Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Doug Reviews

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • The hit book series comes to the big screen, but does it bring the chills you felt as a child? Doug gives his thoughts on Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.
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    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a 2019 horror film directed by André Øvredal, based on the children's book series of the same name by Alvin Schwartz. The screenplay was adapted by Dan and Kevin Hageman, from a screen story by producer Guillermo del Toro, as well as Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. The film, an international co-production of the United States and Canada, stars Zoe Colletti, Michael Garza, Gabriel Rush, Austin Abrams, Dean Norris, Gil Bellows, and Lorraine Toussaint.
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Comments • 848

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Month ago +106

    What did everyone think of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?
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    • EthanDoezWhatever.
      EthanDoezWhatever. Day ago

      Channel Awesome this movie didn’t scare me. Me and my friend went to go see it and she had never seen a horror movie before and when we where watching the movie we laughed almost the entire time. Seriously wasn’t that good. Camera and acting and practical effects and audio and all that jazz it was good. It’s just the story and characters and scary stuff was pretty bad. Nothing about the story was good. Seriously hope they don’t make a series out of this.

    • Spectacular Spider-Man
      Spectacular Spider-Man 22 days ago

      Channel Awesome it was bad

    • Dark Ink Central
      Dark Ink Central 28 days ago

      I thought it was pretty good compared to what we got in goosebumps

    • Teresa Parker
      Teresa Parker Month ago

      I would really like to see an actual review from Critic about this movie. PLEASE! I know it'll be funny and insightful.

    • fred fry
      fred fry Month ago

      @Th.El.Co._1 Sorry, similare title.

  • Gabe Hawk
    Gabe Hawk 2 days ago

    Long time subscriber awesome videos

  • Punk N Stein
    Punk N Stein 4 days ago

    Which one did you read

  • Postosuchus 700
    Postosuchus 700 8 days ago

    6:38 I saw it I’m 12

  • Flare
    Flare 10 days ago

    The one actually creepy and scary kids tv show was the haunting hour, you should check that out

  • Brandon Prater
    Brandon Prater 12 days ago

    Given the choice between Goosebumps & Are You Afraid Of The Dark... I choose Tales From The Crypt!

  • Fox Boss
    Fox Boss 12 days ago

    There's a phrase that I think explains why most of the 'horror' shows and movies weren't really that scary, the phrase in question being "Think of the Children!". To elaborate, the studios/companies/etc don't want to risk getting in trouble with ridiculously/needlessly overprotective parents. You know, the kind that put their kids in plastic bubbles(literal and/or metaphorical) to prevent them from getting 'traumatized'.

  • Troy Delepine
    Troy Delepine 12 days ago

    I think this is going to become a classic Halloween movie. The "stories" scenes are a ton of fun and even the ones that aren't super great at least have really classic horror movie vibes. I loved the scene with the fat lady in the hallway; everyone in the theater literally laughed out loud with the reveal of the monster but as the scene went on, it became one of the creepiest parts of the movie. I love that!

  • Kevin Phoenix
    Kevin Phoenix 13 days ago

    OMG! Haven't seen anything Doug in years. Had a feeling he'd lose all his hair.

  • TenTonNuke
    TenTonNuke 15 days ago

    All the best scary movies are PG-13 because the directors aren't allowed to rely on gore and violence when they can't come up with anything actually scary.

  • Dee Rizzo
    Dee Rizzo 15 days ago

    ...I think it's a good presentation. Try to stand more still and avoid switching tone of voice so often and abruptly, it's hard to focus on what you are saying x

  • Wizmin
    Wizmin 19 days ago

    This movie was a 15+ rating in Europe I think, because it is in Ireland. And I saw the movie, I can see why.

  • Jordan G. Patino
    Jordan G. Patino 21 day ago

    How dare you!! Goosebumps is the best.

  • Elizabeth Andrews
    Elizabeth Andrews 21 day ago

    It was made a 15 here in the U.K. and I'm mad about it because it drew in the wrong audience

  • Jakob Gustafson
    Jakob Gustafson 23 days ago +1

    Although the movie was very cliche, I still thought it was good. At least for a horror beginner like me, it was a good introduction to horror.
    They got away with a LOT for a PG-13 movie

  • Zack Luke
    Zack Luke 23 days ago

    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood......... please review it!!

  • happychaosofthenorth
    happychaosofthenorth 24 days ago

    5:54 "Everyone watching is like, why is there story, a narrative tying it together? It's stupid." You're entitled to your opinion and it's perfectly valid, but please don't try to speak for everyone. I personally liked the story that tied everything together. For me, it worked quite nicely. I don't care that you thought it was stupid, but don't say that everyone agrees, because they don't.

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones 24 days ago

    I don't get what the red dot has to do with the spiders

  • reglook1
    reglook1 25 days ago

    dont like his delivery

  • Be One
    Be One 27 days ago +1

    I liked the movie but it really did just feel like a Goosebumps movie for the hard as nails middle school kids

  • Nichelle Susan
    Nichelle Susan 28 days ago

    I saw the movie in theaters today and to be honest, I was really disappointed. When I saw the trailer for the movie, it looked really scary but it wasn't. I do agree with Doug that it had some creepy stuff there but I wished it had a more horror vibe like Insidious or The Conjuring. The people in the theater were so bored that some walked out the theater and never came back. So I give this movie a 4.5/10 stars. 🤦♀

  • Annonymus GAMING
    Annonymus GAMING 29 days ago

    Funfact.. : R.L Stine actually doesn't meant to write a horror stories for kids.He meant write dark humor story for kids

  • conflict
    conflict 29 days ago

    in my personal opinion, it should have been a netflix anthology, but I still think what thy ended up going with was pretty good.

  • KolPlays
    KolPlays 29 days ago

    I feel like your saying no to gore then oh man you could have upped the gore? But I will say most films this year just felt like they had missed a lot of great opportunities then how they went about them.

  • Allan Hobbs
    Allan Hobbs Month ago's got the overused 'mean white racist' stereotype that's been used to absolute death. just lazy dull writing. You don't need to make us like a character because someone was a douchebag to him, you make a good character and thats strong enough to relate to.

  • jakes magical mansion

    Nixon was a horrible president

  • Eldritch0Golem
    Eldritch0Golem Month ago

    watch the invader zim movie?

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Month ago

    nostalgia critic is just a cranky old man.

  • GB06 Chomp Chomp
    GB06 Chomp Chomp Month ago

    Did you just come from the dentist? You are a little higher than your usual self.
    Secondly, are you Italian Irish or Danish cause you speak with your hands a lot lol

  • Endlessocean8
    Endlessocean8 Month ago +3

    This is how pathetic I am: I didn't know that this was the title to a movie and legit thought Doug was going to tell us scary stories for 30 minutes.

  • Flora Fauna
    Flora Fauna Month ago

    Can you review the show "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"?

  • Flora Fauna
    Flora Fauna Month ago

    So I've heard you've teamed up with Fennah.

    BRAZCAUSE Month ago

    Although the plot was silly, the monsters were really cool and it was a fun watch

  • LongLostLazarus
    LongLostLazarus Month ago +1

    I loved it myself. I would have appreciated more stories, but they hit some of the more memorable ones. I've never really enjoyed anthology movies, so that wouldn't be my instinct. Anthology shows are fine, and hey, I'd be all aboard for like an Amazon Prime series or something. But accepting that a theater release movie was the medium, I think they made good choices. And I adore the books - they made my childhood, like anyone else. But I'm rereading them, and let's be real, they're not earth shaking source material. Lots are a page or less, large print. I don't think most people would ever be happy with any adaptation because they're close to our hearts, and it's a hell of a task to try to make us feel the way they did when we were kids.

    • Batman's Sidekick
      Batman's Sidekick 22 days ago +1

      Can...can I screen shot this comment and frame it on my wall? I need this amount of logic and reason when I am about to get into an argument or make life decisions.

      Also, I didn't grow up with the books, but my dad did. We both just came back from the theater, and we both really liked it.

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    I also wondered what was up with all the Nixon

  • Tristan Tries
    Tristan Tries Month ago


    I was super disappointed in the film. It would have been better as an anthology or a series. There was ALOT of things that made the film weak and many poor cinematography or direction choices that wasted the really cool creatures and concepts. Honestly i think the only part i thought was handled pretty well was the part with the pale lady. The scarecrow part was super weak, the big toe was gross but not much else, the spiders were gross but the weird pacing of her just poking her cheek over and over again instead of committing to the nasty freakout and trying to pop it made it just like meh, and the jangly man had an amazing actor that could contort his body but they wasted him by shooting characters reactions to him instead of showing the creepy movement and they over cgi-d his face too. The over arching story was weak too. IDK i may be just too old and jaded for the film but i just didn't find myself scared or creeped out at all. Grossed out a few times for sure but not scared. The best part was def the pale lady that was actually legit. I am happy they are trying this kinda stuff tho

  • trey green
    trey green Month ago

    Bro beat horror movie I’ve seen in at least 10 years, I agree the plot was crap but that’s not the reason I watch scary movies, would have been better as a couple short stories but you win some you lose some.
    That missing toe story didn’t even have to rely on jump scares.... I was so creeped out lol

  • Isaac Chung
    Isaac Chung Month ago

    I thought this movie was scatter then a lot of adult movies. But it should of been an anthology.

  • GGE LudaticOG
    GGE LudaticOG Month ago

    90 % practical 10 cgi

  • M.J. Vazquez
    M.J. Vazquez Month ago

    5:50 i actually wasn't saying that i liked the story tying it all together and would not have liked it if it was done the way you suggested
    the way you suggested to me would have just been a high budget episode of goosebumps or stories from the crypt and i wouldn't want to pay money to see that

  • BaBydino 3o3
    BaBydino 3o3 Month ago

    Now that I think of it if you change a little things out it sounds like final destination trying to find out who’s next

  • Thomas Huff
    Thomas Huff Month ago

    When was the last time you saw Are you Afraid of the Dark? Yeah, it has some dumb episodes, but it also had some really good episodes that are kinda creepy.

  • Sam the Mit Man
    Sam the Mit Man Month ago

    I was really hoping for a Twilight Zone Style where each story had its own little 15 to 20 minutes segment that would have been perfect not just one long story with splashes of the books thrown in

    • M.J. Vazquez
      M.J. Vazquez Month ago

      that sounds more like a high budget episode rather than a movie i know i wouldn't pay to see that

  • Katsarelas
    Katsarelas Month ago +1

    Honestly I’m fine with the connecting plot, if it just had maybe 2-3 more stories

  • Joe Beans
    Joe Beans Month ago

    The scariest thing I saw when I was little was Coraline with my mom.

    And Mad Max with my dad....

  • D G
    D G Month ago

    1000% agree!! I figured this fucking movie was gonna be too Goosebumpy and less Scary stores!

  • phoebe doering
    phoebe doering Month ago

    This is unrelated but I can’t stop crying and I can’t move on from my grandma dying, it happened a few months ago, and the rest of my family is at least able to talk about it, but she was my whole world and now I feel like I’m missing a huge piece of myself and anytime I even sit in silence for a moment a start sobbing someone please help me

  • phoebe doering
    phoebe doering Month ago

    I thought that it ended like a Disney channel movie, also are we just supposed to accept that there is a scarecrow that looks like a serial killer made it

  • Jared Burgess
    Jared Burgess Month ago +3

    He says he wishes that he had an anthology. Yet he hates like every horror anthology film.

    • M.J. Vazquez
      M.J. Vazquez Month ago

      he also says he hates when that this movie does things other movies have done but the part that seems more original like the people who disappeared ( as oppose to on screen kill) might be alive he says is dumb

  • Idiotic infinity Stones

    The only problem I had with this one was the rasicim with Rodriguez (I think thats his name)

    • Idiotic infinity Stones
      Idiotic infinity Stones Month ago

      @M.J. Vazquez thanks for the correction and there is not much but I still did not really like the racism

    • M.J. Vazquez
      M.J. Vazquez Month ago

      his name was Ramón and there really wasnt that much racism most of it came from the bully and he died early on

  • The Unknown Show
    The Unknown Show Month ago

    I just KNEW this movie wasn't going to be just an anthology movie. I knew they would throw in a plot to it instead of it just being an anthology movie like creepshow.

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot Month ago +1

    LOL one of the stories is called "Me Tie Dough-ty Walker"... Doug Walker, eh? :D

  • Sara3346
    Sara3346 Month ago +2

    ...I actually still find the concept of killer sponges creepy doug, I mean how would you tell them apart from normal sponges when their not moving?

  • TheKijib
    TheKijib Month ago


  • M.J. Vazquez
    M.J. Vazquez Month ago +1

    1- liked the plot
    2- liked the characters
    3- 👍movie
    p.s. i dont think paranorman did it better ( i think paranorman is over rated )

  • M.J. Vazquez
    M.J. Vazquez Month ago

    I really liked the movie and the characters and thought this was a very creative and fun way to tie the stories together , i think hes harping on tropes to hard failing to recognize tropes are tropes for a reason because they work and people like them ( and plus if he wants something "never done before " hes never going to like a movie ever again ( though the thing he suggested has also been done before and people like me would not have liked it)

  • Sanshie Films
    Sanshie Films Month ago

    I am terrified after that

  • Kate Zach
    Kate Zach Month ago

    I thought the movie was better than most like at least the monster were amazing
    They should of made this a show to tell each stories

  • Sara3346
    Sara3346 Month ago

    I thought it was almost funny, I liked how it all fit together, but as doug has indicated within two minutes the inconsistent tone hurt it a bit.

  • Ellie Krueger
    Ellie Krueger Month ago

    My friend found the monsters really scary and had her eyes closed most of the film, but the CGI kinda made it a bit laughable to me? I still really enjoyed it, but it was a little predictable and clichéd. Still fun though. I liked it. Nice way to spend an afternoon.