Joe Rogan | The Harsh Truths of Operation Paperclip (NASA & Nazi's) w/Annie Jacobsen

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1299 w/Annie Jacobsen:

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  • BSJ's Bachelor Pad
    BSJ's Bachelor Pad 2 hours ago

    This lady is so hot👙🔥

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    Marshall Tucker 2 hours ago

    she has a hot voice

  • Ben Hume
    Ben Hume 4 hours ago

    Blindly believe every word uttered by people who write popular histories

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    E C 9 hours ago

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    Michael Boaz 9 hours ago

    All I know is she has a veryyyyy seductive voice..... Imagine 1-800- PLZ-DO ME......Spank me Mama!!

  • Howard Glen
    Howard Glen 12 hours ago

    Von Braun did not lead NASA. Throughout the 1960s he was the director of the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama where the Saturn rockets were designed. For two years after that, he was NASA's Deputy Associate Administrator for Planning, until he quit in frustration over budget cuts. He then helped found what is now the National Space Society.
    Dueling scars were not a Nazi thing. They were popular in central and eastern European universities from the 1820s. The Nazis discouraged the practice when they came to power.
    Fritz Haber did not create Zyklon gas. He developed a more practical method of packaging and deploying it, but it was essentially the same chemical that was used in mining and fumigation from the 1880s.

  • Ante Polic
    Ante Polic 14 hours ago

    Horrific, horrific, oofoll nazi.what about fucing Bush,Cheney, Clinton's...?there are good guys?

  • Paul Neubauer
    Paul Neubauer 16 hours ago

    The dueling scar thing existed long before the Nazis.

  • Jeremy Hogeland
    Jeremy Hogeland 17 hours ago

    1:45 no scrubs

  • zsolt p
    zsolt p 18 hours ago +1

    The nacis did not escape to Argentina they were allowed to go.
    The nacis origaneted not only from Germany.
    Germany did not wanted war with europe ... had no choice.
    Lets clear / Churcil - Albert Sperr Story/Pearl Harbour / Stalin - american weapons before war.
    Lets see how deep goes the rubbit hole.
    Its time really see behind what was really going on ...because if satisfied only focusing what they did ...but not how and why could it happen ... going to happen again and again.

  • lee Caraher
    lee Caraher 19 hours ago

    White People, Have You Had Enough Yet?

  • C.arellano
    C.arellano 23 hours ago

    He's literally describing trump lol 22:25 - 22:50

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 23 hours ago

    "OG Fight Club" ?! nah. Although, i don't know what you're talking about at all

  • SirSplode
    SirSplode Day ago

    Jamie needs to be interviewed by joe. The driving point of the cast would be how great it is to work for Joe.

  • Luckma1
    Luckma1 Day ago

    These "Bruderschaften" in Germany still exist and are Neonazi organisations that are active at Universities and other public instituitions.

  • jorswar -
    jorswar - Day ago

    Wanna hear Unit 731..Nazis got nothing on these people..and the US pardoned them in exchange for the information learned during the horrible experiments..

  • young and wack
    young and wack Day ago

    I thought everyone understood that we got pure evil to help us to space ....... (despite they where awful , killing them would’ve been a complete loss of knowledge and innovation)

  • Peter Regan
    Peter Regan Day ago

    Spoils of war.

  • New Jones
    New Jones Day ago

    A good nazi is a death nazi

  • Deandre Whitney
    Deandre Whitney Day ago

    What’s worst joe slavery or the holocaust?

  • platovaya
    platovaya Day ago

    hysterical propaganda. "Oh no, these smart Germans were so evil". At the same time, the narrative goes "Joos were the smartest people, doctors etc. in Germany, but were replaced by mediocre Germans, just because they were Germans"... Contradiction.
    They both just agreed the swastika is an evil thing, just like that... WW2 has been so evil... They are pearl-clutching for 20 minutes.

  • Adrian Skog
    Adrian Skog Day ago

    So top intelligent scientists were actually german aryans and did crimes against humanity. Now they thought that jews were evil and they Good germans. Why call it evil, its the bad sides of human Nature ignorant. Intolerant selfishness and power. You cant take normal germans from the nazis, they were german.Not anything else that is called evil.

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    Takes a lot of guts to look Nazism in the eye. And she's hot af. Her glasses are even a little bit crooked.

    • PlacX Vernox
      PlacX Vernox 4 hours ago

      I didn't realize that since I'm kind fazing out to fully listen

  • Smart Ass
    Smart Ass Day ago

    You have to remember that most of the scientist had to go along with the program or die. Same as the people in North Korea that seem to be behind the government but there forced to comply or die.

  • Smail
    Smail Day ago

    Nazi Germany is such a weird thing. It's like a sci-fi movie. I can't grasp the idea, that this really happened, because it's so weird, but it let's you also question the safety of the future and how fragile our peace is. Almost all people nowadays say they wouldn't be Nazis or wouldn't let this happen, but those people living in Nazi Germany were just people like us. There are people still alive from then and crossing the streets. So weird

  • Who am I ? No one!
    Who am I ? No one! Day ago +1

    Evil men are everywhere , on all levels. It's happening again. It's head is raising up again. A time of trouble the world has never known before , is upon us.

  • Joe Mattingly
    Joe Mattingly Day ago

    Maybe they held knives with their mouths while Dueling lmao

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    No One Day ago

    Huntimg Hitler, Joe

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    Ma. D. Fa Stark Day ago

    This woman's voice making me hard but I'm listening to war crimes at the same time. Predicament.

  • dem strange
    dem strange Day ago

    Cowboy from EveryThingMustDie told me of the paper clip experiment

  • Miki Flokster
    Miki Flokster Day ago

    ЈЁW is telling you story about those evul Nazis. That's how you know most of it is pure sh*t and made up ЈЁWish stories.
    With ЈЁWs You Lose. Syndrome of ЈЁWish paranoia...

  • Adam
    Adam 2 days ago +1

    See, it’s not about being good. It’s about being the smartest scumbag of the earth. Human beings are trash.

  • Danny Campana
    Danny Campana 2 days ago

    “When you say Tubercular does that mean Tuberculosis?

  • Jaime De Jesus
    Jaime De Jesus 2 days ago

    And The Offspring of those nazi bastards are now running America, looks like Nazi Germany won the war after all

  • Nick Sheats
    Nick Sheats 2 days ago

    Yea Nazis were evil, they did that for a few years. They weren't more evil than the Americans that enslaved blacks and did everything imaginable to them for a couple hundred years. Now that's some evil star wars shit.

    • Nick Sheats
      Nick Sheats 2 days ago

      Its almost like blacks were abducted.

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    Johnny Lachingas 2 days ago

    Imagine her on her knees 🤐

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    nazis are good at rockets they invented fireworks search it up 🤯

  • Gavin Morgan
    Gavin Morgan 2 days ago

    The biggest lie in history continues and Germany has finally been destroyed forever by filling a great country with third world islamic filth. Classic divide and conquer the rest of Europe is following suit. The western world is finished national identity is not allowed third world is soon to be the whole world. Liked joe but now think hes part of the machine of misinformation.

  • Lucid Lagomorph
    Lucid Lagomorph 2 days ago

    what they dont talk about is there was have been some perceived benefit from landing on the moon. Otherwise why would the Russians go to so much trouble in the space race?
    - The Russians would of received a proportion of this information from Nazi scientists.

    • Lucid Lagomorph
      Lucid Lagomorph 2 days ago

      what is significant about the Moon is that is the closest astral body we have to the earth. When we look at the Moon we are seeing the past and the view from the moon to the earth is also the past. Hmmm this makes me curious about what can be manifested from this possibly something to do with perceiving the future

  • Lucid Lagomorph
    Lucid Lagomorph 2 days ago +1

    its wasn't just Hitler's "charisma" but there were loads of mind control tech involved.

  • Lucid Lagomorph
    Lucid Lagomorph 2 days ago

    from what I understood this is what caused the cold war

    • Alec nolastname
      Alec nolastname 4 hours ago

      I Imagine that the 'cold war' started as soon as the two forces met in Berlin.

  • Brother Malachai
    Brother Malachai 2 days ago

    09:35 10:21 18:26 Wrong. That is a College and Prussian Military Tradition. The Nazis actually banned it. It ended up being revived after World War II because the Nazi ban was lifted.

    18:38's not remarkable because it pre-dates Nazism and the Nazis BANNED it. It amazes me you guys know that the Swastika pre-dates Nazism and is a sacred symbol in the Far East and yet you're freaking out over dueling scars..."because it looks scawwy!"

  • Andy Brewer
    Andy Brewer 2 days ago

    This is definitely something to wrap your head around and around about. Damn Joe Rogan has an awesome job!

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 2 days ago

    I could just listen to this video and jerk off! 😋

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 2 days ago

    She definitely has a " Fuck me voice "

  • Michael Smith
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    She sounds and looks a bit like the therapist on the series Lucifer...

  • Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler

    omg i always hated that Microsoft Windows paperclip thingie. it made me so mad!! now i know that psycho nazis are behind it. thanks, joo rogan. **eats pills.**

  • Rehab
    Rehab 3 days ago

    5:30, the young jamie is off he'd be 130 if he was still alive not 120.. smhhhh

  • Nigel Kent
    Nigel Kent 3 days ago

    They did the same thing with claus barbie sent him to the school of the Americas so he could teach south American army's how to deal with communism

  • PhlashRockinmann
    PhlashRockinmann 3 days ago

    Germany required the KISS logo's double S to be redesigned on album covers so that it didn't resemble the "lightning", runic S design appropriated by the Nazi party. And almost nobody even is taught or knows, these days, that the "swastika" has been around for thousands of years and used by Hindus, American Indian tribes, and in SE Asian cultures, among others, and typically, as a symbol of protection, healing, and positivity.

  • haj drif
    haj drif 3 days ago

    She sounds and looks like Dr. Linda in "Lucifer"

  • apologyisnothepolicy

    I think the country is ready for one of those oscar baity tearking films that gets 11 nominations about "Operation Paperclip". Please hollywood make one

  • Lola Palooza
    Lola Palooza 3 days ago

    All the top NAZIs escaped or were privately ushered out by US yet Hitler commits suicide? Yeah right.....

  • Satch Mahoney
    Satch Mahoney 3 days ago

    Revisionism.. if the Russians had gotten hold of all the top scientists, the world would have been dominated by Stalin, Hitler’s one time ally... remember Russia attacked Poland along with Germany and they were allies at the beginning of WW 2. The dueling scars come from a tradition by the Prussian Military Aristocracy, not the was around long before them. For someone with her background, either she is ignorant to the facts or likes to manipulate them, either way it hurts her credibility, which is essential in calling out the Nazis for the horrible shit they did!

  • James Tobler
    James Tobler 3 days ago +1

    Nazi first then starwars

  • Dave E
    Dave E 3 days ago +1

    Duelling wasnt exclusice to Nazis it was a thing amongst the German upper classes.
    She needs to stop being so dramatic and stop pretending she knows more than she does.

    • Brother Malachai
      Brother Malachai 2 days ago

      Yup. Annoyed to see her spreading such drivel about things she knows nothing about. She needs to stick with her strong suits instead.

  • Jose Garza
    Jose Garza 3 days ago +1

    Eurasia swastika that’s where Germans got it. Look at today’s Buddhist temples on there signs you will see it. Crazy.

  • Connor Schiffgens
    Connor Schiffgens 3 days ago

    Do also remember that Hitler had Parkinson’s disease and was mentally unstable. So there is no chance that he would’ve lived through that. 120 years old is a once in a blue moon thing.

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    She’s a straight MILF! 😍

  • TheBossManBoss319
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    Bro she’s sexy as hell! 😩😍