Youtube Scandals and Drama TIER LIST

  • Published on May 20, 2019
    Do your own scandals tier list -
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  • MagikarpUsedFly
    MagikarpUsedFly  Month ago +1316

    Due to the new Holly hotfix from today ProJared has now been pushed up to S tier

    • Tristan Liu
      Tristan Liu 9 days ago

      They finally buffed Jared. Hell Yea

    • Psycho Pax
      Psycho Pax 12 days ago

      silhouette was in the beginning.

    • Ethan Metz
      Ethan Metz 16 days ago

      Jake Paul said the chokeing shit was fake

    • Matthew
      Matthew 17 days ago

      There was a conclusion on the FazeBanks thing... People figured out that Jake Paul lied.

    • Flipboxeric
      Flipboxeric 20 days ago

      Pewdiepie most subscribers a sad moment that hits you out of left field

  • Owen Thompson
    Owen Thompson Hour ago

    Surprised Nicole Arbour's "Dear Fat People" wasn't mentioned

  • Richard Bright
    Richard Bright 4 hours ago

    How can you shave your stash but still manage to leave part of it at the side

  • mm mm
    mm mm 9 hours ago

    This is the most exiting thing in my life... kinda sad....

  • melonyan
    melonyan Day ago

    hi sicors (james charels 20XX)

  • ammotomma
    ammotomma 4 days ago

    Tobuscus anyone?

  • Dakota
    Dakota 6 days ago

    I didn’t know about half of these people lol

  • Clickbait
    Clickbait 6 days ago

    T-martins apology video with that red edit had me dying

  • DudleyIsDumb
    DudleyIsDumb 6 days ago +1

    That feel when doing illegal shit is lower on the tier list than saying the N Word...

  • Loki the Daschund
    Loki the Daschund 6 days ago

    Youre becoming like pewdipie now .. I like your content before but now is a bit cringy ... love u bye

  • April Wood
    April Wood 6 days ago

    "If you didn't like it fuck you" my type of energy

  • 666
    666 7 days ago +2

    stark Kevin !

  • ShadoWíííK
    ShadoWíííK 7 days ago

    hi sisters!

  • f r e e s h
    f r e e s h 7 days ago

    Where is leafyishere

  • Ninjacrasher 00
    Ninjacrasher 00 7 days ago

    Should be called TEAR list

  • Pandoras
    Pandoras 7 days ago

    I was gonna ask if you heard about the pokemon community being pedos including KingNappy but then you said anyone doing shit to kids is S+++

  • Paul Lipski
    Paul Lipski 7 days ago

    Where did out ads go? 12:19

  • Hello I am Slav
    Hello I am Slav 7 days ago +3

    Pewdiepie Nword = A tier
    ''I know her personally'' (said the nword plus the things named) = Yea it's a C tier

    yea makes sense

    • Tina T
      Tina T 6 days ago

      It’s more like how big was the scandal/drama.

  • Snowshark
    Snowshark 8 days ago

    "If you already touch yourself at night...Why not touch yourself in your own heart." LMAO

  • pooya arsalany
    pooya arsalany 8 days ago

    bro put pokimane at A tirer atleast :(

  • The Riven Main
    The Riven Main 8 days ago

    Clara just fkn died lmao

  • The man to scared to get a tattoo

    How can someone attack an old man playing rs3, like thats the most precious thing.

  • Simeon Darakchiev
    Simeon Darakchiev 9 days ago

    Why didnt you talk about Kevin Spacey

  • Let’s Discuss
    Let’s Discuss 9 days ago

    stop normalizing and glorifying porn lol

  • MAV
    MAV 9 days ago

    A lot of drama was not even included

  • Daniel Felipe
    Daniel Felipe 10 days ago

    So... manipulating kids is worse than saying a racial slur, when the racial slur was aimed at literally no one.

  • Sicco
    Sicco 10 days ago

    Yo magikarp, didnt bashur get accused wrongfully? I seem to recall that keem's treatment of bashur was what got a lot of people on the "fuck keemstar" train back in the day

  • Dark Justice
    Dark Justice 10 days ago

    I honestly feel like pewds should be d tier compered to everyone on that list :/

  • Samuraiedge II
    Samuraiedge II 10 days ago

    Damn, been like years since I heard of vvortic.

  • Cristobal Auditore
    Cristobal Auditore 10 days ago

    This B O Y

  • Lord Martin
    Lord Martin 11 days ago

    yeesh what a normie

  • jew equal big bad
    jew equal big bad 11 days ago

    marina joyce is just a straight up crackhead

  • Andrés Jácome
    Andrés Jácome 13 days ago

    Missed my boi Tobuscus right here.

  • Hisoka
    Hisoka 13 days ago

    Causes adpocalypse “it’s B tier”

  • Valerio Mazza
    Valerio Mazza 13 days ago

    i watched it at all holy moly oke well... oke

  • ΩmG Gaming
    ΩmG Gaming 13 days ago

    where's alinity lol

  • Joppe644
    Joppe644 13 days ago

    Cheating on your wife: C-tier.

    Making a bad apology video: B-tier.

  • HotallySwagical
    HotallySwagical 13 days ago

    Matt....uve said the n word before.....bruuuuh

    DILLIGAF 13 days ago

    I’ve been watching UberDanger lately uhhh I’m a little confused is he a bad dude?

  • Nickerr
    Nickerr 13 days ago

    Watching your video creation skills evolve is just satisfying. Keep up the good work Magikarp :)

  • Murk The MEEK
    Murk The MEEK 13 days ago

    This list is everywhere man..... Pewdiepie's thing is worse than Tanacon despite Pewdiepie saying a single word in a heated moment and tana invited thousands of people and ripping countless people off.

  • TheGenchannel
    TheGenchannel 13 days ago +1

    to think the media thinks saying a bad word is comparable to what most of these other people did lol

  • Jonasan
    Jonasan 14 days ago

    Disappointed you didn't put DSP on there, but most people don't know who he is. :^)

  • Neo_SM
    Neo_SM 14 days ago

    yo wheres etika

  • Mychael Jones
    Mychael Jones 14 days ago

    Wait so does that mean that Maximilian Dood is like.... F tier for Final Fantasy 7?

  • Gunrunner879
    Gunrunner879 15 days ago +1

    The backflash wasnt that bad? He lost his tv show? And disney told him to feck off.. damn dude

  • deathdealer13cat
    deathdealer13cat 15 days ago

    The whole JonTron thing is an easy B tier. Misinformation get alot of black men killed in America.. That shits something u dont play with

  • iYi DJ iYi
    iYi DJ iYi 15 days ago

    The Tana & iDubbbz thing was about him saying the "n-word" but it's crap because of the fact that she used it in a more "racist" or negative connotation, yet she still said that he should "break both of his legs" and "lose all of his subscribers" which she said would "make her happy" and played the scummiest victim card I've ever seen

  • Stefan Marius Vasile
    Stefan Marius Vasile 15 days ago

    where is ksi and deji drama thing?

  • Panah Panah
    Panah Panah 15 days ago

    forgot the good old ALex in tchat from keem

  • Jonathan Hanks
    Jonathan Hanks 15 days ago +6

    "Making money off somebody's illness is wrong"
    *The US Government wants to know your location*

  • Gabriel Caro
    Gabriel Caro 15 days ago

    You’re saying Pewdiepie is just as bad as Sam Pepper and ProJared?? WTF are you on man!?!!

  • Gabriel Caro
    Gabriel Caro 15 days ago

    Oh hey I found you it’s the Dunkey clone!

  • Saprogeist
    Saprogeist 15 days ago

    15:50 Not to mention that this happened at a very public event, so she really should have assumed that someone got it on camera....

  • Saprogeist
    Saprogeist 15 days ago

    I don't know why you showed up in my recommended videos but I'm glad you did. This shit is hilarious. Subbed

  • Leone Abbacchio
    Leone Abbacchio 15 days ago

    gotta put slazo here now :(

  • H P
    H P 16 days ago

    Dude, the Faze thing has concluded LONG time ago, it was revealed to be fake manipulated by Jake Paul, Shane Dawson even got Jake paul to delete the video on youtube aboue Faze assault his assistant, his assistant went on hiding after the truth came out, Faze cleared his name and dropped the charges against Jake Paul which Jake would have lost.

  • Ass Ketchum
    Ass Ketchum 16 days ago


  • Yokai Sparda
    Yokai Sparda 16 days ago

    Are you okay u look sick lmao get some sleep boi

  • Arthur Göttmann
    Arthur Göttmann 16 days ago +3

    James Charles sexually harassed shawn Mendes sever times both in real life on the red carpet as well as in an Instagram lifestream

  • Elliot O'Leary
    Elliot O'Leary 16 days ago

    a lot of these are highly political issues and you deal with them with bias and light-heartedness which isn't healthy or useful.

  • Aesculapius
    Aesculapius 16 days ago

    first time im hearing of keemstar's sht (not the only one im hearing for the first time but srsly) and damn that really hurt me
    i mean im not a 62 year old but damn
    how shtty do you have to be to start a witch hunt against an old person and make him fucking cry
    i know nothing about keemstar but i now hate him

  • RedFish
    RedFish 16 days ago

    But daddy o five is related to children/kids my dude

  • Tomas Ribeiro
    Tomas Ribeiro 16 days ago

    Where's gross gore

  • Xilopos
    Xilopos 16 days ago +1

    He's high af.

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G 16 days ago

    God damn it Matt, using L's theme

  • SushiKid Ninja
    SushiKid Ninja 16 days ago

    So a Swedish guy saying the N word is on par with someone cheating on their wife and sending nudes to people of questionable age? That doesn't make any sens.....oh, it's because Projared and Pewdiepie both start with a p. nvrmnd

  • Spear Breaker
    Spear Breaker 16 days ago

    Might be played in Finals...


  • Shenew Nguyen
    Shenew Nguyen 17 days ago

    17:24 PFFFTTT i can laster longer than 3 minutes smh

  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan 17 days ago

    You should’ve waited for the Carlos maza drama to add to this tier list

  • ebi nya
    ebi nya 17 days ago

    Some of your drama knowledge aint enough man. Educate yourself on the drama before making a tier list lol

  • Allen Hannigan
    Allen Hannigan 17 days ago +4

    Real weird how racism isn't very important to Magikarp. Love ya buddy, but Jontron is a fuuuuuuuuck.

    • Spear Breaker
      Spear Breaker 16 days ago +1

      Yeah I was thinking the samething. I love Karp but he rated 2 dudes that got caught cheating higher than Jontron, who would making racist comments to impressional fans.

  • Dimitris Sfoundouris
    Dimitris Sfoundouris 17 days ago

    TheXvid just doesnt want me to watch your videos matt, they are legit never shown to me.

  • Junkzillabox
    Junkzillabox 17 days ago

    This was surprisingly really fascinating..

  • TheReal One
    TheReal One 17 days ago +1

    Guys i have homework i need that viedo where this girl shows her boobs i think her name was Clarababylegs only for school.

  • Drodeka
    Drodeka 17 days ago +1

    Matt. My dude. That dandruff on the shoulders distracting me.
    Your shirt do be looking kinda fresh doe

  • Janusz Reguła
    Janusz Reguła 17 days ago +3

    Being on content cop should be auto s

  • Doctor Fate
    Doctor Fate 17 days ago +1

    You forgot Tobuscus

  • andreo Banana
    andreo Banana 17 days ago

    Who da heck is that man in a suit in D tier?

  • Andres Riquelme
    Andres Riquelme 17 days ago

    I only knew the one of logan and pewds. But only the title of the scandal, never bothered reading

  • God link
    God link 17 days ago +16

    Magikarp: maybe A tier?.....hmm...
    Also magikarp: *places into bottom C tier*

  • Maokawaii
    Maokawaii 17 days ago +1

    Almost a half of this is, i did not know happened.

    Why am i always late in the hottest news?

  • Pedro Paulo Faria
    Pedro Paulo Faria 17 days ago

    kevin spacey tho. lol

  • Xiviuz
    Xiviuz 17 days ago


  • Hxppy Thxughts
    Hxppy Thxughts 17 days ago

    So much tea spilt... Might aswell sip it off the floor

  • Monkazu
    Monkazu 17 days ago

    Pokimane is much more than these 'dramas' , like literally she's making a big portion of her money from horny teenagers and she knows it and uses it while she saying those allegations are disgusting... Don't praise her.

  • Joshua Hardin
    Joshua Hardin 17 days ago

    Soooo now you're just doing tier lists of... anything?

  • Derek Wong
    Derek Wong 18 days ago

    Cant believe Ricegum is not in the list

  • Mason Foster
    Mason Foster 18 days ago

    ah just missed the most recent one (vox), waa waa waa

  • Thor8151990
    Thor8151990 18 days ago

    Matt, your shirt looks dirty as shit. Love you my dude.

  • Ahmed Braham
    Ahmed Braham 18 days ago +6

    I swear i dont know more than half of these guys
    what the hell happened @18:20 though ? Kevin Spacey just popped in the D tier wihtout commentary ???
    Anyone else noticed ??

  • Obo
    Obo 18 days ago

    Garbage list fitting coming from this channel.

  • Zach Poblete
    Zach Poblete 18 days ago +5

    Lol, I love how you added Kevin Spacey randomly during the video

  • NineTailed Nerd
    NineTailed Nerd 18 days ago

    what about shane and his cat, that would pump it to S+

  • Kuraii
    Kuraii 18 days ago +1

    Can you do another good underrated games but this time they're free games?

  • Mega Pelotes
    Mega Pelotes 18 days ago

    I thought the bashurverse pedophile thing was just an overblown accusation

  • Mata Patata
    Mata Patata 19 days ago

    pewdiepie wouldnt be an S if his channel wasnt that huge, a little bit unfair.

  • hasibul
    hasibul 19 days ago

    shit list no
    Leafy vs Mrblackdarkness666

  • Fire Fire
    Fire Fire 20 days ago +1


  • Nick DeLuca
    Nick DeLuca 20 days ago +3

    18:18 Pokimane makes the list
    18:28 Fousey makes the list
    Somewhere in between this Kevin Spacey lookin-mofo makes the list, but isn't shown.