Creating Saturday Night Live: Cue Cards - SNL

  • Published on Jan 30, 2019
  • Saturday Night Live's cue card supervisor, Wally Feresten, gives a behind-the-scenes look at an integral and iconic part of the show's production. Tune in to SNL Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on NBC!
    Produced by Lorne Michaels, Oz Rodriguez, Matt Yonks, Chris Voss, Erin Doyle
    Edited by Danny Garcia
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Comments • 1 494

  • Caroline Ring
    Caroline Ring Day ago

    I'm shocked they don't sell these in the gift shop!

  • Ben Bry
    Ben Bry Day ago +1

    thats actually so interesting!!!

  • Alexis McKay
    Alexis McKay 2 days ago

    We STAN Wally so cute

  • bob sherwood
    bob sherwood 2 days ago

    Are TelePrompTers bad?

  • Lydia
    Lydia 4 days ago

    I didn't know Streeter was writing for SNL now, good for him!

  • Diet Soda
    Diet Soda 4 days ago

    Feel bad for the cue card guys whenever Leslie Jones messed up her lines.

  • Mao A
    Mao A 7 days ago

    Loving these behind the scenes videos!

  • Michael O'Brien
    Michael O'Brien 7 days ago

    I bet the cue card department doesn't hire lefties.

  • Mia Sydney
    Mia Sydney 8 days ago

    this looks SO stressful

  • 摩天楼オペラ
    摩天楼オペラ 18 days ago

    Andy koffman uses no que cards.

  • E1eventeen
    E1eventeen 22 days ago

    Streerer from collegehumor?

  • tejaswoman
    tejaswoman 23 days ago

    It was months after this, but it was funny listening to Jimmy Fallon on his show talking about his appearance in the Sandler Family reunions sketch the week Adam Sandler hosted. That convention that says the host's lines are always in black? Jimmy had to rush in from the coast and didn't get a chance to rehearse, so he was quite dependent on the cue cards, but he'd forgotten that unlike his own show, he wasn't the host, and he accidentally read some lines that were meant for Adam.

  • yeeehaw. com
    yeeehaw. com 23 days ago

    this gave me so much anxiety

  • Major Payne
    Major Payne 23 days ago

    What happens to the cards after a show?

  • Mel T
    Mel T 23 days ago

    A non graphic designer: spacing is important!
    A graphic designer: u mean the kerning leading and tracking?!

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang 24 days ago

    8 guys, i thought usually girls have better hand writing.

  • Cole Sweinhagen
    Cole Sweinhagen 24 days ago

    Why don’t you guys use a white board instead of using paper?

  • SidelerMN
    SidelerMN 25 days ago

    3:52 is that ‘Todd the intern’ from Letterman?

  • Louise Beaumont
    Louise Beaumont 26 days ago +20

    A left-handed cue card writer. Mad props.

  • FritsM
    FritsM 26 days ago

    why not print them ??

  • Iliketoread
    Iliketoread 27 days ago

    I bet they could sell those cards for a lot. Especially if they had ones from like the first seasons.

  • Jeffrey Vizcaino
    Jeffrey Vizcaino 28 days ago

    Ummm, can these guys teach me how to have handwriting like that? Mine is complete rubbish!

  • H S
    H S 28 days ago

    I want to be a Cue Card Maker!

  • Aaron Schumacher
    Aaron Schumacher 28 days ago

    I just wonder why they haven't gone to color teleprompting. We have that and I can make any line a different color in the color chart, any size I want. I can also send different scrips to different cameras. A lot of money in cue cards and markers. They would still need him for a job. Just train him to do the teleprompter. I haven't had our system go down once but I see where they would worry about that.

  • nirutmorfmot
    nirutmorfmot 29 days ago

    Who should I contact to apply to this job?

  • DancerChickKay
    DancerChickKay Month ago

    6:06 “Danny Devitooooooo”

  • Nate Young
    Nate Young Month ago

    4:34 isn’t that the guy from the Warp zone channel

  • Kamera Ford
    Kamera Ford Month ago


  • Caitlin Brindel
    Caitlin Brindel Month ago +1

    JOHN MULANEY!!!!!!!!

  • F Silva
    F Silva Month ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're going to put paint on those cards the week after then they can't be recycled because paint will contaminate the cardboard too much...

  • Ajla Smajlovic
    Ajla Smajlovic Month ago


  • gooboberti
    gooboberti Month ago

    (computers and display monitors) - you don't need any of those employees.

  • Julius Vimahi
    Julius Vimahi Month ago

    This show sucks now. Bring back MadTv

  • C.S.Allen
    C.S.Allen Month ago

    Wow, talk about a full run.

  • Ruthie May
    Ruthie May Month ago

    For many years, it was rarely evident that anyone was looking at the cue cards. For the past few years, seems like nobody can remember anything and spend the majority of time looking at cue cards. No longer enjoyable to watch, and generally humorless and filthy.

  • Carson Sotelo
    Carson Sotelo Month ago

    This video is fantastic! I wonder if the employees only receive part-time payment since they’re only working Thursday through Saturday

  • Zach’s Cooking
    Zach’s Cooking Month ago

    Now ik y there r always paper shortages in NYC

  • cellini051
    cellini051 Month ago

    I love these behind the scenes videos! The cue card department definitely doesn't get enough credit, this is amazing.

  • SMuggi NOLA
    SMuggi NOLA Month ago

    They should sell cue cards in the online shop. Tag them with the date, actors, host, scene. It would be so cool have a real piece used to make the show.

  • Vicki Bee
    Vicki Bee Month ago

    I read a book by Betty White, who talked all about this. She liked it because it made her feel less of her she said but I doubt she even forgot. She was right abt improving your memory by drinking orange juice every day. I thought that must be bunk but it has.

  • Juju Bubu
    Juju Bubu 2 months ago

    This is amazing! Am I the only who wants to work there? Writing the cue cards...

  • Ryan Lynch
    Ryan Lynch 2 months ago

    3:44 hey it's Streeter! huh LOL

  • Min Tan
    Min Tan 2 months ago +1

    sorry I couldn't even tell if this is a joke or not

  • TigerDude333
    TigerDude333 2 months ago

    No women in the cue card department because it's hard to hold up paperboard. And women always want to print things in those dot letters. So infuriating.

    • TigerDude333
      TigerDude333 2 months ago

      @Shannon Ladnier either you have taken sarcasm to the next level or whoosh.

  • JanetteSparks
    JanetteSparks 2 months ago

    I love that Wally gets so much love and recognition!

  • cindy dirzo
    cindy dirzo 2 months ago

    Only guys in the cue cards department.

  • Carmen Harrison
    Carmen Harrison 2 months ago

    Goddammit John

  • Natasha Roberts
    Natasha Roberts 2 months ago


  • ChonkyBoi
    ChonkyBoi 2 months ago

    Aidy always sounds like she’s on the verge of crying

  • Jerry Sugden
    Jerry Sugden 3 months ago

    I love how stylish all the John Mulaney photos are in this video.

  • Stephanie A
    Stephanie A 3 months ago +1

    "Teleprompters break down" have you tried a tablet?

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago

      Tablet's can break down too.

  • The Nimble Ninja
    The Nimble Ninja 3 months ago

    I hate how you can tell in every sketch that the actor is looking off in the distance, reading off a cue card. I wish they would just memorize their lines so they can concentrate on acting better.

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago

      Memorizing is not possible because they can change lines at any time right up to the broadcast, even after dress rehearsal.

  • Anthony Bailon
    Anthony Bailon 3 months ago


  • Stefanella Sizzarettia
    Stefanella Sizzarettia 3 months ago +1

    Anyone else reading the cards and trying to recognise the skit?

  • Bolek Lolek
    Bolek Lolek 3 months ago

    there are no women on Cue Cards Team!!! WTF!? How can this fly? Those male pigs discriminate women!

  • Kate Lopez
    Kate Lopez 3 months ago

    I want to see every moment that Wally was on screen in SNL

  • Cami Kaye
    Cami Kaye 3 months ago

    Wait this was actually so interesting

  • Garrek Reed
    Garrek Reed 3 months ago

    Why don't they just use a teleprompter?

    • Garrek Reed
      Garrek Reed 27 days ago

      @RaymondHng would add to the comedy for sure

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago

      TelemprompTers can malfunction.

  • Patricia Bozarth
    Patricia Bozarth 3 months ago

    First of're amazing

  • Andrew Goss
    Andrew Goss 3 months ago

    I really love these videos. SNL is such a unique show in how it’s created each week.