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  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
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    Starr Carter is constantly switching between two worlds: the poor, mostly black, neighborhood where she lives and the rich, mostly white, prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Now, facing pressures from all sides of the community, Starr must find her voice and stand up for what's right. THE HATE U GIVE is based on the critically acclaimed New York Times bestseller by Angie Thomas and stars Amandla Stenberg as Starr, with Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby, Issa Rae, KJ Apa, Algee Smith, Sabrina Carpenter, Common and Anthony Mackie.
    Director: George Tillman, Jr.
    Producers: Robert Teitel, George Tillman, Jr., Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey
    Screenplay by: Audrey Wells
    Based upon the novel by Angie Thomas
    Cast: Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby, KJ Apa, Algee Smith, Lamar Johnson, Issa Rae, Sabrina Carpenter, with Common and Anthony Mackie
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    The Hate U Give | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
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  • Diante Morehead
    Diante Morehead 8 hours ago

    Does anybody know the song playing at 0:36??

    • Stokes 757
      Stokes 757 Hour ago

      Its called " Pusha T hold on" feat rick ross.. It came out 5 years ago

  • Yoo Yoo
    Yoo Yoo 19 hours ago

    She beauty

  • napkin
    napkin Day ago

    I’m glad the movie got good ratings

  • Jay Pee
    Jay Pee Day ago

    Trash movie for trash BLM to watch...

  • UwU Cupcakes
    UwU Cupcakes Day ago

    *i ain’t name u Starr on accident*

  • UwU Cupcakes
    UwU Cupcakes Day ago

    Algee Smith (Khalil) is so *FINE* 🤤🤣❤️

  • aidenjessmedrano

    Good movie I want to see it

  • kundai karembera
    kundai karembera 2 days ago

    where is the mum frommm

  • You Dont Matter
    You Dont Matter 2 days ago

    Literally propaganda.

  • BlizzarD IsMeh
    BlizzarD IsMeh 2 days ago

    Just read the book, it was AMAZING can’t wait to see this!!

  • You Tube
    You Tube 2 days ago +1

    Worst movie ever! Sooo bad, me no like

  • Wasteful Videos
    Wasteful Videos 3 days ago

    The movie is amazing i watched it!?!?!

  • Yeet
    Yeet 3 days ago

    I’m reading the book and I’m so tempted to watch the movie but I have to finish the Book first💀

  • Alma Montoni
    Alma Montoni 3 days ago

    I already read the book🤩🤩

  • Suspect
    Suspect 3 days ago

    does anyone know the song name at the end of the trailer?

  • love angels
    love angels 4 days ago

    Does this really happen in USA ? With blacks ...

  • beauty is pain
    beauty is pain 4 days ago

    her brother had dreads in the book, he never reached for the brush, the cop saw it, and car and Starr had on a big sweater on at the party.

  • beauty is pain
    beauty is pain 4 days ago +2

    i am reading the book now, can't wait to see the movie!

    • Jenna
      Jenna 4 hours ago

      beauty is pain only like chapter 4

    • beauty is pain
      beauty is pain Day ago

      +Jenna me too! im at chapter 14. where are you?

    • Jenna
      Jenna 2 days ago

      beauty is pain I’m reading it too! I’m gonna watch the movie when I finish.

  • Kora Marie
    Kora Marie 4 days ago

    At 0:05 it sounded like he said my name😂

  • Web Dev
    Web Dev 4 days ago

    Wtf! Really a movie about White officers killing a black male? I would %100 backed this as police are so quick to shoot anymore because they are scared. It has nothing to do with being black. It happens to white people the same way. It does have to do with culture though. Cops or more on guard in the ghetto than in a more affluent neighborhood. Culture. It just so happens unfortunately there is a higher number of black people in these communitys. I say we band together and fight the police brutality on both sides. There is no difference between white, black, brown people we are all the same. The thing that differs between all people is culture. Color has nothing to do with culture. I cant stress this enough. For this i will bot support the movie.

    • SB0780
      SB0780 4 days ago

      Yeah the movie isn't really about that. There's so much more to it.

  • ScarCrow
    ScarCrow 5 days ago

    Great let's teach all the children that police are bad

  • Kaka Ge
    Kaka Ge 5 days ago

    if i want to write a thesis about this movie, what is the most appropriate title i should use?

  • Dylan Picciallo
    Dylan Picciallo 5 days ago +2

    “ Yo , those kicks are lit. “

  • Bloody Rose
    Bloody Rose 6 days ago +2

    Wtf do y’all expect if u reach into a car the cops don’t know what it could be if it’s a gun or not 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Viper Hunter99
      Viper Hunter99 5 days ago

      But yeah your right

    • Viper Hunter99
      Viper Hunter99 5 days ago

      Bloody Rose we in this case the kid wasn’t even looking at him while he was pulling out is hand from the car

  • Whitney Blockman
    Whitney Blockman 6 days ago +1

    My favorite movie In the entire world

  • Chenny Padilka
    Chenny Padilka 6 days ago +1

    What's the song in 1:43

  • Raven Rebel
    Raven Rebel 7 days ago

    I treat everyone the same but not if a certain race things there better than another

  • Rahmatu Ahmed
    Rahmatu Ahmed 7 days ago +1

    I watched the wasn't to my expectations because the police didn't pay for his crime .so unfair.

  • Cupcake Splat
    Cupcake Splat 7 days ago +2

    this trayler made my heart explode this omg epic omg im omg YES i didnt know i needed this until now!

    YELHSA DEL REY 8 days ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ that’s the real movie!!

  • Aedan
    Aedan 8 days ago

    we've had enough of this social diatribe nonsense

  • Aiysha Ali
    Aiysha Ali 8 days ago +1

    Oh my gosh!! I can't believe I haven't watched this yet. It may have actors and be a movie, but the message it sends is quite real. If you want to or like to watch documentaries watch 13th

  • MiniZombie553
    MiniZombie553 8 days ago

    Blue lives matter

  • JP Flores
    JP Flores 9 days ago +6

    I don't know what's wrong with black and white. It is just color. We all bleed the same. But I think, it will be a forever issue. Sorry for being negative.

  • Unicorn XD
    Unicorn XD 9 days ago +1

    I love the book

  • Ambi
    Ambi 9 days ago

    Another blm movie lol

  • Black Star
    Black Star 9 days ago +4

    Hood parties are nothing like that, you got 30 year old dudes trying to hit on teens and everyone smoking weed inside and 2 dollar crack hoes on the floor

  • Shay
    Shay 9 days ago +1

    I JUST realized she played rue and my heart 😭💕

  • Grace Good
    Grace Good 10 days ago +1

    When I went to go see this movie, I went alone because I knew that I would cry....which is exactly happened. Except I didn’t just cry, I was SOBBING. This movie really hit me hard because it made me think of the kids at my old high school v. My actual friends. 98% of my classmates were white. Most of them rich, preppy, from well-to-do families, and simply SHELTERED and IGNORANT. Almost none of them saw how lucky they were to live in such an affluent area with essentially nothing to truly worry about. They never saw or were able to comprehend that not everyone has the same privileges and advantages as them; they believed all of the negative stereotypes that the media exaggerates so heavily. Their ignorance, naivety, and close-mindedness astounded me. To be completely honest, I’m an 18 year old white girl; I know that that shouldn’t matter but unfortunately in this fucked-up world it does. A lot of people are saying that this movie really hit home to them because they are black, Muslim, etc, and have gone through the same hardships. I can’t say that I have had the same experiences as them, and I will never EVER say that I truly understand what it’s like because I don’t. But just because something doesn’t apply to you, doesn’t mean that it’s nonexistent to others

  • Willow's Nightcoreverse

    I read the book for book club at school and I loved it

  • Borax Kid
    Borax Kid 10 days ago

    So is this the story of a black kid who was told by the cops to stay put but he instead decided to move, and suffered the consequences for it? nothing new here

  • TNT Darkinarus
    TNT Darkinarus 10 days ago

    did i srsly just watched the hole movie from trailer ? wtf

  • Ahumadh
    Ahumadh 10 days ago

    2:20 *THUG* 😂😂😂

  • Fran C.
    Fran C. 10 days ago

    Wow... I bet the 8.4 K dislikes are from a bunch of racist people.... SMDH... "Daddy says my name gives me my own superpower, to use it... that's what I'm gunna do... light up the darkness!" That's sooo true we all need to help each other out...when u see someone being treated Justice for all... no matter what.. use your voice and be heard!

    • Fran C.
      Fran C. 8 days ago

      +MiniZombie553 Sum cops are thou, all cops should take the same approach to everyone, regardless of race... imo verbal Judo... is easy... there's a book on it... some cops are idiots and sum aren'

    • MiniZombie553
      MiniZombie553 8 days ago

      Fran C. But cops aren’t racist... what’s this movie suppose to do?

  • supsarah
    supsarah 11 days ago

    Commenting "The Same Ol' Burger King Taste" on every video I watch
    Video: 185

  • klyff austinpnov
    klyff austinpnov 11 days ago

    was a brush worth bullets tho he should have been cool

  • just some random girl who is Powerful ok

    The racism is mainly going around with the white Americans ffs

  • Hugh G. Rection
    Hugh G. Rection 11 days ago

    ooga booga lets stereotype and act like victims when statistics say otherwise

    • Samuel Endres
      Samuel Endres 11 days ago

      Honestly the fact that this happens at all is quite the scary thought. Police in the US is too brutal. They are pulling their guns too fast. Even on people that aren't even having a weapon with them.

  • Joo Koo
    Joo Koo 12 days ago

    جيبوا البياري و زيدوا الصاعقة مكانش الخامسة يا بوتفليقة 🇩🇿

  • Tyanne Farnsworth
    Tyanne Farnsworth 12 days ago

    The police probably thought that one dude was gonna shoot him so he was just protecting himself, he also thougnt it was a gun

  • Lorri Morino
    Lorri Morino 12 days ago

    I m single.

  • Sophia Freire
    Sophia Freire 12 days ago

    Great cast ❤️

  • Ohhi Mark
    Ohhi Mark 12 days ago

    this movie is racist lol

  • were the morgans
    were the morgans 12 days ago +1

    Now let's change the story of the cop being black and there wouldent even be a story to this I get that this was to send a message but this movie was being racesist with out even knowing it. Let's not protest the gang that was in the town but protest the cop who killed a boy

    • were the morgans
      were the morgans 11 days ago +1

      +hope cancups I did not say that this stuff dose not happen did I no I was making my own message about the story of the movie. killing of any kind from any race wether it's a black person killing a black person a white person killing a white person wether it's a black person killing a white person or a white person killing a black person it should all be looked at as being raisestes. Not just when a white man kills a black man how do you justify that 99.9% of the time cops do not use there guns. Now let me put it to you like this a cop pulls me over I was fallowing all the laws of driving doing the speed limit using my turn signals stopping at all the stop signs/ red lights but a cop pulls me over I don't know why he pulled me over so when he comes to my car and askes for license and registration and I start to argue with him telling him no you had no reason to pull me over I myself just made the whole situation 10 times worse when he simply pulled me over for my brake light being out and all he wanted to do was just inform me about it now the cop is instantly going to think in his head why is he arguing with me is he hiding something that I need to know about. See I wouldn't care if the cop was white black Mexican or what ever I would do as he says
      The boy in the movie was in the gange and when she was in the Cort room she tried to justify it as it was ok that he was in the gange because he was trying to make money to help one of his family members who had cancer how is that justifiable it's not he made the choice of being in the gange no one made that choice for him there are so many other ways to make money then to be in a gange it's called getting a job so now he is in the gange he is obvsily selling drugs to make his money in Wich is agents the law and what would have stopped him from actually killing people but it's all ok because of the reason why he was in the gange not justifiable in my book.

    • hope cancups
      hope cancups 11 days ago

      be quiet, stuff let this happens all the time. A 12 year old kid was shot by the cops just a few moths ago

  • renaee morgan
    renaee morgan 13 days ago

    This movie deserves an Oscar. Amandla's talent blows me away from the vulnerability to the pain I FELT IT!!!

  • renaee morgan
    renaee morgan 13 days ago +42

    When she said "its the same story just a different name" I felt that. How many more stories are we going to hear before something changes?!

  • Bali Anti
    Bali Anti 13 days ago +1

    Pease what its the name music 1:44

  • Kenya 4 Life
    Kenya 4 Life 13 days ago +81

    It broke my heart when he said “we got time” and a few minutes later he was shot it’s an amazing movie with a message

  • Mini Moi
    Mini Moi 13 days ago +6


  • Olivia Doerr
    Olivia Doerr 13 days ago

    Such a powerful movie👍 Going to buy the book now

  • abolfazl arrival
    abolfazl arrival 13 days ago

    Was this a trailer or a recap?

  • Iskender Kizilirmak
    Iskender Kizilirmak 13 days ago +1

    this movie starts good but get too much drama till the end of the movie. Less Drama would be better for this movie.

  • Anca Botezatu
    Anca Botezatu 13 days ago

    I can belive i have the book without knowing it exist the movieeee. Oh my gooooood.

  • Dynamite
    Dynamite 13 days ago +1

    People won't stop telling me that I look like Starr. Which is cool tbh😁
    Love this film😍😍😍

  • juris magsambol
    juris magsambol 13 days ago

    Tupac is still relevant

  • Annie the BookTuber
    Annie the BookTuber 13 days ago

    I just finished reading the book. I loved it, and I'm so excited to watch the movie!

  • Crystal T.
    Crystal T. 14 days ago

    It honestly makes me sad that people are still not understanding the message of the movie. The movie or book is not just propaganda, it is set to inform society that our stereotypes can be deadly. Implicit Bias exist for a reason. Prejudice does not always have to be intentional but it does not mean it is less offensive or impactful. When people see a young black man at night with a hood in the hood they automatically characterize him as a criminal. No one has the given right to take someone’s life. If a suspect IS armed it takes one shot to the LEG or LEGS to sedate not 3 or more in the chest to kill. There are so many stories of decades and decades of racial injustice that needs to be heard. The movie is an outlet for those stories to be reached. If you do not understand I suggest research to get educated.
    ..And that is my Ted Talk

  • Ákos Vincze
    Ákos Vincze 14 days ago

    Maybe you should have done what the police officer told you... Idiots

  • kay
    kay 14 days ago

    This movie is amazing

  • AJ Johnson
    AJ Johnson 14 days ago +1

    This is a powerful movie, and focuses on a topic that needs to b fixed in our soceity. I am mixed (black and white) but yet ppl judge other ppl just becuz they skin tone. I am to dark to b white, but to light to b black.

  • Olatinana Videos
    Olatinana Videos 14 days ago

    Is this on Netflix

  • bullydanyellaloo
    bullydanyellaloo 14 days ago +4

    I just found out now that the title is T.H.U.G.. So slow, sarreh

  • chicken fajitas it aint easy being cheesy

    Why does it say thug at the end? I'm confused... Is it like condoning thug mentality? Or condemning it?

  • j bil
    j bil 14 days ago +19

    a lot of people just don’t even realize how bad racism still is

    • zeeshan gondal
      zeeshan gondal 8 days ago

      Look all arficans Countrys. What they doid black men there. Chek your american jails full of with black men. And eglish men only give you right and accepted you a humen if you are under any anothor nation like russian french germans turks. They you tell me. And tell me one contribution from black peoples. This world dominate by white men. Technically technology science. Even you black people remove America to your name then show me who want know you. I am not recist and i an not white man. I am also belong to these nation who dif nothing for humanity. And we put all affort to only be human.

  • Cookiex._.Doughx
    Cookiex._.Doughx 14 days ago +2

    DOES ANYBODY KNOW THE SONG at the ending?

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min 14 days ago

    so my friends watched this in school for the movie thing and they said they cried so I watched this and can see why now...

  • It's Just Corde
    It's Just Corde 15 days ago +142

    T. H. U. G. L. I. F. E

    • Dee Cookie
      Dee Cookie 2 days ago +1

      +Darline Rosa Linda basically, if you do bad things, the kids will learn from them

    • MrFootball 8
      MrFootball 8 2 days ago +1


    • Darline Rosa Linda
      Darline Rosa Linda 2 days ago +2

      It's Just Corde can u explain what it means cause I live in Germany

  • Katrina Bishop
    Katrina Bishop 15 days ago +2

    Wish I hadn't watched the trailer because it gives too much of the story away :(

  • King Kovu
    King Kovu 15 days ago


  • MarmarD
    MarmarD 15 days ago

    Rue is that you?

  • JediMaster 93
    JediMaster 93 15 days ago

    What’s the name of this song 2:04

  • Kalia Thao
    Kalia Thao 16 days ago +1

    Can I just say her smile is soooo cute and pretty!🥰☺️

  • Dk Khongsai
    Dk Khongsai 16 days ago

    Deport all the black END OF RACISM😂😂

    • hope cancups
      hope cancups 11 days ago +1

      Thats not funny at all, u sound racist and dumb. Lets kill all the white ppl, there racism solved

    • TheZombifiedFairy
      TheZombifiedFairy 14 days ago +1

      You sound dumb

  • Ryan
    Ryan 16 days ago +4

    Goosebumps, emotions and some tears

  • Nasarex
    Nasarex 16 days ago

    This is the biggest rip-off movie I have seen in years. If you've watched *Black Lightning* , you'd know.

    • Isaac Anim
      Isaac Anim 16 days ago


    • Nasarex
      Nasarex 16 days ago

      +Isaac Anim Where did you get this information?

    • Isaac Anim
      Isaac Anim 16 days ago

      +Nasarex In the comic book series Jennifer never had Khalil as a boyfriend nor did she have a connection to him. So it was something that was new for the tv show. But the hate u give author had the idea first.

    • Nasarex
      Nasarex 16 days ago

      +Isaac Anim I literally just said a few comments ago that Black Lightning was a comic series decades before it became a TV show. You really need to pay attention man..

    • Isaac Anim
      Isaac Anim 16 days ago +1

      +Nasarex what do you mean? This movie cant have plagiarized because it came out before the episodes aired. Plus it is based on the book which the author has spent a long time writing. This movie did not plagarize anything from Black Lightning.

  • Jovita Kirven
    Jovita Kirven 16 days ago

    I always have fun when Im with you.

  • Yang Miley
    Yang Miley 17 days ago

    Would you rather do XXXX than hang out with me

  • Windelys Millan
    Windelys Millan 17 days ago

    she didn't kill him😢😢

  • Estrella posdas
    Estrella posdas 17 days ago

    Wait.... is her name star ! My name is star!!!☺

  • Jahmil Davy
    Jahmil Davy 17 days ago

    I’m reading the book at the moment

  • the avocado of joy
    the avocado of joy 17 days ago +3

    Rue?? Is that you???

  • lofy todo
    lofy todo 17 days ago

    you see "papa doc" you know the movie is lit

  • xX Annabelle Playz Xx
    xX Annabelle Playz Xx 18 days ago +6

    Some people in the comments are saying Amandla Stenburg cant play Starr because she’s light skinned.
    But that makes no sense cuz in the book on page 31 she even says “my medium-brown completion.”
    Some people also say Hollywood doesn’t like African American people anymore... which just isn’t true, most of the cast and set were African American.
    In conclusion don’t hate and people are to quick to judge.
    My writing teacher would be proud.

  • nene henry
    nene henry 18 days ago

    We really need to do an honest movies, also, of how we kill each other on a daily. Why we don't like us, first. I know, somebody right in the hood in the D, who got killed over who made the best Kool laide. Come on, we have to deal with us too.

  • Filip Romarheim
    Filip Romarheim 18 days ago

    It would be a great movie if the ut wasnt based on "real" social issues... I belive it's movies like this that brainwash african people to belive that white people are bad and "all" cops are bad

    • Filip Romarheim
      Filip Romarheim 14 days ago

      +TheZombifiedFairy that why i put all in " ". And sure. We can ofcourse recognize the hate of some police officers. But this movie and social media ofen try to blame everything on the white and cops and shows over the top videos and write over the top articels, that make blacks lose trust in the american police and the whites living om america... then you have some people tjay straight out riot in the streets and hit police just because they're white. Hope you understand even tho English isnt my first language

    • TheZombifiedFairy
      TheZombifiedFairy 14 days ago +1

      Nobody said all white people are bad, no one said all cops are bad. However, social media has an extensive history of cops and black bodies. We can recognize some cops are horrid and shouldn't have the job without saying such generalizations.

  • Elif Nur
    Elif Nur 18 days ago +4

    Some people are talking about the film being a propaganda. This is HAPPENING almost all day every day. How can you oversee this? This is reality!

  • stevenpayne81
    stevenpayne81 18 days ago +1

    fabulous! missed a good film coz they can't advertise it properly!

  • stevenpayne81
    stevenpayne81 18 days ago

    omg!! omg!! OMG!! I'm going to see this! Thank God! they shown respect to #Tupac! The hate u give little infants fucks everybody! t.h.u.g.l.i.f.e

  • Sev Vila
    Sev Vila 18 days ago +1

    People keeps commenting stuffs about race, propaganda, cops brutality when we completely forgot about the fact that starr and khalil is just a teenager. A teenager who could have a much brighter future, free of violence and injustice in the society. A teenager who could create a change to their community but people waisted their opportunity to do so because their mindset is imprinted by hate. I think the words "THUGLIFE" sets off a really powerful message that is so relevant to what we are dealing right now because we are so caught up with fighting off something thats completely irrelevant to fight for.
    we emphasizes race to the society as if each of them should be mattered no matter what consequences should be taken, but how about us? The youth? The agent of change? Talking about not all white are good and not all black are bad? It doesnt make any sense. At the end of the day, what defines your wellbeing is what you do, not by a statement that you address. Doesn't matter what you look like
    But whats concerning in issues like this is how the cycle keeps going and how it affects the younger generations to keep on following the social constructs thats imprinted on hate. Hate creates everything from violence to propaganda or supremacy. Because when we hate, we disagree on things. Seeing people who fight over about conversion propaganda, cop brutality, gun violence just wont solve the fact that if we keep hating on one side, theres always gonna be hostility and no justice.
    People keep forgetting that theyre just kids, figuring out life and learning from it. But they had to be exposes in a world full of hate at a young age that it creates fear from both side which can never be compromised if we keep talking about culture and race. Yes you can be differentiated on the color of your skin or the culture you are from, but no matter what makes you, YOU, we can all agree that we are once a teenager trying to figure out life and fighting off of the fear of hate that creates injustice to our life.

  • Talitha Chin
    Talitha Chin 18 days ago