Best of the Worst: Blood Debts, The Tomb, and Undefeatable


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  • TOK150
    TOK150 5 days ago

    Silver Star? is that what Mike was referencing in the Age of Ultron Half in the Bag Review?

  • hoshnasi
    hoshnasi 6 days ago

    "How to end a movie" - Blood Debts

  • hoshnasi
    hoshnasi 6 days ago

    Female action lead? Sigourney Weaver?

  • delvid nesker
    delvid nesker 6 days ago

    God damn I love that blood debts bass line.

  • Tel Fer
    Tel Fer 6 days ago

    In Poland Cynthia Rothrock was the queen of VHS back in the Day. Right up there with Norris, VanDamme and others.

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley 9 days ago

    "Seeing his name on a movie does not guarantee he is going to be a drunken wreck."

  • Anthony Simeone
    Anthony Simeone 10 days ago

    This episode nessitates regular viewing, it's so good!

  • Dusty Fred
    Dusty Fred 11 days ago

    Is this when Rich decided to quit drinking?

    • Oda Swifteye
      Oda Swifteye 6 days ago

      Rich never started to my knowledge.

  • Quiet Side
    Quiet Side 13 days ago

    I watched this again for Poor Evans and, of course, Blood Debts.

  • Porgtorias
    Porgtorias 16 days ago

    Why did the "Rich Evans" character dress up as a Hip-hoper from the late 80's?

  • Randy Ferrell
    Randy Ferrell 16 days ago

    Undefeatable is surprisingly good for a bad 80s movie, pretty decent martial arts on display from Cynthia Rothrock

  • Metalgear SolidSnake
    Metalgear SolidSnake 17 days ago

    why is Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan in the background?

  • SpongeBobaFett
    SpongeBobaFett 19 days ago

    This video is severely lacking in Jay

  • Alex Martinovitch
    Alex Martinovitch 19 days ago

    sybil danning was an icon back in the day, but hoo shit, time has not been kind to her

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 21 day ago

    That older stripper was Kitten Natividad, who appeared in Russ Meyer's movies back in the day.

  • Corey Slade
    Corey Slade 23 days ago

    I really hope you guys have Cynthia Rothrock's next movie on here soon, she is playing Momma Cat in Cool Cat the Kids Superhero 😂 which is apparently a re-edit of the best movie ever made - Cool Cat Saves the Kids, just with extra scenes added 🤣

  • MrNotJoker
    MrNotJoker 23 days ago


  • waggleparty
    waggleparty 23 days ago

    41:33 for lots of laughs

  • MiaowGaiGar
    MiaowGaiGar 23 days ago

    Had to look up stripper granny. She was 39 in this, apparently -- ouch, by the way -- and was evidently the gal you called when you needed someone to enthusiastically whip the girls out, because she was in a shit ton of movies, where that was exactly what she did, including in Airplane!, so she's basically stripper royalty.
    Kitten Natividad, by the way. You're welcome.
    Now stop looking at me like that.

  • Kevin Frodahl
    Kevin Frodahl 24 days ago

    The peak of my theater career was being cast in a lead role in Les Blancs, and finding out in the first 10 minutes of the first table read that Cameron Mitchell was the original actor cast in the first broadway production.

  • Mandalore The Triggerer

    Boy, I totally don't cringe when I see two 42 year old men wear shirts intended for 15 year olds.

  • KohinaREC
    KohinaREC 25 days ago

    Holy shit. That one guy is shooting a Valmet M82.

  • KohinaREC
    KohinaREC 25 days ago

    The Tomb does not sound that different from that Tom Cruise Mummy film.

  • Sleszak
    Sleszak 26 days ago

    Why is there a Reagan photo in the back?

  • Vellioh
    Vellioh Month ago

    7:28 It looks like he has the top button of his flannel shirt buttoned like he's role playing as a cholo gangster lol

  • X
    X Month ago +1

    lmaoo I love that the rocket scene made Rich laugh so loud that literally nobody could say anything haha like anyone that tried just gave up because Rich sounded like a lobster dropped into boiling water .

  • Dan Arnets
    Dan Arnets Month ago

    40:33 is the biggest burn in all of history

  • voodoochile333
    voodoochile333 Month ago


  • Djaysen Mercey
    Djaysen Mercey Month ago

    Anybody know the name of the song playing at the end?

  • Corey G. Ivey
    Corey G. Ivey Month ago +1

    Cynthia Rothrock was bigger in Hong Kong in the 80s and 90s and made A LOT of Kung Fu films. A lot of fans of Cynthia Rothrock were upset (myself included) that she wasn't cast in the original Mortal Kombat movie. She was one of my favorite martial artists growing up.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    4:23 Worst gold swing I have ever seen.

  • Tyler Martin
    Tyler Martin Month ago +2

    24:52 for my own personal time stamp.

  • Javalar
    Javalar Month ago

    5:06 Ninja Hunt! I have that one! And I'm pretty sure it stars the same guy as Blood Debts.
    * Tiny, but deadly, shuriken.
    * Important world changing super soldier formulas taped under desks.
    * Ninja wearing headbands with the word "Ninja" on them.
    * Annoyingly voiced kids.
    * The best salary negotiations ever.
    * Paralysis inducing handcuffs.
    * Projectiles which defy the laws of physics.

  • JJAB91
    JJAB91 Month ago

    The bad guy in Undefeatable looks a bit like Todd Howard.

  • jslvee
    jslvee Month ago +1

    Mike edited and added the commentary celebrating that he hit the other bottle. God bless him.

  • M Hollman
    M Hollman Month ago +1

    27.56 is the most INSANE blooper/unexpected scenario BOTW has ever filmed. That bottle toss-break-bounce-land is nothing short of 1 in a trillion million. NEVER to be duplicated again. PERIOD

  • Jumbo Jango
    Jumbo Jango Month ago

    Blood Debts has the greatest ending in cinematic history

  • Kyle Shockley
    Kyle Shockley Month ago

    @14:23 Not only the Batman transition, but the Stone Killer and White Lightning soundtracks. This film spared no expense in cutting corners.

  • Red Lion
    Red Lion Month ago

    There were a bunch of great female kung fu/action stars in Asia from 80s and 90s. Cynthia Rothrock even acted in a few of them. But i guess you don't watch anything outside Hollywood, you hacks!

  • rhemorigher
    rhemorigher Month ago

    I would say the reason Cynthia Rothrock didn't break out is simply muscles. As noted in all of these movies two shirtless guys get oiled up and smack each other about - the only reason they do this is to show off the physical condition. Schwarzenegger is famous for his movies of this era, his accent is thick, his looks were iffy, his acting is poor, his fighting skills are not great - but he is a bodybuilder, he was - IIRC - Mr Universe. Stallone has huge muscles. Van Damme AKA 'The Muscles From Brussels'.
    This era of action movies had a hang up on 'muscle porn' and she couldn't compete in that. Shame, her acting needed to grow, but there are coaches for that. Great physical skills, passable acting, looks fine - but even though martial arts were in at the time, martial arts and action movies were focused on unreasonably large muscles and blatant physical power.

  • AtticWarrior1994
    AtticWarrior1994 Month ago

    Rich Evans: Defeatable.

  • Ben Chrollen
    Ben Chrollen Month ago

    How is this not more popular?!

  • Alex Pohorily
    Alex Pohorily Month ago


  • AlucardsQuest
    AlucardsQuest Month ago +3

    Grandma Stripper as you say is Kitten Natividad. If you dont know that name, keep going with this worst series and you'll see her again. Most people might only know her as the boob lady from the Airplane movies, but she was actually Russ Meyer's wife (and of course appeared in lots of his movies). So it's interesting that you say her strip scene is unsexy, because her background is in burlesque. Stripping is an evolution of burlesque, but back in the old days it was more about shaking what you got, hence why you might see her as a bad dancer. But... I'd hit it. And so would you if you weren't all married with children and grandchildren.

  • X
    X Month ago +1

    holy shit Rich made me have to turn down my speakers during the end of Blood Debt. lmao that was amazing. It was like listening to someone let the air out of 100000 balloons at once

  • FPSchazly
    FPSchazly Month ago

    11:50 off screen jay laughing?

  • Klay Curry
    Klay Curry 2 months ago +1

    Recruit more pimps 25:00

  • dominichokage
    dominichokage 2 months ago

    In an alternate universe, Mike Stoklasa (45) is serving a life sentence for killing Rich Evans by propelling the jagged edges of a broken bottle into his head.

  • MrGbere777
    MrGbere777 2 months ago

    35:16 I just found out that the stripper in that scene is a women called Kitten Natividad and she is a real stripper, but she was almost 40 in that scene.They may move like they are real but they are 100% silicone.

  • Brandon Powell
    Brandon Powell 2 months ago

    23:54 Bill? His name is Bill? I thought it might be Antoine or Bassel or like Langford maybe But Bill?

  • Jodi Wright
    Jodi Wright 2 months ago

    42:00 Just about the funniest thing ever

  • widgetphreak
    widgetphreak 2 months ago

    That Grandma Stripper is Kitten Natividad... of Russ Meyer movie fame.

  • widgetphreak
    widgetphreak 2 months ago

    Single handedly saves his wife.... with 4 arms.

  • Maelstrom
    Maelstrom 2 months ago

    See... When Mike does the joke it's funny, when Josh does it... Just stop.

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor 2 months ago

    "That hat is a complete fabrication"

  • Tristan McCann
    Tristan McCann 2 months ago +1


  • NoFunAloud
    NoFunAloud 2 months ago

    Why is best of the worst so fun to watch, I don't get it.

  • Kwipper
    Kwipper 2 months ago

    RIch Evans has the most joyous laughter ever.

  • Bryton Cherrier
    Bryton Cherrier 2 months ago

    You're welcome.

  • Kaleb Spell
    Kaleb Spell 2 months ago


  • SirSamJuan
    SirSamJuan 2 months ago

    I remember my parents old vhs player had a backwards play function. If you hit the rewind once it played bacwards normal speed (no sound sadly) and if you hit it again it would fast rewind. And the usual stop then rewind for max rewind speed:)
    Me and my brother watched many movies backwards out of pure boredom.

  • Joel Fulker
    Joel Fulker 2 months ago

    Their description of the jump-zooka reminds me of why I quit FFXV.

  • Psyco Mantis
    Psyco Mantis 2 months ago

    Free Mark Collins!

  • Guillermo Garcia
    Guillermo Garcia 2 months ago

    What`s the name of the ending music?

  • The Raging Gnome
    The Raging Gnome 2 months ago +1

    I'm giving a like just because of that sweet unintentional trick shot there with the bottle. lol that was awesome

  • GunvorPlays
    GunvorPlays 2 months ago +1

    That ending to Blood Debts still get me to this day.

  • Rooster
    Rooster 3 months ago

    Josh is the worst. How he tries to do what Mike did with pouring the beer then tossing it. Outright refusing to do The Tomb (trying to be funny?). So cringy.

    • M Hollman
      M Hollman Month ago

      I gotta agree 100% Ur observation is correct no matter how old it is.......Josh&Jack just aren't funny. The harder they try, the worse it gets...

  • Jep Hep
    Jep Hep 3 months ago

    holy fuck the bottle

  • PrezPendejo
    PrezPendejo 3 months ago

    It's sort of weird when Mike says he just can't think of any female kung fu stars in the 80s and 90s as if he's sure they straight up didn't exist. Why didn't he just say he was unfamiliar with kung fu movies?

  • Joe schmo
    Joe schmo 3 months ago

    I missed something from years ago, why do they often have a picture of Reagan in the background?

  • Chetter Cheese
    Chetter Cheese 3 months ago

    Cynthia Rothrock, Plays Cool cats mother in Cool Cat Kids SuperHero

  • Emotional Friend
    Emotional Friend 3 months ago

    Ironically these days Cynthia Rothrock's gang really couldn't get into college because they're Asian and their IQs are too high.
    It took 24 years and racial admissions quotas, but we finally ruined the running gag from Undefeatable. Mission accomplished everyone.

    • Oda Swifteye
      Oda Swifteye Month ago

      My life's work is now complete. I'm ready for the next dimension.

  • Ratel.H Badger
    Ratel.H Badger 3 months ago +1

    Apart from The Tomb this was a pretty good episode

  • Adriano Andrade
    Adriano Andrade 3 months ago +1

    I actually watched Blood Debts and at the beginning of the movie it is stabilished that the wife's name is Yvette, but right after she is kidnapped her name isn't mentioned anymore, so I guess the producers either forgot the character's name or thought that the audience would have forgotten her name by the end, so they identified her as "Mark's wife" in the credits.
    Also, spoiler alert, Mark end up killing Bill's (the main boss) son, so that's why he explodes his wife in front of him. It's not a great movie, but it's genuinely fun. I recommend Blood Debts.

  • frank bivona
    frank bivona 3 months ago

    well, you know what they say- "its like the touch football version of street fighting.." also another female action fung fuish star was chynna phillips. im more than sure she was a kung fu movie "star"

  • Jon
    Jon 3 months ago

    Love this show, but, that laugh is insufferable...

    • Oda Swifteye
      Oda Swifteye 3 months ago

      Shut your whore mouth.

    • Jon
      Jon 3 months ago

      That goes for you, too. Have a great day!

    • Matthew Lennhardt
      Matthew Lennhardt 3 months ago +1

      Jon no one cares what you think

  • Avery Hawkins
    Avery Hawkins 3 months ago

    I just noticed the rich evans star wars doll on the shelf and thats something I think Id pay money for

  • Steely
    Steely 3 months ago

    I think that the rocket pistol explosion may have actually been bigger than the one from the bazooka.

  • BubblewrapHighway
    BubblewrapHighway 3 months ago

    The Tomb is a Fred Olen Ray film! No wonder it's a piece of shit.

  • Lee Presson
    Lee Presson 3 months ago

    My favorite BotW opening shot of all time.

  • Tony Dupre
    Tony Dupre 3 months ago

    I watch these for Rich Evans' laugh

  • The Paranoid Pill
    The Paranoid Pill 3 months ago +1

    LOL holy shit my freinds mom is the star of UNDEFEATABLE

    • Oda Swifteye
      Oda Swifteye Month ago +1

      Well if you're telling the truth she made a lot of money in Hong Kong.

    • The Paranoid Pill
      The Paranoid Pill 3 months ago +1

      Matthew Lennhardt lol you wish, I was at their Easter lunch lol, idk how but she’s like wealthy, really nice home and her daughter went to a private hs with me

    • Matthew Lennhardt
      Matthew Lennhardt 3 months ago

      The Paranoid Pill good lie

  • Ryan Horton
    Ryan Horton 4 months ago

    I had to come here to watch some of your real content to get that fucking Jurassic theme music loop out of my head after listening to the entirety of your new half in the bag ... Sigh ...

  • Sam1787
    Sam1787 4 months ago

    Undefeatable has almost as many empty boxes as the warehouse in Future War.

  • Qwufi
    Qwufi 4 months ago

    Maybe it was mentioned before but I loved the intro. :D

  • BuddhaBebop
    BuddhaBebop 4 months ago

    How the fuck do you fall on a car like that without fracturing your collarbone and cursing your family seven generations previous?

  • BuddhaBebop
    BuddhaBebop 4 months ago

    Are Cynthia rothrocks movies less of meathead spectacles than seagal and van damme movies? Been a while since i churned through action flicks. Was that movie with casper van dien worth a damn

  • BuddhaBebop
    BuddhaBebop 4 months ago

    I love one of the characters is simply called rapist. But of course. This is a movie with "marks wife." its a proud day for feminism

  • DatCameraMON
    DatCameraMON 4 months ago

    Is hip Rich Evans replacing Jack?

  • Molag Bal
    Molag Bal 4 months ago

    I still don't know if rich was truly upset

  • Howard Roark
    Howard Roark 4 months ago +1

    Why is Reagan looking on the discussion?

    • Marsuvee
      Marsuvee 4 months ago


  • Saiful Mokhtar
    Saiful Mokhtar 4 months ago

    Y'all gotta check China O'Brien to see more Cynthia Rothrock kickin' ass.

  • Cato Malgus
    Cato Malgus 4 months ago

    Recruit more pimps!

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 4 months ago

    Josh is great

  • AlbyGaming
    AlbyGaming 4 months ago

    Couldn’t accept strong female action characters? Did...did you guys forget about Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor?

  • JoeShmoe102
    JoeShmoe102 5 months ago

    What is Ronald Reagan doing posted behind the table!?

  • Sourav Acharjee
    Sourav Acharjee 5 months ago

    hey im from India
    how that white guy know about ganesh?

  • TheXen0
    TheXen0 5 months ago

    This video is FALSE. Unless this video was made pre 2001 there is no way Josh did the worlds first Reel Transfer. I used to work in a video store in the early 2000s (2001-2004) and performed Reel Transfers on a weekly basis from idiots driving over the tapes, stepping on them, or even leaving them on ovens and melting the case. I demand my recognition.

  • Design Fella
    Design Fella 5 months ago +1

    Surprised the guys had never heard of Cynthia Rothrock. The Lady Dragon. She was the person they based Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat on.

  • Cobra
    Cobra 5 months ago

    Rich Evans' laughter makes my neighborhood's dogs howl uncontrollably