DIY SSD made of SD Cards!

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • Does it make ANY sense to make your OWN SSD from Micro SD cards?
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Comments • 6 051

  • Super Smash Dolls
    Super Smash Dolls Year ago +1663

    "Do NOT support UHS-I" means they don't support the higher-speed microSD modes. UHS-I cards are require to work in non-UHS bus microSD slots. It means that it'll work, just not anywhere close to the rated speed for the card.

    • Faldegast
      Faldegast 3 months ago

      @Magnus Nilsen I cannot find anyone called U in this conversation nor anything that matches your comment. Replying to the right thread.

    • Magnus Nilsen
      Magnus Nilsen 3 months ago

      U hears like a 12 year smart kid

    • Faldegast
      Faldegast 3 months ago

      @doppeltegenkidama What basic information about memory speed should he know?

    • Devolve
      Devolve 3 months ago

      @Alan Heath But can you get 1+ Tb of ssd for less? i don't know where you live but where i do idc xD i wouldnt go for it lol

    • Lee Linden
      Lee Linden 3 months ago

      @Raymond Mertin -- and I selflessly volunteer to make the dude even happier by taking off his hands for free the corresponding 20 redundant high-end DSLRs. :-)

  • Kyoko
    Kyoko Day ago +1

    6:56 Me struggling through college

  • lawless clan
    lawless clan 2 days ago

    west of time and money

  • Fuck off Youtube Don't Want to use my real name.

    I have lots of old SD cards lying around, wish I could make use of them

  • Noah's Repairs And Reviews

    2:14 the ihere instead of idea

  • DSi Leaf
    DSi Leaf 6 days ago

    wublin SSD

  • Juan Olivier
    Juan Olivier 8 days ago

    Since you were going to use all 10 slots from the beginning there was no need to place each SD card from slot 1 to 10 in order.

  • Plocký
    Plocký 8 days ago

    wow the fat guy washed his hair. props

  • Dusty151
    Dusty151 8 days ago

    These only make sense when replacing the hard drive in your iPod classic.

  • Amit Pradhan
    Amit Pradhan 9 days ago +2

    It would be more expensive then an original SSD..... :P

  • ROmaniaC DJ
    ROmaniaC DJ 13 days ago

    What if its for creators, instead of an SD card reader or something :))

  • Sukkulents
    Sukkulents 13 days ago

    I’d rather have half in raid 0, then raid 1. At least there’s some redundancy and you still have 600GB, even if it isn’t as fast

  • Arzchy Militov
    Arzchy Militov 15 days ago

    "this is so dumb" yet you still doing it LOL

  • Billy William
    Billy William 15 days ago +2

    Linus Tech Tips
    What RAID level is needed to be able to lose half the drives but still have all your data?

  • DdlyHeadshot
    DdlyHeadshot 15 days ago

    You can get 16GB SD cards (bad ones) now for about £3.50 a piece, so I guess the question is: is a 160GB SSD

  • 88Spint
    88Spint 16 days ago

    1:16 had to look up the Jibo video to get that tweet

    AETERNA LIVIUS 16 days ago


  • Caleb Poley
    Caleb Poley 16 days ago

    You sound like claptrap with a little less augmented robotic voice

  • Total Ignorance
    Total Ignorance 16 days ago

    I just came across this today but the idea of this has always been interesting... just and fyi thou that 81 percent issue you had didnt have to do with the micro sd ssd at all but with the network adapter. its a known issue for win 10 installers i have come across it a lot of times. mostly on VM's but still if you unplugged the Ethernet cable or disabled the nic before you installed it would have worked.

  • MightyTIgeR1996
    MightyTIgeR1996 17 days ago

    so Linus doesn't have a pair of scissors

  • Roush Video Production

    can you find one I can put ram into?

  • Cory Bernhardt
    Cory Bernhardt 18 days ago

    I want to add this to mine.

  • tjeerd van dijk
    tjeerd van dijk 18 days ago +1

    What's next, micro SD card to ram adapter? That would be an interesting experiment, I have too many 512mb cards from stone age

  • Kent Jone
    Kent Jone 20 days ago

    Give me sd card atleast 128gb hahaha storage is life hahah

  • wallonthefloor
    wallonthefloor 20 days ago

    what program does he used to test hard drive speed???

  • Funny CompCo
    Funny CompCo 20 days ago

    I mean they said it doesn't work with the format you used. Maybe it'll work better with other sd

  • Youri HL
    Youri HL 21 day ago

    It exists so that spy agencies can easily give every spy ONE SD-card and send them out in the field to gather/collect data.
    Everything combined in this particular one of a kind wannabe-SSD, would help keeping data safe.
    Now back to the real world:
    - You have no idea what exists in computerworld. #RockstarLogic

  • Lauri Kreutzwald
    Lauri Kreutzwald 22 days ago

    If you would use 512GB cards *10= 5.12 terabytes
    Load them in to a server like linus uses Storinator XL60
    60*5.12 tb = 307.2 terabytes

    After making the calculations jes this makes no money sens
    using 16TB drives wold be cheeper and safer.
    But that server would be so much lighter to carry.

  • Nathan Hardcastle
    Nathan Hardcastle 22 days ago

    1:25 What about 6?

  • Aayush Shukla
    Aayush Shukla 23 days ago

    is linus gay?

  • Ratzel BlackStar
    Ratzel BlackStar 24 days ago


  • Fun Fong
    Fun Fong 24 days ago

    More objectivity before you test would be more becoming. When you act like you do, why should we watch this vid in the first place?

  • The Unboxing Experience

    I am so happy today! I gained a subscriber!

  • Calamity
    Calamity 27 days ago

    People still use SATA etc in 2019? i hate cables. M2 ONLY.

    • SN: 323
      SN: 323 26 days ago

      SATA is cheap and they are everywhere.
      M2 is much faster. But I just don't need that much.

  • Emrah OZKAN
    Emrah OZKAN 27 days ago

    if one of the sd cards fails, all data will be lost. mirroring 2 raid 0 set sounds better.

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 27 days ago +6

    i cant afford a laptop ;-;

    *sent from my macbook pro 2019*

  • Chris Morrison
    Chris Morrison 28 days ago

    So it's essentially an ssd with extra steps. Also if you want a drive that's faster than a hdd but slower or more reliable than an ssd then a sshd would do that, it's basically a hybrid between the 2 different drives with the main storage being hdd and the buffer being ssd

  • onen
    onen 28 days ago

    To answer “What is this for?” The fact that it’s SATA II and doesn’t support UHS-1 tells you it’s an older product from when solid state was ridiculously expensive and people were legitimately asking for a way to use the plentiful Micro SD cards as a cheaper alternative to get away from spinning mechanical drives. At that, it succeeds for linear storage, like movie and game files, compared to ~80/MBs on mechanical drives.

  • Aaditya Pratap Singh
    Aaditya Pratap Singh 28 days ago

    CrystalDiskMark Seq Read 220 MB/s and Seq Write 134 MB/s; par for the course for eMMC, or maybe slightly better, but better than hard disks. I'm worried about the endurance of the flash and performance while copying/moving and using the computer at the same time, since SD card flash/MMC/eMMC flash is said to be single-lane.

    Edit: and controller considerations.

  • Brute Hunter
    Brute Hunter 29 days ago +5

    I remember when 1GB was around $100. Tech goes down on price pretty fast

  • AdrianJayeOnline
    AdrianJayeOnline Month ago

    it's cheaper to buy a proper SSD drive, nes pas ?

  • AdrianJayeOnline
    AdrianJayeOnline Month ago

    why would you buy this garbage

  • Lewis hughes
    Lewis hughes Month ago


  • Jarrey
    Jarrey Month ago +1

    Why is Linus such a dick wtf

  • DeShawn Terrance
    DeShawn Terrance Month ago

    Now setup up the SDSSD in RAID.

  • Dominik Mihá
    Dominik Mihá Month ago

    I think that thing is still better in a laptop if somebody is want more space

  • Nofio James
    Nofio James Month ago +1

    Well you can write it to span the data over the number of so cards for a manual gig saw encryption

  • Hans de Groot
    Hans de Groot Month ago

    maybe the only purpose could be a very low power solidstate drive? ie like you add a battery and a nas controller with wifi. I have a wifidisk now with an old rotating disk and the battery does not last very long. Not even long enough to watch one movie from the disk. But than. powerbanks are not very expensive anymore. But if you could have a wifi disk that can last all day or longer on one charge that woul dbe cool I gues. Speed is not that important and it will be mostly sequential anyway. But I have no clue how much less power 10sdcard would use compared to a 1.6 tb ssd disk.

  • Yusuf Jamal
    Yusuf Jamal Month ago

    I am scared of the people who are genius enough to know what all that random text on circuit boards mean

  • 100 k
    100 k Month ago

    Buy hawaii 1tp

  • Alorand
    Alorand Month ago

    I had this idea 5 years ago and decided that since it doesn't exist there must be some problem I am not noticing...
    Also why Raid 0 and not Raid 10?

    • Luis Giordano
      Luis Giordano Month ago

      The closest thing I've seen to a raid of SD cards, is having two SD slots in a DSLR for backup and fail over purposes, which is the most practical way to use more than just one SD card in a device

  • ev3 ever
    ev3 ever Month ago

    İt is a turkish joke

  • computer user
    computer user Month ago

    SSD cards were designed to be "bussed" or daisy chained much like SCSI. They are addressable.

  • CreidDesmodus
    CreidDesmodus Month ago

    you could always run it not in raid and have a bunch of nonsense drives displaying the alphabet on your computers directory

  • Raging Tout
    Raging Tout Month ago

    Uses wrong SSDs, spends video complaining about slow speeds. You've outdone your typical self today.

  • Chello Chamber
    Chello Chamber Month ago

    Sd card ssd + 10 one terabyte as cards= Ten terabyte ssd for $4000

  • Marwanmagdy 2211
    Marwanmagdy 2211 Month ago

    raid ssd drive
    try to make ssd out of 128 gb USB DRIVE

  • Terrance Roybal
    Terrance Roybal Month ago

    Does it make sense to buy this product, absolutely because its cool. lol

  • raidenpz
    raidenpz Month ago

    But what if, I had a bunch of old 2GB sd cards from 8 years ago which I have actually no use for. Hey a 20GB SSD is better than a bag of waste.