• Published on Nov 30, 2021
    We want to thank you all for your continuous support. This is only the beginning! We love you all! ❤️

    INTRO SONG BY: @im1n1ght
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  • Quintel Anthony

    This was absolutely beautiful and Shine in the gift box was everything such a beautiful family love you guys so much happy holidays you 3!!!!

  • Christina

    I’m in love with this intro and in love with all three of y’all. Such a beautiful family. I love the little gift box 💙

  • Josephine Ali

    Rissa, Quan and Shine are melting our hearts with these new family vlogs. Love them! Beautiful family Christmas vlogs! 🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰

  • Sem
    Sem  +127

    Riss+Quan=Shine Forever together❤️❤️❤️

  • Rene Grace

    Shine is so adorable! Sometimes it almost looks like he’s 😏 smirking. He’s already filling out! Yep he has Quans nose and Rissa’s lips. Adorable!

  • Denetrah Manglona

    So happy that Rissa and Quan still decided to do Vlogmas this year despite the fact that they just had their baby boy not too long ago. 😭That’s real dedication and it just shows how hard their work ethic is and how much they genuinely love their supporters ❤️ sooo excited for the future videos to come.

  • Youtube Tea

    I’m obsessed with watching you guys🥺!! Who else has been here since 2019??💙

  • Seemo 12
    Seemo 12  +34

    This intro is so vibey and chill while the other intro for the main channel is very fun and active. Love this new family and can’t wait to see your creativity and imagination go further the New Years coming!!❤️

  • Only1You

    I’m just happy for you both, and so honored to just embark on this journey with y’all. Shine is so adorable!!🥰. I really can’t believe he is here. God bless! I love y’all!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • notrebeccahaha

    Shine is literally the most perfect looking baby I’ve ever seen, he’s a perfect mixture of both of you!! He’s such a cutie💕

  • Lynn Mason

    Both of your new intros are so beautiful!! The other one is so cute and playful and this one is definitely giving off cozy family feels and I AM HERE FOR IT! The most beautiful and genuine family! Excited for Vlogmas!!🤍🎄

  • Jessie's Life

    Such a beautiful Christmas intro! His little outfit is just so adorable 😍 and him in the gift box....cutest baby ever. I swear ya'll I just can't get enough of Shine!!!

  • Jasmine White

    This was really nice. Shine sleeping looked so peaceful and him in the gift box was so cute. Y'all are the king and queen of intros.

  • Zesty Zundy

    The lyrics are just bomb, they're beautiful, got me teary...

  • Kirsty Blaney

    Omg...this is perfect!!! Beautifully done, brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful...can feel the love you have for each other & for Shine!!! Shine is so adorable..oh & him in the gift box 😍 love y'all 💜💙💙

  • Tasha Rowden

    Just when I thought the other Christmas vlog was the original one you guys really come with the heat! Omg...this vlogmas intro was absolutely beautiful. The family look so happy and complete. I'm so happy for you guys and hope that your blessings continue to flow. Baby Shine is going to have the best upbringing with two loving parents.

  • Ashley Hodges

    I absolutely love this intro. I was literally tearing up watching it. You guys are the perfect family. Can't wait to continue watching your journey as parents to your beautiful baby boy Shine

  • Davi-Ann Francis

    💙🎁This intro is so cute and Shine in the gift box was even more adorable. Shine is the best gift this year to their family and this fandom 🎁💙

  • Andrea Murphy

    Just the way Quan looks at Rissa is so beautiful. That's something every good woman deserves!!!!

  • Faria Mumtaz

    OMG my heart melted ❤🥺 This is soo beautiful, emotionel, and cute!♡🥺 Soo many congratulations to you guys!!🥺❤ Im soo happy for you 😘 Shine's beautiful face is getting me in tears 😢❤