Compilation Of Michael’s Best Jokes About Mobile Phones | Michael McIntyre

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Mobile phone numbers, Facetime, fighting over a charger, listening to other people’s phone calls.
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  • Louise Ray
    Louise Ray Day ago

    I cant remember
    Fuck you

  • Natalia Small
    Natalia Small 6 days ago

    You want something REALLY funny, tell someone in this day and age that you DON'T have a phone and see the reactions.

  • Rhyannon Proudman
    Rhyannon Proudman 6 days ago

    Somehow I managed to survive 3 days with 100% when I went camping 😂

  • Katherine Ross
    Katherine Ross 7 days ago


  • magdalene adjei
    magdalene adjei 8 days ago

    Poor Ian

  • Harry Turner
    Harry Turner 8 days ago

    4:50 he’s probably rich enough to have as many chargers as he likes

  • ebonyloveivory
    ebonyloveivory 9 days ago

    The facetime, video calls, what have you...those are all legit. We are ALL looking at our own faces please don't lie to yourselves hahaahahahah

  • Cire Yeregam
    Cire Yeregam 10 days ago

    Really not funny

  • BeastMaster64
    BeastMaster64 12 days ago

    Chrewbacca at 3:11

  • videosconnie
    videosconnie 13 days ago

    Best comedian

  • Maysa Hazife
    Maysa Hazife 13 days ago

    I absolutely love how his jokes are not just about race. He is hilarious

  • Ralph Agcaoili
    Ralph Agcaoili 14 days ago

    His hair.... IT'S ALIVE!!

  • Chris Starwalker
    Chris Starwalker 15 days ago

    What a hoot

  • Kel
    Kel 15 days ago

    he is so funny, i split up a mobile number the following way , so 0&&&&& 1%% 3$$ so the number split into three

  • deekat3279
    deekat3279 20 days ago

    Has anyone tried calling that number? I feel bad for whomever has that number.
    In the 80's there was a song called, "867-5309 Jenny". Of course I had to call and ask for Jenny... Repeatedly. 😂 (This was before you could see the # of the person calling you. And I was about 7.)

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker 20 days ago

    Why do so many say OH when they should be saying ZERO? This is an O, this is a 0. OH is part of the alphabet, not a damn digit.
    And why do so many shout over the phone? It's annoying.

  • Sara J Scott
    Sara J Scott 21 day ago +1

    cant wait till he comes back to scotland 👍😂😂😂😁😁

  • Kai Roman
    Kai Roman 21 day ago

    You are absolutey brilliant.😊

  • Danny DP
    Danny DP 22 days ago

    Actually that’s exactly what I did when I left the house and all my information was in my journal until it got stolen by a cab driver

  • Adam Graham
    Adam Graham 22 days ago


  • Jordan S
    Jordan S 24 days ago

    His hair adds to his character, love it 😅😅😅

  • Oksana P
    Oksana P 26 days ago

    Man is a genius!!!!!

  • April Dreamer
    April Dreamer 27 days ago

    I was gonna comment about how the Yorkshire accent was wrong but then realised that’s how I fucking speak. I’m on train, I’m off t’ shop.

  • steven davis
    steven davis Month ago

    What’s with his constant head bobbing, and I wonder how much this Gimp is paid not to be funny?

  • T KING
    T KING Month ago

    Zero seven Zero seven seven

  • will j
    will j Month ago


  • Deborah Hill
    Deborah Hill Month ago +22

    I have a huge amount of respect for anyone who can walk out on stage and make that many people laugh like crazy. Talent like that isn’t made. It’s born.

  • Laura D
    Laura D Month ago +16

    The charger thief is at large within my household

  • Laura D
    Laura D Month ago

    The charger thief is at large within my household

  • Carolyn Rose
    Carolyn Rose Month ago

    I keep the plane tickets because it has my personal details on.I dispose of them all when I get back home.

    SILVER CLOUD Month ago

    Love Michael, he is very entertaining !!

  • K Therese
    K Therese Month ago +2

    "I'm on train!" 7:19

  • Daniel McCafferty
    Daniel McCafferty Month ago

    One of my favorite comedians along side Lee Evans and Kevin Bridges.

  • Zoe Nelson
    Zoe Nelson Month ago

    Why would you give away your phone number to the world 😂😂

  • Hristofor Parvu
    Hristofor Parvu Month ago

    That woman should start with stand up 😂

  • Neetu Aulakh
    Neetu Aulakh Month ago +3

    How on earth he is standing at the top of comedy world without anchoring on sex jokes every other second.

  • scotty
    scotty Month ago +3

    9:34 😂😂👏

  • Kevin Theel
    Kevin Theel Month ago +3

    I’m watching this on my phone going damn, the guy is so correct

  • Im Right U’re Wrong
    Im Right U’re Wrong Month ago +11

    This guy is the best comedian in the world !!!!!!!! I can relate to each and every single thing he is saying !! Who is this genius ?!!?!! I have just discovered him and I’m obsessed !!!!

  • Iacob Nedreaas
    Iacob Nedreaas Month ago

    My phone number also containes three 7's in a row. The struggle is real.

  • Yvonne Kithi
    Yvonne Kithi Month ago

    Improvising with my digits😂😂😂

  • Shape-shiftingCat AndHerMinions

    1% Battery 😨 RIP life 😪😂😂😂

  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions Month ago +2

    lol yes people are panicking when the battery goes lower and lower =D

  • Siobhan Williams
    Siobhan Williams Month ago +4

    The pen situation is me, hilariously true!

  • Magnifico Official
    Magnifico Official Month ago

    He's always so relatable

  • Roberta Wilhelm
    Roberta Wilhelm Month ago

    Sooo funny!! I laughed LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • choicesman2000
    choicesman2000 2 months ago

    He is the posh lee evans

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 2 months ago

    I’m Ian that’s actually my dad I know no one will believe me but ya

  • Shams Aboobackar
    Shams Aboobackar 2 months ago +1

    Clean jokes... Good job!!!

  • flamingpie herman
    flamingpie herman 2 months ago +1

    Lol hes reading my mind! I live in America, and everytime i dial my adds 0011 in front and I and and up calling the uk(I think)...ive done everything hes said...and is it 7-7-7 or triple 7??...and fighting over the car charger with my kid...we actually discuss whose has less life and why we need it more!

  • BY
    BY 2 months ago

    Last part is class

  • kvbouch
    kvbouch 2 months ago


  • NoVaKane
    NoVaKane 2 months ago

    Hes gayer then the earth is round

  • Shofna Akthar
    Shofna Akthar 2 months ago +24

    OMG the pen part is SO TRUE!!🤣🤣

  • Shyame Little
    Shyame Little 2 months ago

    I just sat here for about 10 minutes laughing my ass off and working out what my number is in millions thinking how pissed the next person to ask for it is going to be 😂😂😂

  • Stuart Sutton
    Stuart Sutton 2 months ago

    He's just isn't funny. Pathetic boring observational crap. Yawn

  • Luke Rich
    Luke Rich 2 months ago +43

    Not gonna lie I needed this during my last week at college 😂😂

  • Zartash S
    Zartash S 2 months ago +1

    i can’t imagine saying the words “mobile phone” instead of cellphone in canada & america. you would probably get the ‘what the hell are you saying’ look from everyone and laughs for sure

  • Daniel Mayor
    Daniel Mayor 2 months ago +2


  • Le Stat
    Le Stat 2 months ago

    Amtrak trains check your ticket & put people off the train

  • Le Stat
    Le Stat 2 months ago +3

    Thank you for the laughter

  • Simon Grönlund
    Simon Grönlund 2 months ago +23

    Brilliant jokes and I laughed my lunges out. Anybody knows a good surgeon?? ;-)

    • Jennifer s
      Jennifer s 2 months ago

      I'm now picturing you laughing so much, you're now lunging! 🤣🤣

  • Sophie Britton
    Sophie Britton 2 months ago

    2.40 so true

  • Zainab
    Zainab 2 months ago +5

    He is such a dad

    • Claire Hendy
      Claire Hendy 2 months ago

      "ALL my record collection" "Oh, and the torch" I can't😂😂

  • Matthew Verity
    Matthew Verity 2 months ago +54

    1:02 did he just give the internet his number 😂

    • MrMetalManMe
      MrMetalManMe Month ago +5

      Call it😀

    • animal_lover1283
      animal_lover1283 2 months ago +24

      Im sure it's just a random number. I don't think he'd give his real phone number to thousands maybe millions of people 😕

  • Jonathan Tanner
    Jonathan Tanner 2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that the mobile number given isn’t an ofcom drama number

  • irma adyatni mawardi
    irma adyatni mawardi 2 months ago +84

    OMG, the pen part, happens to me every single time lol

  • Hajji Banda
    Hajji Banda 2 months ago +81

    Oh no

  • Sparkle Diamond
    Sparkle Diamond 2 months ago +4

    if I don't have a pen and I need to write something down I'll just open up notes on my phone and start typing problem solved no awkward 'I haven't got a pen moments' because you still end up writing it down so you get the information you need without having to run around the house like a headless chicken

  • Ivan Olsen
    Ivan Olsen 2 months ago +4

    stop the plane !!!!

  • Kari F
    Kari F 2 months ago +165

    If you've just discovered this guy, you have to look up the one where he's had tooth surgery and gone completely numb in the mouth. I laughed so hard, I almost wet myself. The Brits have the best stand-up comedians anywhere in my opinion, and this guy is at the very top of my list.

    • Paula Young
      Paula Young 3 days ago

      Kari F oh my word! Akinkaker!!!!

    • SHY One
      SHY One 4 days ago +1

      I think the Brits have such great comedians because not everything is a string of nasty words. they are either clean or put it between the lines with innuendo. Then when they do say a nasty word its shock value goes up.

    • jennifer offutt
      jennifer offutt 9 days ago +1

      Kari F I love the dentist one I have showed it to so many friends cause it is hilarious and we can all relate

    • xoawesomesausexo
      xoawesomesausexo 14 days ago +1

      Kari F also the buffet one

    • Clara J
      Clara J 26 days ago +10

      My name is Ackle Ackinckacker

  • Filippo Pagani
    Filippo Pagani 2 months ago

    You lick bums

  • Jennifer Wright
    Jennifer Wright 2 months ago +1

    Its also really confusing because an American billion is less than a true billion... so what billion is used?

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones 2 months ago +314

    His observations are things I don't even think about but once he points them out, I find myself thinking ' yeah I do that, why do I do that? 'or 'I know someone like that'. I I would watch him over any alternative edgy comedian. He's the master of observational comedy.

    • Joanna Zhou
      Joanna Zhou Hour ago

      after watching these videos, as I go through my day I laugh at the situations he addresses. makes my day that much interesting, I completely agree with you.

    • Simon Jones
      Simon Jones 10 hours ago

      @Itz Unicorrn Thank you.

    • Itz Unicorrn
      Itz Unicorrn 22 hours ago +1

      Simon Jones just making your comment count a solid 5 x

    • Simon Jones
      Simon Jones 3 days ago

      @Paula Young I think he probably is for me too.

    • Paula Young
      Paula Young 4 days ago +2

      This man is the funniest comedian I have ever watched!

  • Sourish Sarkar
    Sourish Sarkar 2 months ago +3

    No wonder he was the highest grossing comedian in the world in 2014