The Attack of the Dead Men

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
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    The Attack of the Dead Men · Sabaton
    The Great War
    ℗ 2019 Nuclear Blast
    Released on: 2019-07-19
    Composer: Chris Rörland
    Author: Joakim Brodén
    Composer: Joakim Brodén
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  • Noobjo.mp4
    Noobjo.mp4 13 hours ago

    The russians literally just watched an ad

  • не автостопом по фазе сна

    руске непобедимы

  • Jackbro1 1
    Jackbro1 1 Day ago

    Dont camp the Russian respawn or this will happen

  • Guilherme Pena
    Guilherme Pena Day ago

    Gears of war 3 beast mode update: russians hordes

  • Lileinit
    Lileinit 3 days ago

    Приплетаем сабатон

  • Марк Мухин
    Марк Мухин 4 days ago +1

    Я один здесь русский или хотябы славянин ?

  • Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro 4 days ago

    Russians dont care about your feelings.

  • F.B.I spy William
    F.B.I spy William 4 days ago

    I love this song

  • Mine Aver
    Mine Aver 5 days ago

    And that is our loved bat shit crazy neighbour! World barely understand how incredible ppl lives in Russia! All the respect from your neighbour Finland :)

  • Unai Emery
    Unai Emery 6 days ago

    can't get affected by poison gas if you have no lungs

  • dretax14
    dretax14 6 days ago

    Osowiec then and again
    Attack of the dead, hundred men
    Facing the led once again
    Hundred men, charge again, die again

    MAKSEN ZUBAREV 6 days ago

  • melodic death Metal
    melodic death Metal 7 days ago

    best history lesseon ever

  • Максим Варнавский


  • Whited Out
    Whited Out 7 days ago

    I was about to ignore the song because of the slow intro. I completely regret my decision. I think it's the best song on the album

  • Grankers
    Grankers 8 days ago

    This song took my breath.

  • Konig
    Konig 8 days ago +1

    Ive listened to both the Russian version and the english one. And I find the Russian one better. For me the English one I guess doesnt sound brutal enough. Its sounds a bit weaker. Still great but not the same. The Russian one fills me with this feeling of ...Of being there on the battlefield And wanting to sing along to the song. But I thank you Both Radio Tapok and You Sbaton for making this a thing. Thank you so much!

  • Wreck Wrack
    Wreck Wrack 8 days ago +2

    Death comes for Russians and Russians will spit their lungs at his feet and continue their charge.

  • 1,000 subscribers no video?

    Me when someone uses too match axe at the gym:

  • Carter Montgomery
    Carter Montgomery 10 days ago

    Imagine you’re a German soldier after bombarding Russians with gas, thinking you won, and you just hear *”FETCH ME THEIR SOULS”* and see a whole bunch of Russian corpses charge at you

  • J.H. Goodsir
    J.H. Goodsir 10 days ago +5

    Germans: "We have invented a new, devastating type of weapon."
    Russians: "Alright, what is it?"
    Germans: "A poisonous gas that will melt the flesh from your bones."
    Russians: "Ah yes, spicy wind."

  • Ben Laskowski
    Ben Laskowski 10 days ago

    Russians are like U.S. Marines: they don't die without asking permission.

  • Alex Stepanez
    Alex Stepanez 10 days ago +5

    У меня одного мурашки!?Мне 35 лет, я не вато-патриот, но я всплакнул от подвига русского солдата. Я очень благодарен этой группе, что популизируют не только русскую историю, а Историю как неотъемлемую часть культуры любой страны

  • SMT5015
    SMT5015 11 days ago

    Herbert West: tries to resurrect dead people in some hospital in Flandria
    Russian spy: steals his work
    A few months later:

  • Rustawel '
    Rustawel ' 11 days ago

    Słucham przed 3 wojną światową

  • CP
    CP 11 days ago

    0:04 *A distant Pepe REEEEE can be heard throughout the battlefield*

  • Gurgok Dzarakhov
    Gurgok Dzarakhov 12 days ago

    выебем всех

  • Yash Shukla
    Yash Shukla 12 days ago +1

    So that's the reason why operation Barbarossa failed ....

    Oh sorry wrong war....

  • Dimitri Evans
    Dimitri Evans 12 days ago

    This was the second song when I looked for "Mozart Dead mans march"
    I dont get it

  • Ivana Kvasnicka
    Ivana Kvasnicka 13 days ago

    Dead snow but in ww1

  • Roza Sokolov
    Roza Sokolov 13 days ago +57

    Russians: Start shouting inside the fort
    Germans: “why do I hear boss music?”

    • MrDanklark
      MrDanklark 4 days ago +2

      Do you mean "Sabaton music"?

  • Justin Hubbard
    Justin Hubbard 13 days ago

    This would be a great CoD zombies theme.

  • Ёжик
    Ёжик 13 days ago

    7000 against about 60, those who opposed the attack, after which the whole world said Russians are dying but not giving up

  • John Beckman-Rostad
    John Beckman-Rostad 14 days ago

    This one needs a music video

  • Mighty Fist Of Zeon!
    Mighty Fist Of Zeon! 14 days ago

    There's holding the line, and then there's refusing death itself just to keep holding it.
    An Imperium Commisar would probably be impressed.

  • Вова Доминов

    кто русски став лайк

  • Lanza
    Lanza 17 days ago +1

    I absolutely love how it’s always the Slavs doing shit like this.

  • Ivan Noal
    Ivan Noal 17 days ago

    My Friends and I When we are in a declive of a party we put this song to revieve

  • Бобёр!!! !!!
    Бобёр!!! !!! 17 days ago +1

    Погнали фрица назад несмотря на газ а ведь не ожидал фриц этого исхода НУ ШО ХЛОПЦЫ ПИЗДИМ ФРИЦА!?

  • F
    F 19 days ago

    I regret not listening to this until now

  • Zhyrille Edgar Olivo
    Zhyrille Edgar Olivo 20 days ago

    When you're literally too Russian to die

  • Jelestial
    Jelestial 20 days ago

    The only reason why you lost, DIO.
    The one simple reason.
    It's because you pissed me off.

  • Hamza Korkmaz
    Hamza Korkmaz 21 day ago +2

    I am a Turk with a good history knowledge and i can honestly say that The Russians have iron balls.

  • Олег Васюков

    Я люблю sabaton, но radio tapok на русском её все ровно круче исполнил, собственно как и "ночные ведьмы".

  • Nasland Blooos
    Nasland Blooos 24 days ago +8

    Russian Soldier 1: Hey Iván
    Russian Soldier 2 What's the matter Vlad?
    Russian Soldier 1: If you die, you are gay.
    Russian Soldier 2: BLYaT

  • Boston
    Boston 25 days ago

    In the World World 2 Germans still remember dread of that fortress and did not attacked polish troops stationed there.

  • hormoheb
    hormoheb 27 days ago +1

    My grat grat grand father was in this battil

  • Too Many Projects Too Little Time

    When I first heard this story all I could think of was Blofeld from James bond saying "you only live twice Mr.Bond!"

  • Squid Plays
    Squid Plays 28 days ago +6

    Dimitri: permission to die lieutenant
    Boris: permission denied comrade

    • Darkness Nighthingale
      Darkness Nighthingale 26 days ago

      @Squid Plays I hope not. We'd have to remove you I if you did.

    • Squid Plays
      Squid Plays 26 days ago +1

      I don’t think the Soviet Union created the word comrade

    • Darkness Nighthingale
      Darkness Nighthingale 26 days ago +2

      You're a year early mate. that was 1918 not earlier.

  • DMX
    DMX 29 days ago +2

    После выхода альбома , этот трек стал одним из самых любимых , спасибо Сабатону

  • prokurator199
    prokurator199 29 days ago +1

    Спасибо! Вы вспомнили о русских воинах. Спасибо, что Вы напоминаете нашим школьникам о их Великих предках

  • Craven Cole
    Craven Cole 29 days ago

    Only when you stand tall, only when you refuse to die, only when you deny your enemies the easy kill they desire, do you realize, not even death can keep you down when you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose

  • Joseph Fontana
    Joseph Fontana 29 days ago +3

    There is nothing more terrifying than an enemy who knows he’s dead and just wants to take as many of their enemies with him

  • Human Guy
    Human Guy Month ago +2

    why did it copy four times?

  • Human Guy
    Human Guy Month ago

    why did it copy four times?

  • Human Guy
    Human Guy Month ago

    Laughs in Mosin Nagant

  • Human Guy
    Human Guy Month ago

    Laughs in Mosin Nagant

  • PDDDW3 MX42
    PDDDW3 MX42 Month ago +1

    Should do the battle of Peking in 1900!

  • Fungus Man
    Fungus Man Month ago +1

    Germans: start marching in on the fortress
    Russians: *Call of duty zombies round starting noise*

  • Horten 229a
    Horten 229a Month ago +2

    This song works oddly well when your playing call of duty black ops zombies