I bought a wrecked hellcat and its worse than I thought!

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Finaily after weeks of waiting for this 2016 Dodge Charger hellcat to go up for auction i was able to bid on it and win it!
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  • Laura Hestwood
    Laura Hestwood 3 months ago +337

    *slaps roof* this baby can hold so much damage

    • Davante Baptiste
      Davante Baptiste 2 months ago

      you should put some hydraulics on it in a few stocks

    • Steven reis sr
      Steven reis sr 2 months ago

      you have a hard hit on right front and it flipped over on roof, and went for a skid .... eh

    • HOLYCRAP70
      HOLYCRAP70 2 months ago

      *slaps belly* IT FIT MANY DAMAGE BRÖTHER

    • Marc Nardone
      Marc Nardone 3 months ago

      +Nugget_of_life Charzard.

    • Marc Nardone
      Marc Nardone 3 months ago

      +112fail quick=steel LOL

  • Steve Savinski
    Steve Savinski 2 days ago

    Looks like a roll over

  • Eddie Ray
    Eddie Ray 2 days ago

    It rolled. Most def

  • Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas 3 days ago

    How much you got it for?

  • VENOM Youtube
    VENOM Youtube 3 days ago

    Hey, how much did you buy it for ? If you do not mind me asking.

  • rv1288
    rv1288 5 days ago

    Look like a lot of work but if you like to work on cars like me then it’s all good man 👍
    I love rebuilding cars ,can’t stop now 😂

    IGBO TIFOSI 5 days ago

    Love this Hellcat rebuild series. You make it look so easy 😊

  • TJ FromReno
    TJ FromReno 8 days ago +1

    What did it cost at auction?

  • KF86JR
    KF86JR 8 days ago

    could probably buy 2 Hellcats for what that POS will cost you to even fix good enough for a salvage title..
    next time you wanna blow money just send it to me.

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  8 days ago

      Lol it costed me 20k done with everything so next time you say something stupid think first

  • Ed G
    Ed G 8 days ago

    Seat belts RED

  • Gregg Fridline
    Gregg Fridline 8 days ago

    I want those tires on that car or should I say all 3 of them. lol

  • ralpheyboyboxing
    ralpheyboyboxing 8 days ago

    as a retired autobody worker my self from the 80s and 90s era these millennial generation cars are nothing but a huge money pitt in cost parts paint and a salvage crap too fixed i still got my old school buick grand natoinal gnx 1987 way better than this crap of these cars they make today

    TRAPZILLA TTV 9 days ago

    How much didn't cost to fix to driveworthy

      TRAPZILLA TTV 9 days ago

      +vTuned garage u might as well bought gently used at that price... Unless u we're counting on the profit from yt ads lol but good shit either way

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  9 days ago

      28k watch the latest video on the hellcat.

  • Josh Warner
    Josh Warner 9 days ago +1

    if i could find and afford a wrecked hellcat, then id have the engine, trans and wiring swapped into my JKU :D

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez 9 days ago

    How much was the car? And where did you buy it?

  • Delrinœ Peoples
    Delrinœ Peoples 10 days ago

    That mf been through a roll over

  • Damien gotti
    Damien gotti 10 days ago

    that cat caught hell

  • mh488
    mh488 11 days ago +1

    Definitely flipped, that'll be a lot of bodywork, good luck.

  • Albert B
    Albert B 11 days ago


  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez 12 days ago

    Were gonna need wheels a sunroof, bumber, seats a engine and a number to another junkyard.

  • juiced71
    juiced71 12 days ago

    Drug runner ? Bunch of coke in the door ? 🤔 🤔 nice wish I had that talent to do something like this!!

  • Colin Dykes
    Colin Dykes 12 days ago

    Wait...how much was it?

  • Michael Young
    Michael Young 12 days ago +1

    Looks like he hit a cable guard rail

  • faya aziz
    faya aziz 12 days ago

    the beauty of buying from copart. always surprises lol

  • Frankie Maldonado
    Frankie Maldonado 13 days ago


  • R B
    R B 13 days ago

    If you can’t fix those door, bumper, and roof you need to school up especially for a salvage car.

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 13 days ago

    Can.you.talk. any. Louder!!!!

  • Justin Rigg
    Justin Rigg 13 days ago

    Buys wrecked hellcat without knowing if it runs smfh

  • rafalpanwojny
    rafalpanwojny 13 days ago +11

    i want to rebuild a car too but voices in my head tell me its going to be hell

  • sdb 200
    sdb 200 14 days ago

    Good luck guys

  • Russ Polk
    Russ Polk 15 days ago

    When u say its no toobad that means ypur fucked

  • thecoldlegendd
    thecoldlegendd 15 days ago

    can i buy it from u when u fix it.

  • Jesse Lyons
    Jesse Lyons 16 days ago

    Just buys the most fucked hellcat on copart

  • Joseph Czelusniak
    Joseph Czelusniak 16 days ago

    Almost looks like it was rolled and slid on roof for a minute

  • Lincoln Hunter
    Lincoln Hunter 17 days ago

    How much you pay

  • OG 16
    OG 16 18 days ago

    Dude you freak me out when you clean inside of your car and you touching the sun roof with no PPE on, what if little chips of glasses dropped in your eye ball. That would be a bad day, be careful dude....

  • MoparFam 300C
    MoparFam 300C 18 days ago

    Wow 12K Miles for a 2016??? This car is damn near still new!

    EVERLAST VICTORY 19 days ago

    you was hoping for a rooter to be in the trunk over any other part WOW!

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 20 days ago

    I want one in my dreams i will

  • kivens jean-louis
    kivens jean-louis 20 days ago

    The car is wreck with a lot of work needs to be done but if you keep your head right and fix it I think you will really enjoy this car for yourself or if you sell it the profit will be amazing either way I’m interested in the process and see how it goes

  • Sai Ankit
    Sai Ankit 20 days ago

    The car is sold for only 500$

  • craigslistrr O
    craigslistrr O 20 days ago

    That moment when you try convincing yourself " It's not that bad"... But deep down, when you are along with your own thoughts.. you are say what the FUCK have i just blown my money on!

  • craigslistrr O
    craigslistrr O 20 days ago +1

    So we jacked up the wiper fluid cap and put a new hellcat under it... good as new!

  • Mike Mo
    Mike Mo 20 days ago

    I wonder how much he spent buying this

  • ChiefGwopp100
    ChiefGwopp100 20 days ago

    *So No Update?*

  • Steve Piacenza
    Steve Piacenza 21 day ago

    Good luck those parts are way to expensive

  • BOHICA Life
    BOHICA Life 21 day ago +14

    going to be sold with a sign "One owner, never raced, garage kept." LMAO

  • Saif Hussain
    Saif Hussain 21 day ago

    Make your seat red color is fit with body color car

  • Sudheer M.S
    Sudheer M.S 22 days ago

    Goonsquads truck?

  • Mohammed Riyadh
    Mohammed Riyadh 23 days ago


  • Dirk van Straaten
    Dirk van Straaten 23 days ago

    I swear, people towing really nice cars and trucks need a lifelike dummy in the drivers seat with a terrified expression and the the hands up.

  • c CC
    c CC 24 days ago

    throw it away keep the motor

  • ____ Stolinator
    ____ Stolinator 25 days ago

    It looks like it was rolled

  • Commando
    Commando 26 days ago +1

    Shouldnt be too bad the hellcat is just all standard charger parts available everywhere and inexpensive

  • zeus1117
    zeus1117 26 days ago

    will get probably insured for like 300 / month (at least in MI)

  • zeus1117
    zeus1117 26 days ago

    who would buy this scrap. jesus.

  • Vlone Thug
    Vlone Thug 26 days ago

    How much do y’all think he paid for this ?

  • casey koelbl
    casey koelbl 27 days ago

    Tried to fast and furious a semi

  • NickduPlooy
    NickduPlooy 28 days ago +1

    Samcrac brought me here... Awesome stuff bro

  • Nelson Carter
    Nelson Carter Month ago

    Thank Jose from Honda & yogi

  • Blacc Feather
    Blacc Feather Month ago

    sheesh that mustang look like it was chewed and spit out

  • Tea Bagson
    Tea Bagson Month ago

    I will buy the taillight from you

  • Travis herp-addict
    Travis herp-addict Month ago +1

    Where the hell did you find this for 500$ man no hate just blown away I wana do the same thing

  • Yoboifruitloops 250

    Now that’s a lot of damage

    JACK AND JILL Month ago

    i like that there is no frame damage.

  • Karlton Canty
    Karlton Canty Month ago

    Rip hellcat

  • Chase Cox
    Chase Cox Month ago

    Somebody drove off the road maybe hit a culvert and rolled that bitch on its side. Looks like it was a hella ride.

  • kevin q
    kevin q Month ago

    New red colored seat belts.

  • Abdul Mujib Aliu
    Abdul Mujib Aliu Month ago

    Like if you came here from Samcracs channel

  • theblckpearl
    theblckpearl Month ago +1

    I thought only Mustangs crashed? Is this a Mustang in the shell of a Dodge Charger? It must be.


    What website did you find this car on

  • Gregory Neysmith Chang

    show it when its finished

  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson Month ago

    So the dude willingly bought a wrecked POS and now he’s crying about it being a wrecked POS ???? Pardon me sir but your trailer park genetics are showing. 😱

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  Month ago

      Check the latest video car turned out amazing

    • Daniel Wilson
      Daniel Wilson Month ago

      I stand corrected. You seem very concerned about the condition of your purchase. No more tears but just a little bit concerned. OK ?

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  Month ago

      Where did you see me crying idiot read the title worse then I thought yea that’s me crying

  • Bruno Ellsworth
    Bruno Ellsworth Month ago

    Why would you invest in garbage in the first place? Wow you’re pretty stupid...

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  Month ago

      How stupid can people be these days how is that garbage that motor and transmission is 20k wow that’s garbage to you??????

  • David Rod
    David Rod Month ago

    Shoulda bought a new one

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  Month ago

      Lol look at part 12

    • David Rod
      David Rod Month ago

      +vTuned garage bruh u spent 27 grand on that hunk of shit???? it's destroyed. The frame is destroyed. It's destroyed

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  Month ago

      I don’t think you can get a new one for 27k

  • John Vargas
    John Vargas Month ago

    Give us and update on the hell cat

  • dakota burwell
    dakota burwell Month ago

    Be sick to buy one and swap the drivetrain into my truck 😂 hell I'd settle for a 5.7 over my 5.2

  • Devarjae Toney
    Devarjae Toney Month ago +1

    Put rims on it and an underglow

  • Benefactr
    Benefactr Month ago

    Hit something flipped on the passenger side and most likely ended up on the roof.

  • Logan c
    Logan c Month ago

    At first you think it rolled over but how could the mirrors be in tacked

  • Don Tune
    Don Tune Month ago

    Did u finish it?

  • iWannaGoFast 28
    iWannaGoFast 28 Month ago

    Rolled it. When I rolled my car it looked like that.

  • MrJBZY70
    MrJBZY70 Month ago

    Not worth 24k.

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  Month ago

      You know what’s not worth 24k your opinion but hey it’s just an opinion right?

  • Michael kenway-allanach

    Did it say sold 500 bucks

  • jason9022
    jason9022 Month ago

    Ragged out raped piece of shit.. Car is twisted.. It can never be fixed .. It will never ever ever be right again.. U just cant do it..total loss

  • LispyJared
    LispyJared Month ago

    Goddamn dude that thumbnail is so badly photoshopped. Don’t even try. That’s not sarcasm. Literally. Please don’t try.

    • LispyJared
      LispyJared Month ago

      vTuned garage I said, “Goddamn dude that thumbnail is so badly photoshopped. Don’t even try. That’s not sarcasm. Literally. Please don’t try”!!!!!!

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  Month ago


  • Plinkstr
    Plinkstr Month ago +2

    What kind of channel does not reply after the question about the $500 purchased HELLCAT? FAKE NEWS GUYS! Please Elaborate cost please! Than kyou

    • Plinkstr
      Plinkstr Month ago +1

      +vTuned garage Thanks man! I love your work , also when you helped GOONZSQUAD too! I think you guys know your stuff! I was just trying to get that solved since lot of people had doubt about how ligit your channel was! Love the Video Content and how Good that car came out Much Respect!

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  Month ago +1

      I never said I paid 500$ for it that was the first bid lol I paid 24600$

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P Month ago


  • Marcus P
    Marcus P Month ago

    Nothing on good squad

  • Guard Dog
    Guard Dog Month ago

    Crazy -rich- Asians

  • readyxxi
    readyxxi Month ago

    copart sucks fees everywhere so it so overpriced

  • Wizy -14
    Wizy -14 Month ago +1

    What is this city name.??

  • Mercenary Diaz
    Mercenary Diaz Month ago

    lol @ tire rod, what a goof

  • Summer Dennison
    Summer Dennison Month ago

    Wrapped the car around a no wire fence and hit it right at a post?

  • Summer Dennison
    Summer Dennison Month ago

    Wrapped the car around a no wire fence and hit it right at a post?

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner Month ago +7

    Skip to 4:00 if you wanna actually see the car

    THE RC BROS AT WORK Month ago +1

    Please leave the car as oem as possible!
    I love that color!

  • collecting in rhode island

    Looks like it fell off a lift and tumbled a couple times

  • 1ZosoLZ
    1ZosoLZ Month ago

    Lol automatic. Weak

  • bill ventra
    bill ventra Month ago +2

    Just subbed and clicked the bell have a good day👍