• Published on Mar 25, 2019
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  • starscreamer05
    starscreamer05 Hour ago

    The guy on 240 £ GOT IT FROm preacher lawsen

  • Дима Котошин

    16:35 omg ahaha the guy just stole Preacher Lawson’s joke from America’s got talent 😂

  • XxIBN123zXx Gaming
    XxIBN123zXx Gaming 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who feel cringe?

  • Teagun
    Teagun 4 hours ago

    whos here in 2020

  • Moe
    Moe 8 hours ago

    2:13 was hella funny idk what ksi was talking about

  • Naruto
    Naruto 8 hours ago

    I've I was that guy who could've won 300 dollars i would've said, "300 POUNDS THAT'S ALMOST HOW MUCH ETHAN WEIGHTS."

  • Selmira Sanchez
    Selmira Sanchez 10 hours ago

    You are so coky about when you beat lagan poul only if he didn't hit you in the head he should have won so don't be coky like you are right now

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 11 hours ago

    I went from logan fan to ksi fan after the fight

  • Loretta Olson
    Loretta Olson 11 hours ago


  • Loretta Olson
    Loretta Olson 11 hours ago

    What i have not heard ?

  • Lia Hales
    Lia Hales 12 hours ago

    I have a joke
    What's a depressed persons favourite drink?
    The depresso espresso...


    it's cyanide

  • MDGamerHits
    MDGamerHits 12 hours ago +3

    90% of the unfunny people: *I HAVE ACHIEVED COMEDY*

  • Dr. jollyYT
    Dr. jollyYT 12 hours ago

  • Agera R
    Agera R 13 hours ago

    The guy that won the money is an idiot. How do you refuse to get 430 pounds!?!? He could’ve bought an iPhone with that money and gave it to his mom

  • Dom Deezy
    Dom Deezy 14 hours ago +2

    That one dude who took Preacher Lawsons joke lmaoooo

  • JJ
    JJ 16 hours ago


    UZI SMG 16 hours ago

    16:30 this piece of shit copied Preacher Lawson from Agt 2018

  • 6Lime
    6Lime 16 hours ago

    6:57 remember the guy who asked ksi if he sucked dick?

  • Decept
    Decept 16 hours ago

    Who’s here after the fight 😂

  • kelvin martins
    kelvin martins 17 hours ago

  • Boya
    Boya 19 hours ago

    This needs a second part !

  • chick nug GAWWWD
    chick nug GAWWWD 21 hour ago

    I would show a vid of jake paul

  • Raewyn Huddy
    Raewyn Huddy Day ago

    I only laughed at ksi in the video

  • Fortnite Rocker
    Fortnite Rocker Day ago


  • Halidor
    Halidor Day ago

    black lol

  • Jawblade 2003
    Jawblade 2003 Day ago

    12:41 am I the only one that the horse made me laugh out loud 😂

  • Gabriel Valle
    Gabriel Valle Day ago +1

    Did the guy at 4:50 have a slug on his ear ??

  • Nico DiSimone
    Nico DiSimone Day ago +1

    2:11 underrated joke 😂

  • Goated Andrei
    Goated Andrei Day ago +4

    Who’s here in 2020??

  • pryodiablo
    pryodiablo Day ago

    I can't understand half of these fucks.

  • 666 DARK
    666 DARK Day ago

    No one is going to do that again and I don't think it is good i got this from the top words

  • Snooopy Y
    Snooopy Y Day ago

    I can see into the future ksi will win the fight

  • Esther H.
    Esther H. Day ago

    16:21 my man be stealing from preacher lawson and doesn't ciTe HiS sOuRcEs

  • Macie Ray
    Macie Ray Day ago

    how did logan paul lose against you. anybody can win against you.

  • Eric
    Eric Day ago +2


  • Sunny Ako
    Sunny Ako Day ago

    I'd like that 430 pretty please. I'd like to invest in my first camera :)

  • story time
    story time Day ago +2

    Wtf wrong with people. Is comedy dead or something. You know what here's a good joke ' i bought some shoes from my drug dealer and I don't know so what he laced them with but I've been tripping all day'

  • Richard and Damnyell

    16:29 he stole that joke from preacher lawson on agt!!!

  • Qwoah
    Qwoah Day ago

    KSI: So whats your joke?


    You're black.

  • The brown Cheese

    The last one is from norway man

  • Smooth Cool
    Smooth Cool Day ago

    Q.What happened when the Catholic woman was late to her Thanksgiving dinner

    A. She got nun

  • Fry Nick
    Fry Nick Day ago +1

    I like your accent 🤔

  • Mattias Basboll
    Mattias Basboll Day ago

    Who's here before KSI beat Logan Paul in the rematch?

  • Ted
    Ted Day ago

    240 Pounds is just copied from BGT/AGT

    IM_ELZZ Day ago

    jj doing the default dance hmmmmm

  • Carlo Miranda
    Carlo Miranda Day ago +1

    16:28 the dude is stating stuff from preacher Lawson from America’s got talent

  • OneDead Channel
    OneDead Channel Day ago

    On 16:22 that joke was stolen. I was originally said by the comedian preacher Lawson

  • Anything Leo
    Anything Leo Day ago

    that guy at 16:15 just snagged a Preacher Lawson joke

  • Ima Meme
    Ima Meme Day ago

    The kid at 16:22 copies his joke form America’s got talent lol

  • dejan mahmutovic

    that guy whos says u make and u skip him he crys 10 days

  • InaractiveL90
    InaractiveL90 Day ago


  • Cruel Devil
    Cruel Devil Day ago +1

    Omegle:*Doing Jokes*


  • Darkvader
    Darkvader Day ago

    Ksi sux logan is better even though he lost

  • MattDaLegend
    MattDaLegend 2 days ago

    5:52 that almost made me laugh because of the way he said the joke.

  • Oishī yūhi
    Oishī yūhi 2 days ago +1

    What kind of shoes does a pedophile wear?

    White vans.....

    kill me...

  • xd Retardia
    xd Retardia 2 days ago

    Bruh if I did this all I’d do is play Logan’s apology video and hopefully it would work

  • Will Wicks
    Will Wicks 2 days ago

    What the kinkin phuking bich

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B 2 days ago +1

    Never show your face in one of these, because when you don’t make ksi laugh, you just look stupid in front of millions