Spoiled Millionaire Suddenly Wakes up in a 19th Century Village Believing he Traveled Through Time

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • After getting in trouble with the police, the spoiled son of a wealthy businessman is made to believe he has traveled back in time in order to reform his unseemly behavior.
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  • MrSupercar55

    Now that's the most elaborate way to reform a chronically spoiled brat.

  • Tadias Said

    "When Anastasia said they worked on a horror movie together, she meant that they used to be married." Now this was a different level of relationship goals

  • Dominick Destine

    This actually seems like an amazing movie.

  • Valorno Eruvano

    How do I handle my child’s bad behavior?

  • Jay Moto

    Love the last line: From then on, more spoiled rich brats are taken to the village for rehabilitation. Only point I laughed.

  • Siodog
    Siodog  +456

    The most painful thing about this is we know people like this exists... and they are not a few

  • envitech02

    I actually laughed out loud when Grisha found a gas station. The look on his face was priceless!

  • MuteCanvas

    Nothing too crazy, grounded in reality... and a sweet ending. This movie puts a smile on my face.

  • Porras The Great

    Many people here are mentioning airplanes being a problem. Here in southern South Dakota/northern Nebraska, the nearest airport (airliner at least) is an hour and a half away from my town, and we don't get many at all. With the land features around (lakes, rivers, hills, cows and farms, etc.), I have a feeling that someone could DEFINITELY pull this off around my area no problem. The locals would most likely even help for free! I REALLY liked this movie idea though!

  • Akapulko06
    Akapulko06  +149

    The guy that plays Grisha is Serbian actor "Miloš Biković", he actually speaks Serbian, English AND Russian, he is very well known in Russia as an actor, Serbs also like him and he has acted in numerous movies in Serbia and Russia, most known Serbian movie he's been in has to be "Južni Vetar" (South Wind)

  • TedBronson1918

    Father could have saved himself lots of money by actually parenting, and punishing his kid when he was young instead of spoiling him. He even passes on the responsibility when he should be older and wiser ! The guy is totally gutless. He can't even bear to see his son catch the lash once after all the trouble he's caused and injury he's inflicted with his selfish behavior. I think he needed some re-education himself, as far as priorities go.

  • shambo
    shambo  +37

    thank you so much for doin what you do! you're bringing amazing foreign movies that normally we would never see, going through the effort to commentate, translate, and watch the movies yourself, and doing all this with an insanely crazy upload schedule! you're doin great work man!

  • Uncle Carrot

    The story is actually not bad at all.

  • Nivlheim 09C

    It would be hilarious if they actually filmed his progress and released as a full length movie. Then the people loved his redemption arc.

  • Jaybruhh
    Jaybruhh  +634

    If only this was a real thing. Like a temporary rich jail for spoiled brats. 😂

  • Blake
    Blake  +25

    This guy is the visualization of nobility in the times before the late 20th century, spoiled, using their wealth for parties.

  • Drizzle
    Drizzle  +131

    Cool to see how in the end, he ended up as a worker in the village helping other spoiled kids. He came full circle.

  • Heath Anderson

    This movie is fun, creative, ingeniously simplistic and heart warming. 10/10 🏆

  • I'm Still The Same Guy.

    Honestly huge respect for this guy. He spends probably hours of his freetime watching movies and making summaries for people like us to enjoy. Good job man :)

  • James Davie

    This guy is really good at putting these things together. Gives you just enough info for it to still have a significant punch almost like you’ve watched the movie