Manchester United: What's Our Identity Under Solskjaer? | Joe Smith | Warm Down 🇸🇬

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Today on The Warm Down I am joined by Joe Smith from Stretford Paddock live from Singapore! We discuss Manchester United's preseason tour so far, looking into what type of identity Solskjaer is trying to integrate into the side. What do you think to the team's performances so far from what you've seen? Let me know in the comments.
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Comments • 119

  • Stephen Howson
    Stephen Howson  Month ago +15

    Go check out Stretford Paddock -

    • Debate It
      Debate It Month ago

      Stephen Howson if you need a writer for your website, video editor or a cameraman for the channel, I am open to it mate. I'm a long time fan and I live in Manchester.

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig Month ago

      sorry mate but Joe is NOT good...he is a snoozer

    • Like it or leave it SNM
      Like it or leave it SNM Month ago

      Brilliant channel 💯 C'MON UNITED

  • Nand Sall
    Nand Sall Month ago

    this vlog was adhd paradise....goodbye

    IONS LEGACY Month ago +1

    Is this guy from the movie Midsommer?

  • 4Bester
    4Bester Month ago

    I think too often Shaw's attacking is limited by our left wingers using him as a distraction rather than passing to him when he is in behind

  • Chris Dave
    Chris Dave Month ago

    It's ridiculous how good your channel is... 100% Better than full time devil... It's a shame for a big channel like that but I'm so pleased with you content and the quality of your channel. Well done Mate!👏👏

  • Vincent Snowfox
    Vincent Snowfox Month ago

    My big worry about ole is hes got alot of favorites like rashy, lingy he seems to like jones, perriera, young and apart from Rashford whos got talent but needs to improve his goal scoring record majorly! The other favourites are bang average borderline terrible some of those ive mentioned!

  • JayB Music
    JayB Music Month ago

    Sometimes you've got to wing it in life. The amount United youtubers spend is crazy...

  • Gareth Blades
    Gareth Blades Month ago

    Lee Sharp, Lee Sharp, Lee Sharp ohhhhh nah its jesus

  • Glidey
    Glidey Month ago

    Do a weight loss journey

  • George Prowse
    George Prowse Month ago

    Please don't put a red line at the bottom of the title on your videos because it looks like TheXvid says the video has already been watched

  • Subash Parajuli
    Subash Parajuli Month ago

    Well, a mid-table club!

  • Aidtom
    Aidtom Month ago

    Anti football that's your style.

  • Ludwig
    Ludwig Month ago

    where isabdullah stephen? why would you not hire abdullah?

  • Michael Sapit
    Michael Sapit Month ago

    This will be the final nail into the coffin. RIP FTD

  • Star Boy
    Star Boy Month ago

    Which sport was real Madrid playing against bayern they were🗑️🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

  • Zach Serapin
    Zach Serapin Month ago

    Hi Howson,
    I’m a graduate data science student from the states and I would to try to help your channel or full time devils by helping to provide advanced analytics. Please feel free to reach out!

  • Liam Parker
    Liam Parker Month ago

    Howson your face when you walked into al Capone’s before the game was priceless, not sure you were expecting it to be so rammed. I briefly said hello, I was in the top you are wearing in this

  • Lee Davies
    Lee Davies Month ago

    Well done Howson hard work pays off mate nice one 🇾🇪✌️

  • Nazari Shah
    Nazari Shah Month ago +1

    Congrats on the success with all the channels! I love watching these videos because you guys are just saying it how it is and being reasonable with how we go forward. Keep it up guys!

  • mcX2u 84
    mcX2u 84 Month ago +1

    I used to really resent my hair loss. Then I see a man bun and think it could always be worse...

  • King Khan
    King Khan Month ago

    Your identity is a joke a few wins in pre season and you think your back banter fc back again

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson  Month ago

      It was a question. Did anyone say we’re winning anything? Fucking spaz

  • ILostMyBackpack
    ILostMyBackpack Month ago

    I watch your videos almost daily (generally save them for my commute) and i genuinely didn't know you had a second United channel. Thanks for the heads up - finally! :)

  • jon warren
    jon warren Month ago +1


  • 420 crusaders
    420 crusaders Month ago +1

    Just been to old Trafford store and there was no greenwood shirts 😔
    Best day of my son s life tho at the stadium tour 👍

    • 420 crusaders
      420 crusaders Month ago

      @mcX2u 84 you can probably get it done but cost extra £30 compare to pre printer shirt s

    • mcX2u 84
      mcX2u 84 Month ago

      Do they not print them on demand?

  • omar samuda
    omar samuda Month ago +1

    Love the high press.its a hard tingto do but love it .

  • Stretford Paddock
    Stretford Paddock Month ago +1


  • Doug A
    Doug A Month ago +2

    Love all our fan channels. You got a new sub Mr. Christ

  • Kslater23
    Kslater23 Month ago +1

    Hmmmmmm yeah why not put that content on Full Time Devils? The content has suffered without Dave and regular focused analysis from howson. I watch it for Mckola and howson appearance.
    If Stretford Paddock produces content then ill be watching

    • Debate It
      Debate It Month ago

      Fulltimedevils are a big media owned company not fan owned. I can see why howson branched out to start his own.

  • sjewitt22
    sjewitt22 Month ago

    so annoyed ndombele chose Spurs over us, I think a quality midfielder would really help us. As apart from Pogba everyone is quality sub standard.

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling Month ago +1

    Stretford paddock was the little seated area of the stretford end I believe. That was a sad summer, 1992, seeing the demolition of the place I had watched us for the previous 7 years. As for the present, olé knows what he’s doing, the players he’s signed so far are the right ones and I’m certain he’s got the plan on how we’re going to play and the players he still needs to get. Plus the kids are going to have a big input this season especially greenwood and tuanzebe.

  • Northern Eagle
    Northern Eagle Month ago

    Whats their identity? African. Since most of the team is Black. The team certainly don't represent the region, the people or cultural heritage of Manchester. You can say that about pretty much every Premiership team. That's why I stopped watching the EPL.

    • Dylan Crosson
      Dylan Crosson Month ago +1

      I am sure you aren't trying to be racist, however the game is a global game now. Gone are the days of all local players unless you are talking the bottom tiers of club football. This is the elite level of football, where if you want to be competitive you have to bring in the best talent available. There are rules stating how many foreigners are allowed on each team. Most clubs at the top have close to the limit of that as it brings diversity to the game and styles of play. As you said you have stopped watching the EPL, so why are you commenting on a EPL fan page? I hope that you have a good day and hope that diversity in both the game and in Manchester continue to grow. We live in a global world today, there are people from all over the world living in places they didn't 30 to 50 years ago. We have foods and cultures that are being shared, which is how we will move past the hatred of things and people whom are different than we are.

    • Papayaw Asamoah
      Papayaw Asamoah Month ago +3

      Alex Ferguson isn’t from Manchester either. He shouldn’t have been coach then? Right? Neither should Giggs, scholes, Cristiano Ronaldo, van der sar, Evra, Nani, Vidic, etc. They are all not from Manchester .

    • Northern Eagle
      Northern Eagle Month ago

      @OK! But then again. You're also so uneducated, you believe that variations of racial genetics is solely based on skin tone.

    • Northern Eagle
      Northern Eagle Month ago

      @OK! But then again. Well done on making a wonderfully incoherent (look that word up in a dictionary) comment. Also well done on throwing moral condemnation / a weaponised word at me in attempt to shut down my highly relevant argument. "Whats the point of teams calling themselves what they do?" --The team is literally based in Manchester and called Manchester United. I'm a Mancunian, the only thing the team represents is global capital finance. Many decades ago, football teams actually represented the regional culture.The players and the entire bio-spirit of the team, connected with the fans on a very deep personal level, the team and the community were one.
      I know this is too much for you to be cognizant of, and if you're non-white = non-Mancunian, it will be even harder. You're just not on my level. Well done on making yourself look like a fool.

    • OK! But then again.
      OK! But then again. Month ago +3

      @Northern Eagle Wow can't work out whether your stupidity is genetics or from hard work. Whats the pointo f teams calling themselves what they do?..It has NOTHING to do with colour... But seeing as your comment was designed and meant to sound racist well done on achieving that very point!

  • Ashutosh Malik
    Ashutosh Malik Month ago +1

    these guys have been smoking the preseason cigar again.....talking about system and young players.....its the quality of players that make a system work....mourinho van gaal had clear system but the quality of players was/is garbage.....the board and recruitment is the's system worked best with xavi iniesta busquets.....ajax's system worked last year because of the quality of their players......

    • adeternitamn
      adeternitamn Month ago

      here here. works well to sell fans some hope but not in practice.

  • Nam NHK
    Nam NHK Month ago

    Stephen: "identity"
    Adam: "iden what"

  • Moonga Musale Jr
    Moonga Musale Jr Month ago

    Joe Smith is very good 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Delano Blanco
    Delano Blanco Month ago

    We need two decent midfielder and a decent striker

  • YoRHaUnit A2
    YoRHaUnit A2 Month ago +4

    Paddock speaks like a real United fan or maybe just like me xD hes really good

  • Jimmy R
    Jimmy R Month ago

    The Shoreditch samurai is living

  • Sydney
    Sydney Month ago

    10:03 👍👍👍👍

  • Finley Simpson
    Finley Simpson Month ago

    Not sure that white top goes with the fountain joe 😂

  • Anand Ramc
    Anand Ramc Month ago

    Howson chilling with Jesus

  • Daniel Browne
    Daniel Browne Month ago

    Good luck with your future lads hope ye smash it

  • Daniel Browne
    Daniel Browne Month ago

    Please mate van persie scored a sick amount of goals I honestly believe if it wasent for injurys he would be an all time great

  • Andy Man
    Andy Man Month ago

    Your making an app to combine your 2 channels? Is that right? If not can you tell us what the app is for?

    • Andy Man
      Andy Man Month ago

      Oh sorry I must have missed that. Thanks really looking forward to it!

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson  Month ago +1

      I did. It’s an analysis app.

  • Lee Matthews
    Lee Matthews Month ago +1

    Is that Qui gon out of star wars ffs.

  • Ole Petter Pedersen
    Ole Petter Pedersen Month ago +15

    Enjoy your shows, but this took 9 minutes to get to the point.

  • John Lerigo
    John Lerigo Month ago +1

    What the hell , what a waist of time this is

  • ahmed lafa
    ahmed lafa Month ago

    I didn't know jesus is a united fan

  • Tony Marshall
    Tony Marshall Month ago

    That’s so cool how Joe joined, love this channel

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall Month ago

    As well as supporting United I've worked in top ad agencies doing branding. For what it's worth you were Full Time Devils. Never been sure what the others were bringing and there were so many of you it was more like 'Part time Devils.' I'M confused now-have you left FTD? It's all good but my advice (unsolicited I know) be clear about your identity and what makes you different from competition. Good luck with the new venture.

  • MJM
    MJM Month ago

    You’d be amazed if we’re sixth next year? Mate we’re terrible. Look at our midfield. Shambolic other than Pogba who doesn’t even want to be here

  • Raymond Higgins
    Raymond Higgins Month ago


  • Nausherwan Khan
    Nausherwan Khan Month ago +2

    Young, pacey and quick counters to catch the opposition by surprise that's at least what I'm seeing

  • Zepher Gaming
    Zepher Gaming Month ago

    Mourinho didn’t leave us sixth, he was sacked half way through the season, he finished second with a squad without dalot and Fred, the board should of backed him completely, Pogba was the one who stirred shit, Mourinho tried to bridge the differences with him by making him captain but after the game pogba said he can’t say everything he wants to say. Mourinho was sacked after benching Paul, a player who by that point had indicated his desire to seek pastures new, Mourinho was showing Pogba no one is bigger than the club, and then the board sacked Jose. Laughing stock, if you give a manager a job then unless it’s extra ordinary circumstances back that manager for 5 years

  • Dylan Leigh
    Dylan Leigh Month ago +11

    Molde able 😉 excuse the pun 😂 love the content best wishes with future ventures !

  • Saqr Alkuryf
    Saqr Alkuryf Month ago

    8 minutes in no talking about United stop click baiting

    • Martin P
      Martin P Month ago

      Stephen Howson I think you have a jealous idiot that just doesn’t get your coverage and get your channels. I have followed you for a couple of years now on TheXvid, I love what you do and how you have expanded your coverage! And even this video shows you how you have grown, bringing in fans(Joe)and creating jobs for them. I am glad you are expanding more and more! I would like to see you as big sports pundit(not just for United). Carry on with the fantastic work and credit to you and the rest of the people who help with these channels! Much love from Martin in Kent

    • The Special Bus
      The Special Bus Month ago +2

      Stephen Howson haha that’s how we do it. Such a clown, I didn’t see any click bait 😂

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson  Month ago +15

      Shut up, you dick. It’s a 20 min video covering a range of topics.

  • Pratik Bhandari
    Pratik Bhandari Month ago

    Yaay!!!! game analysis is what i am hoping to see from Ste!

  • JK407 _
    JK407 _ Month ago +1

    1m views in 3 months is truly impressive.

  • King T’Chala85
    King T’Chala85 Month ago +1

    I'll be honest, I can't really see an identity right now and that is what I was hoping to see after the summer. Counter attack and high press is one thing BUT what about when we have the ball? I don't see any triangles, I don't see any patterns of play, I don't see any quick/cute passes. This is something that Ole could of implemented over the summer but I don't see it. Every team in the prem is strong and fit so being just a high press counter attacking team simply won't do.

    • Timothy
      Timothy Month ago +1

      @Jason Victor Dude Open ur eyes pls....
      Ole just bought 2 players a championship james nd AWB....
      most are still they... stop covering for Jose's style of football if he had wanted to play a pressing/attacking game he would have done that....

      look at the selections he preferred slow players / only good at areal duels nd are poor in playing good football...
      we talking about jose in United not jose in another club.....
      pls stop making Excuses for him

    • Jason Victor
      Jason Victor Month ago

      Timothy that’s an unfair statement. The reason Mourinho had our side set up so defensive because he knew how terrible our defense was alone but he never wanted to play like that. Real Madrid under Mourinho was one of the greatest counter attacking sides we’ve ever seen. If the board didn’t screw Mourinho and got him the players he wanted he most definitely would’ve implemented his attacking philosophy

    • Timothy
      Timothy Month ago +2

      @Issy Hussain we just need bruno as our Attacking midfielder..

    • Issy Hussain
      Issy Hussain Month ago

      How will we play when we've got the ball?

    • Timothy
      Timothy Month ago +1

      u should be happy to see progress in the way we play... jose didn't even do anything to get a better playing style was just too dull under him....
      u can see Ole is building something better already

  • Jacob O'C
    Jacob O'C Month ago

    Should have taken over the reigns of FTD.

    • R
      R Month ago

      Whos channel is FTD?

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson  Month ago +6

      I offered. They didn’t want it. I gave them all the ideas I wanted to do for Paddock, so their loss. I wasn’t gonna just not do what I’d thought about

  • David Healey
    David Healey Month ago +27

    Hope everything goes well with the new channel.
    Nice to have a sensible Utd channel that doesnt spout sensationalist shit and reflects on what is actually happening.
    Keep up the good work Ste

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson Month ago +1

    Sterling missed a penalty against Wolves yesterday! 😂

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson Month ago

    Don’t diss Andreas fella! 😂

  • DarKxAndFriends
    DarKxAndFriends Month ago +3

    Love the video Ste, congrats on growing Paddock so fast too

  • Sefgrt
    Sefgrt Month ago

    Wow! I would never have guessed you owned/ran Stretford Paddock!

  • Ashur of Meso
    Ashur of Meso Month ago +64

    Football talk starts around 8:45

    • OK! But then again.
      OK! But then again. Month ago

      @John Lerigo If you're going to criticize, then first get your facts right, second learn to fvcking spell you bellend. last. You go out and make some content..Oh wait you're another snowflake so you can't!

    • Shaan
      Shaan Month ago

      Thanks my friend. I was thinking "agar?" then i found your comment.

    • John Lerigo
      John Lerigo Month ago +7

      Same here, bloody hell what’s is this guy thinking , people waist 8 min of there life listening to something nobody could give a crap about, thanks fella

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan Month ago +8

      thanks I owe you 8 minutes!

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago

    Ik the team is doing good but at the moment we might end up with young playing lb for almost half of the season which is the same nightmare.......

  • Little Dan McNamara
    Little Dan McNamara Month ago +17

    Young, fast, alot of goal, and hopefully to come, deadly counter attack football. Like how we should be

  • Jonas Loïc
    Jonas Loïc Month ago +1


  • ojedokun ifeoluwa
    ojedokun ifeoluwa Month ago +21

    I want to write for your channel. So, you could set up a website and make me a part of your team too.
    A Fan from too long

    • Debate It
      Debate It Month ago

      Me too, I will write and edit videos if they are open to it

  • thepaperkings
    thepaperkings Month ago

    What’s our identity? Right now? A team in need of fucking signings. Give me the good news and park this bollox about this identity for now please.

  • Day-me-in Moodley
    Day-me-in Moodley Month ago +8

    Jesus at the wheel.

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill Month ago +1

    We are a full press counter attack team

  • Rachid Khamlichi
    Rachid Khamlichi Month ago +109

    Jesus supports Man Utd maybe there is hope in the transfer window after all.