Real Madrid need money for Pogba ►Daily News

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • On Today's Daily News - Real Madrid plan Pogba raid, Spurs could sell atleast 2 more players, Sane is free to go, The worst kit in England is unveiled and there’s transfer talk from around Europe!
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Comments • 289

  • Onefootball English
    Onefootball English  Month ago +102

    Where should Isco and Asensio go?

  • Mick Duncan
    Mick Duncan 26 days ago

    Huddersfield kit 😥Disgusting!

  • Crimson Katana
    Crimson Katana 27 days ago

    Wait? Real Madrid need actual MONEY to get Pogba? I thought they would just buy him using 3 Area 51 passes

  • mclaren444
    mclaren444 27 days ago +2

    Only sell bale ! We need Eriksen or Pogba and still a good striker like Icardi

  • kabir goel
    kabir goel 29 days ago +4

    Who’s watching after the Huddersfield kit turned out to be a joke?!

  • odhran mcverry
    odhran mcverry 29 days ago

    Pobga is crap

  • Lal Shrestha
    Lal Shrestha 29 days ago +1

    Come on Bayern Munich sign Sane it is good for Germany and Bayern both if he play in Bayern Munich

  • Christian Miloy
    Christian Miloy 29 days ago

    Pogba is overrated.

  • Here's the Muderfuck1n cup

    Onefootball Germany is better ma nibbas

  • Power Equinox
    Power Equinox 29 days ago

    Watch the training videos. Eriksen isn’t leaving. It’s not a publicity stunt, it’s defo a hint that he’s signed secretly (which poch likes to do), so he’s not leaving.

  • Tewodors Yimenue
    Tewodors Yimenue 29 days ago

    The thing is sane expensive players than Aguro starling and Bernado but Gardiola is they act like king. Sane alre of best club they need him . PSG also 130 m rumors right now

  • akshay chourasiya
    akshay chourasiya 29 days ago

    Add pols regularly

  • jutka
    jutka 29 days ago

    Sell lazy Pogba, buy Sane. Sane is already better player than big lazy Pogba.

  • Messiah
    Messiah Month ago +3

    I cant believe the British teeth memes are actually for real haha

  • kamran ahmed
    kamran ahmed Month ago +1

    Okay neymar loan deal can make everyone happy like psg won't be paying the whole wage and barça will have neymar and neymar will be happy or else neymar won't play good and will get benched and will earn money for nothing soo psg shld loan neymar to barça

  • Michael Hermle
    Michael Hermle Month ago +1


  • Donal Fenton
    Donal Fenton Month ago

    I think Spurs could go for Thomas Meuiner (PSG) (RB) and Nicolus Tagilfico (AJAX) (LB)

  • Ugly Duck
    Ugly Duck Month ago

    Even worst than Juve's new kit...eww

  • Jeremy Hummingbird
    Jeremy Hummingbird Month ago

    80 mil for zaha or 72 mil for Isco ?

  • Rafael Umdor
    Rafael Umdor Month ago +1

    Paddy would probably wear the huddersfield jersey become Paddy Power!!

  • Stephen dela Cruz
    Stephen dela Cruz Month ago

    Hurry! Get that Hudderfield kit and send it to #Paddy ASAP! #PaddyPOWAH! 🤣😁

  • Oisin O'Byrne
    Oisin O'Byrne Month ago

    Huddersfield only did this to gain popularity for their club.

    NARENDRA RAI Month ago

    Isco is Zidane's favourite and Asensio as well so I don't see a truth in Pogba rumours

  • Soccer!
    Soccer! Month ago

    Ah, that's a good idea. Buy the Huddersfield kit so when it gets rescinded it becomes rare and actually quite valuable in a few years' time. Hmmmmmmm...
    Was this the Huddersfield plan?!
    8D chess here.

  • HyenaSports
    HyenaSports Month ago

    Hi guys just made a video on the transfer window, focusing on Dortmund’s business. Would be awesome if you checked it out 😊

  • Sean O'Grady
    Sean O'Grady Month ago +2

    I would where the Huddersfield kit for the meme😂🤣😅

  • abjith sivanand
    abjith sivanand Month ago

    They’re most likely staying

  • Dargon Dude
    Dargon Dude Month ago

    That Huddersfield kit isn't that bad looking.

  • Imma Edit Dat Out
    Imma Edit Dat Out Month ago

    We don't need Pogba, we should keep Isco, Asensio, and James (who is returning to training on July 29)

  • ALI -K
    ALI -K Month ago +1

    Isco and Asensio? Really They're the best players other than CR7 in RMD

  • Aniket Kumar Shaw
    Aniket Kumar Shaw Month ago +1

    Worst of all time

  • ROCKY. C. S
    ROCKY. C. S Month ago

    Paddy's new favorite team = Huddersfield👀

  • Christina Yessaian
    Christina Yessaian Month ago

    The football market is so funny paul pogba the overpaid lump of hair is worth 200.000.000$ could not stop laughing

  • Randy Partlow
    Randy Partlow Month ago

    Completely ugly,wouldn't cut it up into rags to wax my car for fear of rubbing the ugly off onto my car.

  • Saptorshi Choudhury

    Hey guys plz like this post

  • Sahill Koksi'
    Sahill Koksi' Month ago

    Dont buy this pogba virus

  • SunGodnRacer 72
    SunGodnRacer 72 Month ago +2

    If Pogba leaves man u, we won't see them in Europe for the next couple of seasons

  • Aashir Neupane
    Aashir Neupane Month ago

    Can paddy were paddy power joursey in q &a

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green Month ago

    Phil Jones better become an icon in fifa. I know this isn’t relevant but with the talk about Juve and Fifa EA may as well do something else stupid 😂

  • dude finny
    dude finny Month ago

    is the huddersfield kit a punishment for finishing rock bottom last year

  • kevaughn james
    kevaughn james Month ago +2

    Real Madrid come on you don't need pogba to be successful in La liga and champion league; don't waste your money.

  • Talha Wick
    Talha Wick Month ago

    Matt which country are you from btw

  • Sher sher Mayers
    Sher sher Mayers Month ago

    I can never believe Real Madrid willing to sell Isco Asenio and bale for pogba I can’t believe that

  • Joseph
    Joseph Month ago +18

    If Kevin de Bruyne is not happy because he can't talk, then Real Madrid should sign him instead of Pogba

    • Mantra Pro
      Mantra Pro 28 days ago

      Trust me Kevin de bruyne is in city. They dont sell their best players otherwise de bruyne would have been here. He is the best replacement for modric.

  • Arvind Khurana
    Arvind Khurana Month ago

    4:37 Cash + Phil Jones for Harry Maguire..
    Brendan Rodgers: I'd rather play Slabhead in the reserves than have that freaky-face ogre in our ranks!!!!
    (No need to get triggered, but then, who gives a damn!!!)

  • ATZ TV
    ATZ TV Month ago

    Pogba going to Real Madrid is not going to happen even if the World Bank gives them money 😂

    • ATZ TV
      ATZ TV Month ago

      @Jacob Williams I guess not

    • Jacob Williams
      Jacob Williams Month ago

      ATZ TV zidane is a fan of pogba they are going to buy him

  • vincent munyaneza
    vincent munyaneza Month ago +5

    To be honest Huddersfield kit is sick for fashion. Models should be purchasing the kit for their next fashion show. #justsaying

    Like if you agree

  • ΟΚΣ
    ΟΚΣ Month ago +1

    Asensio 🥺

  • Siggy
    Siggy Month ago +2

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  • Siggy
    Siggy Month ago +2

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  • Shamar Ince
    Shamar Ince Month ago +1

    Is this true Phil Jones is leaving. Please tell me if this is true please

  • Gita Bezbaruah
    Gita Bezbaruah Month ago +4

    The kit could be used on Beauty Contests!

    • Randy Partlow
      Randy Partlow Month ago

      Sure,if the contestants wore bags over their heads.

  • Ewan Hudson
    Ewan Hudson Month ago

    The Huddersfield kit is probably a publicity thing for Friendlies only, and will have a smaller sponsor on the actual kit for the league season. Paddy Power are known for doing these kind of things

  • Jefferson Ochoa
    Jefferson Ochoa Month ago +2

    Matt said
    *Miss world competition😂🤣*

  • Abhinandan Samanta
    Abhinandan Samanta Month ago

    total trash

  • Lwando Madikizela
    Lwando Madikizela Month ago +1

    Pogba ain't worth £120 mil let alone £200 mil. Are we that bad in the transfer windows or are Madrid dumber to sell Isco, Asensio, Bale and Ceballos who are great players in their own right? Screw you Ed Woodward.
    Atletico Madrid signed Trippier to replace Juanfran. Spurs needs new defenders to compete for silverware.
    Pep did the right thing by telling Sane he is free to leave Manchester City. No player is bigger than the club. Too bad we have weak minded managers bar Mourinho who let's players do want they want since Ferguson's retirement.
    As for Huddlesfield Town, I would rather die than to wear that dreadful kit. Worst kit in football. Period.

  • Mateusz Batkowski
    Mateusz Batkowski Month ago +1

    Asensio and isco are so underated and talented they should stay!!

  • pat
    pat Month ago +1


  • S.diligent 1
    S.diligent 1 Month ago +7

    Pogba is so bad people should get payed to have him on your team

    • Adele K.
      Adele K. 29 days ago

      That's why MU makes everything possible for not letting him go

    • S.diligent 1
      S.diligent 1 Month ago

      @Seyam Rahman lol

    • Seyam Rahman
      Seyam Rahman Month ago


    • Seyam Rahman
      Seyam Rahman Month ago

      JHJ 23 put Pogba in, and name a top 6 footballer

    • JHJ 23
      JHJ 23 Month ago +3

      S.diligent 1 he isn’t bad he is extremely talented but he is in a midfield of very poor quality. Take pogba out of that midfield and name a top six midfielder

  • DaConnor3
    DaConnor3 Month ago

    Spurs will sign free agent Dani Alves

  • Eman Hassan
    Eman Hassan Month ago +1

    Huddersfield probably lost a bet maybe that’s way its so bad

  • PAINNN666
    PAINNN666 Month ago

    Ericksen > Pogba

  • Rajib Gogoi
    Rajib Gogoi Month ago

    Hello mate Sane is going nowhere .

  • Rishab Bantiya
    Rishab Bantiya Month ago

    Eriksen will be available for 100 million just leave Pogba alone United are shit without him.

  • Apples
    Apples Month ago +1

    Poulsen to Everton ?

  • Gboss 3lite
    Gboss 3lite Month ago

    The Huddersfield kit is as bad as Barca’s away kit😂

  • Ahmad Melad Mayaar
    Ahmad Melad Mayaar Month ago

    Waiting for your your face app picture, Matt!

  • Jonah Lukas
    Jonah Lukas Month ago

    If you’re used to the German Videos a white shirt scares the s*** out of you

  • Aiden the man utd supporter 7896

    I really want pogba to stay at Manchester United

  • jack Roberts
    jack Roberts Month ago +4

    I heard that Liverpool have enquired about kurzawa of psg as a back up to Andy Robertson report =(aol)

    JONEYZEEBEST Month ago

    You are joking..Real Madrid not going to pay 200 mil for Paul. Seeing the current window 80-95 mil is good for him.

    • Hakim Fraser
      Hakim Fraser 29 days ago

      I would have jus offered that plus a little player for neymar

  • Edward Hayes
    Edward Hayes Month ago +2


    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English  Month ago

      You're going to drop David Silva?!

    • Gameplaytv
      Gameplaytv Month ago +1

      David Silva is their captain and has made the difference for them in both the title race and important CL matches


    Woahhh Kieran Trippier is 28?!😅😅

  • Frenkie De Jong
    Frenkie De Jong Month ago +1

    I think R.Madrid should sell about five players. coz their plane is dam overloaded. so Bale sul lead the line.

  • Emir Zamros
    Emir Zamros Month ago

    i think isco shold go to bayern to replace ribery