MGSV All Story (info) Based Cassette Tapes (6 HOURS) MGS5

  • Published on Sep 12, 2015
  • These are all the story based (info / Intel) tapes I received in my playthrough of MGSV. Please leave a like and subscribe!

    Ocelot's Briefing 0:06
    Afghanistan Today 20:13
    At Mother Base 26:26
    What Happened to Old Mother Base Members 48:21
    Quiet 51:29
    Questioning Huey 1:04:40
    Cipher's Cargo 1:46:19
    Africa Today 1:50:57
    The Factory of the Dead 2:00:46
    The Man on Fire 2:04:55
    The White Mamba 2:09:25
    Vocal Cord Parasites 2:15:36
    Sahelanthropus 2:41:30
    Metallic Archaea 2:47:30
    Code Talker and His Research 3:02:09
    Skull Face's Objective 3:42:59
    The Children Escape 4:17:05
    Informant's Report 4:27:23
    What Happened in the Laboratory 4:36:13
    Paz's Diary (Continued) 4:47:25
    The Hamburgers of Kazuhira Miller 4:59:31
    Truth Records 5:12:20

    This is mainly here for people who didn't follow my playthrough series. I go over all the tapes in the order I receive them there. These videos do not go in direct order in how you receive them. That would get way to confusing way to quickly if I did that. If you want them in order of how they were received, I recommend watching my playthrough here:

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  • Ikcatcher
    Ikcatcher 2 years ago +117

    The Hamburgers of Kazuhira Miller is the best experience in a Metal Gear game ever

    • Mgsfan 8494
      Mgsfan 8494 9 months ago +2

      I came here to pay tribute to the Kaz Burger

    • Picksleet9
      Picksleet9 9 months ago +2


  • Megajon
    Megajon 6 years ago +170

    Listening to these again, the Huey conversations in particular, brought something to my attention. Huey first said Strangelove was killed by Skull Face and that he asked him to put her corpse in the A.I. pod where Huey almost immediately after says she climbed in and shut the door. Then we get the recording of Strangelove herself demanding that Huey open the door. Huey you bastard. >:(

    • Chaddington Bear
      Chaddington Bear 8 months ago

      @Megajon This is going to be me after I finally beat all these games. I just beat V as of last night (like the secret true ending). Now I am going go back and play the other ones and preparing for a long and confusing journey.... tho I wish someone would make sense of all these cassette tapes in V.

    • Chaddington Bear
      Chaddington Bear 8 months ago +1

      Huey’s such a fuckin’ d-bag.

    • Die - Hearts
      Die - Hearts Year ago

      @And Roid oh

    • And Roid
      And Roid Year ago +2

      @Die - Hearts the recording was played at his trial and everyone wanted the death sentence except Snake?

    • Die - Hearts
      Die - Hearts Year ago

      I wonder how Ocelot would have reacted had he heard the final pod recording while Huey was still at mother base

  • Max Ducks
    Max Ducks 11 months ago +17

    Let’s just acknowledge that Kojima decided to put in an entire 10-minute recording of Strangelove when she died so we could have backstory about Hal, a character who doesn’t even get mentioned outside of the cassette tapes. Goddamn, I love this game.

  • Totsuka
    Totsuka 3 years ago +256

    After listening to this I have gained 1,000,000,000,000,000 IQ

  • i forgot my damn name
    i forgot my damn name Year ago +32

    60 hours to complete main story
    6 hours of tapes
    20 hours to complete side ops
    10 hours to play FOB's

    • Mar Ther
      Mar Ther Year ago +11

      I sunk wayyyy more than 10 hours into FOB invasions. Dunno why, but I didn't get tired of those. I felt so cheeky, stealing everything that wasn't bolted down, AND a few things that were bolted down.

      Not to mention the tension of facing down a defender. Adds a whole new layer of cat and mouse.

  • Arischer Gamer
    Arischer Gamer 2 years ago +83

    Listening to the "Top Secret" tapes while smoking gives me a feeling of truly beeing Venom...or let's say Big Boss

  • flo32om
    flo32om 3 years ago +133

    "What is a nation ? Just a patch of dirt"

    What is a man ? Just a miserable pile of secrets !

  • Yhach Pham
    Yhach Pham 2 years ago +25

    As much as I hate Huey, I must admit Christopher Randolph did a fantastic job with his voice. The weight of his emotions seems real and more fleshed out than the majority of the cast. Kaz and Ocelot were amazing too ofc.

    • Ike Dog
      Ike Dog 12 days ago +1

      There's a theory that the events with some of the game is staged, mainly the beginning of the game.

  • Sausage404
    Sausage404 4 years ago +168

    Keifer actually talks in the tapes.... Holy shit...

    • Graham Javion
      Graham Javion 5 months ago +1

      @Kairo Malachi happy to help xD

    • Kairo Malachi
      Kairo Malachi 5 months ago +1

      @Graham Javion it worked and I now got access to my account again. I'm so happy!

      Thanks so much you really help me out!

    • Kairo Malachi
      Kairo Malachi 5 months ago

      @Graham Javion Thanks so much for your reply. I found the site thru google and I'm in the hacking process atm.
      Seems to take quite some time so I will get back to you later with my results.

    • Graham Javion
      Graham Javion 5 months ago +1

      @Kairo Malachi instablaster =)

    • Kairo Malachi
      Kairo Malachi 5 months ago

      i guess Im asking randomly but does someone know a way to get back into an instagram account..?
      I was stupid forgot the password. I appreciate any tricks you can offer me!

  • kar ras
    kar ras 5 years ago +174

    put this on my phone while was working last year, people asked, what are you hearing??(without seing the screen)
    its a TEX conference about robotics and prosthetics...
    Wow cool...
    Camo index was 100%
    now rewatching to tie some lose ends, great video man

  • EnglanderUK
    EnglanderUK 2 years ago +20

    The way Ocelot says "Was you doctor" at 01:30:05 never fails to make me chuckle

  • And Roid
    And Roid Year ago +13

    Really needed a "new tapes" menu so you could just auto play the lot of them. I could rarely be bothered opening up idroid to play one short tape at a time.

  • DTWesker
    DTWesker 2 years ago +12

    Back in Ground Zeroes when I hear Paz diary entries, it breaks hearts. But then after the whole game, after I've known Snake is not actually the Snake? That feeling gradually goes away. In the end the only one that truly belongs to him (and taken away) is Quiet.

    • HKJ
      HKJ Year ago +2

      D-dog kinda belongs to Venom, quiet was never really "his" like Eli not being his son . Quiet tried to kill Venom twice

  • CrimiClown [CrimiTV]
    CrimiClown [CrimiTV] 6 years ago +59

    No comments yet? Well, let me say to you, this is an amazing collection. The only thing that could make it better is bookmarks in the description! With time stamps. :)

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  2 years ago +1

      @Gabriel Berlián Thank you

    • Gabriel Berlián
      Gabriel Berlián 2 years ago +3

      @Death Dream man i appreciate too much your post of this necesary informatio about metal gear history ...

      Im a fan of this saga since 8 y old and now i m 27

      3 years to get bookmarks and keeping alive your account , so you can continue with mgs help to people like me that i dont have a ps4 still...

      It is a gret thing

      Keep like that broder

      Greetimgs from Argentina

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  2 years ago +7

      It took me 3 years. But I finally got around to adding bookmarks! lol

    • CrimiClown [CrimiTV]
      CrimiClown [CrimiTV] 6 years ago +2

      @Death Dream
      Good job, man! Thank you for taking the time and hassle to do this for us fans! :)

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  6 years ago +4

      +CrimiClown [CrimiTV] Thanks for the recommendation CrimiClown. I might go ahead and add that.

  • Tommy V
    Tommy V 2 years ago +10

    You know, listening to this again. Huey had a good point in his trial argument. If you strip away the romanticism of Daimond Dogs and Big Boss, they do sound pretty crazy and hypocritical.

    • Pratik Sonawane
      Pratik Sonawane 11 months ago

      @Richardson💫 Really nobody is "good" in these games
      Not even Solid Snake as we momentarily see him uphold the Patriots regime in MGS4(even if it was for a reason)

    • Richardson💫
      Richardson💫 11 months ago

      @Pratik Sonawane They didn’t do anything bad as the patriots thats for sure

    • Pratik Sonawane
      Pratik Sonawane Year ago +1

      @Nzg41 still doesn't excuse whatever MSF did

    • Nzg41
      Nzg41 2 years ago +5

      Doesn’t matter with...him...he set up msf and murdered his wife

  • TheNoskap
    TheNoskap 5 years ago +62

    Thanks for doing this. On my third listen now

    • aPaincake
      aPaincake 4 years ago +1

      Lars Agerbæk Don't listen on the later quiet tapes and definetly do not listen to the truth records.

    • Lars Agerbæk
      Lars Agerbæk 4 years ago +2

      Death Dream This list is extremely impressive. Insanely impressive.
      I'm about halfway through game and was wondering if it would be possible to listen to this list of tapes, in order to set things straight on what has happened so far.
      Will I get any spoilers about events that happen further in to the story if I start listening now? I've done 58% of the 'Story missions' but I've been away from the game for about six months and want to catch up on the story without getting spoilers for events that happen later in the game. What do you say? is this possible?

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  5 years ago +8

      No problem :)

  • Suzy A.
    Suzy A. Year ago +2

    thank you for this video! i’m a new mgs fan and i had a lot of misgivings before watching mgsv because i heard so many people disliked it. but it really has a special place in the grand scheme of the series i think. i did miss a lot of things on the first watch-through so this video was really helpful. thanks again!

  • Erik Ruiz
    Erik Ruiz 4 years ago +69

    in the end zero never wanted to do any wrong with big boss he just wanted his friend back. sucks big boss never knew that in the end.

    • ljzero fernandez
      ljzero fernandez 3 years ago +20

      29:30 Is true, Zero is no longer in control, in MGSV, is Skull Face, but after that, is The Patriots AI All the way.

  • HKJ
    HKJ Year ago +2

    I love this whole thing. Btw, for anybody still on Chico is quiet theory -- I just heard "her eyes can focus on two objects at once" yes so didn't The End the first time you deal with him. His eye pops out and clearly shows he can control both eyes. The two similarities man!

    • David Nelson
      David Nelson 4 months ago

      Wasn’t there concept art of Chico all grown up and deformed to look like a demon to foil snake?

  • slum'wav aka ghxulish
    slum'wav aka ghxulish 2 years ago +2

    Love this series so much and the fact you have this uploaded deserves praise. I’ve listened to it since shortly after you uploaded it and felt guilty lately after a re-listen while playing I needed to sub and thank you. It’s long overdue

    • Paul smith
      Paul smith 5 months ago

      @Death Dream could u do same with mgs2 and mgs3 all codecs?some have few but not all

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  2 years ago

      Kind words :) Thank you. Glad people are still watching this.

  • Joe Youtube
    Joe Youtube 3 years ago +12

    Thanks now I have something to listen to while working. Probably sounds weird, but I never heard over half of these

    • Joe Youtube
      Joe Youtube 3 years ago

      This video really served it’s purpose 1-2 months ago so I thank you for that once again

  • Guido Fedeli
    Guido Fedeli 3 years ago +2

    Thank you SO much for going through this.

  • Armiter
    Armiter 2 years ago +22

    as much as kojima didnt want this game, he did a DAMN good job

  • Demon Duffeh
    Demon Duffeh Year ago +17

    ‘I don’t meet many doctors’ if only he knew 1:20:12

  • HKJ
    HKJ Year ago +4

    During the researchers dying tape with vocal cord parasites, he makes reference to Ravens on the rig. That's actually odd. Ravens aren't going to hang around an oil rig. Could Vulcan Raven secretly be at outer heaven?

    • huey
      huey 4 months ago

      This is a very late comment but could he be referring to the animal conservation platform?

    • 001heeroyuy
      001heeroyuy 6 months ago +1

      Oh young Vulcan would be so cool

  • KingRaider77
    KingRaider77 2 years ago

    Thank you. This was amazing and a great listen to thoroughly gain story & info without distractions. I just recently beat it and it feels extremely bittersweet knowing this is the end of it all. This video was the last info left to gain.

  • Alan Caballero
    Alan Caballero 4 months ago

    I love the subtle foreshadowing of the truth of venom snake. My favorite is the cassette where they test Elli if he’s a clone. Everyone who’s played the other games knows he is so when his test comes back negative it’s confusing. So it makes everyone ask ”what about boss?” As well as how big boss dies in metal gear 1 but is somehow alive in metal gear 2.

  • Nirvana One
    Nirvana One 11 months ago +4

    Lol I know this isn’t the strongest from Kojima in the series
    I didn’t mind MGS5 and the tapes-music cassettes 👍

    Made me feel like Snake

  • Craig Moonen
    Craig Moonen 2 months ago

    recorded this to actual cassette tapes, and played it over my Sony TC-55 walkman from 1972
    It has a speaker build into it and it sounds as if it has actually been used to record these, very rad!

  • moist_ cabbage
    moist_ cabbage Year ago +1

    Excellent job with the bookmarks. Big ups mate

  • royct77
    royct77 6 years ago +1

    Great job adding this!

  • Just a Dummy
    Just a Dummy Year ago

    This is all so very interesting, but it’s unfortunate a lot of essential story information is hidden in extra tapes

  • sleepy.
    sleepy. 3 months ago

    "After-effects of Snake’s coma"
    In the tape, Ocelot mentioned something about hallucinating, well he did hallucinated about Paz being alive sometime later

  • sooktoo k77
    sooktoo k77 2 years ago +11

    I love this game

    • S u z y
      S u z y Year ago +1

      @Just a Dummy It is already a finished game, Kingdom of the Flies supposted to be a DLC/Additional story content. The rest is just speculations on the internet based on unused-cut stuff in game's files and every game has lot of them.

    • Just a Dummy
      Just a Dummy Year ago

      If Konami allowed Kojima to finish it, it would’ve been greater

  • AuswinRattikan
    AuswinRattikan Year ago +32

    The way Huey talks, that's just pure nervous and lies.

    • Mar Ther
      Mar Ther Year ago +10

      Christopher Randolf definitely sold Huey's frantic lies. I feel bad for Huey, but only because he kind of embodies Kojima's desire to subvert expectation through deception. Like, he knows his ambitions are big, but he's too successful for him to recognize the risks behind his creations and who he creates them for. When it all blows up in his face and he loses control, he struggles to rationalize it for himself and others.

  • MushroomNinja
    MushroomNinja 6 years ago +1

    Great job!

  • scarl3tchief
    scarl3tchief 6 years ago +4

    Thank you so much, i wanted to listen to them while playing, but it kept getting interrupted

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  6 years ago

      +scarl3tcheif You're welcome. That sucks you were not able to listen to them while playing.

  • 陳煒中
    陳煒中 4 years ago

    This is awesome!!!!
    Curious about how much time you've spent to make this video?
    (Recording & Editing & Uploading)

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  4 years ago

      I did it all in one take if I remember correctly. No edits were done.

  • Max Ducks
    Max Ducks 10 months ago +1

    Code Talker imo is one of the best characters in this game, but only once you listen to his many cassettes. He’s a fascinating, complex character that is way more than what he appears to be. It’s a shame that it wasn’t conveyed a lot in the main story, but these recordings show me how influential Code Talker was in the events of the game. I mean, come on. The man is a Navajo Native American who’s lived over 100 years because he’s been completely infected by parasites that have replaced many of his organs, he doesn’t have to even eat He’s a genetic scientist who “programmed” a parasite to attack the hosts only when they spoke a specific language, even taking different accents and dialects into account. He extremely well-educated on a number of subjects, and he helped create the infamous coded messages used by the US in WW2 that the Japanese never managed to crack. And he has high standards for food, even when he doesn’t need to eat. Code Talker is Navajo version of The Most Interesting Man In The World.

  • Qwil
    Qwil 4 years ago +31

    Haha, the thunder when they talk about the chemical burger :)

    • Mar Ther
      Mar Ther Year ago +3

      The dramatic sting that makes all eyes widen and hands clutch chests in shock and awe lol

  • JohnfORGE
    JohnfORGE 5 months ago

    Your pretty good… (MGS3 Snake voice)

    …for putting all this together 👍

  • TheCycloneable
    TheCycloneable 3 years ago +15

    some of these tapes should've been made as cutscenes.. Venom Snake seems to be talking more in the tapes than in the cutscenes.

  • Anderson Reid
    Anderson Reid Year ago +6

    Zero has really lost it.

  • Playafreek_34
    Playafreek_34 3 years ago +6

    Zero disappeared for a while After Les Trebles was created. Cypher could have been operated by an AI and Zero was a Figurehead.

  • Geeegz
    Geeegz 6 years ago +47

    strangelove's tape was so sad :(

  • Hot Lynn
    Hot Lynn 2 years ago +2

    Do you think snake envied ocelots ability to believe in his own lies?

  • Chaddington Bear
    Chaddington Bear 8 months ago +1

    👋🏻 First time MG player, first time beater of MGSV.

    Is there any video anybody knows which makes sense of all these tapes? Not just showing them like this but going through them explaining the context behind everything?

    • History and Reviews
      History and Reviews 6 months ago

      @MinistryOfUngentlemanlyWarfare nah MGS1 ps1 is the best

    • MinistryOfUngentlemanlyWarfare
      MinistryOfUngentlemanlyWarfare 7 months ago

      All I can suggest is you get the HD remakes and play the games in chronological order - starting with almost objectively the best game of the series MGS3: Snake Eater. That's where it all begins.

      Highly recommend you play all the games, especially as you enjoyed MGSV but if you can bare to be spoiled there's a full recap of the whole saga (including the 2D Metal Gear originals) here:

      This story is ENORMOUS, with a thousand different threads and motivations and each game fills in bits of backstory. If you do decide to play through them all (the Metal Gear Solid games especially) I am extremely jealous you get to experience the series from scratch. Good luck brother!

  • DerpyWeavilePlays
    DerpyWeavilePlays 3 years ago

    Fucking live for Huey getting what he deserves

  • chris sonofpear1
    chris sonofpear1 Year ago

    5:18:29 - Big Brother Zero indeed - eventually, hoist by his own petard.

  • Saint Maxxi
    Saint Maxxi Year ago

    Sahelanthropus remains a mark of what Diamond Sogs. The head of Sahelanthropus was used to make Rex. Even in Death, we are Diamond Dogs...

  • arami187
    arami187 5 years ago +6

    What they should had done, is similar to PeaceWalker, was created cutscenes for the most important tapes in this list, and only leave the tapes as a way to know more about the situation that was presented in the Story. This "Parasite" soliloquy is actually the best explanation about why the Philosophers, Patriots, Big Boss and Zero go from starting with the best intentions to becoming a future menace; furthermore, it is suppose to explain why The Boss was "Loyal until the End', because in Metal Gear Solid 4, Boss finally understood her will to "...leave the world as it is..."; but like I had said before, the Story was very good, and enriches the entire Plot of the MGS Saga, but the story was wasted, almost to the point it was criminal, in Kojima's final game.

    • scruffy dynamite
      scruffy dynamite 4 years ago +1

      +Jaybird196 play 3 it's the bosses will

    • Jaybird196
      Jaybird196 5 years ago

      What :parasite soliloquy"? And, what is meant by "leaving the world as it is"

  • DerpyWeavilePlays
    DerpyWeavilePlays 3 years ago +31

    Probably Kojima's biggest mistake when making these games. Putting so much story behind something optional really ruins it. Still the best metal gear to play

    • sooktoo k77
      sooktoo k77 2 years ago

      @Journey95 Far the whole mother base, online, animals and other side things, Sutherland, were literally useless and unnecessary. Just a waste of money.
      If he managed the budget we would've got a complete game.

    • Antiquated Ape
      Antiquated Ape 2 years ago

      Some people just like the gameplay,the real fans will go get all the casettes and learn the story on a deeper level than what the cutscenes reveal as you play the game. It's like getting lore pieces in Fallout or Dishonored.

    • Sausage404
      Sausage404 2 years ago +3

      I think he did it so people like dsp that dont care about the story wouldnt be constantly bitching while playing it, and then actual mgs fans would still have the story

    • Journey95 Far
      Journey95 Far 3 years ago

      @SaNdSoN4040 difference is no one cares for Destiny's of the main reasons for MGS popularity are the story and characters though

    • Journey95 Far
      Journey95 Far 3 years ago +3

      @The Outsider I doubt it, it's easy to blame Konami because they do suck but Kojima made some bizarre decisions on his the tapes crap, going open world, Venom snake twist etc.

  • Carter Greene
    Carter Greene 4 years ago +2

    This has been bothering me. Has anyone noticed that you get the "white mamba detained" tape, the tape explaining eli's living conditions on mother base, before eli even drops down on motherbase. I've searched high and low for an explanation, but I could never find one. Anyone have an explanation?

  • ItsJustAmaziah
    ItsJustAmaziah Year ago

    StrangeLove had a vocal cord parasite. So Huey could've been telling the truth at least partially.

  • Aryabrat Sahoo
    Aryabrat Sahoo Year ago

    6:41 great recap

    LEGO JOEY 6 months ago

    1:40:39 Clouds approaching

  • ApocaIypse666
    ApocaIypse666 5 years ago +16

    Miller burger part gave me a little bit of laugh right there and i did not even expect the old timer like hamburgers oops spoilers sorry

  • ZombryaTheDark
    ZombryaTheDark Year ago +4

    Kiefer sounds perfect for big boss

  • Mahdi Jafari
    Mahdi Jafari 4 months ago

    Thanks for this

  • Mr Cheebo
    Mr Cheebo 6 months ago +1

    Liked 357:53 to 413:20

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC Year ago

    I cant help but think that this game may have been actually completed if they didn't managed the funds a bit better and didn't have these voice actors getting paid to speak all of these lines... I could never listen to all of this... 😭...

  • HKJ
    HKJ Year ago +1

    Also, gonna assume Eli didn't like Miller's burgers. A good chef will probably never be killed by an egomaniacal clone of a super soldier. Lessons for cooking for kids and experiments.

  • Chad Garcia
    Chad Garcia Year ago +36

    11:08 they really set up that color faded thing for the Eli cut story content.

    • S u z y
      S u z y Year ago +3

      Not really, the colours also fade when you are seriously injured in game and you treat your wounds.

  • John-fORGE F
    John-fORGE F 6 years ago +7

    I think u can low the audio sound from the Idroid if not turn it off. I'm glad you assembled all these videos I heard most of them didn't think I heard 6hrs of recordings lol I came here to hear the truth tapes they have tons of other good ones too. Like Miller's Cheese burgers is pretty funny and some how true too!

    • Dava nick3
      Dava nick3 4 years ago

      John-fORGE F right

    • Dava nick3
      Dava nick3 4 years ago

      John-fORGE F y

    • ghxulish trash
      ghxulish trash 4 years ago

      Death Dream also the 9 hours of cutscenes or something like that.

    • John-fORGE F
      John-fORGE F 6 years ago +3

      +Death Dream wow u are Pretty good like snake would say. Thanks

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  6 years ago +3

      +John-fORGE F Yeah, six hours surprised me to. I recorded this in all one sitting with no edits. Was a lot longer than I expected it to be lol

  • Олег Волгин

    Now this is really based

  • Dormaze
    Dormaze 3 months ago

    All the talk about Quiet being able to be so silent she can prevent her heartbeat from making any noise...
    She's constantly humming extremely loudly! fuck the heartbeat, teach her to shut up for a second! Quiet she is not.

  • AirKangLocker
    AirKangLocker 2 years ago +1

    1:59:00 the truth of the world begins

  • JEST3R
    JEST3R 5 months ago

    Here I thought the medic was just fucking mute, but no kojima just hid his fucking dialogue 🤣🤣🤣

  • Necro Kun [kawaiii]
    Necro Kun [kawaiii] 4 years ago +7

    Thx im always to lazy to Listen to the tapes now I lay in Bed and Listen to this

    • K C
      K C 3 years ago

      Literally the exact same reason why I’m here.

    • Necro Kun [kawaiii]
      Necro Kun [kawaiii] 4 years ago

      Death Dream no Problem

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  4 years ago +1

      Thanks for the heads up! I was able to claim my youtube URL name :D

    • Death Dream
      Death Dream  4 years ago

      Oh snap! Nice!

    • Necro Kun [kawaiii]
      Necro Kun [kawaiii] 4 years ago

      Death Dream im your 100. Sub XD

  • BrianStyleDeath
    BrianStyleDeath 3 years ago

    Is this really the length of the cassettes? I listened to them all it can't last 6 hours.

  • whitenight369
    whitenight369 2 months ago

    People actually got thru this game wothout dying once..

  • Walkingdog1000
    Walkingdog1000 6 years ago

    Anyone know how many tapes there are in total?

    • Walkingdog1000
      Walkingdog1000 5 years ago

      @AceSim Gaming thanks. Damn that's a lot. Didn't realize I'd listened to that many

    • AceSim Gaming
      AceSim Gaming 5 years ago +1

      +Walkingdog1000 151 in total. 47 of them are yellow, which is are the important ones.

    • Walkingdog1000
      Walkingdog1000 5 years ago

      it doesn't give a total number, which is precisely what I asked for

    • John-fORGE F
      John-fORGE F 5 years ago

      if u go to Walkman section for metal gear in their wiki page scroll to the bottom find metal gear solid v phantom pain they list all story and music cassette tapes.

  • Niko Christian Wallenberg

    "Weather will clear shortly"

  • Red Lantern Reviews
    Red Lantern Reviews 3 years ago +21

    Cassette Tapes just don't have the same appeal as people giving over-the-top exposition of what the plot was actually about in person

  • Hart Walker
    Hart Walker 4 years ago +12

    Metal gear solid V: Fuck Huey

  • HKJ
    HKJ Year ago

    4:22:00 hey look a pun by Miller. Did ya catch it

  • Paul smith
    Paul smith 5 months ago

    This is best part of game

  • Ian Kennedy
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    James Dyson Year ago

    Where are the burger tapes? Those are very important to the story, please re-do the video amd add these important tapes.

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    MSG, kaz, what the literal fuck!!! In a burger?????? 😂🤣😂

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    I only listen to World Affairs

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    [full] Lost 3 years ago

    He's the toughest son of bitch I've ever known.. _Major

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    The whole story in audio recordings ...

    • Lucas Bruno
      Lucas Bruno 2 years ago

      @Journey95 Far Maybe you're just repeating what other people said.

    • PunishedKaz
      PunishedKaz 2 years ago +3

      @Journey95 Far Nope, the game possess 4h of cutscenes, 50h of missions for a good reason i won't explain here and a script so long that 6h of dialogues is needed. If you prefer dialogues that occure during a mission and freeze your character i understand but MGSV is about freedom so you can listen to the story as you please.

    • Journey95 Far
      Journey95 Far 3 years ago

      @PunishedKaz yeah there is when the game was shit compared to the previous games in terms of story. The useless open world and bad (even if bigger) script don't change that. But I know fanboys will kiss Kojima's ass no matter what

    • Journey95 Far
      Journey95 Far 3 years ago

      @PunishedKaz MGS V is the MGS with the incomplete garbage story..good gameplay but that's about it.

    • H
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      @PunishedKaz finally someone who gets it

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    Why is Miller such a breathy bastard?

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      a lot of pain and drugs

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      SomeEnglishGuy Nah it's just cause he was played like a damn fiddle.

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      DanVielwerth he is missing a arm, leg and is majorly fatigued due to being held hostage, either that or he is in constant pain

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    Get in the robot, Hal

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    I just realized why they git rid of david hayder. Venom is not bb so why would he sound like him? It was there the whole time and ground zeros was actually a false memory planted in venom thats why there is the first explosion from paz then in the PP we see something different. Also why would chico freak out after he saw snake there to rescue him. I thought maybe he was afraid of being caught as a traitor again. But he doesnt freak out until snake gets close and chico sees its not him so he knew then miller sided with skull face as u hear him say give her the shot in chicos tapes pointed out by pythonsnake or whatever on youtube.

    • Willian G. Stein
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      and in japanese version the snakes was made by the same actor from the other games

    • Antiquated Ape
      Antiquated Ape 2 years ago

      If you played Ground Zeroes,that is Naked Snake and he is still voiced by Kiefer Sutherland. He's just an older guy whose been enjoying cigars and fine whiskey. That's bound to grizzle your voice in your age.

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      the real big boss was voiced by sutherland aswell

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    4:49:56 is that a reference to "The Thing" ??


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    Say Hello to Pax Hamburgana!

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    All these tapes are over 6 hours?

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      Yes, each one is played back to back.