Why LL Cool J's Wife Dislikes the Song "Doin' It" | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network

  • Published on Jan 28, 2013
  • LL Cool J and his wife, Simone, met when they were just teenagers, and after dating on and off for almost a decade, they got married. Watch as Simone tells Oprah how shared spiritual beliefs, compromise and mutual respect help make their marriage work. Plus, Simone reveals why she dislikes the music video for her husband's hit song "Doin' It". For more on #nextchapter visit bit.ly/1OPX6ah
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    Why LL Cool J's Wife Dislikes the Song "Doin' It" | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Comments • 2 361

  • Miss Me
    Miss Me Day ago

    That song was my jam.

  • mooky
    mooky Day ago +1

    She must really love him. L.L. seems like he Jack's off to himself in the mirror.

  • Tommy Steeez
    Tommy Steeez Day ago

    She need to chill doing it was his best song and best video he made he a entertainer smh

  • Latasha Green
    Latasha Green Day ago +1

    Awww May God continue to bless this beautiful couple ❤️

  • Karen McGee
    Karen McGee 2 days ago

    Beautiful couple an they look alike. Loved that Simone stated that they were equally yoked spiritually. And topped the video off with this is an awesome marriage! Yasssss! GOD bless you. And definitely loved that LL stood by his wife's side during the cancer and didn't abandon her. Praying that your marriage continues to STRENGTHEN in JESUS!

  • Tiarra O
    Tiarra O 2 days ago

    He looking like damn you talk too much

  • Sweet Pea
    Sweet Pea 6 days ago +1

    Respected him as an artiste but now I love him as a person

  • M A
    M A 7 days ago

    Why does she look older than him..

  • caramelized sugar
    caramelized sugar 7 days ago +1

    they don't make bm like ll anymore.

  • Michael Toney
    Michael Toney 8 days ago +3

    This vid is the true quality of through sickness and heath and stand by your man all over it. The epitome of behind every great man. Theirs a strong woman. Facts

  • beverley boyce
    beverley boyce 8 days ago

    I do love them, respect ♥️🙏🏾

  • eva mahri
    eva mahri 9 days ago

    Dang he never hardly got ta speak... .. ....

  • Annmarie O'Connell
    Annmarie O'Connell 11 days ago +1

    Why does look exactly the same, too adorable

  • Annmarie O'Connell
    Annmarie O'Connell 11 days ago

    She reminds me of Vivica Fox

  • SvJ 1026
    SvJ 1026 12 days ago

    This an awesome marriage!! WoW! Beautiful!!
    Way to go girlie!!!

  • Naiomi Davenport
    Naiomi Davenport 12 days ago +4

    I dont remember LL being caught up in amy scandals. He did have alot of hits that were known to be "bed making" music but he is an entertainer. He seems to be definitely a family man. Its good that he is not in the public eye as much and has settled down to be with his wife. Thats good to see black men settling down. Its rare to see in 2019. The ones who settle down are usually getting women of other races.

  • LC Thatsit
    LC Thatsit 13 days ago +1

    Damn she look like Lisa Lefteye Lopez 😳

  • Xavier Henderson
    Xavier Henderson 14 days ago

    They are so beautiful together . It's easy to see who the song "around the way girl " was based on.

  • R32 trending
    R32 trending 15 days ago

    LL is a real one realtalk..😀🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁love LL. 2020.

  • Life’Wit Tee
    Life’Wit Tee 15 days ago

    Oh child oprah honey over time you have change change honey

  • sansaviera
    sansaviera 15 days ago

    Why is Oprah constantly bringing up the negative. Geeze lady. Let black love shine stop being a rain cloud!

  • Prinsceilla Coulter
    Prinsceilla Coulter 15 days ago

    Notice he didnt say

  • Prinsceilla Coulter
    Prinsceilla Coulter 15 days ago

    Shut up abt it plz

  • flyroni68
    flyroni68 16 days ago

    Oprah know how to ask the right questions!!!😭😂😂😂

  • flyroni68
    flyroni68 16 days ago

    I'm with her ...I hate that song too!! my least favorite Cool J song

  • Anthony W
    Anthony W 16 days ago

    u know he cheated on her numerous times !! She ugly !!

  • Mariah C
    Mariah C 17 days ago

    Awww I love them as a couple.❤❤

  • David Washington
    David Washington 19 days ago

    If Oprah dnt shut tf up and let her finish answering the question.

  • Nompumelelo Maseko
    Nompumelelo Maseko 20 days ago

    LL does not age wow

  • Oceana Porirua
    Oceana Porirua 21 day ago

    Hahahaha lol

  • Powerful Tayshawn
    Powerful Tayshawn 24 days ago +1

    She hella petty

  • James Percell
    James Percell 25 days ago

    Wow he dont age I remember making his hat off on marric Blvd he was so skinny then .it was because mikey Dee Jackson said get him for stealing his rap still wen he would watch him at montibelow park and ps156 school and Springfield park

  • Nitty Andrade
    Nitty Andrade 25 days ago +1

    Black Love Is Dope and beautiful

  • Tertius Durham
    Tertius Durham 25 days ago

    Your husband sold his soul for fortune and fame so he probably did men too 'll cool gay

  • Shavonne Stone
    Shavonne Stone 25 days ago +1

    He seem real sarcastic or is it me

  • Lady Nukem
    Lady Nukem 26 days ago

    Yeah he toned it down then he disappeared pretty much. It’s my favourite song of his tbf 😎

  • Kandice Williams
    Kandice Williams 27 days ago

    I personally think when men are secure in their manhood, they don't have to get validation from other women and be a womanizer.

  • cooking with deb
    cooking with deb Month ago +1

    His wife is beautiful

  • Tara Jackson
    Tara Jackson Month ago +2

    I want love like that!! Beautiful example of black love 🖤🖤🖤

  • Hollywoodhair4u⚜️🕯✨

    I LOVE HER!!!!

  • Johnny Williams
    Johnny Williams Month ago

    Orange sweater purple pants purple dress humm mason fake false color code,nothing real with anything dealing Oprah Winfrey is game She is a deceiver.

  • Tamara Mckenzie
    Tamara Mckenzie Month ago


  • Trini Lion
    Trini Lion Month ago

    Wife pissed on his passionate fire ...

  • aleta welch
    aleta welch Month ago

    LL Cool J is probably a stubborn, old school, infuriating person. He is a Capricorn. His bday is Jan 14, 1968, only the Chinese New Year never starts in the beginning of January. It usually changes after Feb. 1, or on the last couple days of Jan.
    That would make his Chinese sign the animal of the previous year. 1967 is a goat. He is a Capricorn Goat.
    He most likely believes what he thinks and not what is true
    He thinks he knows what is true but he doesn't
    He probably mocks people
    As a father he's probably absent
    He has stereotypical ideas about men and women.
    He won't change them.
    He's probably slow to move, slow to act, slow to talk, and resistant to change
    I couldn't take one day with a person like that. His wife has to be head over heels to put up with what I would imagine a double goat would act like.
    He probably wants his way all the time
    He is materialistic
    Other aspects in his chart can make his temperament more agreeable or less tolerable. Idk what those are so I'm going by what I know about Cappys and Goats. Mmm mmm.

  • DETROIT From The Soloist

    LL ain't said a word for real fr!! Just alot of Laughing and praying he'll NEVER get caught!! His Wife is a Romantic Hopeful.....LL Seems Like The Realistic One 👑♥️♥️LLCO

  • Jason Kelly
    Jason Kelly Month ago

    Man, you know LL was a savage. How do you turn that off? He’s Bad!

  • Lolita Benton
    Lolita Benton Month ago

    I love black love but all love is awesome when the man or woman hangs in their but black love is rare I love to see a black man hang tough and strong with his queen LL is my fantasy hubbie lol I have always thought he was so fine and keeps his body up hey I can dream his wife is beautiful and I love them together 💕

  • Emokiriemi Abednego

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  • Roger
    Roger Month ago

    Imagine if even 20% of African-American celebrities are like this!

  • visionary
    visionary Month ago

    Oprah is a witch man!

  • Lee Jackson
    Lee Jackson Month ago +1

    Beautiful Couple may God continue to bless your union🙏☝💪✊🎈

  • Aware Women'shelp
    Aware Women'shelp Month ago


  • Marylin Collins
    Marylin Collins Month ago

    Shes like ginnuwens wife. She. Told him not to sing pony any more these woman are sick but they like the money from those records. Both of there wifes are stupid who cares what they say not me

  • Sade Timmons
    Sade Timmons Month ago

    Must Watch

  • Marjarie Skinner
    Marjarie Skinner Month ago

    She more like his mother than wife...but that's my personal opinion.

    • Naiomi Davenport
      Naiomi Davenport 12 days ago

      Yea she is giving off a momma vibe versus a wife vibe.

  • Marjarie Skinner
    Marjarie Skinner Month ago

    That purple couch is everything!!!

  • max payne
    max payne Month ago

    Sitting on that purple couch with this witch

  • Dan Burke
    Dan Burke Month ago +2

    "The statue of David was naked and it worked for him." Good answer, especially around your wife.

  • G H
    G H Month ago

    How has Oprah stayed with her lover for all these years?

  • Katie Jones
    Katie Jones Month ago +95

    When you put God first everything else will align.