Kurstin x Grohl: The Hanukkah Sessions 2021: Night Three

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • Barry Pincus - not only one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th (or any) century, but a mega-mensch to boot!

    So, like a good neighbor, you deserve a break today. So grab a bucket of chicken and let’s get stuck on…..

    BARRY MANILOW’S “Copacabana”!

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  • shatterwood
    shatterwood Month ago +1161

    Dave Grohl has solidly entered his "fuck it, I'm doing karaoke" phase of his career

    • V hebrew
      V hebrew Month ago


    • soulslaveone
      soulslaveone Month ago

      @shatterwood he he, no prob. I was more lighthearted than you probably think. And I actually think your comment was funny:)

    • shatterwood
      shatterwood Month ago

      @soulslaveone OK, let's put it this way: I'm either "wrong", or I made a lighthearted joke. Which one of those do you think is more likely? (Remember, just because you don't get a joke doesn't mean I didn't make one)

    • soulslaveone
      soulslaveone Month ago

      you`re wrong. they`re playing. Its more like a coverband, I guess;)

    • Fit Mama
      Fit Mama Month ago

      And I'm here for it!

  • Joe Millo
    Joe Millo Month ago +630

    The world needs more of Dave Grohl. I simply love his joy for living and how he shares that joy with everyone around him. Thank you Dave.

    • Laura Lai
      Laura Lai 22 days ago

      Totally agree.

    • Cindy Welch
      Cindy Welch Month ago +1

      He cracks me the hell up. He could have been a comedian as well. I have laughed so much watching him do so many things lately. Nothing more adorable than watching him with his mom, Virginia Grohl, touring her book From Cradle to Stage. Amazing documentary.

    • michelle kush
      michelle kush Month ago

      Well said!!✌️😎

    • Pyrrhus Brinalle
      Pyrrhus Brinalle Month ago +1

      @Boofer T. Washington you sound like the people who hate Phil Collins for making Genesis a pop band when it was the entire band doing it.

    • Cissa Vidal
      Cissa Vidal Month ago +1

      Muito, muito, muito 🥰🥰🥰

  • EditMonsterKurt
    EditMonsterKurt Month ago +435

    Love that Dave doesn't take himself so serious, and explores with the fun of music.

    • Luis Chavez jr
      Luis Chavez jr 6 days ago

      I think he takes it very serious cuz his so good !

    • Daniel Farelo
      Daniel Farelo Month ago +2

      that's the key to all of it, making it fun.

    • Stockpile Thomas
      Stockpile Thomas Month ago +4

      he’s got a such a personality it’s so warming, you can just tell by looking at him he loves what he does.

    • Joshua
      Joshua Month ago +22

      To me, all other bands are rockers, metalheads, DJs etc, but Dave is a musician. Because he play whatever he likes, doesn’t matter if it’s disco, pop, rock, or metal. If he likes it he will do it.

    • LarryB
      LarryB Month ago +14

      His goofyness compliments his coolness👍

  • Tornado of Souls
    Tornado of Souls Month ago +66

    Oh. My. God. My mom tortured me with 'Copacabana' and her singing so off key, the neighbors complained. Years later, it became our inside joke and her ringtone. It still is. I lost her 7 years ago to cancer. She would've loved this.

    • Kevin Reidy
      Kevin Reidy Month ago

      She would have said - I SING BETTER THAN HIM :P

    • Rene Perez
      Rene Perez Month ago

      sorry mate , great comment

  • Mellow Fellow
    Mellow Fellow Month ago +117

    The Beatles: we're going to India to meditate and learn about esoteric oneness with the universe...
    Paul Simon: I'm going to Africa to learn about soulful rhythms from the Cradle of Humanity...
    Robert Plant: Jimmy and I are going to the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa to learn about the music that summons the ancient gods...
    Dave Grohl: Yeah, we're going back to the 70s...

  • Ian David
    Ian David Month ago +72

    After reaching the 'no fucks given' stage of his career, Dave Grohl realised he quite liked it there and decided to stay. Much awesomeness resulted and everyone nodded wisely and agreed this was a Very Good Thing.

  • Luciano Manfrinato
    Luciano Manfrinato Month ago +359

    This put a smile in my face. Love how Dave does seem not to worry about being the biggest frontman in the world 🙌🏻❤️🔥🙏🏼

    • Mimsy Slopcorner
      Mimsy Slopcorner Month ago

      @Brian Sullivan Dear Bongo, No.

    • Beach Girl
      Beach Girl Month ago +1

      @BungleGaming/Music ,
      Like I said, that AC/DC show was one of the best (of hundreds) concerts I’ve seen. I saw Maiden around the same time (early eighties), and almost worship Bruce, but he’s not Dave.
      Everyone in music is brewing beer or making wine.
      I’m just here for the tuneage.
      I am curious about your username. You haven’t mentioned Mike Patton, who has done some interesting things with old lounge songs.

    • BungleGaming/Music
      BungleGaming/Music Month ago

      @Beach Girl Bon started the legacy, Brian continued it. AC/DC is not who they are without either of them, but I think Brian has had a much larger impact. And Bruce Dickinson is an amazing frontman, heck, he flies Iron Maiden himself, and brews Iron Maiden beers, and so much more. I would bring up Freddie Mercury but I suppose we’re talking about people who are still alive. In that case, Robert Plant is up there too. However, I respect your opinion, because as I said I still think Dave is great.

    • Beach Girl
      Beach Girl Month ago +1

      @BungleGaming/Music ,
      You lost any cred mentioning Brian instead of Bon... and while Bruce is an epic singer, songwriter, front man, and pilot, he isn’t as accessible as Dave is to fans.
      Btw, I’m not casting shade on Johnson- just your choice of comparison.
      I was backstage on the FTATR tour, and he was a very good frontman, at one of the best concerts I’ve attended. 35 years later, Lzzy Hale won that contest (best front/lead ever).

    • BungleGaming/Music
      BungleGaming/Music Month ago

      Don’t get me wrong, Dave is great, but come on… He ain’t no Bruce Dickinson or Brian Johnson.

  • André Araújo
    André Araújo Month ago +205

    As a Brazilian, I am honored. Watching Hanukkah sessions everyday. You infected us with the virus of happiness.

    • Bat Man
      Bat Man Month ago

      @heidi brenke-malone ❤️🙏🏻💉💉💉🦠🎸❤️

    • hustler3of4culture3
      hustler3of4culture3 Month ago

      Lula Livre🌹

    • Beach Girl
      Beach Girl Month ago +1

      Spanish has some sentiments that don’t directly translate to English, but are perfect. I use those when English can’t provide the perfect sentiment. “Virus of happiness” is beautiful, because happiness spreads more quickly than its opposite... and it’s in English. (“La gripa de Feliz” just doesn’t work.)

    • heidi brenke-malone
      heidi brenke-malone Month ago +9

      You infected us with the virus of happiness - love that expression, hits the point 👍

  • Stu Minnis
    Stu Minnis Month ago +177

    First time I’ve ever actually listened to the lyrics of this song. I hadn’t realized it was so melodramatic.

    • J O'Connell
      J O'Connell Month ago +1

      Try listening to “Don’t you want me baby” from the Human League.

    • Wylee Coyotee
      Wylee Coyotee Month ago +3

      Omg me too ! Dave really enunciates and I actually understood the lyrics finally!

    • Angela Rose
      Angela Rose Month ago

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • B
      B Month ago +2

      Check out the pina colada song. Shit is actually kinda crazy

    • Dave TheGayGuy
      Dave TheGayGuy Month ago

      @Zen Trader me too never really listen all the way thru, Barry was not on my playlist, I knew the "copa cobana music and laughter ... and pretty much blah blah blah after that, love it, bar fights, a gun shot ... who knew!!?? Going to re listen now.

  • Love2Communicate
    Love2Communicate Month ago +218

    I must say, this is a creative way to let me know what other musicians are Jewish. I love the covers. That "Stay" cover was so original. Thank you for sharing. 💓 Happy Hanukkah.

    • Brian L
      Brian L Month ago +3

      No.. all the songs he is covering are from Jewish artists! I just got that. Very clever.

    • Fabrizio Méndez
      Fabrizio Méndez Month ago +2

      @Jonathan Wapner I think he meant Barry Manilow

    • Chris Minerva
      Chris Minerva Month ago +3

      Greg Kurstin is.

    • Elie Sherman
      Elie Sherman Month ago

      @alice hasenkohl Dave Grohl is not ethnically Jewish

    • alice hasenkohl
      alice hasenkohl Month ago +1

      maybe that's a dumb question, but is dave jewish, or are they just celebrating hanukkah? I've seen him wear crosses several times before, i had assumed he was christian (personally I believe in rock music, that's about the extent of my faith, but I'm curious!)

  • MattyK USA
    MattyK USA Month ago +50

    When Dave Grohl sings a nightclub classic into a curling iron, I know that all hope is not lost for humanity.

    • Danny Eglen
      Danny Eglen Month ago +2

      @augusts1 They don't call me Killjoy for nothing mate! Or at all tbh

    • augusts1
      augusts1 Month ago +2

      @Danny Eglen Oh come on, it was far more fun when we all thought it was a curling iron! LOL

    • Danny Eglen
      Danny Eglen Month ago +1

      Pretty sure its an old skool studio mic, it has a microphone cable coming out of it and this style of mic was commonplace for years. I just had a look and its a sennheiser md441.

    • MattyK USA
      MattyK USA Month ago +1

      @Kristina I was in tears when I realized 🤣

    • Kristina
      Kristina Month ago +1

      Wait is that what it is? LMAO

  • johanderzon Sánchez
    johanderzon Sánchez Month ago +8

    A Dave lo define solo una palabra. Versátil. Que grande Dave we love you

  • Ben Houston
    Ben Houston Month ago +12

    I swear, there's not another rocker in the world that can pull that off. It's perfectly cheesy while at the same time being a great cover.

  • Sandra Shevel
    Sandra Shevel Month ago +66

    This was my mom's favorite Barrry Manilow song, she just passed awau. Thanks for the giggles we got out of this.

  • susan bowman
    susan bowman Month ago +67

    Dave Grohl could never be any cooler than this! Way to nail it!
    Only someone as great as Dave could straight face kill this number, do the cha-cha, and sing into a curling iron! FAVORITE of all time!!! Seriously, I haven’t laughed this hard in ages!! Thank you both❤️❤️❤️

    • A80502133
      A80502133 Month ago +1

      @Definitely Not Dingse! Correct. Its most probably a Sennheiser MD441.

    • Lisa L
      Lisa L Month ago +1

      I seriously thought it was a curling iron too.

    • Definitely Not Dingse!
      Definitely Not Dingse! Month ago

      @Parley Clemons nope, it’s definitely a microphone. You can even see the screw hole mechanism for the stand.

      And the XLR cable sticking out the bottom

    • Parley Clemons
      Parley Clemons Month ago +2

      It IS a curling iron. Too funny. Bet they had a blast making this

  • Dave Rittner
    Dave Rittner Month ago +11

    What a genuine, caring human being. We could use a lot more like him in this world. Happy Chanukah!

  • Christy Bennink
    Christy Bennink Month ago +17

    This song was a huge part of my childhood (mom was a huge Manilow fan), and this is such a great cover. Also, can we just have an album of lounge band covers?

    • Sandy D
      Sandy D Month ago

      Doesn't mean we can't have more! Yo Dave... Do more!

    • Beach Girl
      Beach Girl Month ago +1

      Didn’t Mike Patton do an album of lounge cover songs?

    • Cat Thomas
      Cat Thomas Month ago

      I second this.

  • Tim85
    Tim85 Month ago +53

    I think this might be my favorite entry in either year's series so far. Dave could totally have a nightclub act with these sweet moves.

    • Sound painter
      Sound painter Month ago +1

      Dave Knows... This song was played @ EVERY ((Holliday Inn)) "Club" & This song Sooo common, It would Litterly make me HURL !! Or Leave IMMIEADEATLY !! (( Especially in Miami )) but Dave Sold it to me.. No Wonder "Someone got shot" They were playing... This Song ! ( Ya, had to be there. )

  • Soraia
    Soraia Month ago +81

    Linda homenagem ao meu querido Barry Manilow e Copacabana ! O Brasil agradece !

    • Soraia
      Soraia Month ago +2

      @Abraao Pimenta Obrigada pelo esclarecimento !

    • Aline Baruchi
      Aline Baruchi Month ago

      @Abraao Pimenta mandam a gente pra Cuba e depois reclamam quando damo vexame bêbada de rum no bar
      A gente quer viver as fantasias

    • Aline Baruchi
      Aline Baruchi Month ago

      @Abraao Pimenta tamo junto na bebedeira do fim do mundo

    • Abraao Pimenta
      Abraao Pimenta Month ago +1

      Na verdade esse música em nada tem haver com o Bairro, ou com a praia de Copacabana, Brasil, e sim a um bar homônimo, localizado em Havana, Cuba...

    • Canal Sewilho
      Canal Sewilho Month ago


  • Littlewings85
    Littlewings85 Month ago +11

    I am absolutely loving these covers of Jewish artists, however it is so strange if you think of how many rockers/metalheads are now grinning like idiots at their phones/tablets etc and singing along to a track by Barry Manilow! 😂
    Dave, you make this world a little bit more surreal, a little less soul destroying and a lot more fun - **THANK YOU!**

  • adfghjhgd b
    adfghjhgd b Month ago +14

    The percussion on that was ON POINT! That must've been fun to play.

  • Richard Lindle
    Richard Lindle Month ago +6

    Well that put a massive smile on my face. Thanks Dave and everyone else involved.

  • Emre Kaşif Selengin
    Emre Kaşif Selengin Month ago +8

    I know, every detail of this video is actually piece of genius but... Drummer Dave is so cool. seriously, I need GIFs of this guy X)

  • Robin Gastonia
    Robin Gastonia Month ago +19

    How amazing. I love these 2. Dave is so talented. He is a great entertainer. He is one of the most talented musicians in this day. He is a true musician and has such amazing talent. He is one cool guy that you would love to sit down, talk music and have a beer with.

  • Brayden Mackie
    Brayden Mackie Month ago +7

    At this point Dave is just trying to see how far his friends will let him go before they reel him back into rock music lol

  • Tony Gant
    Tony Gant Month ago +4

    There’s just no denying Dave is a fucking legend. He’s the Rock-N-Roll Midas.

  • Texas Jackdaw
    Texas Jackdaw Month ago +18

    Just finished reading your book “The Story Teller” … man, what a life. I absolutely love how you can remain so down to earth. Love you Dave.

  • syd
    syd Month ago +4

    Could not love this any more. Grohl is an awesome human.

  • don keyballs
    don keyballs Month ago +263

    Well , if the foo fighters thing ever tanks for Dave, he's always got a career as a lounge signer in Cuba 🇨🇺 😁👍

    • shariys1
      shariys1 Month ago

      More like Miami.

    • Pavlos Con
      Pavlos Con Month ago

      @John Guanciale not much to sign either..

    • John Guanciale
      John Guanciale Month ago +3

      At this time there are no lounges in Cuba. Sorry

  • Rhi Silver
    Rhi Silver Month ago +3

    Why does this actually work so damn well? I want it on Spotify

  • Lie Likes Music
    Lie Likes Music Month ago +157

    I see the new Foo Fighters album is well underway 🤣

    • Beach Girl
      Beach Girl Month ago

      Paul Gilbert’s Xmas album dropped this week, but in full shred/almost no lyrics fashion. It’s highly Lyncherrific.

    • mike newbill
      mike newbill Month ago

      Check out deegees hail satin

  • Tommy Lynch
    Tommy Lynch Month ago +3

    This is like getting a present everyday plus ice cream❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎😎🚨🚨🚨🚨 you guys rock !

  • Corvidae65
    Corvidae65 Month ago +17

    Awesomeness! Dave did the best rendition of this song since Barry. Thank you both for a great remake and paying homage to Barry. Well done!

  • Maureen Mahoney
    Maureen Mahoney Month ago +130

    I didn't know I could love Dave Grohl any more than I already did, but then...THIS!!!

  • Kristin St. John
    Kristin St. John Month ago +3

    If this get released as a single I will buy it immediately

  • MindRiot666
    MindRiot666 Month ago +12

    It's Hanukkah now, and every evening after work I light the Hanukkah candles and then enjoy these cool covers - thank you Dave and Greg! you guys are awesome! cheers from Canada!

  • Charles Harrison
    Charles Harrison Month ago +12

    You can do this when you’re basically rock legend status. I’m glad he’s having fun. These little flights of fancy are always entertaining!

  • Cornbread Oracle
    Cornbread Oracle Month ago +9

    I’m loving these covers. These are the songs GenX grew up on. This was some of the first music we learned to love. Thanks, Dave.

    • Cat Thomas
      Cat Thomas Month ago +1

      The first songs I remember liking were Stayin’ Alive and Copacabana. Then everything I heard from Blondie.

  • Curtis Woo
    Curtis Woo Month ago +4

    Dave's "I'm a dad and in the RRHOF so I can do whatever I want" swagger is in full effect!

  • Shawn Gist
    Shawn Gist Month ago +14

    Heard this song a thousand times over the years. Never listened to the story. Thanks you guys. So well done.
    You know, if that Foo Fighters thing doesn't work out you could totally do weddings, bar mitzvahs, Shriner's balls.
    Ever thought about doing a wedding tour with Adam Sandler? Especially around the holiday season? You could totally give Mannheim Steamroller and Trans Siberian Orchestra a run for their money.

  • Cheshire Mercury
    Cheshire Mercury Month ago +3

    Epic guys! Loving these!

  • WizardsWithMachinery
    WizardsWithMachinery Month ago +2

    Dude, this was awesome! 😎
    Love those hi-hats.. very dry, dark, jazzy sounding. Gotta love that clav too 🤘

  • res19ncm
    res19ncm Month ago +209

    I can’t stop smiling watching this! THANK YOU Dave and Greg!

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa Month ago +2

    Dave Grohl é foda! Não consigo parar de ouvir essa música, muito bom!

  • tafan321
    tafan321 Month ago +2

    Dave's officially made it in a famous cover band now.

  • Jennifer Trace
    Jennifer Trace Month ago +5

    This brought me so much joy today. Just when I needed some. 🥰

  • bodynhand
    bodynhand Month ago +2

    This may be THE Greatest Cover in the history of music! Holy Disco, Dave! This is utterly PRICELESS!

  • MiBzAn
    MiBzAn Month ago +1

    I just danced all over my livingroom dying of giggles.. best cover ever.. Dave.. You're the best sir. 👌

  • Patrick Barrineau
    Patrick Barrineau Month ago +3

    The production value has really taken a leap forward this year. Well done.

  • Christian Linacre
    Christian Linacre Month ago +2

    Dave Grohl just moved up from national treasure category to time traveler rock god 😎

  • L CHdG
    L CHdG Month ago +2

    This so well done and so silly at the same time! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Anthony Bogyo
    Anthony Bogyo Month ago +4

    Dave Grohl is the ultimate rock star - because he's a rock star he can do what he wants and not worry about what other people think. I think he really only does things that he enjoys and has fun with and that's the definition of living life to the fullest - bravo!

  • MsVshizzle
    MsVshizzle Month ago +2

    I love this ❤️❤️❤️ thanks Dave and Greg 🕎✨🌟

  • Ronnie Perez
    Ronnie Perez Month ago +4

    God bless Dave for being real ! If the world could just be like Dave, it would be a peaceful place.

  • Jiggley squish
    Jiggley squish Month ago +2

    Right but Dave actually has a pretty good voice for a rocker. He should sing more music like this a lil more often for fun

  • Matthew Byrd
    Matthew Byrd Month ago +76

    Leave it to Dave to get me to volunteer to listen to this song for the first time all the way through!

  • Dawn Dailey
    Dawn Dailey Month ago +1

    as a former auxillary percussionist, I love this so much. Please consider "The Girl from Ipanema" or anything from Serge Gainsbourg, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, or Boney M.

  • Daniel Jordan
    Daniel Jordan Month ago +2

    I didn't know I needed this cover until just now. Thank you so much!

  • Choppd 50
    Choppd 50 Month ago +2

    I needed this Mr. Grohl! Holidays are a tough time of year for a lot of us in the world! This makes me happy

  • Caio Gabriel Guimarães

    Well, badass video production for this years' sessions, no? Loving this!

    IGO CIRQUEIRA Month ago +6

    Super versão Sabe. Show demais. Brasil te ama.

  • Cynthia Rutt
    Cynthia Rutt Month ago +3

    This is absolutely EVERYTHING! And once again, Dave cements himself as one of music's all time legends.

  • Milena Schneider
    Milena Schneider Month ago +1

    Muito bom Dave! Abraço do Brasil.

  • Velda Filzen
    Velda Filzen Month ago +1

    Saw Barry do this live in 1984… gotta say Dave - you did him proud!!!☺️

  • Lucas Nascimento
    Lucas Nascimento Month ago +1

    Ficou demais! Vai Brasil!!!

  • Est D. Bruwer
    Est D. Bruwer Month ago +1

    I love seeing Dave Grohl just having the best time.

  • Jay Are
    Jay Are Month ago +5

    The public access quality is truly the kosher candied cherry on top of the pineapple kugel. 😉

  • Leo 007
    Leo 007 Month ago +2

    Clássico absoluto!!!
    Dave you rock!!!

  • Kate
    Kate Month ago +166

    Omg this put a instant smile on my face!! Dave you are bloody awesome. Slick dance moves 😍🥰🤟

  • Kath Estarion
    Kath Estarion Month ago

    That was awesome, guys! I laughed my way through the intro when Dave started to dance. Classic! The vocals were great, too. You did Barry proud.

  • Gary Shar
    Gary Shar Month ago +2

    Dave Grohl u r honestly just the most amazing person and artist

  • Loida Genova
    Loida Genova Month ago

    I love how he sang that song ...very Dave grohl in his own style and the moves...love it🤗❤️❤️❤️

  • Matt D
    Matt D Month ago +1

    That was truly amazing! Just finished The Storyteller and man he has the best life!

  • Eric Phillippe
    Eric Phillippe Month ago +1

    This is exactly why I love Dave Grohl!

  • Isabel Cristina Borin

    Esse é o cara😍 multi, versátil e eclético. É muito talento👏👏👏👏

  • Nindy Hunt
    Nindy Hunt Month ago

    I absolutely love how Dave and his band mates all just love music and making us happy, that they just go for whatever makes us smile and happy and do it perfectly

  • Claudia Post
    Claudia Post Month ago +1

    Amazing sessions 🤩 you’re incredible guys 😀✨

  • Monica1027
    Monica1027 Month ago +81

    I seriously couldn't love you guys more. You brighten even the darkest of days!! Thank you💙🤗💙

  • Ews Call center
    Ews Call center Month ago +15

    Lyrics :
    Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
    With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
    She would merengue and do the cha-cha
    And while she tried to be a star
    Tony always tended bar
    Across the crowded floor, they worked from eight til four
    They were young and they had each other
    Who could ask for more?

    At the copa (co) Copacabana (Copacabana)
    The hottest spot north of Havana (here)
    At the copa (co) Copacabana
    Music and passion were always the fashion
    At the copa they fell in love

    Copa, Copacabana
    His name was Rico
    He wore a diamond
    He was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancing there
    And when she finished, he called her over
    But Rico went a bit to far
    Tony sailed across the bar
    And then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two
    There was blood and a single gun shot
    But just who shot who?

    At the copa (co) Copacabana (Copacabana)
    The hottest spot north of Havana (here)
    At the copa (co) Copacabana
    Music and passion were always the fashion
    At the copa, she lost her love
    (Copa, Copacabana)
    (Copa, Copacabana)

    like in Havana
    (Copa, banana)
    Music and passion were always in fashion

    Her name is Lola, she was a showgirl
    But that was thirty years ago, when they used to have a show
    Now it's a disco, but not for Lola
    Still in dress she used to wear
    Faded feathers in her hair
    She sits there so refined, and drinks herself half-blind
    She lost her youth and she lost her Tony
    Now she's lost her mind

    At the copa (co) Copacabana (Copacabana)
    The hottest spot north of Havana (here)
    At the copa (co) Copacabana
    Music and passion were always in fashion
    At the copa don't fall in love

    don't fall in love

    • Eka
      Eka Month ago

      lol wtf this is the first time I'm aware of the lyrics 💀😂

    • Wabi Sabi
      Wabi Sabi Month ago +1

      @Guilherme Castro for real… but it’s got a beat and you can dance to it 😂

    • Guilherme Castro
      Guilherme Castro Month ago

      Thats fucking dark and depressing

  • tamiresvido
    tamiresvido Month ago +6

    Bravo 👏👏👏
    Faltou dançar um samba ❤️🕺🇧🇷

  • Cissa Vidal
    Cissa Vidal Month ago

    Você é maravilhoso! Te amo Dave ❤️

  • Carla Steele
    Carla Steele Month ago

    Love, love, love the out front vocals on these sessions! Hardly anyone does that!

  • Rescue Dogs Awaiting a New Life

    Love that he isnt afraid to bring these classics back. He sounds awesome.

  • Neko's Game Show
    Neko's Game Show Month ago

    Vai ter que tocar ao vivo no Lollapalooza aqui em SP! Só isso!

  • Glen Ishii
    Glen Ishii Month ago

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