Saved Missing Guy From Trunk Of Stolen Car

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • I went to go buy a new car and the guys selling the car were sketchy because it had no insurance or registration which means it could be stolen. I open the trunk and find a missing guy in the trunk of the car. I had to save him from the trunk of the stolen mustang.
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  • PhilTheThrill
    PhilTheThrill  Month ago +2109

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  • Subscribe And I will do it back

    If that Joseph
    👇🏽 If it is this is click bait

  • shoe cartell
    shoe cartell 2 hours ago

    Fake asf

  • T3dd brazil
    T3dd brazil 5 hours ago

    E esse carrao aí o loco

  • Lloyd Veluz
    Lloyd Veluz 7 hours ago

    I Know the video is fake hahahahaha because first avail ho show's money in the video second avail ho runs like that when u say get out there d avail ho direve on a stopped kidnapper truk forth avail ho stol there uncole car 😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎

  • TheTurtle212
    TheTurtle212 11 hours ago

    2 people with guns versus 1 fake much

  • TheTurtle212
    TheTurtle212 11 hours ago

    why this so fake

  • Wrath Of Death
    Wrath Of Death 12 hours ago

    It’s fake but nice content

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 12 hours ago

    Does blocking a channel stop it coming up on your recommendation lists?

  • Mahboba Ali
    Mahboba Ali 12 hours ago


  • Jackson Edwards
    Jackson Edwards 13 hours ago

    Does anyone else notice its the same house in every vid

  • Renee Post
    Renee Post 14 hours ago

    Your fake but I still like your videos XD:)

  • Jessica Fitzgerald
    Jessica Fitzgerald 14 hours ago

    That's meane

  • mr no face ?
    mr no face ? 15 hours ago


  • Nash Coleman
    Nash Coleman 15 hours ago

    Shit this is cool.

  • Adorbzkittycat
    Adorbzkittycat 15 hours ago

    This video made me start shivering I’m scared

  • Crocs V3
    Crocs V3 16 hours ago

    This is so fake it’s obvious first they let there camera to record like BRUH

  • Team Vella
    Team Vella 17 hours ago

    It’s not fake u assholes!

  • Sleepy Foxi
    Sleepy Foxi 17 hours ago

    im waching this with a broken rist, i can bop em up the head with my rock hard cast if ya need >:3

  • Adam
    Adam 17 hours ago

    Wait what the gun is fake oh wait i’m stupid you can’t show guns on TheXvid bruh

  • Deep Ocean
    Deep Ocean 17 hours ago

    Yes, the tectonic plates under this car are shifting. Yep that’s what’s happening

  • ddeluca68
    ddeluca68 18 hours ago

    I know why they're wearing masks it's probably because they're friends👿👿👹

    PLEASE SEND HELP 18 hours ago

    6:54 do you see that yellow thing you can pull it and it will open the trunk they made that for this reason

  • itsshaun 2
    itsshaun 2 18 hours ago

    Why is eveyone called jophispe

  • XYLI
    XYLI 19 hours ago

    I’m an OG and his old content was real.

  • Cel
    Cel 19 hours ago

    Shits fake like damn take the damn tape off his mouth like tf u doin u fuckin dummy just made it seem so fake fake ass TheXvid video smh shit should have more dislikes

  • devyn Simpkins
    devyn Simpkins 19 hours ago

    ok I think I have a reasonable explemation on why this is fake, all the times they pointed the gun at him they did not shoot, 2 when he pointed the gun there is two against one and the two drop there guns and run, like what?

  • Kerry Caesar
    Kerry Caesar 19 hours ago

    An he still talking bout suben

  • Kerry Caesar
    Kerry Caesar 19 hours ago

    Kno good an well thas his car

  • Kerry Caesar
    Kerry Caesar 19 hours ago

    What y u not call tha cops then an u driving tha shi

  • Kerry Caesar
    Kerry Caesar 20 hours ago +1

    Tha gun tha aimer was a red tip

  • Devin Costello
    Devin Costello 20 hours ago

    Idc if it might be click bait it's entertaining

  • Alex Boehm/corrupted gaster

    Call the cops!

  • Alex Boehm/corrupted gaster

    Is this real???

  • Alex Boehm/corrupted gaster

    Why dose he have a mask on??????

  • Logan Herfkens
    Logan Herfkens 21 hour ago +1

    They literally have no idea how to hold a gun

  • Emanuel Jenkins
    Emanuel Jenkins 21 hour ago

    9:49 if this was real he will shoot him

  • My Life
    My Life 21 hour ago

    These all videos are fake if it’s not fake that man would leave that place

  • Tayten Printz
    Tayten Printz 21 hour ago

    These kids are so retarded they can't even hold a gun right

  • seya 2.0
    seya 2.0 22 hours ago +1

    Vous êtes des malades manteau

  • The space Rocket

    so how to clickbait

  • Loretta Raftery
    Loretta Raftery Day ago

    can you do a shout out to Joseph in your next video

  • Familien Winther

    Is it fake comment down bellow
    I hade dem i fuckin hade dem

  • Dan Mac
    Dan Mac Day ago

    B grade overactor!! If you ever went 2 real prison you would so be a midgets bitch!!

  • Axellion 678
    Axellion 678 Day ago

    Cool prank guys

  • Filip Kuruc
    Filip Kuruc Day ago

    Fake !!!!!!!

  • Suzeth Vbuenaobra

    Poor you guys why would anyone do this

  • Inaya Rizvi
    Inaya Rizvi Day ago


  • Shelly God!
    Shelly God! Day ago

    How they holding the gun tho that's not even how ur supposed to hold it

  • Jordan Wood
    Jordan Wood Day ago


  • Toastring
    Toastring Day ago

    LOL did you guys see the dude that was naruto running? am sure this guy is going to area 51

  • Matias Devesa Laux

    I don’t think that gun is real ;-;

  • Ryan Bainbridge
    Ryan Bainbridge Day ago

    Love how everybody looks the same and a lot of the time the same road

  • Alpha
    Alpha Day ago

    Why he naruto running 8:10

  • Kegun Posey
    Kegun Posey Day ago

    Its the same people every time with the mask its fake

  • Konner Williams
    Konner Williams Day ago

    So fake

  • Darksider 1307
    Darksider 1307 Day ago

    Sure do have a lot of money when ones are in between the one -hundreds

  • EdGe_ Lar2D2
    EdGe_ Lar2D2 Day ago

    This is how fake this is

  • Will McKeown
    Will McKeown Day ago +1

    So Fake