The Power Of Make Up 2

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
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Comments • 7 440

  • Nadir Sultan
    Nadir Sultan 4 hours ago

    Girls without make up=Death

  • Gerson Pires
    Gerson Pires 14 hours ago

    Uau !!!
    Man you are more beautiful than all of these girls. Xxxx

  • Poison Arrow
    Poison Arrow 20 hours ago

    Since no one understands the power of "filters" lemme tell yah, all asians barely use makeup instead they use a filter which makes their face looks skinnier/egg shaped and younger :p u can also see the effect when the Asian ppl removes their hands :p your welcome

  • Naty Quach
    Naty Quach Day ago


  • Nurul Zannah
    Nurul Zannah 2 days ago

    This Reactor definitely cute! ☺

  • Andrew Geli
    Andrew Geli 4 days ago

    As I always said first date has to be swimming date.. see what you get

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 4 days ago

    This is why I don't approach girls with fully makeup... You never know

  • Spi_ Lagger
    Spi_ Lagger 5 days ago

    4:06 that looks like Pokimane lmao

  • Gacha _Tea
    Gacha _Tea 5 days ago


  • Pui Puia25
    Pui Puia25 5 days ago

    Before you date a girl, wash her hair first

  • Gril Gtil
    Gril Gtil 6 days ago

    Seriously man this is skin take care (tool)(maybe)

  • Ghayda Basfar
    Ghayda Basfar 6 days ago

    Is this my eyes or tal have a beard😯😨

  • Harry potter
    Harry potter 7 days ago

    Power of make up 😂😂😂

  • Ary
    Ary 7 days ago

    Please don' pause the video i am so mad

  • chippy villarosa
    chippy villarosa 7 days ago +1


  • Rafly play
    Rafly play 7 days ago

    Thi piwir if mikip
    Ciwi bingsit wikwikwik

  • Hannah Dillahunty
    Hannah Dillahunty 7 days ago

    8:25 I don’t think that is a burn or a rash I think it’s a birth mark because my cousin has a birth mark down her entire arm and my friend has that same birth mark on his upper lip

  • Jade Vang
    Jade Vang 7 days ago

    Makeup is heavy but makeup gives u confidence that’s what I love about makeup

  • Schlagsahne
    Schlagsahne 8 days ago

    5:58 voice krack 😂

  • Mahdi Afghan
    Mahdi Afghan 8 days ago


  • Candida Dsilva
    Candida Dsilva 9 days ago

    Only Goar can do it 😍

  • شاتون سامويل

    مساكين الشباب ما يقدرو يعرفو الجمال الحقيقي من الكذب

  • John Michael Aguilar
    John Michael Aguilar 9 days ago +1


  • Louie Gumbal
    Louie Gumbal 9 days ago


  • Yoga Putra
    Yoga Putra 11 days ago

    This is a SCAM!!

  • Mohd Azrey A
    Mohd Azrey A 11 days ago

    Tal looks cool with his new look!

  • Longlon Chimyang
    Longlon Chimyang 11 days ago

    Talking too much

  • Farzaneh Khorshidi
    Farzaneh Khorshidi 12 days ago

    Just Iranian make up😂✌

  • kai Jong
    kai Jong 12 days ago

    They're already so pretty

  • spikythe cactus
    spikythe cactus 12 days ago

    What him the make up artist is a boy? Huh

  • TrappedReality
    TrappedReality 12 days ago

    a legend once said: so if you see those catfishers you kinda have to invite them to a pool party then push them to the pool then you be like ey wheres mah girl?

    • African Child
      African Child 7 days ago

      That's why they created water proof makeup. They swim and come out the same. hahaha

  • Dan Lukute
    Dan Lukute 12 days ago

    Its a bad thing she is not naturally beautiful , u know u might marry her thinking that she is beatifull😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alden Chen
    Alden Chen 13 days ago +18

    Me : dating a girl
    Also me : actually dating a grandma

  • Meme Rainbow Wolf
    Meme Rainbow Wolf 13 days ago

    Alright answer this question;
    What was the first thing you noticed when the video started?
    Other people might have noticed his hoodie, the Christmas tree in the background, his shelf but what I noticed first is that he's growing a freaking beard
    Me: **clicks this video**, **notices beard**

  • Griffin
    Griffin 13 days ago

    *For men - shaving makes you look younger*

  • Weeb God
    Weeb God 14 days ago +1

    *Makeup is scary*

  • Rashin King
    Rashin King 14 days ago +1

    After This video I won't marry.....I would Be single for even with my internet 😔😔

  • Somanath Dash
    Somanath Dash 14 days ago +3

    Now I have to take a water bottle with me every where

  • Rashin King
    Rashin King 14 days ago +1


  • Ultimate 3RR0R
    Ultimate 3RR0R 14 days ago

    Guys use makeup remover on ur crush before u go to da nxt stage. I already bought for mine .

  • Saturn Miole
    Saturn Miole 14 days ago


  • vmariae official
    vmariae official 14 days ago

    thats the reason that i dont fall in love in pic haha

  • Khushal Khan
    Khushal Khan 15 days ago

    U look damn good in beard... grow it more.... u steel plate like face..!!!!

  • Bermain Gameplay
    Bermain Gameplay 15 days ago


  • VX Wrath
    VX Wrath 15 days ago

    Now I have trust issues

  • Platinum Freak
    Platinum Freak 15 days ago

    Dude, you're funny!

    YUAN GREEN 15 days ago

    When I see her smile. My heart melt.

    MØLTAN GAMING 15 days ago

    Search monti roy

  • mimol pa3 awm khawm
    mimol pa3 awm khawm 16 days ago

    U talk too much

  • WOLFBOB :3
    WOLFBOB :3 16 days ago +12

    i feel like japanese people kinda overdue theyre makeup

  • Tulsi Patil
    Tulsi Patil 16 days ago

    Forget about the video u are very handsome 🙈💯
    Oh my gosh I've never flirted like this 😂

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 16 days ago

    You talk too much😪

  • Jonah seth Gaspar
    Jonah seth Gaspar 16 days ago

    Why you have beard

  • joemarie gecana
    joemarie gecana 16 days ago


  • Jeton De Guzman
    Jeton De Guzman 17 days ago

    you are so cute honey

  • Pinoy Vlog
    Pinoy Vlog 17 days ago

    Now for all the boys that want a cute girl,you can meet someon but not too much beautiful cause the others are just make up in other words its a trap guys.😂😂😂

  • Napoleon Maisnam
    Napoleon Maisnam 17 days ago

    What is the song tittle at 9:36 ?

  • Alexander Co
    Alexander Co 17 days ago +1

    Be sure to invite your girlfriend to the beach 😂

  • Erwin Davocol
    Erwin Davocol 17 days ago +1

    9:37.This Girl looks like Haile Steinfeld.❤

  • family krew pie
    family krew pie 17 days ago

    thers a edit