Creating Saturday Night Live: Cue Cards - SNL

  • Published on Jan 30, 2019
  • Saturday Night Live's cue card supervisor, Wally Feresten, gives a behind-the-scenes look at an integral and iconic part of the show's production. Tune in to SNL Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on NBC!
    Produced by Lorne Michaels, Oz Rodriguez, Matt Yonks, Chris Voss, Erin Doyle
    Edited by Danny Garcia
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  • who knows
    who knows 2 days ago

    What a waste of paper 🙄 its a stupid outdated tradition, you have technology now. Use an IPAD or something.

  • Haft
    Haft 2 days ago

    3:57 I'm so intrigued to how from one edit to another, kiwi somehow became Justin Bieber

  • Alex Cicala
    Alex Cicala 10 days ago


  • G S
    G S 11 days ago

    I feel like a teleprompter on wheels would be a lot easier.

  • TheRealdealdude2
    TheRealdealdude2 13 days ago

    This is really cool to give the people behind the scenes the spotlight!

  • Audrey Hodge
    Audrey Hodge 13 days ago

    “The second to last line ‘kiwi’ needs to become ‘Justin Bieber’”

    Don’t know the context but I love it.

  • Ryan Stallard
    Ryan Stallard 18 days ago

    He's the Walter of SNL.

  • Jacksharkben
    Jacksharkben 21 day ago


  • So Crazy Christian
    So Crazy Christian 23 days ago

    Wow, I need that job if possible.

  • Grace Andresen
    Grace Andresen 24 days ago

    I love that Wally finally got recognized wow I love this.

  • Pink Lemonade
    Pink Lemonade 25 days ago

    “Second to last line, peewee needs to become Justin Bieber” 😂

  • Ivan Karacic
    Ivan Karacic 25 days ago

    I love these kind of videos. You can't even imagine how much time and effort goes into something that later looks so effortless. Comedy is a serious business.

  • Paddy O'Furniture
    Paddy O'Furniture 25 days ago +1

    eight guys? are girls not strong enough to hold pieces of paper?

  • Julie L
    Julie L 26 days ago

    Wally for the winnnnnnn!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • gmuqt2001
    gmuqt2001 27 days ago

    This is SuperQŪL ‼️

  • Erika Tanaka
    Erika Tanaka 27 days ago

    okay, but how do I get a job as a letterer for SNL’s cue cards? dm me, Wally.

  • Romy DelPo
    Romy DelPo 28 days ago

    This is so neat

  • Martin Lohr
    Martin Lohr 28 days ago

    get some teleprompters! ;-)

  • Erik Brandt
    Erik Brandt 28 days ago

    I wonder how many people smuggle the cue cards out of great lines.. I know I would. (and this comment is why I'll never be hired at SNL. yep.. the only reason-yeaaah.. THAT'S THE TICKET.. and Morgan Fairchild... she's.. my WIFE yeaaah. )

  • Heidi Why
    Heidi Why 28 days ago

    Love these videos! shows how much work it is to bring one of the shows I love to life. Really great giving props to all the people behind the scenes. It really does take a village!

  • sister sophia
    sister sophia 29 days ago

    Haha johns such a troll 😂

  • Leveraged
    Leveraged 29 days ago

    You guys do an incredible job, makes me appreciate even the ‘bad’ sketches seeing how much work goes on behind the scenes.

  • Justine Rae Martinez
    Justine Rae Martinez 29 days ago

    👏👏👏 Thank you for all your hard work

  • Juliandank
    Juliandank 29 days ago

    This is the kind of content I love!

  • Salsberi K
    Salsberi K 29 days ago

    Any idea on the salary of the cue card writers? Just curious.

  • Matthew Dan Tengasantos

    I love this type of content. SNL is a historic show. Seeing the people behind it is inspiring.

  • Ana Castaneda
    Ana Castaneda Month ago

    But HOW can I work in that department myself??? 😭😭😭😭😭

  • pokelol97
    pokelol97 Month ago

    mmm paper waste

  • This Is Jess Paul
    This Is Jess Paul Month ago

    This was awesome

  • Kova Rogers
    Kova Rogers Month ago

    That’s cool!!

  • Danielle Grubb
    Danielle Grubb Month ago


  • ZOE h
    ZOE h Month ago

    Holy shit I didn’t even think of this all these years, I really thought they all just memorized everything! And the amount of work and time that goes into the cards is surprising but understandable!!

  • Adam Sno
    Adam Sno Month ago

    Idea: Use large LCD screens and type a script on it as many times as you want in minutes.

  • Marta Gan
    Marta Gan Month ago

    I just loved this video, Wally you are amazing !

  • Charis Reid
    Charis Reid Month ago

    Wow I love this

  • Rebecca E Unicorn
    Rebecca E Unicorn Month ago

    I’m curious to what happens for actors who wear glasses (off screen) who don’t wear contacts so wouldn’t be able to see the cards.

  • SM RK
    SM RK Month ago

    There should be a computer program for cue cards where you can format and make changes and just print them out.

  • Keagan Haney
    Keagan Haney Month ago

    Holy shit streeters come a long way from college humor

  • Evan Lukash
    Evan Lukash Month ago

    Have you guys ever considered SELLING cue cards to super fans? I'd be interested . . . . . .

  • Evan Lukash
    Evan Lukash Month ago

    YO WAIT, is that streeter from college humor ?! He's on snl?! PROPS DUDE!!!

  • c.a tales
    c.a tales Month ago

    I absolutely loved this!

  • DTLSchiller
    DTLSchiller Month ago

    can we have one of these on the props for the show?

  • SuperSydz
    SuperSydz Month ago

    why don’t they use a teleprompter?

  • Karlo Salazar
    Karlo Salazar Month ago +6

    am i the only one who feels weird about all the paper used on this

    • Paddy O'Furniture
      Paddy O'Furniture 25 days ago +2

      "tv prompters break down" is not a reason to waste 1000 cards a week. Use multiple prompters

  • Mr. Roboto :]
    Mr. Roboto :] Month ago

    Ugh, the penmanship 😍

  • Crystal Liu
    Crystal Liu Month ago +1

    This is a goddamn beautiful craft

  • Socman86
    Socman86 Month ago

    Did they ever say why they don’t just use a promoter system? Seems a lot more efficient

    • Socman86
      Socman86 Month ago

      30secondstomarsMBH there are backup prompter system when one fails the other takes over. In broadcast you always have redundancy built into a broadcast workflow. Seems more tradition and nostalgia to me. Either way a cool story

    • 30secondstomarsMBH
      30secondstomarsMBH Month ago

      Yeah they did, because it can break down and it's live and they don't want to be faced with a situation where the prompter is down and the show is scuppered.

      In news, they vamp, which is basically where they use their knowledge of the rundown (what they're gonna talk about) and just sheer intelligence, to tell the news. Because they don't need to memorise what they're saying they just need to be able to tell the news in a coherent way, getting the message across. Plus, they always have a producer in their ear, giving them updates.

      Same goes for most other shows like comedy shows where there's an interviewer, sometimes they'll have someone in their ear. But they can use their experience and intelligence, to make it up as they go along.

      In SNL, it's often not possible. It's a live show they've got things planned out sure, but overall it'll be difficult to rectify the situation if the prompter goes down because the show is based on actual jokes that have been preplanned and written out to make sense and be funny.

      So, it's more intelligent to use a card system than a prompter system.

  • omeganik
    omeganik Month ago +10

    Plot Twist:
    He was using cue cards himself in the making of this video.

  • hideinthehole
    hideinthehole Month ago +1


  • Ruiki Toji
    Ruiki Toji Month ago +3

    The awkwardness of celeb reading the cue cards is one of the charms of SNL cuz you can tell some of it wasn’t rehearsed and it feels so real XD

  • Back Stabber
    Back Stabber Month ago +1

    All of this work and the show is still shit.

  • Monèt D.
    Monèt D. Month ago +3

    I am not going to lie... I love the actors but I have always had more love for the people behind the scenes. Making the cards and dealing with last minute changes, building the sets, makeup and costume. That's really a lot and I applaud them for all of it.

  • Anna Jais
    Anna Jais Month ago

    Gosh I would love to work there!

  • Avocado Fernandez
    Avocado Fernandez Month ago +1

    Hahaha the ending😂😂😂 they should make a series about jobs like this, it would be super interesting and hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bella Konrad
    Bella Konrad Month ago

    does anybody know the marker brands and material they write on??

  • MrDavyBoy
    MrDavyBoy Month ago

    No, there shouldn't be a comma there.

  • laury Rodriguez
    laury Rodriguez Month ago

    We love you Walle!!!

  • Katie Chambers
    Katie Chambers Month ago

    But did they have cue cards for this video.....

  • Lewis West
    Lewis West Month ago

    2:46 the guy on the left was in college humour

  • A Anon
    A Anon Month ago +4

    Man I would love to work in there cue card department

    • Berit Hogan
      Berit Hogan Month ago

      A Anon it sounds stressful as hell to me, but that’s just me 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  • Charles Villion
    Charles Villion Month ago

    I was waiting for something at the end saying this was a joke...

  • jared phares
    jared phares Month ago

    Is that an Oliver Peck sticker at 1:06?

  • Boop Be
    Boop Be Month ago

    It's great that SNL provide actors who can't memorize their lines so that others can have a job

  • Roy Jiminez
    Roy Jiminez Month ago

    What a waste of paper and trees. Right you fucking socialist pieces of shit!!!!

  • Lilliana
    Lilliana Month ago

    why are all the cue card guys white men?

  • Greg Taylor
    Greg Taylor Month ago

    I'd love to see m,ore behind the scenes videos on SNL. I love this show, and seeing how things are put together for a live show is very interesting. How do I get a job working with the cue cards, Damn, I'd do that in a millisecond.

  • fla la
    fla la Month ago +1


  • Mike Z
    Mike Z Month ago +4

    "... teleprompters break down..." Lol... that's some job security BS right there... Hey! If it's good enough to keep the "president" on a leash/on message...

  • Bobbi Floss
    Bobbi Floss Month ago +1

    Creating unfunny shit

  • Katherine Hubler
    Katherine Hubler Month ago

    why is the cue card team full of all men

  • Taylor Mora
    Taylor Mora Month ago

    I remember John Mulaney and Bill Hader and others said that at the last moment, writers would add lines that weren’t practiced at read or design, just to try and make the actors laugh. Knowing that it’s ALL cue cards and not a Teleprompter and just the cue cards for a gag, could you imagine the stress a cue card writer would be under after design when he figures out he has to add in a joke just to make the writers laugh?? That takes patience and skill, man. Amen to the Cue Card Department on Saturday Night Live!

  • magicKAT00
    magicKAT00 Month ago

    0:54 Greta Van Fleet

  • Spoon Face
    Spoon Face Month ago

    SNL is a MACHINE

  • ReborN Visual Ministry

    Quick question, why not print them? or Plot Print? There are 13x24 cards, 13x19, 12x18 and so on. and Plot Printers can print 18x24 and above. Why that would be a problem? ( Other than really expensive, materials and maintenance wise)....

  • Brett Yanoski
    Brett Yanoski Month ago

    This is incredible. Love seeing this behind the scenes stuff here and to see these guys get some kudos. Pretty fascinating they've managed to maintain the analog setup all these years. Very cool behind the scenes look.

  • Quetzalli Olvera Sch

    Thank you cue card guys!!!!!!!

  • Randy
    Randy Month ago

    IFB is also called interruptible feedback. I thought see to work tv news.

  • Grace Boyle
    Grace Boyle Month ago

    Hey SNL, it’s 2019 maybe add a woman or two into the cue card department

  • Sri Charan
    Sri Charan Month ago +1

    Is that Eater Piefell?

  • Cassisonaroll
    Cassisonaroll Month ago

    i want this job.

  • u9164
    u9164 Month ago +1

    Shoutout Streeter from OG College Humor. Great to see him doing well

  • HotFriesify
    HotFriesify Month ago

    Good job streeter.

  • dawn florr
    dawn florr Month ago


  • DanBalan1
    DanBalan1 Month ago

    Oh my god is that Streeter from College Humor?

  • Ashton Michael
    Ashton Michael Month ago

    I would love to do this.

  • Abbi Donovan
    Abbi Donovan Month ago

    Wonder why there’s only men writing the cards.

  • J Ortiz
    J Ortiz 2 months ago

    i’ve always been told that i have great handwriting.. can SNL hire me to write cards?

  • 소희
    소희 2 months ago +1

    Can they use the digital method though?

  • arx754
    arx754 2 months ago

    Notice the main guy for the cue cards mentions the "8 guys" who work for him. Then, cuts to pic of them all. It appears that the "cue card"job requires that you be a "white male". I guess women and people of color need not apply.

  • NeO JD
    NeO JD 2 months ago

    Awesome bts

  • Kevin Ksen
    Kevin Ksen 2 months ago

    Damn that was White.

  • Ted MacDonald
    Ted MacDonald 2 months ago

    Fascinating clip! I’m just sorry that I needed to watch it through a VPN in order to see it in Canada. I do not understand why NBC doesn’t release these to a global audience?

  • GeeseBear
    GeeseBear 2 months ago

    Anyone else notice all the fans to ventilate out all the market fumes?

  • Brett Voss
    Brett Voss 2 months ago +2

    Its really amazing what goes into SNL. Blood, sweat, and tears...and a lot of poster board

  • King Ijaz اعجاز
    King Ijaz اعجاز 2 months ago

  • Mr. Satyre
    Mr. Satyre 2 months ago

    Who honestly watches SNL any more?

  • Amir Reza Sadaghiani
    Amir Reza Sadaghiani 2 months ago

    Quite interesting.......I always wondered how the actors/actresses on SNL remember their lines :)

  • Brittany Ausborn
    Brittany Ausborn 2 months ago

    I loveee these behind the scenes videos!

  • Robert van Piggelen
    Robert van Piggelen 2 months ago

    How difficult could it be to buy 10 different color markers? jeez

  • Natalya Schluechter
    Natalya Schluechter 2 months ago

    waste of paper?