Say goodbye to the Tom you know!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Ladies and gentlemen.. it finally happened!
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Comments • 1 883

  • Munchkin Mare
    Munchkin Mare 14 days ago

    Syndicate come to ohio in america and come play airsoft at odins paradise i will show u the way 😂

  • NE CJ Lavendaaa
    NE CJ Lavendaaa 24 days ago +1

    Pen-eye t-shirt still follows the name of the triangle but shorten and simple

  • Reekay Dee
    Reekay Dee 26 days ago

    the omega shirt

  • Rob
    Rob 27 days ago

    saying you look like a peaky blinder is a huuuuuuge compliment haha

  • Rasmus LDS
    Rasmus LDS 28 days ago

    The secret syndicate

  • Meg Kee
    Meg Kee 28 days ago +1

    Honestly mark is so cute

  • Meg Kee
    Meg Kee 28 days ago

    Call it The Enigma

  • ryan HUMSTON
    ryan HUMSTON Month ago

    Prime Sight

  • Decypher
    Decypher Month ago

    The watching eye 👁

  • DummyHalo ruler
    DummyHalo ruler Month ago

    If you still don't have a name for the pin rose shirt, Original Confirmed

    (lol I'm two weeks behind but I'm going to be catching up to the vlogs for the following weeks)

  • MrVam1976
    MrVam1976 Month ago +2

    The Triage T shirt!

  • PUBG Gaming365
    PUBG Gaming365 Month ago

    Red eye 365

    GAME BRAIN UK Month ago +1

    It makes no difference, u should of just stood out in the wind and it would of blown off lol u didn’t have any facial hair to begin with lol.

  • Haydon Dale
    Haydon Dale Month ago

    Toms barber looks like Scott Brown the Celtic midfielder...

  • James Rose
    James Rose Month ago

    The downlight layout in your house is so bad! Such a shame, mint house.

  • Thatbigboimarcus Mg
    Thatbigboimarcus Mg Month ago +1

    The red eye t-shirt

  • Agree Or Keep Scrolling

    Tell your friend to stop flexing his 💪i have seen more meat on a chicken wing 😂

  • MusicWithLyrics
    MusicWithLyrics Month ago

    04:09 LMAO

  • S U N G E K I
    S U N G E K I Month ago

    call the new shirt Synd-eye-cat @life of tom

  • x JENKS x
    x JENKS x Month ago +1

    Call the t-shirt
    ‘The All Seeing Syndicate’

  • Morgan Contreras
    Morgan Contreras Month ago +1

    T shirt: The Illumin-eye-tee

  • Glennguin
    Glennguin Month ago

    T-shirt could be called the "No way!"

  • Jack Mildren
    Jack Mildren Month ago

    Eye see you

  • Matthew Murphy
    Matthew Murphy Month ago +2

    Call the new tshirt the Prysm.

  • Hudson Airsoft
    Hudson Airsoft Month ago

    1v1 me at level 2 airsoft bro ;)

  • that guy behind a screen

    Eye of the Syndicate?

  • Zentro
    Zentro Month ago +5

    If you think about it Tom's brother is the real Syndicate *Original*

  • adam wilkie
    adam wilkie Month ago

    The eye of the watcher or the watchers eye ( the eye of sin)

  • CamGotDrums Drums
    CamGotDrums Drums Month ago +2

    I’m gonna be completely transparent, I’ve been watching Tom since Black Ops 1 Zombies. And I NEVER knew he had another sibling other than Alice.

  • Blurry Fizz
    Blurry Fizz Month ago

    Shirt name: Penrodian shirt

  • Kaleb Pennell
    Kaleb Pennell Month ago

    Eye of the beholder for the shirt

  • Ryan Armishaw
    Ryan Armishaw Month ago +2

    t-shirt should be called: Eye of the Bermuda

  • Rhys Cashin
    Rhys Cashin Month ago

    Eye of syndicate for the shirt

  • TheBibby
    TheBibby Month ago

    Tom I like your drunk talks but 12 minutes is TOO long haha

  • Macaulay Greenwood
    Macaulay Greenwood Month ago

    ‘Syndicate confirmed’ or ‘-The Watcher-’ for the shirt, would fit perfectly

  • Zac Tucker
    Zac Tucker Month ago

    I call it "The Omen Shirt". boom

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Month ago

    Syndi-vision or syn-vision

  • Daniel Leadbeater
    Daniel Leadbeater Month ago

    Tom, I thought I was the only one who gets one sideburn but now I know you do too. 29 years old and still have one sideburn. We share a problem :)

  • Raaid Mollabux
    Raaid Mollabux Month ago +2

    Always watching " reference to the old minecraft vids"

  • Awkward Army
    Awkward Army Month ago +1

    Looks like younger him

  • Nico Smith
    Nico Smith Month ago

    3 sides 👁 am

  • Rieger 84
    Rieger 84 Month ago +1

    Glory glory 👍👍

  • George Robertson
    George Robertson Month ago

    Eye of a gamer! Keeeeeek!

  • ActionLegend
    ActionLegend Month ago

    Came here to comment how much I dislike this guy. Don’t like him.

    • Rafael Alvizo
      Rafael Alvizo Month ago +1

      Why would you hate man theres absolutely no reason if you dont like it dont show up

  • Rumble Potato
    Rumble Potato Month ago


  • R5BenchMarker
    R5BenchMarker Month ago

    Toms eye 👁

  • stuart ramsay
    stuart ramsay Month ago

    Eye of the lion

  • Zentro
    Zentro Month ago

    Probs a bit late for the t-shirt but it should be called Prisma

  • Kai Nichol
    Kai Nichol Month ago

    the eye of the WATCHER

  • Lucy Alexander
    Lucy Alexander Month ago

    Synati... thats my idea for the shirt xD Syndicate + Illuminati

  • matthewsnelgar
    matthewsnelgar Month ago


  • TigerZeen
    TigerZeen Month ago +1

    Or The Peaky Blinder

  • TigerZeen
    TigerZeen Month ago +1

    The new t-shirt should be called The Peaking Tom

  • Alex Basha
    Alex Basha Month ago +7

    Lmao, welcome back 2011/12 Tom.

  • Caleb Fricker
    Caleb Fricker Month ago +1

    The Watcher

    RAMPAGE Month ago +2

    "things that aren't where they should be"
    Tom is that your Christmas tree in the background?

  • Brothedude
    Brothedude Month ago +4

    Please keep it you look much better and less of a potato

  • Young Thug
    Young Thug Month ago +1

    Hahahaha mark I clocked the “look at them” reference

  • Flowz
    Flowz Month ago

    Call the shirt- Always watching

  • Adam Games
    Adam Games Month ago +1

    Uber Drivers must love tom i mean they take them around on about 20 different trips and wait for them i bet they get a mad Tip for it aswell