Lionesses Prepare for Crunch Qualifier | Goalkeeper Drills and Sprints | Inside Training

  • Published on Aug 31, 2018
  • The Lionesses prepare for their World Cup qualifier against Wales, as they look to overtake them in the group.
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Comments • 48

  • Dominic Santos
    Dominic Santos 3 months ago

    When I see this I just put my head down and sulk. Would really have loved to gone pro.
    But not in this life I guess

  • A Steve
    A Steve 5 months ago

    I’d love to play with some of the ladies. And then maybe engage in a bit of football. Hahahahaha. Sexist...

    • A Steve
      A Steve 3 months ago

      Peter Day - ironic time and self-deprecating laughter lost on you then

    • Peter Day
      Peter Day 3 months ago

      Not really funny, just juvenile and boring.

  • ИГОРЬ igor Vyacheslav the russian multilingual


  • life is a party
    life is a party 6 months ago

    hey girls I love watching football and love playing it u want to join a football club but I'm scared to what do I do

    • Nelson Stella
      Nelson Stella 25 days ago

      Come on girl u dont have to be scared

    • Peter Day
      Peter Day 3 months ago

      There's plenty of opportunities Contact your local club, they may help.

  • Makhvir Khakh
    Makhvir Khakh 7 months ago

    Women should not play football they are crap

    • Peter Day
      Peter Day 5 months ago

      Who are you to say that? Some kinda dictator in the making?

  • roberto andrez hernandez gonzalez

    good work. my favorite team

  • roberto andrez hernandez gonzalez

    the best team in the world. and the most beautiful women.

  • Phynne85
    Phynne85 7 months ago

    Fantastic camera view since 2:30

  • Tiago Wakabayashi
    Tiago Wakabayashi 7 months ago +1

    aahahaahah the last scene was priceless

  • R0UG
    R0UG 7 months ago +4

    No-one cares about women football

    • Peter Day
      Peter Day 7 months ago

      But they do! Knowing that full well, you're just out to put them down! It's so predictabe, childish and boring.

    • Abi_ Xox
      Abi_ Xox 7 months ago +6

      R0UG then don’t watch or comment

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh 7 months ago +1

    lol .. why the fancy rail run cameras for this one ... looks more like a photoshoot & ad campaign .. haha .. so obvious.

  • _ yukthiga _
    _ yukthiga _ 7 months ago

    U can do it guys💪💪💪

  • Emily Williams
    Emily Williams 7 months ago +1

    Let’s hope Fran makes a speedy recovery! Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

  • Samantha Dongo
    Samantha Dongo 7 months ago +6

    They were always gonna win🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️

  • Dozy Wazzack
    Dozy Wazzack 7 months ago +3

    England scored within 5 seconds of me turning over the channel to watch. Its all down to me, and I'm not even a narcissist

  • ManiPlays YT/Perfectkiller_10

    Hope to see wins and if not it doesn’t matter, the things that matter is taking part and having fun with good sportsmanship 👍

  • Nahuel Jare
    Nahuel Jare 7 months ago +1

    Rubia hermosa! Me enamoré 😍😍

    • Peter Day
      Peter Day 7 months ago

      You like the beautiful, blonde ladies, eh?

  • Jorgeyy Boyy
    Jorgeyy Boyy 7 months ago

    Who cares bout these sluts

    • Peter Day
      Peter Day 3 months ago

      Go public on radio/TV and say that! You make these stupid comments then hide behind your anonymity. You're just childish and a coward!

  • JFD1017 Pranks
    JFD1017 Pranks 7 months ago +13

    Absolute tanks, come on lionesses

  • OldTimes
    OldTimes 7 months ago +13

    They're all fit tho ngl

    • OldTimes
      OldTimes 7 months ago

      +E. you can't be too pick w your girls fam ;)

    • E.
      E. 7 months ago +2

      Your standards must be nice and low then

  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith 7 months ago +9

    Come on England

  • Igor Wapovalov
    Igor Wapovalov 7 months ago +3

    Easy game)

  • 吉田聡
    吉田聡 7 months ago


  • Jimpix 365
    Jimpix 365 7 months ago +41

    Everyone forgets about the lionesses so sad

    • BenThirty Productions
      BenThirty Productions 5 months ago

      That’s why we forget, better players get the spotlight, so every prem player is better than this squad

    • naomi
      naomi 6 months ago

      TwiggyHD why does that matter

    • TwiggyHD
      TwiggyHD 7 months ago

      Jimpix 365 because they aren’t half as good as the men

  • PALF
    PALF 7 months ago +5

    who cares

    • ИГОРЬ igor Vyacheslav the russian multilingual
      ИГОРЬ igor Vyacheslav the russian multilingual 6 months ago


    • Bebe Zieggy
      Bebe Zieggy 7 months ago

      Palf actually the World Cup players care about women’s football the owners of the clubs care about women’s football and you can’t just say it based of one thing you have experienced I know loads of women football clubs and their all amazing

    • PALF
      PALF 7 months ago +1

      JFD1017 Pranks “World Cup-winning USA women's team suffer 5-2 loss against Dallas U-15 academy boys” I needn’t say more about the standard of Women’s football, and why no one except women care about it.

    • Bebe Zieggy
      Bebe Zieggy 7 months ago +2

      Palf well obviously you because you clicked on the video ohh and you even left a comment thanks for the view

    • Bebe Zieggy
      Bebe Zieggy 7 months ago

      JFD1017 Pranks hhaa

  • Ellie Morgan
    Ellie Morgan 7 months ago +3


  • Itz Kylie
    Itz Kylie 7 months ago +12

    I’m scared when the ball comes charging at me 😂