• Published on Jun 22, 2019
    TFIL Stays overnight at the USA's most haunted & abandoned hospital... Bringing in top of the line camera equipment to do our most detailed & revealing investigation yet... you don't want to miss this video...
    This is video FIVE of TEN from our TFIL Texas trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Jay Walker & Corbin Reinhardt. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!
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  • TFIL
    TFIL  3 months ago +7369

    100,000 LIKES = NEW OVERNIGHT VIDEO! Comment what was your favorite part of the video or where you want us to stay next! =) ALSO! Our contest ends tomorrow! You can win a trip to LA to hang with TFIL!! www.SendItSociety.com for info!

      _ELITE _HUNTER 5 days ago


    • Deon Williams
      Deon Williams 10 days ago

      TFIL yooooo look at 38:12, it looks like a shadow figure. it kinda looks like a nun

    • Jacob Heinrichs
      Jacob Heinrichs 24 days ago +1

      did you know shadows don't hurt you cause they can't see you all there doing is doing something they did when they were alive and I know this cause one time I was sitting on my couch watching tv and a shadow walked into the kitchen and walked out and sat on the chair in the corner then I blinked and it was gone. so they can't hurt you cause they can't see you but you can see them and ghosts well when you feel a tap or something crab you its a ghost and the reason y they are doing that is cause they can't feel anyone touch them so they touch you and when they do that they can feel the same thing they did to you but spirits can hurt you if they want one time my friends older brother was sleeping and he had a dream that a spirit of an old man grabbed his leg and dragged him in the closet under the stairs and when he woke up he was under them in the closet but demons well they put marks on you to show you that they are there and they want to hurt you unless you are nice to it but there is this one demon that I messed with and his name is ZOZO he is the worst demon you can ever mess with he will stay with you and never leave until someone eles calls for him and that rarly happends so what ever you do dont f with him but ya thats all you need to know about ghosts, demons, spirits, and shadows hope this helps cory and him being a chiken all the time oh and can you guys visit the banff hotel where the bride fell down the stairs and the husband hangs him self cause of it I would love to see that its located in Alberta canada btw dont f with the husband cause he will drag you to the adic in you dream and when you wake up well you should find out btw there is no way in the adic cause they closed it because they kept finding bodys up there in like 1986-1989 so they had to close it for 2 years and it has been open ever since anyway hope you read this but I got to go before I wright a story for you guys oh and one more thing bring cory but tell him you guys are going on vacation to a hotel your grate grandpa had his family reunion or something like that just make sure you have the whole crew with you and it would be great if i could come with i live in hinton only 5 or 6 hours away from banff i will give you my address incase you guys wanna pick me up so we can go cause my dad wont take me cause we are cristin but that doesnt stop me from being like you guys. but anyways email me and i will see it when you do bye bye for now...

    • Thanos
      Thanos 25 days ago

      200,000k elton 200,000K!!!

  • Johnny Shumway
    Johnny Shumway 9 minutes ago

    I'd be that one dude who brings a freaking L86A2 Machine Gun and riot gear just in case some weird people try to pull some stupid sh*t on me. I ain't playing any games bruh. Oh and dont forget the riot shield.

  • ashlyn kate
    ashlyn kate 25 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Andrea and Corey like each other and might possibly be dating....🤭🤔

  • Pointlezz Mark
    Pointlezz Mark 25 minutes ago

    She's so extra, anybody agree?

  • Palomino Honey
    Palomino Honey 35 minutes ago

    Elton, when they tell you the wheelchair just moved by itself it's dark but if you look to the left, in the doorway, there's a fence up and there's ba piece of string moving all by itself like something is lifting it.

  • queen of pickles
    queen of pickles Hour ago

    12:03 you guys started freaking out in the hallway and there was a green orb on the floor in the darkness

  • Colin Leach
    Colin Leach 2 hours ago

    @ 14.13 there is part face looking through the window. Most of them need to calm down , the girl especially.

    ECE NUR 2 hours ago

    Bro why does that dude smiles and blinks next to the stairs at the basement and Every freaking person looks at there 49 th minute i think is this bullshit

  • Venomous_emo Sniper
    Venomous_emo Sniper 2 hours ago

    Anybody else notice or is a wear of the fact that by the moving wheelchair there's caution tape.....
    Anybody 2019 ..???????

  • Xxkähmärä Xx
    Xxkähmärä Xx 2 hours ago

    You could of just made friends with the ghost or ghosts

  • Leah Rothe
    Leah Rothe 3 hours ago

    Corbin: I’m even afraid of spiders 🤣

  • lowloe eemm
    lowloe eemm 3 hours ago

    Does any one believe this shit ??

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover 3 hours ago

    Ghosts are noobs

  • Elizabeth Davis
    Elizabeth Davis 4 hours ago +1

    All you hear from Andrea WTF WTF. LOL

  • Angelina Pedrosa
    Angelina Pedrosa 4 hours ago

    30:57 I seen a face in the bathroom window. Like if you seen it

  • Blood Scriber
    Blood Scriber 9 hours ago

    Am i the only one hearing a woman say" What are you even doing here" at 44:13 ..... just wanted to ask that

  • Isabella Italiano the person is here

    I think Corey saw slender man

  • Dady Herp
    Dady Herp 11 hours ago +1

    Just bring arab dude

  • argelle yucot
    argelle yucot 13 hours ago +1

    That girl is so over acting 😤😤

  • Eloise Robinson
    Eloise Robinson 15 hours ago

    Yooooo I plugged in my earphones the music was so loud I couldn’t hear the voices and when I took them out and there was no music playing-

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear 16 hours ago

    Why do they cut to the full spectrum cam whenever they hear something When that shit has little to no sound? Doesn’t matter anyways bc you can’t hear anything over everyone freaking out constantly...
    Anytime ppl go in haunted places they should show their backs before they go in.

  • Smk 210tx
    Smk 210tx 17 hours ago

    @36:41 the doll hand moved when she said did it move

  • Smk 210tx
    Smk 210tx 17 hours ago

    @23:28youll see a ghost

  • Maddoge Loot
    Maddoge Loot 18 hours ago +1

    Why do all these investigations have like super intense music. Can I just get one investigation with spongebob music?

  • Blair Payne
    Blair Payne 18 hours ago

    18:05 to 18:09 you can see something out the window

    why does all the bad things happen to Cory

  • Potato Paul
    Potato Paul 18 hours ago

    She's so annoying. Dry your wet blanket and shut the fuck up.

  • Beverly Clement
    Beverly Clement 19 hours ago

    go overnight at haunted maison seminary in ohio.

  • Gl1tchy Co0kie
    Gl1tchy Co0kie 21 hour ago

    Cover me lads, i going full screen

  • Jon Burchard
    Jon Burchard Day ago

    is it just me but while u eat while watching tfils videos you start eating more rapidly? xD

  • Jdawg 060
    Jdawg 060 Day ago

    34:44 the doll hane waves!!!! Xp

  • Alina Pisarenko
    Alina Pisarenko Day ago +1

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I saw the doll hands move when she was reading the book

    • Alina Pisarenko
      Alina Pisarenko Day ago +1

      Plz go to the part of were she is reading the book look at the doll with both hands up and u will see it

  • Alina Pisarenko
    Alina Pisarenko Day ago +1

    Never say holy sh*t in a church abondanded or not

  • Vince Misran
    Vince Misran Day ago

    At 26:21 you can see a spirit ball going upwards. Thats some ghost adventures shit.
    Another one at 36:13

  • Bayla
    Bayla Day ago

    I know I'm hella late but why the fck is no one talking about *the fcking face in the fcking mirror* at 30:56

  • Sam Burja
    Sam Burja Day ago

    23:06 yo

  • victor7859100
    victor7859100 Day ago

    30:55 face behind bathroom window

  • Rylee fratta
    Rylee fratta Day ago

    He hears get out I would run

  • Rylee fratta
    Rylee fratta Day ago

    I feel bad for corey

  • jennifer miller
    jennifer miller Day ago


  • XxCrazy_AmxX
    XxCrazy_AmxX Day ago

    30:56 pause video and look at the left side of the window in the room its a mans face bro omd

  • Alexis Berg
    Alexis Berg Day ago

    If when a ghost or spirit opens a door, I always wondered if that ghost or spirit is using the door that it opened😂😂

  • Brother from another Mother

    i get it u need some crybabys while filming makes it more realiztic but ffs all of them? rly? every1 except himself is a scared af all the time. just stop lol

  • m
    m Day ago +1

    26:23 tell me Im not the only one who saw something flying

  • Grace Qoriniasi
    Grace Qoriniasi Day ago

    At 27:08 u can hear someone breathing

  • Mindswirl21
    Mindswirl21 Day ago

    this is by far the most annoying exploration I ever seen

  • Sterlin Walker
    Sterlin Walker Day ago

    This is very annoying as hell

  • George k.
    George k. Day ago

    It's 49 minutes of "dude", "shut up", and "stop it" .

  • jeremiah walker
    jeremiah walker Day ago


    IAM TAYTAY Day ago

    I hate when people decide to do something and then say I don’t wanna do this.. like relax already contributed

  • Awesome Bean
    Awesome Bean Day ago

    Yoo at 36:42 the freaking doll moved.

  • Donovan Ferguson

    Bro y’all please look on 38:12 it’s a black shadow behind them 🌚💀

  • minx sister
    minx sister Day ago

    If there are ghost nuns cussing isn't helping you.....

  • Anxiety Korkz
    Anxiety Korkz Day ago

    I’m sorry but that girl is sooooo annoying omg but good vid

  • Julia Keenan
    Julia Keenan Day ago

    There was a white face when corry said he saw the white face again and the camera pointed that way there was a white face.

  • Julia Keenan
    Julia Keenan Day ago

    That is so scary.

  • Julia Keenan
    Julia Keenan Day ago

    When you were talking about the nursery and Cory saw a face in the closet then the camera was pointed at the the box was moving off the shelf,

  • Ky
    Ky 2 days ago

    Okay when the wheelchair moved before the light made it properly visible it looked like a terrifying fucking creature thing

  • Catherine 14
    Catherine 14 2 days ago

    36:39 omg omg omg the doll in the bottom right corner moved

  • Haley Loyde
    Haley Loyde 2 days ago

    It’s a good ass video but next time get people that ain’t pussies bruh why tf do they go if all they’re gonna say is “oMg iM sCaReD lEtS lEaVe” like onggg stfu

  • Emily Mclean
    Emily Mclean 2 days ago

    16:57 GODS NOT DEAD go check like if you see it