I bought a wrecked hellcat and its worse than I thought!


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  • Laura Hestwood
    Laura Hestwood Month ago +197

    *slaps roof* this baby can hold so much damage

    • Davante Baptiste
      Davante Baptiste 13 days ago

      you should put some hydraulics on it in a few stocks

    • Steven reis sr
      Steven reis sr 14 days ago

      you have a hard hit on right front and it flipped over on roof, and went for a skid .... eh

    • HOLYCRAP70
      HOLYCRAP70 22 days ago

      *slaps belly* IT FIT MANY DAMAGE BRÖTHER

    • Marc Nardone
      Marc Nardone 23 days ago

      +Nugget_of_life Charzard.

    • Marc Nardone
      Marc Nardone 23 days ago

      +112fail quick=steel LOL

  • luis ibanez
    luis ibanez Hour ago

    I did purchase that 370z for 11k I sold it for 12500

  • Hunter Ziegelmann
    Hunter Ziegelmann 7 hours ago

    damage looks like it hit guy cables for utility pole or something, i know from personal experience ¯\_( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)_/¯

  • Raby Boy
    Raby Boy 3 days ago

    Raced in a unsafe way

  • Tropical Polar bear
    Tropical Polar bear 4 days ago

    That's barb wire damage

  • Dark Passenger
    Dark Passenger 6 days ago

    Not to come across as an idiot,,, unless it was super cheap, is it really worth the money it will take to repair it ? Personally, I would use the drivetrain for a restomod.

  • Steve Dunch
    Steve Dunch 6 days ago

    Seems like a giant amount of time and money - you have to love this to do this rebuild

  • Taylor Sharp
    Taylor Sharp 6 days ago

    Looks like they crashed into the woods somewhere

  • chris laster
    chris laster 6 days ago

    It's not even a hell cat

  • Bobbi Jo Kulenek
    Bobbi Jo Kulenek 7 days ago

    Looks like it was flipped. The dent in the left front door is a forklift dent

  • オルソンフィリップ

    why not buy a new one :O

  • mulishamccoy
    mulishamccoy 7 days ago

    Havent even watched it but copart fixes to hide as much damage as posable to con people into buying it

  • Stuart Goff
    Stuart Goff 7 days ago

    It looks to me like that car has been on it's lid! the dent on the front passenger door is from cable to flip it back over.

  • Robert Kimmel
    Robert Kimmel 8 days ago

    Guaranteed, if he bought it a Copart, he paid twice as much as it is worth.

  • Eric Reyner
    Eric Reyner 8 days ago

    The guy probably flipped

  • ICTech
    ICTech 9 days ago

    Always tow engine forward!!

  • harrison wheeler
    harrison wheeler 9 days ago

    I can hear bird noises on the interstate with the music

  • Suckafree TV
    Suckafree TV 9 days ago

    The main thing is the engine.put that shit in a sxt

  • yannis gouras
    yannis gouras 9 days ago

    I'd take the engine and tranny out and drop it in an 80s Dakota but make it quiet and visually stock so no one sees it coming

  • Cory Lee Boxing
    Cory Lee Boxing 9 days ago


  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 10 days ago

    Any link that can put me up on game about the car auctions

  • Tomas Chaperone
    Tomas Chaperone 10 days ago

    Good buy if you can fix for cheap

  • Jim Foxx
    Jim Foxx 10 days ago

    Looks like it rolled over

  • Mimsk
    Mimsk 10 days ago

    So it flipped but landed on wheels? :)

  • Midnight Raiin
    Midnight Raiin 10 days ago

    its a sedan.
    there is no 4 door hellcat

  • Midnight Raiin
    Midnight Raiin 10 days ago

    that's a charger.

  • uBreakIt iRepairIt
    uBreakIt iRepairIt 10 days ago

    It’s still an automatic tho.

  • Global REI Delta 1
    Global REI Delta 1 11 days ago

    To much work

  • Lawrence Enderle
    Lawrence Enderle 11 days ago

    Iwould just junk this piece of trash.

  • David Collazo
    David Collazo 11 days ago

    How much did they sell it for ?

  • j phillips
    j phillips 11 days ago

    I agree, looks like it went through median catch wires

  • Winston Alex
    Winston Alex 11 days ago

    Wonder if this is offset car 😂

  • Dftu Sda
    Dftu Sda 11 days ago


    PERKINS_RC76 11 days ago

    Obviously think about how much the insurance.company said it would cost yo fix for them to declared totalled bro,come on talking about replacing a roof,take the motor out for $500and throw that shit off a cliff,it already looks like it did.they totalled it for a reason,do u know what kind of mustang you could buy for the money u have to pay to fix it

    PERKINS_RC76 11 days ago

    Know matter how nice it how much u put in it will never be worth anything cause original title will always say it was wrecked ,insurance declared totalled

    PERKINS_RC76 11 days ago

    I still can't believe u bought a wrecked totalled hellcat from a junkyard ,u had to get a salvage title to oe,I never seen such stupidity but your young as hell were your dad he should of been kicking your ass instead of giving u money,were is he !!!

    PERKINS_RC76 11 days ago

    I'm one minute in and I can tell u already the body shot bro ,u got to be young and stupid there's aton of money just in body work and parts and spending all that on a Dodge no less

    PERKINS_RC76 11 days ago

    It's in a junkyard u idiot

    PERKINS_RC76 11 days ago

    You fckn paid for a hellcat without seeing it in person first!!!!you idiot

  • sultan ahmed
    sultan ahmed 12 days ago


  • TankSpek TankSpek
    TankSpek TankSpek 12 days ago


  • Tim Meyers
    Tim Meyers 12 days ago

    Pull the motor and call it a day !!!

  • Grant Fleming
    Grant Fleming 13 days ago +1

    I have an idea what to do with it. Fix it

  • Will Batshoun
    Will Batshoun 13 days ago

    I bet he spent at least a month on this car to make it work if not more. If you are into fixing cars then sure that would be fun.

  • Anthony Maniz
    Anthony Maniz 13 days ago +1

    I think high speed wreak car flipped at high speed then landed back on whells

  • MenAtWork
    MenAtWork 13 days ago +1

    It appears to me, That fucker went for a ride on the roof

  • brandonrulz11
    brandonrulz11 13 days ago

    drop that pile of shit off at the salvage yard lmfao

  • Jeffrey Bamford
    Jeffrey Bamford 13 days ago

    It has gone through a fence for sure it has a familiar look to it

  • Logan Rides
    Logan Rides 13 days ago

    Was this totaled in Indiana?? If so, I have the OG SRT grill badge!

  • Kent Fitzgerald
    Kent Fitzgerald 13 days ago +1

    Uhhh, I think the color of the seat belts is the least of your concerns.

  • Grumpy cat
    Grumpy cat 13 days ago

    The death curtain airbags. Brings back memories...

  • AceyClique
    AceyClique 14 days ago

    It flipped over

  • ericbofcarsonc
    ericbofcarsonc 14 days ago

    keep it stock!!! its a brutal animal!!!

  • AverageJoe Crypto
    AverageJoe Crypto 14 days ago

    dude it hit a cable and it stretched over the car

  • 1CATMAN1
    1CATMAN1 14 days ago

    Maybe A Roll Over or a Front End Crash That Caused a Roll Over.

  • KvngKidCj
    KvngKidCj 14 days ago

    Looks like they crashed into a fence

  • Trent Grant
    Trent Grant 14 days ago

    how much

  • jojo DaCosta
    jojo DaCosta 15 days ago

    Do a flow up video so we can see what you did to the car?

  • Brian Stewart
    Brian Stewart 15 days ago

    Whoever said he paid $500 is full of shit....

  • Boom Bam74
    Boom Bam74 15 days ago

    Buying cars from coparts is the worst fucking thing to do they are tricky motherfuckers

  • Charles Palavros
    Charles Palavros 15 days ago

    $500 bucks dought it

  • elvis putin
    elvis putin 15 days ago

    Damn he looked up wrecked dodge on kellys blue book and was like its worse than i thought. Yea in the car buisness its hard to get a person outta a dodge my boss always said elvis dodge a dodge !

  • Brogan Moffet
    Brogan Moffet 15 days ago

    I didn't know they made 4 door hellcats

  • Solid Rotation
    Solid Rotation 15 days ago

    i love my city

  • Yung Grip
    Yung Grip 15 days ago

    How much u pay

  • Big sexy
    Big sexy 16 days ago

    You gotta love dumbass's that can't drive buy muscle cars and destroy them !

  • lucas wawryka
    lucas wawryka 16 days ago

    Hahaha...$500 huh? Nonsense

  • Larry McLain II
    Larry McLain II 16 days ago

    Man im just having a hard time believing u only paid 5 hundred bucks for a 12k mile charger "Hell Cat"..

  • Twistydigit Top Dawg
    Twistydigit Top Dawg 16 days ago

    They make 4 door cats?

  • Mc007Queen
    Mc007Queen 16 days ago

    Like why wouldn't you think there was more damage than it is in the pictures it's a hellcat knows somebody f***** it right up

  • Dr. Órale Holmes, MD
    Dr. Órale Holmes, MD 16 days ago

    you bought it for 500. what do you expect?

  • Bro Comedy
    Bro Comedy 16 days ago

    Time for a truck? I got just the one for you...

  • Devost Lebron
    Devost Lebron 16 days ago

    Free hellcat buddy

  • Tysante coy
    Tysante coy 16 days ago

    How much did it cost to rebuild

  • Taylor Jordan
    Taylor Jordan 17 days ago

    Are you actually living in Atlanta ? I noticed my city and was like oh shitt? Lol

  • Ron Hughley
    Ron Hughley 17 days ago

    No bondo. Lol. Bondo baddo

  • Ernesto Santizo
    Ernesto Santizo 17 days ago

    If you put attention at the images the roof damage is clear. Some details you will learn take care on track. Btw 500 was the sold amount?? Is also not a hellcat

  • Wiz Khalifa
    Wiz Khalifa 17 days ago

    Add carbon roof

  • Christos Das P
    Christos Das P 18 days ago

    This build will go no where lmao herp a derp derp derp

  • Scotty
    Scotty 18 days ago

    Hope you didn't spend over 500 bucks on that POS

  • No Wife
    No Wife 18 days ago

    Story about guy who bought a piece of sheat junk car

  • jebusm86
    jebusm86 18 days ago

    I'd put that into a single cab ram fuck trying to restore that thing is too far gone.

    • jebusm86
      jebusm86 18 days ago

      +vTuned garage are you putting all the interior back in or just leave it skeletonized race style?

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage  18 days ago

      It’s almost done...

  • Natoria Campbell
    Natoria Campbell 18 days ago +1

    LOVE it

  • Abel De Los Santos II
    Abel De Los Santos II 18 days ago

    How much did you pay for it? IF you don't mind me asking. Freaking nice CAR~!

  • ZebsFrend
    ZebsFrend 18 days ago

    Why is everything so fucking "AWESOME". You have a very limited lexicon, nmate.

  • Tech Smart
    Tech Smart 19 days ago

    I think this is the same hellcat I saw in that video

  • Elite Gamer9_18
    Elite Gamer9_18 19 days ago

    Where do you buy recked cars like your hell cat?

  • Brandon Doe
    Brandon Doe 19 days ago

    Where are all the F ear Of Racing Dodge fanboys that are hating on this video 🙄

  • Steve Martens
    Steve Martens 19 days ago

    good luck with your rebuild Hellcat..

  • Bubba Ganew
    Bubba Ganew 20 days ago

    Put the power train in a Challenger SXT ....sleeper.

  • Tarus Morgan
    Tarus Morgan 20 days ago

    Might be cheaper to pull the engine and find a minimum damage r/t or srt Charger or Challenger to put the engine in, and maybe swap suspension parts with the charger.

  • Alien Langue
    Alien Langue 20 days ago

    How much it cost

    MR PSJA HIMSELF 20 days ago

    Let us know how it comes out

    JIMI LOPEX 21 day ago

    I got the rear bumper for $400.00
    Purple plum crazy
    Text me at 678-949-four,three,-62

  • TamerOfTheCats
    TamerOfTheCats 21 day ago

    Probably some weird roll over accident definitely weird

  • P Smith
    P Smith 21 day ago

    Offset`s hellcat?

  • robert dortch
    robert dortch 21 day ago

    Car got rolled over

  • Travis R.
    Travis R. 21 day ago

    my guess it crashed on the right side when it contacted guard wires ?

  • Austin S
    Austin S 21 day ago

    Yea right he definitely payed $500!?!?!? 😂😂 If anyone actually thinks he got the car for $500 is literally stupid. He got the car around $15k-$30k I almost guarantee that. My dad and I buy from these auctions all the time

    DUSTIN BOURQUE 21 day ago

    did Joe bode see the totally bent rocker panel that car is fucked bud. needs a really good frame pull and what nor