• Published on Nov 10, 2019
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Comments • 528

  • Sunset Ranger
    Sunset Ranger 18 days ago

    4:40 is he the devel jeez those red eyes

  • Jack Turnbull
    Jack Turnbull 18 days ago

    21:22 - 21:35 when your mate makes it past pre drinks

  • Ayrton Owen
    Ayrton Owen 18 days ago

    Honestly syndicate is so dogshit now

  • Archington
    Archington 21 day ago

    21:22 Tom suddenly turns into a TIE Fighter

  • Joe Butler
    Joe Butler 21 day ago +1

    Tom is an annoying drunk hahah still love him tho

  • MrThatshitCraig
    MrThatshitCraig 22 days ago

    Someone please clip this 😂😂 you know where

  • hopwood
    hopwood 24 days ago

    “I don’t know what weed smells like” Tom your from Manchester don’t kid yourself

  • Up A Shinners
    Up A Shinners 24 days ago

    Me: Can we get McDonalds
    Mum: Ok
    Me: 21:20

  • Stealthy X
    Stealthy X 25 days ago

    Since when did Adam 22 join syndicates crew

  • Manny Singh
    Manny Singh 25 days ago


  • II Cheesus II
    II Cheesus II 26 days ago

    No one:
    Kids in the back of the classroom: 21:21

  • Tom Frost
    Tom Frost 26 days ago

    You're either the funniest drunk ever or annoying as hell, no in-between 😂

  • Xacticz
    Xacticz 28 days ago

    i beg you stop saying lets go champ ahahah yess jj

  • Jt95 1hunna
    Jt95 1hunna 28 days ago

    If he was that much of your boy you’d of gone and watched him you sausage

  • Kai Hagen
    Kai Hagen 29 days ago

    Love to see the passion I love it

  • RealistBilly
    RealistBilly 29 days ago

    i couldnt stop dying at 07:50

  • f4h1m12
    f4h1m12 29 days ago +1

    Still got goose bumps when I heard "from the United Kingdom"

  • f4h1m12
    f4h1m12 29 days ago

    Still got goose bumps when I heard "from the United Kingdom"

  • Kruller
    Kruller 29 days ago

    That was the shittest fight I’ve ever watched tho

  • boom evil
    boom evil 29 days ago

    Best reaction WTF
    Love it

  • Retr0._.K
    Retr0._.K Month ago

    I wonder how many time Tom has said “let’s go champ”

  • Tabitha Nicole
    Tabitha Nicole Month ago

    Plz do a day in the life of Chef Steven!

  • Will B
    Will B Month ago

    You said Logan would win on Twitter and now you’re putting on some bullshit fake reaction to cover your arse

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson Month ago

    Personal opinion, i think if JJ never got hit in the head atleast 3 times illegally,, JJ would have won by a knockout, those few blows really took the energy and shook him a fair bit. Trooper

  • peepercoco
    peepercoco Month ago

    The mussels pop open because you've killed them with the heat. Wish I had some right now. ;)

  • Steeve Moussa
    Steeve Moussa Month ago

    The whole reason you have a tv in your kitchen is for moments like when you were making noodles and almost missed the fight

  • Tobias Quirk
    Tobias Quirk Month ago

    My last remaining brain cells at 3am

  • Majdi Torki
    Majdi Torki Month ago

    Don't say let's go champ again, please.

  • Lord Pig Steve
    Lord Pig Steve Month ago

    Is this Life of Tom or Life of Boxing?

  • Joseph Kelechian
    Joseph Kelechian Month ago

    JJ JJ JJ JJ!!!!!

  • Pat Butcher In a Cup
    Pat Butcher In a Cup Month ago +1

    Tom is so cringe

  • ƎLIꓶE
    ƎLIꓶE Month ago +1

    Where the F is yesterday's vlog Tom? You promised daily vlogs.

  • Harry Leaver
    Harry Leaver Month ago +1

    Tom u are the funniest and best youtuber ever keep it up and u make me smile every day

  • Stefan Kaukasi
    Stefan Kaukasi Month ago +1

    hAHAH love syndicates reaction ahah my fkn G.

  • Nathan Nuno
    Nathan Nuno Month ago +1

    I went to the fight and I was gassed to see KSI to win even tho Im American lol!!

  • Nathan Nuno
    Nathan Nuno Month ago +1

    I went to the fight and I was gassed to see KSI to win even tho Im American lol!!

  • Gage Lembeck
    Gage Lembeck Month ago +1

    Tom is rocked Lmaoo YESSS JJ YESSSSSS

  • nightmare0161
    nightmare0161 Month ago +1

    tom you should of went would of been sik

  • Fergus Webster
    Fergus Webster Month ago

    In before Tom's on a plane tomorrow headed out there to party with them.

  • Paul Mortimer
    Paul Mortimer Month ago +1

    imagine if he did have neighbours couldn't sit through that for longer than 5 minutes....proper irritating blog that

    MIIGHTY MOLE Month ago

    You should fight Bieber

  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson Month ago +1

    The awkwardness of the Logan knockdown question after the fight is jokes

  • Danielle Rice
    Danielle Rice Month ago

    amazing and funny vlog and I knew KSI would win it

  • Tom Byrne
    Tom Byrne Month ago +1

    God let's go cramp is annoying...

    SNOZZY_ Month ago

    i was more gassed than tom at ksi winning and thats saying something

  • Twin Reverb Productions

    I would love to g to a fight with you Tom HAHA

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee Month ago

    Where did Sam get his hoodie from? The Man jumper

  • Ky Huynh
    Ky Huynh Month ago

    did tom say bombaclart? xD

  • TheMighty Vinnie
    TheMighty Vinnie Month ago

    KSI cannot throw a punch!! Average fight at best. Well DONE JJ

  • TheRealSweeney
    TheRealSweeney Month ago

    anyone else find toms reaction fucking hilarious

  • Jen H
    Jen H Month ago

    Tom: we aren't drinking tonight...
    Viewers: Tom is totally drinking tonight

  • Will K
    Will K Month ago

    you need to bring the sidemen to yours and have a celebration party for KSI

  • Zoe Gough U.K.
    Zoe Gough U.K. Month ago

    Hi Tom

  • King Kaan
    King Kaan Month ago

    im done with this guy, last video i watch lool he chats so much shit. The boxing part did it for me, too much

  • Jessica Toomer
    Jessica Toomer Month ago

    And I thought I got excited when JJ won the fight😂

  • Regem Dolorem
    Regem Dolorem Month ago

    Get somebody that's as hyped for your wins as tom

  • Pippa Hobbs
    Pippa Hobbs Month ago

    Have it ksi your legend Logan paul did an alegle move when ksi was down so ksi u win my man nice one . I'm sooo glad ksi won tom love ya potato xx❤💙🤙🤘👌👍

  • TheTriple Whammy
    TheTriple Whammy Month ago

    Love you tom but you was so annoying during that fight 😂😂

  • Kishan Bathia
    Kishan Bathia Month ago

    did anyone not notice the black hoodie towards the end?

  • official.Jayler
    official.Jayler Month ago

    Thank you for the vlog tom, was feeling down and watched ur vlog and ur positive energy just seem to be able to pass through my phone and i felt better already. Thank u so much for continuing doing ur thing. ❤️