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Tomi Lahren goes behind the scenes with the Border Patrol

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren shares exclusive footage from her border tour.
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Comments • 1 155

  • mitch ervin
    mitch ervin 12 days ago

    build the wall..still need another 10k troops there

  • TheAceGamer Slient
    TheAceGamer Slient 12 days ago

    Tomi Lahren is an educated, beautiful, and respectful woman of our country. I love her discussions, she is always honest and open to the idea that plagues our country today and she is more than willing to change that. Personally, I admire her and I would want to be with a woman like her whom is humble and respectful to our soldiers and agents. She is a wonderful definition of a woman and deserves all the attention she gets.

  • lee conlogue
    lee conlogue 13 days ago

    Tomi Lahren's problem is that she is: Young, educated, beautiful & most terrible... horror horror... Pro-Trump and white! Go girl, and don't stop! We have Tommy Robinson, the USA has Tomi Lahren! Build that wall!

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous 18 days ago

    This is a joke! The border is oh so dangerous, let's send this white little girl to the most dangerous part of the country. Yeah makes sense.

  • Impeach 45
    Impeach 45 20 days ago

    I wanna go behind the scene with Tomi.

  • Ronald Weber
    Ronald Weber 23 days ago

    Tomi for president

  • shure46
    shure46 26 days ago

    Mexico is a CORRUPT NARCO STATE ...... Period end of story

  • shure46
    shure46 26 days ago

    when the Democrats say "all the drugs are coming through the ports of entry" they are spin-doctoring ..... Most drugs are CAUGHT at the points of entry because that's where security is best .... NO ONE KNOWS where the drugs that make it through are coming through at because they haven't been caught !!!!!! So how would anyone know where they are coming in at ????? America is FULL of drugs that have made it through , and no one knows where they came through .... Sure a LOT comes through the ports of entry , but no one knows HOW MUCH FOR SURE

  • TheCybertiger9
    TheCybertiger9 Month ago

    Tomi is a women who is sexually frustrated

  • Natier Alexis
    Natier Alexis Month ago

    I love Trump and Tomi .
    Good job Tomi.
    God bless Tomi and Trump

  • Chantel Smith
    Chantel Smith Month ago +1

    We Love Our Great American President Trump!

  • Steven Evans
    Steven Evans Month ago

    They should put it on air when it goes to court

  • bee4pc goldrule
    bee4pc goldrule Month ago

    Good to see Tomi get her big break after the blaze fall out.

  • Info NunUrBiz
    Info NunUrBiz Month ago

    Tomi Lahren is a fake conservative, who would deny the need for laws to protect life in the womb. Check it out for yourself. True story. Stop gushing over this liberal wolf in conservative sheep's clothing. Faux conservatism is Tomi Lahren. Pass it on.

  • Load¡ng
    Load¡ng Month ago

    Tomi is so fukn hot, no wonder those disgusting dems are jealous of her

  • julian t
    julian t Month ago

    I think that the top 1% wealthy in America should donate the money to border patrol and the wall

  • Samahra Daly
    Samahra Daly Month ago +1

    Tomi, you are unbelievably ignorant. You think you sound so smart, sound so actuality you sound hateful, insecure, EXTREMELY UNEDUCATED.....YOU SHOULD SPEND MORE TIME FIGURING OUT WHAT KINDNESS CAN DO TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Month ago

    so tomi , you dumbass, "not worrying about people running across and diverting our efforts". would that not mean the border is less monitored and someone can just simply put a ladder against the wall and climb the f*** over with ease???

  • Julian Medina
    Julian Medina Month ago

    You republicans are lying,racist cheating,idiots, that think are right if drugs were here how come Ronald Reagan let drugs in the USA in the first place to make money don't what happens do there health just like u republicans drugs come from all around other countries in the world not just South America you people are unprepared anchors and journalists in Fox News check that Fake news bottom line.

  • bynturong
    bynturong Month ago +1

    I just don’t understand the relevance of this girl on a screen except,maybe for porn...

  • TAB
    TAB Month ago

    C'mon USA. Your better than a wall

  • jeffrey luciana
    jeffrey luciana Month ago

    It's great to see Tomi. She is like my morning coffee. I miss her when she's not on

  • Dashawn Hatton
    Dashawn Hatton Month ago

    i thought mexico was suppose to pay for the wall? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Maxx Fleischer
    Maxx Fleischer Month ago

    Haha. The only national emergency is Donald J Trump.

  • Houston binkley
    Houston binkley Month ago

    Just relocate the wall in California to Texas! I'm sure Pelosi will be just fine with that!

  • Patricia Bilinkas
    Patricia Bilinkas Month ago

    We need a border wall to protect America’s sovereignty now and fill the Rio Grande with gators.

  • Betty Traylor
    Betty Traylor Month ago

    PUT NANCY PELOSI office there. Make NANCY PELOSI work on THE BORDER.

  • frank defreze
    frank defreze Month ago

    Build that, Where are all the liberals to see what is going on,Glad TRUMP is going to get that WALL build.👍👍👍👍👍

    SF2TOKYO Month ago

    Tomi can have my salami.

  • Chaz Man
    Chaz Man Month ago

    You lying. The democrats and Hollywood peons state on a daily basis there are no border issues.

  • Luke Spacewalker
    Luke Spacewalker Month ago

    sounds like a National Emergency to me, what are people thinking that want to remove border securities.

  • hoytoy100
    hoytoy100 Month ago

    I know Nogales. I know USBP. Blondy tells half the story. The border is monitored there by many types of sensors. The USBP station monitors the sensors and dispatches agents to where the problem is. Works like a charm. Sensors would be downgraded by a wall. Wall would actually slow USBP response time.

  • hoytoy100
    hoytoy100 Month ago

    Whoa. The BP wants a steel barrier? NO Spanky promised a beautiful 30 foot tall concrete wall! That is what we want! We also want Mexico to pay for it like Spanky promised. Wall. Concrete. Mexico. All of it or none of it.

  • Cameron Walker
    Cameron Walker Month ago

    The drugs sized at the border crossing represent a little under 5% of what comes into this country from Mexico. Where do they think the other 95% that they aren't interdicting comes in at? The border crossing with all the guards and gates OR the 2000 miles of open border with nothing? Hmmmm?

  • josephgaviota
    josephgaviota Month ago

    _70% of all drugs are caught at points of entry._
    Well, _duh,_ because that's where the agents are! Imagine if there was control and agents in the unsupervised places.

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson Month ago +1

    Harris is coming for their jobs.

  • Wyoming Horseman
    Wyoming Horseman Month ago

    A strong Border wall is a force multiplier.

  • Eduardo Izaguirre
    Eduardo Izaguirre Month ago

    So they’re getting paid to do their job? What’s the big deal here?

  • Jim Stenger
    Jim Stenger Month ago

    Has Pelosi spent ant time with our Border Patrol agents on site?

  • John Metzger
    John Metzger Month ago

    Ranchos Fentanyl Taco's 🌮

  • Ravishing Red
    Ravishing Red Month ago


  • TheDynamiteGuy
    TheDynamiteGuy Month ago

    I was once a Doodlebugger and we drove 1ton Flatbed 4x4's into terrain that you would believe! As long as the rocks were too big to drive over, we were there! So, these guys could get in there quite a way before it wasn't feasible from what I could see from this footage! Of course, you build a fence on the side of a cliff but the rest of those areas, no problem!

  • TheBestWayOne
    TheBestWayOne Month ago +1

    Fix and finish the wall Tall and deep. America First Period

  • TheBestWayOne
    TheBestWayOne Month ago +1

    America First period. The rest is all silly stuff and bad.The slanted media , bad paid off politicians in all parties, the conservative US chamber congress also anti President Trump.
    Patriotic Americans not fooled by these slanted voices. America First voted for and wanted by the people that voted these policies in, to say otherwise is a lie, shameful.

  • The Jim
    The Jim Month ago

    Look at the comments here! All of America's children are totally brainwashed! I hope these arnt replies from adult democrats!

  • Eve Vonsky
    Eve Vonsky Month ago

    Our tax paying citizens and business professionals are the real heros.

  • sandy russell
    sandy russell Month ago +1

    Tomi will say whatever you pay her to say....she's just happy to have a job.....any job.

  • cheezle land
    cheezle land Month ago

    Walls won’t stop “white mass shooters” which been doing most of the killings in this country besides police brutality!!!!!

  • Arnold Davis
    Arnold Davis Month ago

    I just jacked off to tomi hot com catcher

  • Lynn
    Lynn Month ago +1

    The libs hate President Trump more than they care about our country's safety

  • Henry James
    Henry James Month ago

    Tommy gets BBC on porn hub.

  • Henry James
    Henry James Month ago

    Tommy on porn hub. Watch now..

  • Henry James
    Henry James Month ago

    Millionair Fox host's are idiots who are paid to make sure us folks stay dumb.

  • Henry James
    Henry James Month ago +1

    Tommy next job at Brazzers porn studio. That's all she is good for.

  • steve harrigan
    steve harrigan Month ago

    After seeing this, anyone who is saying "there's no emergency at the border" is just being disingenuous. Like CNN.

  • giggergigger1
    giggergigger1 Month ago

    0:23 even the fox host has to laugh at the utter stupidity of the potus in the preceding clip!

  • giggergigger1
    giggergigger1 Month ago +1

    yea throw lahren out, shes not american either!!

  • ConfettiPancak3’s


  • John Mcneal
    John Mcneal Month ago

    Its not that the Dems don't get it. They do get it and this is their plan. To bring in 10's of millions of unskilled people that want the free stuff and the easy life that the Dems are promising. The Dems want to bring in anyone and everyone that will vote for the Democratic party. It is as simple as that.

  • YoNailgirl
    YoNailgirl Month ago

    He could care less about a wall. Just going through the motions. For his base.

  • t thun
    t thun Month ago

    Tomi the practice girl

  • Graham Green
    Graham Green Month ago

    china built a wall trump can to
    that goes for the north to

  • cba12334
    cba12334 Month ago

    Blah blah blah

  • TheInfinitequest
    TheInfinitequest Month ago +1

    Contract with the Chinese! They can put a HUGE wall anywhere, on any terrain, for thousands of miles! The Great Wall of China is
    13,170.696 miles long !!!

  • MasterStryfe
    MasterStryfe Month ago

    Did the border agents from Nogales tell Tomi that the illegals jump over the wall and the main job is sitting on specific spots because the illegals jump over the wall all the time. So maybe she doesnt get it, walls dont work.

  • Ahlam saeed
    Ahlam saeed Month ago

    I love TRUMP and AMERICA. And I love when Trump roasts the Dems it is SO satisfying.

  • Justin L
    Justin L Month ago

    I grew up on the border. I could literally walk out my door and walk to Mexico in 15 minutes... every week we had people stop and ask for food an water. I used to watch them easily swim across and then hide in the sugarcane fields.. it is so easy to get into us

  • joshmaster618
    joshmaster618 Month ago +1

    That fence looked like some twigs with some coat hangers !!!!😂😂😂

    • smeltriver09
      smeltriver09 Month ago +1

      @joshmaster618,...... Yeah, just look at all that! There are cattle & sheep ranchers that have better fencing on their properties, than the U.S.A. has in protection of its borders!

  • darrin cleary
    darrin cleary Month ago

    Trump listens to the people that live at the border every day of their life, not the politicians hiding behind the walls of their mansions.

  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson Month ago

    Dems and the average citizen doesn't listen to experts?! Is that a goddamn joke? Trump himself completely ignores all intelligence communities telling him that iran and russia are military threats. Put your country over party retards.

  • ems
    ems Month ago

    I trust the people on the ground who do the job day in and day out..... not the politicians..... why aren't more news networks speaking to these people???

  • superdavedfw
    superdavedfw Month ago +3

    Walls don't work?
    People break out of prisons from time time, so prisons don't work and we shouldn't have em?
    Doctors can't cure every disease, so doctors don't work and we shouldn't have em?
    Police can't solve every crime, so police don't work and we shouldn't have em?
    etc. etc......

    Nothing is 100% and it's a stupid argument and absurd to say that "walls don't work" when they've been proven to be 90 something % effective all over the world.
    Sorry folks, we need a wall, a barrier, a fence or call it whatever you want.

    • Gypsy thehoneybee
      Gypsy thehoneybee Month ago

      Never had live stock huh? Or a retaining pay for it ok. Pay for it

  • Overkill79
    Overkill79 Month ago

    This segment is great because it clears up some of the disinformation surrounding the topic. For example here we have it confirmed that the border agents actually do want the kind of bollard steel slats Trump is building rather than a solid concrete wall.

  • Eric B
    Eric B Month ago +1

    Soo very hot. And I'm not talking about the desert either...….

  • Stephen Flowers
    Stephen Flowers Month ago

    When are one of these geniuses going to understand it's the drugs that get through that are the problem? Drugs that get through they have no idea where they come through.

  • pelos
    pelos Month ago +1

    Tomi blow me

  • Pat Peacock
    Pat Peacock Month ago

    They should kock her ass over the border and not let her back in

  • Getthefuckoffmylawn
    Getthefuckoffmylawn Month ago +1

    Democrats are American traitors

  • Kevin Norris
    Kevin Norris Month ago

    Happy president 🎉 day,,

  • no name
    no name Month ago

    it would be hilarious if trump actually built the border wall like that pitiful looking thousands of miles of it and then show him visiting the new fence and brag about how great it

  • ProjectJenova
    ProjectJenova Month ago +1

    Tomi reminds me of a snow bunny that lives in my area

  • 1timby
    1timby Month ago +2

    The imbecilic fallacy that there are no drugs being run across the border in other places than the ports of entry is moronic. If they're not caught then using the logic of the typical leftist then it doesn't exist. How pathetic.
    It's like saying that because we have a speed limit that no one is breaking it. Because we only ticket such a few.

    • Gary
      Gary Month ago +1

      The drug cartels know that they are not going to get all their drugs through the border. They keep flooding the border knowing they will get a good percent of the drugs over. The cost of buisness is losing some.

  • Charles Starks
    Charles Starks Month ago

    If Trump mouth is moving he is lying

  • Nick Ahhh
    Nick Ahhh Month ago +1

    Erect tall towers. Put high resolution motion sensing cameras on top. One could cover a mile. It's not like we dont have the technology.

    • Gary
      Gary Month ago +1

      I believe they are doing that right now in many places.

  • mch live
    mch live Month ago

    Affordable healthcare is what we need now!

  • Joe Hartman
    Joe Hartman Month ago +1

    The Democrs know better and know about what Boarder Agents need, this is nothing more than political games and in the process actual lives are being effected by their inability to actually do the job that they were elected to do. And it falls on both sides of the left and right., I'm not giving any party here a free pass. Imagine if they actuually thought about the country and the people rather than the party.

  • alan jay mouse
    alan jay mouse Month ago

    Those things will be good for black folk

  • alan jay mouse
    alan jay mouse Month ago

    We need pro choice, freedom of speech, pro gun and people who be against illegal immigration.

  • alan jay mouse
    alan jay mouse Month ago +1

    We need more pro choice people like her.

  • ATC235
    ATC235 Month ago +1

    Thank you FOX. OMG if it wasn’t for Fox News where would this country be right now. Wow you guys are the heroes also for bringing us these facts. Thank you

  • Stoned Prophet
    Stoned Prophet Month ago +1

    Tomi is so beautiful. Just further proof us conservatives have the best women.

  • Standing Skeleton Randy Frushour

    Our oh so brilliant agents were told and then also themselves told "the displaced checker wall was a good way to lure bordercrossers." Pitiful.

  • Walter Manzare
    Walter Manzare Month ago +1

    tomi is so hot when she take her top off i have to wear eye peotection from the uv rays she emmits.

  • reggibs
    reggibs Month ago +1

    Tomy Lahren is so sexy yum

  • LiqurMeUp
    LiqurMeUp Month ago +1

    I would love to bust in her mouth while she tickles my balls and looks at me lovingly.

  • Seven Pointed Star
    Seven Pointed Star Month ago

    Hey haven't I seen some of these scenes from last year?

  • Kat LeRoi
    Kat LeRoi Month ago

    Sorry Tomi, it was not 115 degrees, maybe in summer but not winter, it's more like 50 degrees..

    13BRAVO REDLEG Month ago

    Artillery emplacements on mountain tops would help a lot! Steel Rain!!!💥

  • Seven Pointed Star
    Seven Pointed Star Month ago

    She means she was sitting by a luxury pool during her stay, and flirting with the busboys in the restaurants. I'm just partially kidding.

  • Javi Ruiz
    Javi Ruiz Month ago

    Wow they are comparing humans to animals! Wow 😳. What amazing humans!