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  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • Follow Liz Joy-Murray from @inspiredtotaste on a mesmerizing journey to make two beautiful fantasy-inspired pies. They're ALMOST too pretty to eat! Follow Liz on Instagram: instagram.com/inspiredtotaste/
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    Liz Joy-Murray
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  • clara sh
    clara sh 13 days ago

    Can we even eat it tho? She used a marker and some paint

  • McKenzie Brown
    McKenzie Brown 14 days ago +1

    such an amazing personality...beautiful pieces of art❤❤❤

  • Asma Arfat Patel
    Asma Arfat Patel 15 days ago

    Dirty nails ew😐

  • CubeTube 2000
    CubeTube 2000 19 days ago


  • Epic Anims
    Epic Anims 19 days ago

    Is this the day youtube finally adds pewdiepie!?

  • Parthib Hayat
    Parthib Hayat 21 day ago


    *This video was Recommended by youtube spotlight*

  • Jennifer Ciaciura
    Jennifer Ciaciura 22 days ago +1

    I first found your page on your Instagram account and then to see this video of you here on my TheXvid feed, it made me smile. 😀Keep doing what you love, because you don't know how much you inspire, I can't wait to see what you do next! 😁Whether you continue making art in the kitchen or you try taking a new path and start over again, I hope you have as much fun as you do here and feel just as satisfied with your work. Thank you so much for this video. You are my inspiration!!! 😄😄😄

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy 21 day ago

      Thank you so very much for the incredibly kind words! I'm honestly having the time of my life and am so thrilled you like my creations and enjoyed the video =)

  • Benrich Medina
    Benrich Medina 23 days ago

    Make pewdiePIE

  • heru id
    heru id 25 days ago

    halo kok sinyal ya ga ad gimana ya pak

  • heru id
    heru id 25 days ago

    kok sinyal gak ad gimana ya

  • Maddie- chan
    Maddie- chan 25 days ago +1

    Soo beautiful I love her work!!♥️

  • Sebastian Batista
    Sebastian Batista 25 days ago

    You can eat every single part of it? Or some parts are not able to eat

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy 25 days ago

      Sebastian Batista it’s all edible 😊

  • aldee ralph barral
    aldee ralph barral 25 days ago +2

    Unbelievable,, WOW, Now That's A Art

  • Floyd O'Sullivan
    Floyd O'Sullivan 25 days ago +1

    My Faviorite pie is pewdiepie!

  • G Song
    G Song 28 days ago +1

    Omg.. I don’t think I could eat her works.. I’d want to keep it forever to cherish and look at 😥

  • Jingjung sorawee
    Jingjung sorawee 28 days ago +1


  • Katy Sue Designs
    Katy Sue Designs Month ago +1

    Featuring our Royal Design Silicone Mould!

  • Hope Janette
    Hope Janette Month ago

    There something about her that I dont like. Maybe it was the way she came off as being really braggy. I'm glad you have accomplished alot but it seemed like every word out if her mouth was bragging about something.

  • Epic_Shift Chara280
    Epic_Shift Chara280 Month ago +1

    this literally made my jaw drop

  • Riely Tardis
    Riely Tardis Month ago +1

    I watched you on sugar rush on Netflix. I loved your personality and your husband Jay's. I'm so glad to see you on here :D

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      Riely Tardis haha. Oh man, I might need to work up to something like that 😬

    • Riely Tardis
      Riely Tardis Month ago +1

      +Liz Joy Thanks for replying! You seriously need your own baking show. Can we start a petition somewhere?

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago +1

      Riely Tardis hey thanks so much for the kind words and for following our work! 😊💙

  • Quỳnh Hương Nguyễn

    This is super artist

  • Sophie Toon
    Sophie Toon Month ago +1

    Well done.

    UTFAN LOSER Month ago

    That is edible paint right?

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      UTFAN LOSER yep! Basically different forms and brands of food coloring.

  • AdamKun
    AdamKun Month ago

    if i did this, I’d coat them all in glass so no one could ruin my beautiful creation I worked so hard on.

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      AdamKun haha. But they really taste so good! 😋

  • Mariangel Reyes
    Mariangel Reyes Month ago

    She was on netflix's sugar rush!

  • Maddy L.
    Maddy L. Month ago

    She was on the show sugar rush on Netflix

  • Mythili Suresh
    Mythili Suresh Month ago

    What filling do you use in the moon pie?

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      Mythili Suresh blueberry 😋

  • Max Alberto
    Max Alberto Month ago

    You should Open a Restaurant Named "The Storybook Cafe" I would def Go to it ! So Artistic

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      Max Alberto thank ya! 💙

    • Max Alberto
      Max Alberto Month ago

      +Liz Joy omg I almost had a Stroke !I loved u on Sugar rush!

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      Max Alberto that actually sounds like so much fun! 😃

  • Little Angels nursery Reborns

    Who else couldn't watch this because they wanted to eat EVERYTHING!!!!!

  • Hu Pala
    Hu Pala Month ago +1

    Rosanna pansino has left the chat

  • susheel eigth
    susheel eigth Month ago +1

    Is the Amy from Amy's Baking Company?

  • zaina2018
    zaina2018 Month ago

    She was in episode 2 of Sugar Rush!

  • Karen Rogers
    Karen Rogers Month ago

    My daughter and I are so inspired by her story and her art! Bravo!

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      Karen Rogers Awh thanks so very much! And a big hello to your daughter too 💕

  • ireneBearchu
    ireneBearchu Month ago

    *insider is quaking*

  • Karsten Von Fjellheim

    Someone should tell Liz what an airbrush is and the fantastic uses for it in her line of work

  • RayJo 34
    RayJo 34 Month ago

    How can you eat it if there's paint and glue on it

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      2014 Ferrari F12
      Paint = food coloring
      Glue = frosting and chocolate.
      It’s 100% edible 😉

  • Kahrennn
    Kahrennn Month ago

    These are GORGEOUS!!!!

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      Kahrennn thank you! 😊

  • Irene Destiny
    Irene Destiny Month ago

    These are amazing and beautiful

    TAMIA WRENCHER Month ago


  • Homeward
    Homeward Month ago

    The food looks great but her NAILS?! UGH I love them

  • Alexia Fichios
    Alexia Fichios Month ago

    Imagine how much that costs

  • Tora akira satori
    Tora akira satori Month ago

    This channel is pure joy for me

  • Rachel Courneya
    Rachel Courneya Month ago

    Weren’t you in a show a baking show

  • Blue Frost
    Blue Frost Month ago

    This is beautiful

  • Jocelyn San Roman
    Jocelyn San Roman Month ago

    She was on sugar rush

  • Unicornzine Saz
    Unicornzine Saz Month ago

    this is amaaaazing 😮

  • Summer M
    Summer M Month ago

    Ehhh I thought she'd have higher hygiene standards. You shouldn't wear wrings when handling food. Like ever. Especially if you run a business.

    • Summer M
      Summer M Month ago

      +TheZombifiedFairy it touched the pie crust

    • TheZombifiedFairy
      TheZombifiedFairy Month ago

      It wasn't a big deal, given the ring never touched the pie

  • Warda Thakur
    Warda Thakur Month ago

    It's not beautiful at all its beyond beautiful

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    Amazing 💜🦄

  • Mohamed reda Tiou tiou

    She looks like an old Kathrine highel

  • Asmaa Binte Ashfaq
    Asmaa Binte Ashfaq Month ago +1


  • Asmaa Binte Ashfaq
    Asmaa Binte Ashfaq Month ago +1


    FRESH BITES Month ago

    Beautifully done!! Great amount of effort must have gone into completing this.

  • Mr.Eeveeplays22
    Mr.Eeveeplays22 Month ago

    I know her from a Netflix show call sugar rush she won with her husband

  • Hira Singh
    Hira Singh Month ago


  • ᄇ.아리
    ᄇ.아리 Month ago

    I want her to decorate my birthday cake.


    Loved your pie

  • Zia Veluz
    Zia Veluz Month ago

    *that was amazing!!!!!*

  • Clara Mariussen
    Clara Mariussen Month ago

    🌙I really like moon's🌙

  • mika*n ayumi
    mika*n ayumi Month ago

    she sounds soo happyy

  • OAnonima Dependenta


  • lil gamergirl
    lil gamergirl Month ago +1

    When your mom tells you not to play with your food

  • Cooking Life
    Cooking Life Month ago

    thexvid.com/channel/ucavpsns-wglkq6dvphv_osg Welcome to my young channel!

  • Jleemanalang Jimenez

    Its beautiful good job

  • jayannedelacruz
    jayannedelacruz Month ago

    Just Wow!

  • A cup of tea.
    A cup of tea. Month ago


  • Haily Petersen
    Haily Petersen Month ago

    This is super cool! I love it

  • KIS4Beauty
    KIS4Beauty Month ago

    Beautiful and very creative art but I would not eat the materials plus fondant tastes like....🤮

  • Shoshanah
    Shoshanah Month ago

    ahhh im so inspired and this work is so amazing and beautiful! now i kinda wanna do this when i grow up!!

  • André Barreto
    André Barreto Month ago

    Wasn't she on sugar rush?

  • NotYourAngel
    NotYourAngel Month ago

    Is it just me, or does she look like Amy from Amy’s Bakery? Kitchen Nightmares? Anyone?

  • Bishes Bishes
    Bishes Bishes Month ago

    Wasn’t she in Sugar Rush??

  • Diy Grandad
    Diy Grandad Month ago

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  • Abdul hadi
    Abdul hadi Month ago

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  • Steph Yuan
    Steph Yuan Month ago +1

    Snow white has left the chat

  • hsjsjddbggevs jjdjshshsfcssj

    The ones who disliked this video are just jealous

  • katelyn Connell
    katelyn Connell Month ago

    So pretty!

  • Sehar Khan
    Sehar Khan Month ago


  • Giselleplays_roblox Lol

    The queen of art food making 👑

  • Elle Knight
    Elle Knight Month ago

    That's it, I'm going to get myself a birthday pie this year xD

  • Samantha Brotherton

    Does anyone remember her from Sugar Rush on Netflix?!

  • xin
    xin Month ago

    the panning is making me dizzy af. why every shot tho

  • day dream
    day dream Month ago

    I didn't even know that pie art existed. And the countless stories, I keep seeing encourage me! I wanna be a writer...but I'm scared that it'll all go wrong, nobody would accept my book and they'd reject me. All I want is to make people happy through my love of writing or story-telling because as a kid, my father left me and it was only my mother, my sister and me. And my mother has arthritis, which is an illness with no cure. (I don't think it's that serious.) And she had me when she was pretty old, so she's tired easily and she works two jobs just to purchase stuff for me. And my sister is diagnosed with depression, she's attempted suicide a lot of times but god's saved her each time (she's fine now.) but reading other people's books helped me through the struggles of life, made me forget all my worries and jump into another world; make me feel better, help me just a tiny bit. It distracted me, told me "hey, forget all your worries for a few minutes." I want to help, other people through my writing.

  • Donna topazstar
    Donna topazstar Month ago

    Omg I would love you to do my birthday

  • Liz Y O
    Liz Y O Month ago

    How can I get a pie by the end of this month of any of your freestyle ideas for my terrific 3 yrs old girl? 😍 God bless your ❤ perfection! Love it!!!

  • Ruri I
    Ruri I Month ago

    I love the joy and enthusiasm she has for her work. It's amazing and inspirational!

  • Brenda Álvarez
    Brenda Álvarez Month ago

    This is beyond beautiful💗

  • amaya
    amaya Month ago


  • Elly Bean
    Elly Bean Month ago

    Was she on sugar rush??

  • Galena Stornes
    Galena Stornes Month ago

    Wow, this is incredible!

  • Morgan Gallagher
    Morgan Gallagher Month ago

    I understand that she’s passionate about what she does, but if she does it so much she can’t feel her fingertips, that’s no longer just a job you like. It’s an obsession.

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago +1

      Morgan Gallagher I have nerve damage due to existing health issues. I didn’t explain it very clearly in the monologue. But baking is easier for me than my previous high-stress job because I can make my own schedule and take breaks when I need to 👩🏻‍🍳😊

  • Nataleigh Morck
    Nataleigh Morck Month ago

    I love this

  • Shaina Witter
    Shaina Witter Month ago

    Wasn’t she on Netflix

  • Nana Sahli
    Nana Sahli Month ago

    Looove 😍😍😍😍 definitely this art is worth its own show ❤️ beautiful work from such gorgeous woman 😍

    • Liz Joy
      Liz Joy Month ago

      Nana Sahli thank you so very much for the kind words! 🥰💕

  • its just nightmare
    its just nightmare Month ago

    I Wodn eat this art because it's too beautiful. I made cry!!

  • Wendy Castellanos
    Wendy Castellanos Month ago

    Omg I actually have a red dress that looks very similar to the fairy 🧚‍♀️ dress

  • Birtycle 204
    Birtycle 204 Month ago

    Her patientce is dying for her living

  • GachaStudio_ Girl
    GachaStudio_ Girl Month ago

    She was on Sugar Rush on Netflix!!!

  • R L
    R L Month ago

    I would feel so wrong eating this

  • Daisy The bear
    Daisy The bear Month ago

    Oh my gad I thought it was clay