft dont leave trails, but after billions of subsidies to airlines now commercial flights leave chemtrails

    • D 349
      D 349 6 days ago

      This is also proof that your tinfoil hat requires an adjustment...

  • Cesar antonio Tello canales

    Basura millonaria, no es maniobrable como los rusos sukhoi y mikoyanes los rusos sie.pre an sido mejores y lo seran

  • michael velez
    michael velez 7 days ago +1

    Merica!! Fu$@ yeah!! Iran don't want none!

    • p1colo
      p1colo 4 days ago

      I don't want to hurt you feelings, but an F35 is easy to destroy today.

  • R Fleming
    R Fleming 7 days ago +1

    An impressive demonstration! The pilot knows the F-35 and truly demonstrated the superior handling of this machine. Some of those turns were so tight and beautifully executed that it became clear that this is one fantastic pilot behind the controls.

    • Frank Crawford
      Frank Crawford 5 days ago

      @Buro Dackel I would submit that the flat spinning at lower speeds that the su's do is only one facet of aireal warfare and only a tiny part at that.

    • R Fleming
      R Fleming 7 days ago +1

      @Buro Dackel lol

    • Buro Dackel
      Buro Dackel 7 days ago

      Have you seen aerial manuevres by Sukhoi? This handles like a Chevy Suburrban.

  • Joseph Dunbar
    Joseph Dunbar 8 days ago

    Funny how the new jet has to fly just above stall to pace the old fighters.

  • Rudolf Hanuštiak
    Rudolf Hanuštiak 8 days ago

    ... boring .....

  • Arsalan Ottoman
    Arsalan Ottoman 8 days ago +1

    JF 17 Thunder is way better than this junk. Did you see it perform at Paris Airshow 2019? It humiliated this junk f35 1.2 trillion dollar failure.

    • Frank Crawford
      Frank Crawford 5 days ago

      The Paris air show footage was terrible at best. No wonder you think it is a dog.

  • Natures Beauty
    Natures Beauty 8 days ago +3

    Wow thank you for sharing fantastic 👌

  • Lucius Kiirus
    Lucius Kiirus 9 days ago

    The F-35 is a POS. It was designed to milk tax payers and nations of money. It's real purpose is bait for the corrupt and stupid.

  • Khurram Shahzad
    Khurram Shahzad 9 days ago +2

    Its as agile if not more than an F16

  • מוטי ג.
    מוטי ג. 9 days ago +2

    Wonderful! Love this clip!

  • Sascha Fenris
    Sascha Fenris 9 days ago +3

    I've missed or don't found some interesting maneauvers like a cobra and some STAL-figueres.

  • Salvador Guerrero Arocha

    Maduro...te van ha dar en la madre!!!!

  • adinda paramitha
    adinda paramitha 10 days ago

    the plane is a failure the SUKOV 55 can kick its arse !!

    • Quick Podcast Highlights
      Quick Podcast Highlights 8 days ago

      adinda paramitha 🤣 You’re country’s only military consists of hiring kids to create fake Facebook accounts to troll other countries 🤣🤣

    SOHAIL AHMED 10 days ago


  • рома романов

    Два долбаеба третий в самолёте

  • василий паламарь

    А почему на Земле мы воюем друг с другом?

  • 70
    70 10 days ago

    It's funny that some people still think f-35 is not manueverable

    • Chris Clozel
      Chris Clozel 8 days ago

      He is manuverable but his demo is bored. The french rafale is more manuverable you can compare the two aircraft in the paris airshow the rafale demo is more intense than f35

  • John Flemming
    John Flemming 10 days ago +2

    First 6 minutes was a waste of time, unless you enjoy watching a F35 starting up and are reminiscent of your air force days

    • John Flemming
      John Flemming 6 days ago

      @D 349 yea , it is cool but almost every video I have seen that shows a f35 does this.

    • D 349
      D 349 6 days ago

      If you weren't in the Air Force and didn't get to see it every day, it's actually kinda cool. I'm glad he posts the entire video, no narration, no music.

    • The Proud American
      The Proud American 6 days ago

      🇺🇸 I agree. Its always like that.

  • Umar Marsh
    Umar Marsh 11 days ago +1

    That joker must have glue on the bottom of his shoes and a heart of steel for all the technical flaws that could result in a catastrophic failure.

    • Kamren Porche
      Kamren Porche 6 days ago

      Flaws? The F35 is the most advanced fighter in the world. Think what you want, but the chances are close to none when it comes to technical errors.

  • Алекс Черных

    Лудше бы игил вас сука унечтожал